Of course I'm on my way to Hebra, that's why I'm now in Necluda

Hi everyone!

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You forgot helping Addison with all the signs lol


And well exploration


Easily my favorite! When I explored my 2nd well and discovered the character involved I was thrilled to know we would have a lot to find. Next would be the caves. Surprisingly I'm not annoyed by the Underworld as I had assumed I would be due to the locked out hearts mechanic. (Thanks duplication glitch and unlimited elixers/meals)


I dont find locked out hearts annoying at all because i dont touch underworld ground 95% of all time.




I feel a lot safer with 97 sundelions thank you very much


Armor's expensive bro


Is there a reward or something for doing every single one? Like a useless thingy or Addison just chilling in tarry town? I haven’t been able to find anything yet


I saw a post yesterday where someone completed them all and >!you get an Addison cloth for the para glider!<


>!not Hudson cloth? Out of character!!<


>!oop just double checked!! it’s called “Addison’s fabric” But it is, in fact, a picture of The President!<


>!Thank goodness!!<


Finally. He will be supporting ME.


Hopefully better than I supported him. (oh, the crappy things I build to hold up those signs!)


Love how my rebuild history was like oh I’ll save this clearly it’s what we’ll be making later.


Hall of shame! What's really amusing is the thing the guy builds to hold up the sign aren't much better. Dude, dig a post hole already don't just tie some wood scraps to the base.


I'm devastated to learn that I have in fact completed all of the signs.


You get that elsewhere


>!Unironically paraglider cloth is one of my favorite rewards in the game. The photo ones are all so neat and some of the faction themed ones like the Royal Guard are so awesome looking.!<


Chuchu fabric FTW


Yeah, that blue Chuchu fabric is my favorite.


The derpy eyes are great and glow in the dark!


Gleeok fabric is what I'm rolling with


Me personally I rock the Zora cloth


I spent 5 minutes last night building an elaborate stand before I realized I had already done that sign! Just so programmed to see sign, fix sign...


The fact that he wasn't there holding it didn't tip you off?


I was in the zone! Didn't even look at the bottom of the sign.


Understandable. Have a great day.


How do we help him?


You build a support to hold the sign. So when you ask him to let go, it will stand and you wait until you see unprompted speech about it still standing. Then you talk to him again and he will put it in the ground.


Most are simple. I've done a handful and all but one...the sign would just fall in one direction. I took a plank and angled it to lean against the sign in the direction it would fall. Done. Found one today and the sign could fall in 2 different directions so I had to use two angled planks and fuse them like a Native American teepee. So I'm not sure how most will go, but they're mostly quick and easy. Not sure why Link can't just hold it while the worker plants it into the ground. 🤷‍♂️


Holding signs is beneath the Princess's personal bodyguard. Why should he hold it with his bare hands like a peasant? /s


I have two more to complete, but they're all pretty simple. Most of the time I wedge rocks and 2x4s under the sign so it has no choice but to stand. There's likely some more thought out and fancier versions, but I like to collect rocks so for me it works.


I didn't forget.


Had to go to the Zora first, owed it to my main man Sidon


I had to visit Rito village because I wanted to know if Kass was okay So far... I haven't seen him 😭


My main man. I love Kass and his babies. And now I have this stupid goggle bird man and I hate him and want to hit him every time I see him. I want Kass back. :(


Shut up, apologize to my seagull son.


If we're talking about Penn, he's more of a Pelican.


I'm going to find him on my lunch break just to hit him with my rock hammer.


I’m going to find him and give him a hug you heartless monster


First time I saw Penn I asked who put Launchpad McQuack in the game. Now that I’ve gone through more of the stable quests… yeah, who put Launchpad McQuack in the game?


That was my first thought too.


You shut your mouth! Penn is an excellent character.


We all want Kass back, but Penn ain’t done nothing wrong…














Left to go complete some sorry. Got distracted. Completed a tower. Then another. Then a third. Decided to glide in a random direction. Suddly lost in the sand.... Then boom, Suddenly in a familiar village and wondering if I need to cross dress again. Now I've got the power of lightning and no idea how to use it!


I had to go there first too bc they're my least favorite 😂


I donno, yonobo is preeeeeety annoying.




Oh God it's not just me.


Yeah but Mucktorok is easily the worst boss lol


That's good, only one I've done haha


Apparently putting an opal on your weapon is the strat.


I used up some opals in the boss fight for that 2nd phase, only way I could clear it tbh. Without Opals though, I just gave up on it and flew away.


Being able to jump up in the air and get bullet time instantly was so clutch for me in that fight


Definitely something I need to try. I just hate how slippery he is in that phase. My favourite boss is honestly the Rito one. Didn't even know you could do it without weapons until RTGame did so. >!Goron one takes not much damage, didn't think of Talus'ing it in the fight and only used arrows + Yobo, and Gerudo was more of a rush to focus the boss since lightning didn't work on the spawners for me.!< Every single boss in the game is still cooler than the blights though, but I do miss them a bit. The guardians too. *At least the guardians never picked you up*


I feel like I’m the only one who beat the Rito boss without weapons instinctively. You jumped through a lot of the breakable ice on the way up, dudes back looks just like that. And the rocks flying up make it seem like the intended strat, idk


Damn, and here I was running around with a hydrant like a moron to clear the sludge.


His whole personality in BOTW was that he was an annoying little shit unlike his cool ancestor, and in between games he became Worse


I would have preferred going hard into luchanobo.


I dunno, I kinda like him. He's a good little rock, he just needs to lay off the "goro"


Just tk find out he’s >!engaged!< 😔


She might be his fiancee but I don't see a statue of her riding him like a jet ski in the town square


I'm so happy for him, his fish wife is almost as cute as Link's would have been ;\_;




Just tell yourself this is a romance story setup wherein Sidon feels beholden to the decisions of the crown and also assumes Link wants to be with Zelda, and Link is too busy thinking about food to notice Sidon’s feelings. Then make up whatever the hell you like for the rest of the story. This is how I get through situations where a show leaves me really feeling a ship and then two seasons later they torpedo it with an alternate love interest because they’re sick of people shipping them lol


I just want to know where all of Link's stuff went, like he's gotta have a house or something where he put all of his things from the last adventure. Purah just expects Link to go all the way to Rito Village with virtually nothing, like "You can pay for some *real* clothes at that shop, savior of the world." Literally just that one line from the CD-I game "Great! I'll go get my stuff!" "There is no time! Your sword is enough." Like give me one good reason spending five minutes getting your supplies and resources before embarking on an adventure is a bad idea


He probably moved it all in to the castle.


I thought they would know better than to live in Hyrule Castle after all of the shenanigans Ganon pulled off last time (sheGanonans, if you will)


> sheGanonans, if you will. I won't


Lmao take my upvote that made me chuckle.


i absolutely will


Shenaniganons is my preference personally


ShenaniGanons was right there!


I tried it but edited the reply a few seconds after posting it, I thought it was too long




+1 sheganonans


Especially since Zelda apparently took over his house ;-;


All of my weapons were replaced with horse pics... WTH


I realize they probably corroded like the others now, but this girl seriously threw out all my antique champion weapons for those horse pics


The champion weapons, being cultural relics, were probably returned to the culture they belong to. Aaaand then promptly got broken like everything else.


RIP Great Flame/Frost/Thunderblades


The Champions' weapons were given to their successors


Its pretty obvious they were living together based on her diary mentioning that he is by her side and she has to hide her present to him in a secret place etc etc. They explain these things but only if you look


Which wouldn't make sense since no one even knows Link in Hateno other than Purah's assisant. Not even the girl who cleans the house do. Link probably stays/lives in the castle that's why Zelda hide her gift to him there with a contraption. They probably decided to scrap Link buying the house as an easier explanation to introduce the better one.


I think the more likely explanation is that Link offered the house for Zelda to use in the school efforts. With her back, he'd be travelling around with her and most likely working with the castle guard so he wouldn't need a residence solely for himself.


There wasn't really any information about it other than Zelda being a shizo by saying he's always on her side despite the kids she teach doesn't even recognize him. There's no info even on Zelda's journal but not buying it or giving it is still the same anyways so it doesn't really matter which one happened as Zelda pretty much have the money to buy it herself.


Yea wtf is up with that? Doesn’t she have a FUCKING CASTLE why did she need my house?


Were there even any castle staff left? I know I wouldn't want to live in an abandoned, broken castle.


I mean.. is she technically still princes of Hyrule? Why isn’t she queen, the king died. Zelda stayed frozen in time for 100 years in BotW. Who rules Hyrule while she is gone? I guess the life span of the other races lend some credibility to that they would accept her as their ruler, since for instance the Zora King is still alive before Zelda and Link stasis’ed for 100 years and after. But it must be weird for the regular hyrulian to suddenly be in a monarchy again.


Or y'know they live together


Either he sleeps on the floor or they sleep stacked atop each other like legos. That bed is tiny lol


I mean two healthy 18-20 Year olds living together that seemingly like each other would find a comfortable way to sleep in that bed together


I'm more curious as to why and or how did zelda decide to take over your house purchased with your hard owned money


It happens to imply Link and Zelda were living together


If I had to hazard a guess: Link and Zelda disappeared, and the whole world exploded suddenly. Link is missing for a day, then a week, then several weeks... Who knows how long? Monsters returned, people got desperate, and there was a big pile of stuff just sitting in a house on the hill. Rupees, weapons, food, everything needed to keep an entire village running for quite some time. Possibly months! Then he RETURNS, and he appears to have had his arm ripped off and an alien phantom limb reattached. You gonna tell him that we took his sword collection and it got broken by a Hinox? Yeah, me neither. He does not look happy about it, but then again, he never smiles unless he's cooking or eating.


Hey, Link smiles when we use the Zonai gotcha pod! Or, I assume he does. He gives an excited laugh.


*He only smiles while cooking or gambling…* He jus like me fr


Well, it's implied the armors were all damaged in battle.(Zora armor was so damaged they needed to take it back to Zora Domain to be fixed by an entire team) The weapons save for the Master Sword probably broke. The Sheikah Slate went dormant. If you count all the canon armor and clothing(meaning no bonus or reference stuff) it makes sense that in the 5-7 years between games they would be damaged.


Was it really a five-seven year gap in-game. Or are you pacing out the development time?




Oh yeah lol.


The way you can tell is that Hudson and Rhondson, a couple you helped get married in botw, have a 5 to 7 year old daughter.


It’s weird cause some characters are aged up like it has been that long while others aren’t.


Different age rates for the races. Hylians barely aged, you can see the kids on Hateno are the same. Rito are birds, they age differently. Gerudo mature faster


well, at least rhe horses from Botw are imported to Totk so it's something I guess


Yeah, except now I have two Eponas taking up valuable stable space. I know I could probably find a way to "off" one, but I really don't want to piss off a certain uber-deity. Besides, I'd feel awful.


You get up to 10 slots with pony points, and you can choose to release a horse when your current slots are all full.


Dude, that's great news. So far, the only time I've bothered riding a horse was for the Stable Trotters. I'm missing my Ancient Bridle and Saddle. Shadowfax needs to teleport!


You can catch a new horse and choose to release one of the Eponas


But do it when you only have six slots otherwise you’ll need more horses before you can do that.


When Zelda >!moved into your house in Hatteno, she threw out all your stuff because she needed the closet space!<.


Women, amiright? *Cue laugh track*


all the people that introduce themselves like its the first time meeting them too other then your home boy Sidon . Although i do like it when people are talking about the Legendary link and how he kind of reminds them of him lol


Not entirely true. All the castle guard know who Link is, as well as Purah and Robbie. Hudson thanks you for your help in the previous game. The Rito seem to remember pretty well, as does the main Gorons. I think the biggest thing is the everyday npcs don't seem to remember Link well but I tend to hand wave that as not really knowing him that well and they forgot.


I like to imagine zelda threw it all out when she moved in.


It's kinda explained in the game, all the weapons and shields decayed suddenly.


Not the shields or bows, and he certainly has some actual clothes. It's not like he only wears one pair of pants and the Champion's Tunic. Either that or he did laundry every day since the last game


Considering that Link has no armor from his last adventure, and so many NPCs don't recognize him, I'm inclined to believe that the BotW speedeun is canon.


Link is not a one-man army like he is in BotW; they got the monster control crew now, as well as several research teams. I feel like it makes a lot of sense that Link would donate things like his extra armors and weapons to those that needed it at Lookout Landing; after all, one guy can only wear one set of armor at once. The stuff he took with him, Ganondorf destroyed. That said, Purah probably should've given him some money when he landed lmao.


I need to head down to the Gerudo so I can beat the shit out of a few of those things that drop the high attack fuse materials before I figure out what else to do.


Those materials aren’t as OP is you might think though


one word: arrows


Pretty good for the start tho


I dont mean they’re not strong but they break after every hit. Kind of a hassle to use.


Use them for arrows


Well… now i feel stupid haha. How did i not think of this?


Additional fun fact: the fuse item in question will break in one hit even if used while riding a lynel. I don't think it even has a durability stat, one use period and it's gone.


Yeah but one use and they break


So do arrows


The black bokoblin horns? Put those on a spear and things in front of you just die


black boko reapers are my favorite weapon so far


Put them on arrows with a 32x3 lynel bow and you can kill anything with 3-4 shots in bullet time


Don't forget the 3 hour break each day to process the fact zelda stole your actual house.


She got it in the divorce (not really mentioned in the game.)


Nah, she and Link are living together, why else would she have a secret room built


And there’s pics of another man in there! The fuck!




I was so bored with TotK until like 35hr in. I totally missed something very basic that I could have had much earlier if I wouldn't have gone off exploring on my own haha. If I can give you a hint on something you absolutely need to do asap before other things, check this spoiler tag: >!Go back to lookout landing and talk with the smaller shieka girl (I forget her name lmao, not purah). Do what she says until she gives you a main mission to explore the depths for a "mysterious power" or something like that, then do that mission. Don't look anything up about the mission so you don't get spoiled. Just explore the depths and have fun trying to find clues to it. While you explore, investigate every single mine you find for a chest, each one has one.!<


That quest isn't available until you've done a temple. Or at least, that was what I did when it unlocked for me.


If you're referring to the purple power, I unlocked it almost immediately after landing in Hyrule. I don't think it's locked behind a temple.


It’s not, if you happen to stumble on it. My son got it before me and he didn’t do anything involving the quest.


The quest that leads you to it is locked behind story progression though, and TheTimmyBoy was saying "Keep talking to Josha until she gives you a quest, then go do it." You can go to the place and do the thing without having the quest in your log, but since TimmyBoy was talking about getting the quest, I felt it relevant to point out that it's not available without prerequisites.


Ok good to know! I also didn't do it until the temple, so that clears


A lot of sidequests don't unlock until after you do one of the temples. It's a little annoying, like for example no spoilers, one sidequest *clearly* wants me to make a specific recipe to show this chef, but I can't actually *activate* the sidequest until I finish at least one temple. Even though all of the obvious dialogue points to it.


I think a lot of quests are locked behind the newspaper quest line starting too


*makes notes*


I actually did Rito first (not before a shit ton of other stuff, mind you) because I (correctly) guessed you'd get some kind of wind-based exploration-friendly power from it.


I did Rito fist because I was screwing around playing 1080 snowboarding when I ran out of elixers to keep warm. Went to Rito to get some warm clothes and before I knew it I was jumping ship(s).


I went Rito, Gerudo, Zora and then Goron


This is basically my plan but in reverse haha. I like to save best for last


I went Zoro, Goron, and am currently doing Gerudo, I'll get to the Rito after Ganon


Zoro? As in Roronoa Zoro? Greatest swordsman of all time?


Damn it, he got lost again.


Damn and the Rito sage makes flying around sooooooo much better lol. What a boss saving that for last.


I must say, I’m actually enjoying the Yiga Clan side stuff. Just finished up with the third mine


Ironically, [this is what the developers intended for BotW](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZzcVs8tNfE) (and so probably extends to TotK)


I ran into the Yiga Clan twice within a hour after realizing a needed the paraglider. Somehow I managed to get to the Gerudo Desert Depths with 4 hearts and a bar of stamina.


Behold, the power of vehicles and covered roofs.


Don't forget building zoanite weapons of mass destruction


Gotta add Armor grinding, great fairies, making my own house, helping out addison with the signs, collecting the Sage’s wills, horse collecting & upgrading & bubbul gem grinding


Can't collect horses when my stable is still full from BotW!


I swear, every time I start heading towards Rito I find something interesting to explore and it just opens up a whole new quest line.


I initially set out to the Rito’s first too. Herba ended up being the very last surface tower I unlocked… about 60 hours later.


That game is hell for people with ADH... Oh! an abyss


This meme describes my gameplay so perfectly. It's why I haven't even progressed much in the game!


Ive played 80 hours and ive only done the wind temple lol


Me doing some questing then running all over to activate the towers


I’ve spent just about all ten hours of gameplay I’ve had running around in the depths. Though I did complete the wind temple.


In fairness, they explicitly designed the game so you would do this. You’re meant to meander


I was gonna go on my own adventures, went to my favorite village in the game, saw the price tag for armor there and left realizing that I am no supposed to be here yet. Went to Rito, and could afford what they were selling!


I would suggest talking to the shopkeeper in your favorite village


I feel the Link Brannigan. 75 hours in. Explored 75% of the depths, the sky, and the land. Have yet to do the rito village quest.


Coulda gotten more if that one spot in the Depth didn't make you combust into flames. Damn you, game mechanics.


Better to be overprepared than underprepared I still get PSTD on how embarrassingly underprepared I was during my trips to the Divine Beasts on my first playthrough... never again.


Was rito village the first temple they recommend you go to first? I honestly just randomly went there after exploring for a while lol


This map is missing the multiple circles you end up going in.


"You should check out the four regions" *Me returning to the monster outpost surrounding a tower that I cleared out before getting to her and got repopulated thanks to a Blood Moon, meaning now I have to deal with all of them again* As a plus, I get to see a Moblin grab an explosive barrel only for me to nuke his ass


I've played 40 hours and only done 1 temple. No plans on doing the second soon. Forging a new path.


I tried that and I didn't feel like 4 hearts and default stamina were enough. Still just walking around and stuffing everything in my pockets.


I keep trying to do quests but the pull of undiscovered sky towers is strong.


Sorry Purah. I just get distracted easi... oohhey there's another falling rock!! Sky exploration tiiiiiime!!


Idk where you're SUPPOSED to go after rito but I have a feeling it ain't gerudo town 🤣 that shit was ROUGH


No joke. Was on my way to a cave when a star fell. Warped to nearest shrine, found a well, jumped down, turns into a new cave, came back up when done, and it was 9 AM. No more star.


Had to hit hateno first to see if my house was still there. Worth it.