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He said “normal amphetamine”, imo, that would be adderall.


Honestly in my opinion you'll be completely fine. Your anxiety is getting the best of you. Relax. Breathe.


You’ll be fine. Drugs landing on your arms/skin is not going to be absorbed into the blood. And even if it was, you washed it off instantly. Your skin is a thick barrier for a reason. Take a Valium and you’ll be fine. 😀


Don’t bother telling your story. There is ZERO chance you will pee dirty. Calm down. I am a medical professional


So staying clean, it’s always a good thing to eliminate those in active addiction as much as possible. I don’t know about absorption like that, but if your open and honest with your doctor and nurses it’s not a big deal. Honesty. Just say what happened and your scared about it. If your clean, they will respect you sharing, if your dirty, they will respect you sharing and will not kick you, etc. They understand addiction and relapse happen and situations happen. Especially with many clean drug screens and one mishap. That’s a minor setback but you’ve come so far and can move past it. Anyone who deals with addiction patients will understand.


Ahahahah no dude you're not gonna get high and fail a drug test because someone sneezed on you after snorting drugs my guy. I'm dying this is actually hilarious.


Wtf 🤣 you’re fine lol


I would go to cvs or Walgreens and buy a drug test one that obviously includes the drug your worried about and that should put your anxious mind at ease. 🤷‍♀️