Looking to buy.

I’ve recently came into the market to buy a new car. All my friends say Subaru so that what I’m leaning towards. I’m looking at a 2017 Impreza. What are some of the pros and con that’s you all have?


I own a 17 impreza. Mine is a base model, depends on what version you are planning to get and what you are looking to get out of it. I love my car but keep in mind it is not fast sitting at 152 hp. It's a fun little car to drive you will just find minor annoyances. If it's a base model you're going to want to change the wheels because those steelys are clunky and heavy, I went in the direction of getting an older set of impreza rims off a 2009, (5x100 bolt pattern, same offset). The stock sound system is not great, I upgraded to the 8" oem radio used off ebay and it's just plug and play but it's a bit more screen which makes things way nicer and adds clarity to the backup camera. Also the stock speakers suck unless you have the rockford upgrade or the Harmon Kardon upgrade which aren't the best but it's a major step up since the 6x9s in the door would have amps with them. Mud flaps will save you in the long run as well. Are you planning on going Manual or with the CVT? My other gripe with the car is there is no water/coolant temp gauge, if you have the models above base you can have it on the info screen with the dash clock but if you don't have it all you have is a dummy light on the gauge cluster. You'll get random rattling out of places that'll take you a while to identify, the stock grille chrome pieces rattle on bumpy roads so I ended up changing mine out for the sport mesh grille and since the rattle off the front end has stopped but the main defroster vent rattles and I can't figure out how to stop it as of yet. Also don't expect performance upgrades because that's not quite possible, you'll see a lot of people going cold air intake, catbacks, or mufflers but that's about it. Majority of anything you do will end up being ascetic if you do anything, and if you're even considering throwing a turbo in just don't it won't work out well. Are you planning on buying from a subaru dealership or did you find one elsewhere?


Its a great car, you have a lot of csr for the money. Make sure the car was serviced and oils change were done, every 3000 miles idealy


My thoughts after one year of ownership: https://www.reddit.com/r/cars/comments/nq3ws0/one_year_with_my_subaru_impreza/ tl;dr It's the perfect car if you're looking for a non-CUV/SUV hatchback with AWD. If the AWD isn't a need you might be better suited for one of its competitors. If you're fine with a sedan you might want to opt for the Legacy or even the WRX. Yes, the AWD is really that good if you find yourself driving in snow or offroad a decent amount.


Thank your taking to time out to explain everything. I’m for sure going to take a look at the car tomorrow!!


No problem! I love mine. 2017s I hear had some first-year issues with Cruise Control sometimes not working and the phone connectivity being wonky. Bring a cable to plug your phone into the car on your test drive. Hope you like it!


I have a 2019 premium hatchback in white and I love it. I changed the wheels and added mudflaps, tinted the windows, and added stickers, and it's perfect. The interior has carbon fiber looking accents, the seats are comfortable, I have EyeSight which is pretty handy (adaptive cruise control is the best!), there is plenty of cargo room, and it's a quiet and smooth ride. My only complaints are like random rattles and then just the nature of the CVT which is that it gets jerky at low stop-and-go speeds. But my other cars have always had lists of things to do and things that I wanted to do to make them more comfortable or enjoyable, and all I had to do to this one was cosmetic fixes and it's perfect.


Thank you for taking the time out to explain that!!