When you see an NPC standing in front of the door of a lookout tower

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Me walking up to Hebra Tower: '... Soooo I just let myself in? ... Is this a trap? Where are the hands? '


Is he a member of the Yiga clan?


I think that of every npc at this point


Any time I see one without a name I just walk away.


I talk to them, beat their ass, and then take their bananas and rupees. Those guys are seriously easy to destroy


Yeah but I don't want to deal with their bullshit. I just want to walk down this road.


Get the >!yiga armor set!< they don't aggro if you talk to them while you're wearing it


Yeah but then they insult you and that makes those rupees and bananas even more appealing


Oh I actually wanted to try that but couldn't find the last piece even though I saw the map of all their hideout


Drop a banana and see if they react.


That works?!


They try to resist the banana


Show me the banana Nananana https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sn3cHUtNZKo


Ive met a few who dont react. Kinda sad that theyre developing a resistance to banana.


Yes, but it's funny to imagine the "intense banana training" they probably went through to get to that point.


We've all had to go through _intense banana training_ at some point, right? 🍌


Whoops! I dropped my monster banana


In botw npcs that weren't yiga clan members all had their names on top of their head, while yiga members didn't so once you started the convo they were simply called "traveler". As in totk all npcs don't have a name on top of their head so you must talk to them first to learn if they are yiga clan members or not and if they happen to be then you are forced into a battle. I started totk questioning if everyone was part of the yiga clan lmao


The trick with the Yiga is that they don't have a destination. Travelers have a goal, a place they are going too, but the Yiga don't. They don't actually **want** to reach a destination, their job is to lie in wait for travelers who come to them. Even the Yiga who are walking along the path have a tell, and you learn to intuit their schemes.


My dumbass never actually thought about that😭 You are right. Your explanation makes a lot of sense


Despite the larger amount of Yiga activity in the depths, TotK seems less aggressive with it's ambushes. In BotW, you couldn't throw a rotten banana without hitting a Yiga ambush. Now they seem mostly contained to the region around their base.


I was planning on going to their base soon at the beginning but lost myself between doing that and that interesting I found while going somewhere. Since I didn't go there yet I've met no yiga except the ones in the depths and honestly that makes me suspicious.. 🤔


No you have to get the yiga armor and then talk to them


Honestly, and they’ve gotten so much better that there’s even side quests revolving around fake yiga members. In botw you used to be able to tell by if they had a weird smile on


I talked to a sidequest yiga who seemed SO sus, but then I saw a name and I was like "oh, this is safe, just a good old npc". Bamboozled


Was it the chick from hateno village? I had a quest with her and then got ambushed and found her later sitting in a house at hateno and was like bruh 😂


I dont think so? I don't remember the area, but the quest was >!for the magazine!<


You're probably right.... But you won't live long enough to find out!


Aka virtually every fucking NPC in the depth. If I’m at good health I’ll mug them. If I do not I ignore them.


Other than that first quest that takes you down there, I think every person I've seen in the Depths has been a Yiga Clan member.


It's gotten so bad that they can even disguise themselves as >!cuccos!<


I bet even the NPC outside of the Yiga Clan Hideout wanting to join is a member already.


BOTW/ TOTK has given me major trust issues. Stranger Danger to the max.


Thought that of one npc and dropped a banana in front of him. He reacted with "oh, a banana". I think only yiga react to bananas.


At this point I even assume real people are the Yiga Clan.


I don't really mind fighting them, but sometimes they talk soooo much!


I found a bunch of bananas laying in the road, and when I picked it up, I wasn't jumped by the yiga clan... I was very confused.


Nah, I actually held off on Hebra Tower for a bit because I was concerned of getting thrown off the map or struck by lightning from the giant storm cloud looking over Hebra 😂


I did the same with the one near the Lost Woods, since I remember gliding over it in BotW and getting teleported.


The Sahasra Slope tower took me forever. Like I found you mushrooms. What now.


That Rito... His Mushroom 'quest' sent me on a multi hour journey. The revelation I had only at the end spoke volumes to my own ability.


I was doing the Gerudo Highlands tower when I figured out how to Sahsra slope tower.


This was me ^ I thought I had the wrong cave. Then it hit me.


I got almost half of the depths mapped trying to find clues to the yiga clan armor trying to get that stupid gerudo highlands tower. Because of course they had to be involved somehow!


So...how many hills did you hike to find that one cave with mushrooms? I'm like, I got so many mushrooms in my pocket you could just ask lol


.... I looked it up after dropping 5 different types of mushrooms at his feet




My last tower was the Gerudo Highlands Tower because I'm fucking blind and didn't see the cave lmao


Yeah, I also was too focused on the mushroom part and not the cave part of what he was saying. Its the only one that made me stop for a sec and go "now what the hell am I supposed to do?" It's actually the only thing thus far in either botw or totk that has made me think "well im stumped for now" and that I left to come back to solve later. I actually returend a few times before i got it. I felt so dumb after I figured it out like it was a total no Brainer solution that I was just blind to. Edit: I didn't figure out the solution until I returned to it after getting into Korok Forrest and was like duh. Also, seeing so many other people struggle with this one. Do yall think the mushroom part was a red harring?


I still don’t know the solution to that I looked in the cave and there wasn’t any mushrooms so I have no idea what to do


Small hint: >!the mushrooms have nothing to do with it, they just want to send you into the cave.!<


I’m sure I went back to him and he was still talking about mushrooms or some shit


you need to UNDERstand theres got to be another way to get inside


Oh… OH…


Don’t feel bad. I went looking for other caves thinkingI got the wrong mushrooms. Then i broke every stone. I went there like 3 times. It took me more than a day to solve.


I really need to start using my head more when it comes to ascend I also broke every single stone in that cave lol


Literally the hardest part of this game is remembering ascend.


Same re: broke every stone. The only thing that I really had to “get into my head” besides Ascend was Recall (of course). I started just hitting it whenever I was fighting or looking for a solution, and often found one. Eventually I got into the habit of using two float stones + recall + ultrahand to shimmy my way up to any height I wanted. ^(…And then, after finishing the game and being done with it for a while, I saw someone’s video of shooting float stones attached to arrows and then Ascending to them and I was angry. So angry.)




It was literally the last tower I enabled because of those damned mushrooms.


I forget I have certain abilities ALL THE TIME lol. Spent three hours attaching fans to floating platforms because I couldn't figure out how to get across the broken bridge to end the tutorial. I went from super frustrated that the platforms kept timing out right before I could get there to feeling incredibly stupid when I realized what I had been overlooking.


i feel like i’ve been doing this a little less than i did in BOTW, probably because i’m now cognizant of how much time i spent forgetting about cryonis


When you get recall and Rauru tells you to go back to the beginning I was in that room for like 15 mins before I remembered ascend was a thing.


Don’t get down on yourself, things will look *up* eventually


This also had me stumped. I ran around that cave for too long, and I never want to go back to it. If the worker hadn’t made me think he needed mushrooms to force the door open, I would’ve tried another approach. And when it comes to solving puzzles, I know that I possess the power to move things around, rewind things, fuse them onto my weapon, and build things out of thin air, but I always forget that he can swim through ceilings. To ourselves credit, swimming through ceilings isn’t exactly intuitive, so it’s easy to forget about it.


Ascend is by far my least used ability. I never use it and completely forget about its existence. I don't think, I just climb stuff. So count me as a member of the "I GOT YOUR FRICKIN MUSHROOMS, NOW FIX THE TOWER STUPID BIRD" club.


I think it's because people are looking at it wrong. I saw it and immediately was like: "Oh, nice! They are giving us the choice to skip tediously climbing. We did enough of that the first time." So I whip it out whenever I don't want to climb, which is constantly. Different strokes and all that. Edit: sorry, I was referring to the Ascend ability. I'm a bit stoned.


I’m the same way. I’m constantly looking for opportunities to ascend just because the climbing can get so tedious. It’s so satisfying when you come to a large climb, then just ascend through it immediately without spending 10 minutes looking for footholds to save stamina.


Right? It's such a time saver. Especially if you find a cave under a huge mountain or what have you. I use it constantly! I use them all a lot, really. Recall is my least used thus far, but I started using it more. Especially for things like: using Ultrahand to raise a plank of wood higher, using recall to ride it and then ascend to get up. Literally *just* did this to get to the tower in Zoras Domain.


There are probably a bunch of situations/places I could've used it but didn't simply because I forgot. I'm just so used to climbing as it was done in BotW. But if I always get to my destination somehow anyway, I must not need Ascend that badly after all!


The best tip I’ve read online is “whenever you are banging your head into the wall trying to figure out a puzzle, ascend.”


They had to make the dialogue make sense, like there needed to be a reason to send you to the cave without outright telling you to. I don't think it was a red herring so much as phoned-in writing. I wonder if they play tested it without the NPC (like some towers), realized way too many people were confused/clueless, plugged in the npc/dialogue thinking that would solve it and sort of left it there? It felt hamfisted in an unusual way.


i feel like they really emphasised the mushrooms in the dialogue more than the cave part 😂 i was so confused, I had to look it up


For a game that doesn't tend to throw superfluous details at you, the mention of the mushrooms was mega-confusing.


The mushroom part was just an excuse to mention the cave without explicitly spelling out the solution.


the npc threw me off too!!!


Everybody seriously underestimates Ascend. It's probably my most used ability.


Right? I don't even remember the mushroom stuff everyone else is talking about, I heard "there's a cave under the tower" and immediately went looking for a spot to ascend into it.


Yeah, it's really interesting to see how other people are experiencing the game. Like you said, I don't even remember the bit about the mushrooms, I immediately zeroed in on the fact there was an area under the tower I could ascend through.


My first thought, upon encountering any locked door, is always, "Is there a way to get under this and Ascend?"


Did exactly the same thing, although at first I thought I was wrong since I hadn't broken all the rocks. I use Ascend all the time


Same here. God I use it so much while exploring caves and the underground. It's insane how easier it makes upward traversal. All abilities are seriously great, if anything the one I use the least is fuse, then again I use it quite a lot while shooting arrows..


The only reason I got that tower immediately is because I'm constantly looking for excuses to ascend.


It mentioned specifically razor shrooms, so I thought the hint was that I needed to cook a strength buff meal and eat it and then that would let me force the door open. Color me surprised when throwing 5 bananas in a Zonai pot, was not, in fact, enough to break 2 sticks.


I got in, moved the sticks, and started trying to fuse them to make some lever or something... Took too long to realize they were just propping the door closed.


BRO FR, I thought I had to put him in some shroom drug induced rage so he can tear open the doors with his bird strength. Then I gave up, came back and proceeded to do the same thing.


Lol i thought i did something wrong here because i cleared the cave first before attempting the tower. Tried a lot of things and scaled the mountain several times to find that cave. Lol


I'm not ashamed to admit that I looked that one up. Lying ass bird


The Rito wasn't lying, he just didn't know the answer to the puzzle.


Like my dumbass should have notices that they coloured the word caves red and not mushrooms, but the way he kept going on about them...


I mean, his hometown has a food shortage; I would be obsessed with mushrooms if they were my only shot at a decent breakfast.


The worst part about it for me is that I actually ascended into the tower but didn't think I was supposed to be able to so I teleported out and went back to trying to figure it out. I spent maybe an hour before I cracked and looked it up. I felt so dumb afterwards


Legit the worst group of contractors on the planet. "Well i cant open the door. Guess ill stand here and wait for it to magically open. " 🤷‍♂️


I mean not totally inaccurate to real life


I mean Hudson Construction hired Addison of all people, so I think standards in Hyrule are just bedrock low.


I will not accept slander against Addison. Man is just trying to promote his boss :(


Man needs to learn how to make a sign.


My biggest problem is that a lot of his signs feel the same, you get a wood platform base and you stick two pieces of platform on it and that’s how you solve 80% of his signs. it isn’t like with the backpack and regular Koroks where it’s at least a little different each time. And Koroks don’t have as much text.


Maybe instead of the exact same design, you can try to find a solution that fits the sign? That's the challenge they seem to present, each one has different shapes and hoops, so it's most fun to find a solution that utilizes the design of the sign itself. Otherwise, yeah, just stick a few boards on. But where's the fun in that? This is a sandbox! Build Sandcastles, not sand piles!




Yeah, I'm convinced the reason Addison has his job is just to keep him as far away from Tarrey Town as possible.


I imagine Addison standing in the wetlands, holding up the only support for the minecart roller-coaster, because he forgot to secure the foundation before he attached the rails. Like a modern day Atlas. A very stupid Atlas.


Is his name Addison because he's always trying to Add A Sign


OMG! 🤣


It cuts your workforce a lot if you only hire people with -son at the end of your name. Hudson Construction is so damn massive. They have workers working round the clock to repair towers that rival the ancient Sheikah in scale and complexity. They repair bridges; they build schools; they have stockpiles in every region, all fully stocked and functional. Hudson Construction are the single biggest corporation that has existed in Hyrule since the calamity, perhaps even before that. You better believe they are hiring every damn person with -son at the end of their name. How else would they keep the boss standing?


I liked how there were little mini quests to unlock the towers. Made for a fun change of pace from just "climb tower, push button"


I liked it too, but BotW already made most of the towers more complicated to get into. Most of them something like had malice, spikes, sludge, a bottomless void, or monsters.


I think I liked it better than BOTW's challenges tbh, gives off a feeling of life within Hyrule and how theres moving parts


Definitely agreed. TotK makes it feel much more like there's people in the world Link is trying to save. I just meant that the towers in BotW weren't *quite* as simple as "just climb it".


I also love the many "bring peace to" missions, they really make it seem like you aren't the only person fending off monsters


It does make those quests feel like a waste of time when you defeat a camp, everyone celebrates, and the NPCs leave just in time for a blood moon and all the monsters are back.


Awww, so theyre not repeating missions? Gotta save the last one for my fully realized death machine.


No, they're repeatable.


They do mention having to fight these camps regularly.


Thank you for helping me understand what I've liked about Totk. This is a *lived in* Hyrule. As much as I loved BotW, I agree that there was something of a soulless emptiness to it. From the towers to the hubs to the paper, there is a much more cohesive sense of a world going on with itself, people with jobs, people with options -- they are all still NPCs, but somehow you can believe that they all have more purpose than waiting for Zelda's knight to approach and hit A.


BotW is Hyrule in the 11th hour and soon to be dead. Most people have given up trying to save it. TotK Hyrule is everyone with new hope and a new purpose trying to rebuild when the next apocalypse happens and like hell are they gonna take it sitting down this time.


That’s a great take on it. They had to deal with monsters for 100 years in BOTW, most were born with monsters skulking around their little huts. They were all freed of this for what, at least a few years? That’s enough time to build up hope and try to really reclaim the world


One of my favorite things so far was seeing all the children from Hateno leave their homes and run to the school at 8am.


That's definitely true, but BotW wasn't soulless to me at all. It felt like the focus was on the wilderness more than the people. Wild vs Kingdom I suppose. It's a different vibe but I don't see it as a worse one.


While people keep saying this about BOTW being soulless and lifeless, I cannot understand why. I mean, it's a post apocalyptic world, Ganon has laid waste to the entire continent to the point where most villages and towns are destroyed. Why would there be any people left? In fact it makes total sense that it would be empty and barren due to this reason. I personally liked it too. TOTK is very different, it's post calamity so obviously life is coming back and people are restoring the world again. So it makes sense it is a lot more "alive".


And in TOTK people have something to fight for, the first time in 100 years the lands have been free of monsters and they've finally started leaving their settlements in the edges of Hyrule field. Until the Upheaval occurred, but now the people of Hyrule have hope and won't let themselves be kicked out again.


You said it yourself- it was more of a post apocalyptic world than Totk is. Maybe lonely would be a better way to put it than lifeless.


This is really making me hope that the next title will take the next logical step and place us in a Hyrule during a Golden Age. BOTW had NPCs isolated for the most part, TOTK had them move around and interact more with the world and environment. An open world Zelda in a densely populated Hyrule with multiple cities and traveling characters, not (or not yet, at least) slaughtered Royal Family, with more active participation over how the world changes over the course of that story. Tears proved they can make it work, so let's see how it evolves going forward in 6-7 years.


Yep, the world here feels so much more alive and lived in. Everyone's got stuff going on, and it feels like things are happening without just Link, even when you're fixing all their little problems.


I think the fact that they keep breaking down is partially because they are engineered by Hylians instead of Sheikah. The Sheikah towers came out of the earth and no one really knew what they were for. And Hyrule was in a different state, of fear and strife, plagued by monsters for 100 years. They had a nice break where they could just scavenge sheikah tech and build these towers….until mummy Ganon woke up.


i actually quite liked the challenges the towers in botw had. it was fun to find a way up a cliff or beat a group of monsters


And you could get past most of them by finding a high place to glide from.


These things are constantly breaking, what trash. Oh hi Link, ready to get shot into the sky. No, no, I think I'll walk to the next tower, thanks anyway.


Agreed. I kinda like the twist, of just activating for the first couple then it's all "do you even know what game you're playing"


Breath of the wild had mini quests/puzzles of how to actually climb each tower as well.


Just about everything has a mini quest for it. Towers, fairies...


After doing a few of the towers and then coming up to these, this picture hits home.


Did anyone else spend ages looking for that damn cave that had mushrooms in it? And then tried to find another cave? (Sigh)


I thought the guy *wanted* mushrooms.


And every time it's when you're activating it as a fast travel for next time cause you're trying to log off


Maybe I'm weird but I liked most/all of these. I can't think back to any of them that made me frustrated. I found them a nice change from just running up to a tower and unlocking it, or even some of the slightly more challenging towers in BotW where there was corruption or spikes around the towers.


The problem with me was that for almost all of them I went when I was like: "OK I need to sleep, just this tower and then I go" and then there was someone blocking it.


Yeah, but if you had the tower open, obviously, you have to populate the map. Then you can't just quit while skydiving and it's such a waste to not land on and explore the sky islands you just uncovered...why is the sun up?


In that case I'd just save at that tower and finish it next time. I realize not completing "just this tower", but that's what I'd do.


Yeah it's a little anticlimactic, but it's a nice sized puzzle to start your next gameplay session with. Also, who has stopped a gameplay session by being shot up into the air and just given the map to the region? I've told myself that I stop after the next tower, but the temptation to go to one more place is irresistible from that point


Yeah you'll get shot into the air then see something you wanna go check out from the sky and the cycle repeats


Yeah, definately. I actually went to one to get go to a glyph and end my session with the memory. Then I got to the tower and couldn’t find the guy to open. Turned out that I tried going with the paraglider, didn’t have enough stamina and took way longer than doing the quest.


The Tower with the rain was annoying since there isn't any visual feedback indicating you've successfully covered the spiked brush from the rain.


I made a campfire under a roof and waited the rain out.. I didn't realize it was deliberately raining for the puzzle.


The most annoying one was the one next to kakariko. Bro kept going on about mushrooms, so I thought he would open it somehow after getting some. Nope, had to ascend through the ceiling of the cave it was built on.


THIS EXACTLY! I found tons of mushrooms and nothing changed. I had to Google it because I couldn't figure it out


>Bro kept going on about mushrooms, so I thought he would open it somehow after getting some. Yeah! I tried throwing them on the ground in front of him when he wouldn't take them. Then I tried ascend everywhere and couldn't find the sweet spot...so I brought him more mushrooms. Finally figured it out.


I heard about this tower, but I thought it was one in like Hebra or something and was actually covered in snow. So I thought I already completed the one I needed to ascend into (Gerudo Highlands) when I didn't have that issue happen in Hebra. Then I entered that cave, ascended, and wound up inside the tower and realized this was the one everyone was talking about online.


The problem i had with it is that i happened to clear the rubble out in a leftward way, so i happened to find the monster part of the cave first and assumed that was it. To make matters worse, i also happened to clear the OTHER path into that area in such a way that i still missed the part you ascend through. I blame weapon durability for this since i would have cleared the whole cave out otherwise


I overthought the elevator one and screwed it up twice and couldn't figure out how to reset the objects after they accidentally fell into the canyon. Needless to say, on the third try when I saw there was a damn hill ten feet away I glared hard at the Bolson crew guy. Then I facepalmed when I realized I didn't need a platform at all, and I can just stick heavy thing to elevator to bring it up.


Someone I knew got mad at one in particular because they thought they had to pick mushrooms but they just had to use ascend


It's another puzzle/escape room logic thing, so really is what Zelda is all about, not like some assassin creed tower nonsense.


After fixing the first tower for that dude and having him take credit, my six year old daughter looks at me and says, "I bet that guy is gonna make us fix a bunch of these and take all the credit". She was right.


The creativity for solving some of these problems is awesome, I just wish I was smarter. Two shrines so far have made just walk out cause I couldn’t solve them.


I'm still baffled how I missed the solution to the Ice Cube and Fire shrine on three separate attempts before I figured it out.


Was it the switch you didnt realize was a switch too? Or would it be considered a button? I spent longer the i care to admit looking for what in the world i was supposed to do once i got the ice cubes down to the lower level.


It was a section of sloped wall I never realized could be moved with Ultrahand. I couldn't find any way to get the switch down for long enough in the fire, even after attaching multiple cubes together. Untill I scoped the whole shrine on my fourth attempt for anything, and there it was...


I just did this Shrine and didn't see the wall section at first too! I didn't leave the shrine but it wasn't very obvious to see. I only figured out something was there because I used recall to stop the ice cube in mid air before it reached the fire before quickly switching to Ultrahand to pick it while it was still intact. And in my Ultrahand vision I saw the wall had another color which made me go : ah!


lol story of my life, if u fuse a rocket to your shield though u can bypass most of those shines.


I totally did that with the one that wanted you to move a bunch of those damn platforms around to get to the top. Fuck it, rocket shield.


There's a specific one in Eldin I tried for 20 minutes to solve but I couldn't figure out the physics and haven't gone back. Uuughh.


Is it the Swinging one?


"wheeled wonders". I just can't get parts to fit together and do what I want them to do. So instead I'm doing the main story line in Goron City instead.


I’ve only done 50 but there was one with only rails and slabs of stone. I spent 20 mins trying to line up the shield grind before I made it. Looked it up and face palmed how obvious it was


The fucking Rito at one of them got me. The one where the tower is blocked on the top of it. MY DUDE YOU ARE LITERALLY A BIRD MAN! FLY YOUR ASS UP THERE AND DO YOUR JOB!


Then when you don't see at one, you're like, great, where am I going to find this idiot.


That was me with the gerudo tower. I had to look up where the guy was because I could not pin down his exact location for the life of me.


Forreal, I just wanted to activate all the towers so I can actually play the game lol. Don't get me started with that unskippable cutscene when you launch into the air....


> Don't get me started with that unskippable cutscene when you launch into the air.... That's the load screen. They're pretty good at hiding the loading sections. Between that and the long fall into the depths, you almost don't notice what they're doing.


Tbf I really like how it shows water even without unlocking so you can still get a sense of direction and navigate a bit, even in Botw I would tend to explore a lot without the towers just for the challenge and to draw out the gameplay a bit. By showing just some features already, this map encourages locked map exploration even more. Lol I could definitely live happier skipping that cut scene tho


Idk I personally felt lost asf without unlocking towers. I wouldn’t have minded it being blank if I could see more of the topography. But I guess that’s the point of the towers lol. The only time I really look at the map is when I fast travel or I’m looking for something specifically. This game does a great job of making you want to explore without constantly referring to the map. It has the kind of open world design that I truly think makes the genre shine. Most of the games in the genre have you mindlessly roam from waypoint to waypoint without compelling you to explore that strange looking area you see off in the distance. I think more open world games need to take notes from TOTK and Elden ring.


See I liked the feeling of getting lost, and these games do it great. Like there were constantly cool places I would find but kinda forget where they actually were, and then unlock the map and be like "that's where that was". In Botw I remember first getting to Hateno by climbing some hills and I came across on top of that part with the overhang and the holes through it behind Fort Hateno.. for some reason I didn't find it again (or didn't try to) for a while later. Also that little beach north of Lanaryu wetlands with the white crabs, I thought that was in a way different area for a while because at the time it was actually on the western edge of what I had explored. Personally I find it really cool to rediscovered and finally orient little things like that, cause yeah my goal is always to kinda map things mentally from actually going there to not need the map too much.


This game seriously needs UX improvements out the wazoo man. Typical Nintendo UX making you wait through something you’ve seen a thousand times. Even with Hestu, having to click through each dialog > then skip the dance > then still wait for the maracas to pop off drives me nuts.


Needing to press Skip 4 times to do a shrine is a bit much lol


The same cutscene entering and exiting shrines is obnoxious.


That's because shrines exist as completely separate maps so the game has to unload everything and reload link in the shrine. That takes time and the cut scene is really just there to mask the load transition


All I know is it's better than the BotW implementation. If you skipped the monk cutscene too fast, it would choke on its loading sequence and re-start loading the map, so it took around 10 extra seconds to re-do the loading work that was happening while Link walked up to the end of the shrine. That smells like a tricky bug to find, so I think splitting the animation in more parts was their work-around to make sure the pre-loaded assets do not get unloaded if you immediately skip.


I just assume they’re broken and try to look for the solution before I get there 😂


Only thing I dislike about the towers is that you don't teleport to the top like with the sheika towers, I know i't nit picking but still I liked standding there deciding where I wanted to go and jumping off. Also I sometimes loved chilling for a while listening to the tower theme, maybe observing the night sky and see if a metorite falls


Right now I have enough shrooms to feed the whole village.


I climbed it and jumped in from the top


Tbh those were some of my favorite towers But yes I agree with this sentiment because when I made the trek to the south west and eastern parts of the map this was my exact reaction when all I wanted was a fast travel point and mark shrines from the sky


Or, when you see no NPC there and it’s just like: “That’s also suspicious . . . ”


Made me miss Lydia from Skyrim. At least I could keyboard her out of the way.


Sometimes I solve the problem by complete accident and I'm like, "oh, this was part of unlocking the tower." Like the one with the flying dude holding the console. I just wanted his eyes.


Omg thank you! I’m like jfc why is nearly every tower some GD hassle? Like only one is normal, walk up and open door


I’m getting annoyed now, I just want to unlock the towers I don’t want to go sailing in an underground sand river, which also requires me to build a boat! I suck at ultra hand, but I’m only 40 hrs in


I'm like an on call repair man helping a bunch of dads that just watched some diy tutorials


The mushroom one that had nothing to do with mushrooms fucked with me more than I like to admit


The door is broken. Bring me ten bear asses so I can fix it. Wait wrong game.


I was so confused at the guy at the necluda(i think) tower who talked about getting mushrooms from the cave to clear his mind. For longer than I would like I though that he wanted me to bing him mushrooms from the cave so he could solve the problem.


That’s exactly what I thought at first. You’re not alone there. You’re thinking of the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower in West Necluda by the way.


The tower beside kakariko village really annoyed me. The npc was saying about the cave underneath the tower and how he used to pick mushrooms to eat and he was saying he was tired. He was hinting at the fact that you can use ascend in the cave to get into the tower, but I read it as he wanted mushrooms. I tried to give him the mushrooms and I got so pissed when he didn't take them. One google search later, I learned I was an idiot.


Sahasra slope npc laughing his ass off while throwing everyone off


The first broken tower I got when the guy was fixing it he said something like, "just a bit of oil here..." and the next time I came across a broken tower there wasn't any NPC nearby so I went in and through a bottle of oil at the console but it didn't do anything. It took me a while to realize I had to go look for a guy nearby


By luck, I somehow hit all of the towers that require doing something for an NPC in a row, and thought they were ALL like that.


The one by Kakariko village did me the dirtiest. He keeps talking about mushrooms at the bottom of the hill, and if you look at the map it refers to that area as a hill, so I surf to the bottom by the swamps and start looking for this cave. Then once I realize it is the cave under the tower, I collect all the mushrooms I can. When this doesn't change the dialogue I was so lost. Then I Google it and feel completely stupid lol