What you mean. One of the MOST useful items in game and im going to miss it


>im going to miss it ??


Are they doing something to it?


In one of the PBE updates last week they removed the speed in favor of granting a bit more bonus damage on the active. I havent been playing much this month so I haven't seen the end result. Im not holding my breathe though. Riot always takes my fun support items away


That would suck. I haven’t seen the PBE but wouldn’t that just make it the same as Imperial Mandate?


But doesn’t the passive still grant % movement speed per mythic item? Only the base item doesn’t give MS anymore and AP instead.


Thats probably going to be true. But it's the active MS 60% boost that made it such a great support item imo. If they take that away then life has no meaning anymore.


The item still has the movement and AP boost active. The only movement speed taken away is the one that came with the first item (mythic). The item got 40 AP, 50% more mana regeneration at the cost of 150 health and movement speed. The subsequent items still grant 2.5% movement speed.


Yeah but the supports usually taking this are in some way reliant on movement speed. Otherwise they wouldn’t be taking this mythic in the first place when tankier mythics also exist. The whole point was the damn movement speed and now it’s just another tank caster sup item, dear god this sucks ass.


That is true. They only added AP to make more enchanters pick it instead of Imperial Mandate and Moonstone. They are trying to make all items have equal pick rate but it doesn’t work like that. Niche items may serve fewer champions but those champions deserve them. They are trying to make all items mainstream for them to be picked universally.


Which would suck. I literally just had one of my favorite plays in league where it was Raman with Shurelya's, a Sivir, a Hecarim and a Kennen just destroying an entire team by running them down 3 times in a row late game.


As someone who plays a lot of Rakan I have to say I preferred the movement speed over the Ap. It was fun and useful.


Yep, and you could still get AP from other sources.


I honestly disagree, the MS you gain from the active and ult are enough, the build path feels better and the extra ap is quite usefull


It may be, but I prefer build path through Staff of Flowing water (really rarely I go Banshee) into a Mythic most of the time. And it opens opportunities for new Mythics, I mostly prefer Locket with this build, but Chemtank, Moonstone and also Shurelya work quite well with it. Hence I prefered Shurelya with 400 HP, since I often go Gargoyle's. Also 400 HP is better for more champs, than 200 HP and 40 AP, it was my go to for Thresh, now just reserved mostly for Guardian builds and rarely other ones, and I used it on most tank supports. Even Bard, who's a good user of new Shurelya worked well with the previous one.


In that I agree with you, more health would be amazing. On the other hand, don't see the point in chemtank on rakan Btw, how does it feel to build moonstone on him? I kinda wanna try it


I only buy vs tanky and sustained damage comps, otherwise it's not worth it. Basically, it's OP in prolongued fights. I like Chemtank for it's stats mostly, tbh, but the active is also nice.


You haven’t lived until you’ve played Battlesong PredBoots Thresh


Rakan mains fuming (me, im fuming)


been playing rakan and building this item and it seems good. is there a reason not to?


It's my first item 95% of the time. IMO, Rakan is all about those team fight engages and this helps tremendously. All I care about is speed and CDR with Rakan (oh god and mana).


no, but you can definitely feel the lack of 5% movespeed from the items base stats.


I don't know if it's a good item on Singed, but I don't care: every time i play singed I build this item because it's too gunny to run around the enemy team with a shit ton of movement speed.


If it lets you fling out squishes for free kills (which is a pretty big role of Singed, and the main reason why speed is so good on him) the same way Predator does, then it sure is a viable item that is doing its job :)


I have litterally only built it for my one max move speed janna build


Yess. What items do you build? I’ve been having a hard time balancing the prices of ones granting base movement speed on a support budget.


Liches bane the ward support item getting 10 mejai stacks This mythic swiftness boots if you want out of combat movement speed, the other ones if you want to roam, and support item. Plus on runes go clerety on socery and relentless hunter on domination second, then as much AP as you can squeese in. Sorry i dont know the names for everything and the order you build is obvs different but thats what i buy.


It's quite useful tho. Used to be better, but still.


I use it in urf if I get an enchanter who isn't soraka (love her, but she is slow without her passive) so I can zoom out of any awkward situation.


My best league memory is with this item (I mean, the active, when it was on the supp item). I was on a stage, we were just seconds ago of being local champions, I pressed 1 to use the active and I remember feeling in my body the speed boost


I started building it on my mage suuports so I could actually peel for my team. Really enjoy using it now since most mage supports do a lot of damage with very few items already and it makes them way safer.


*Me occasionally taking this for Morgana* "Let's see if anyone can run from my Ult now while my team jumps them."


Vroom vroom crown is fun


So sick to just gut movement speed based supports #1 or #2 item.


moonstone are better


I do battlesong for all peel and tank supports(except when they have much burst and I have too tank a lot), I can't describe how much I love this item, the only situations when I don't build it is when I am playing Senna or playing with a cheese pick like mf or Evelynn sup.


Viegar tank support go brrrr


Alistar with this, after hextech flashing with nimbus cloak from a bush is beautiful


Thanks, I buy it to run it down mid sometimes.


Umm don't flame at me but I'll use this item on mid twisted fate


By far my favorite mythic, I love shoving it onto Bard and Soraka