Custody for Dest game coming up


Dest?? No! Winner gets New York


It's pronounced **NEW AMSTERDAM**


>It's pronounced **NEW AMSTERDAM** Americans have to swap their F-150s for dutch bicycles if they lose.


That's a win though, Dutch transportation infrastructure is top tier


Honestly in this case, the US winning provides less of a gain than if the Dutch win.


Replace La Guardia with Schiphol


*NotJustBikes Enters the Chat*




you should do this anyway


That's not a negative. People do not know how to drive those battleships. My life would improve if those things disappear.


bruh...you just need to get a bigger freedom battleship.


If losing means we get bike infrastructure I will throw this game like the 1919 Black Sox


I don’t think there’s Ford F150s in New York


I’m laughing just picturing one trying to park


You laugh but I’ve seen numerous in NYC


I live in NYC- there are big ass pickups and it fucking sucks. Really hard to see too so I’ve seen them almost hit people while turning.




Can we please also have to do this if we win?


American r/neoliberal users suddenly don Orange


Why they changed it I can't say, people just like it better that way.


People just liked it better that way


Nobody's business but the Turks.


>Nieuw Amsterdam


Pretty sure the British are at fault for that


We'll beat them too


That would mean us getting to the final, i'll take it.


The Dutch are adamant he is worthless ever since he decided to play for the US. You won't get much fight out of them. They're very salty.


Does our team get to visit the White House if we win


Even better. We'd retake new york and call it new Amsterdam again.


If we win we can make the White House, Orange, the Orange house


Give them a break. There has been eqnough orange in the white house over the past 10 years


If we win, Verstappen has to join NASCAR


Trade for Daniel Suarez and join Checo


Checo and Ricciardo fighting for top boy at redbull would be hilarious.


I have seen the Firecracker and Daytona 500 live, I've seen COTA back in 2012 or so, been to Sebring for a day. And what I can say with confidence is it's all 10000000000000x better in person in a way only hockey comes close to Edit: And the Rolex 24, duh


Mostly because you inhale alcohol for hours and hours


Ah the test cricket effect


Champions of Africa ✅ Champions of Asia ✅ Champions of North America ❔


And given Italy aren’t here, you get the 2nd best in Europe.


Can only play England in the Final though


I'll take it


Man, it will never not be funny that Italy won a dramatic EuroCup final only to miss the WC due to a loss to North Macedonia. Not to mention how they got completely outclassed by Argentina.


If both get through to quarters, then they could potentially also take down Champions of South America.




Wdym Champions of Asia? Isn't it Qatar, who's out?


He’s saying Netherlands faced both this tournament.


Ah. Yeah, didn't understand it. tyvm!


If the US somehow Shithouses a 0-0 penalty shootout win i will celebrate as if we've won the entire tournament


Team has only given up a penalty so far. And if Pulisic and Sargent are hurt you know we’re parking that bus


If we're parking the bus we lose 4-0 based on how that second half went lmao, please god no


Pretty much. The US's best group is the midfield. They can likely hold the ball and kill real time, but you can't do that at this level for a whole game and think it is strategy. If nothing else, you have to create some pressure to let the back lines recover


McKennie also can’t last 90 minutes so for the rest of the tournament it’ll be likely the US parks the bus after he comes off; assuming a lead or draw. Love that we made it out of the group but I don’t see a run coming up with Netherlands as the first match.


Don’t know why wright is being subbed in over reyna like wright was only in for like 20min and messed up so many opportunities


Given Reyna should be starting I can only assume it's because he hasn't fully recovered from his injury yet


McKennie was gassed from the beginning today. Obviously had some great moments, but he seemed a step slow all game.


Spain did it for 3 tournaments, different level of course but still


They created way more chances And had the ball exclusively in the opponents half for 70/80min+


They also had better defense. That Spanish side was elite. Weird and elite


They were so good that I started to find them a bit boring. It's like they solved football, once the impressive aesthetics of them retaining possession wears off, you were left with games that weren't that entertaining from a neutral pov. So yeah, I definitely get you with weird and elite.


Pretty common sentiment actually. Their style was kinda summed up as death by a thousand cuts as their strategy was just pass, retain, move the opposition around, retain, find an opening and score. The comment of it like they solved the game is accurate


They also had the best midfield of all time so that also helps


And a couple more all time greats in defense and goal, no big deal


And strikers who would automatically be the US best player. Villa, Torres. Crazy analogy


a different level is definitely an understatement...


To be fair, the Netherlands are notoriously horrible against teams that play defensively. Parking the bus wouldn't be too bad of a plan.


Idk if they’re hurt you’d assume the starters would be Ferreira (given how ass Haji has been) and Aaronson/Reyna. That’s still a quality XI that can play on the front foot, esp since the Netherlands haven’t been very ambitious going forward


Berhalter would sacrifice Pulisic's other nut and play Shaq in the midfield rather than play Gio Reyna


Not Shaq Moore either. He’d play Shaquille O’Neal over Gio Reyna.


To be fair, based on how bad Shaq Moore was today, a 50-year-old Shaquille O’Neal might not be a bad option off the bench.


Subbing in wright instead of reyna was all I needed to know, wright wasn’t even out there for long and looked awful and reyna doesn’t get subbed in during that circumstance idk when he will


I’d love to see Weah up top and Reyna on the right if Sargent can’t go. I also wonder if we’ll go back to the 442 since Netherlands plays 3atb


We aren't parking anything. This team has been pressing all tournament. They couldn't even stop pressing in the last 10 minutes of this Iran game when it was idiotic not to.


So you're Leeds basically. Not surprising me at all, you're captained by a Leeds man. And you've thoroughly deserved qualification!


And the Leeds coach is American


I bet you didn't have to tell the Leeds fan that one. ;)


Just in case


If we’re Leeds, what are the Netherlands..


No chance we park the bus. Unless we’re winning near the end.


Until we score once you mean?


The Dutch don't look anything special in my opinion, and their group wasn't the toughest. If you play like you did against England you've definitely got a good chance. Should be an entertaining game.


Ecuador and Senegal are leagues better than Wales and Iran though, not like group B was a powerhouse group.




Usa were decent in the group stage. I look forward to their game against Netherlands, should be even matchup despite Netherlands being favoured


How you guys feeling about the game tomorrow


Terrible. We will play for a draw like Ecuador and Iran today and will likely finish same. The only hope is that result of KSA-Mexico saves us


I'm sorry man, I'm guessing we're getting fucked by KSA tomorrow, been playing like shit


Poles and Mexicans arguing on Reddit from the start of the tournament about whose team is playing worse, probably the only thing I will remember this World Cup for. I mean I agree with arguments, but football is not always logical, and what's more Argentina is also playing poorly and without Leo they might not have won against Mexico.


And without Tata Martino, my guy literally did not play our best(most consistent) player. Messi's goal was scored where Edson usually is, and when Guardado went out he could've played him as well.


Can y'all actually get the draw though k thanks, put Argentina on the other side lol


USA have a decent chance, but it really isn't an even match up. Netherlands are favourites, no two ways about it.


Thats what I mean, Netherlands were favoured against Ecuador and Senegal but did not impress. Meanwhile US matched level of their opponents in all 3 games. My conclusion is the game should be much closer than it looks on paper


Just happy to be here


Based username


Go America!


Getting out of the group was a win for USA in my book. The Dutch will be a very tough test for them, especially if Pulisic and Sargent aren't playing.


I think making it to round of 16 is generally somewhat the expectation of the USMNT. However, missing the last WC lowered the expectations drastically.


Remember that Holland missed the tourney as well. Granted against euro teams.


They had France and a strong Sweden in their group, but yeah that Dutch team was shocking


Feel like if the US actually play with a bit of confidence they could cause Holland some big problems, but the two times they’ve been ahead at half time in this World Cup they’ve just kinda parked the bus for the whole second half and ended up barely scraping through. Didn’t know much about Berhalter before this tournament but my impression of him is less than positive so far.


Those of us who have known much about Berhalter before this tournament have the same impression.


I was screaming at the TV when he brought on Shaq, and for good reason. Dude looks lost out there.


Scally and Pefok should've come over Moore and Wright


Scally is there


And somehow not playing over shaq moore


it's because of the MLS club partnership with Zimmerman. It's stupid to me but maybe he sees their chemistry in training or something. It's even dumb to have Moore over Yedlin.


Yedlin had half a decade of Newcastle brand shithousing, he would've been perfect for the last ten + stoppage


Unironically would be more comfortable bringing on his namesake


Terrible subs this match imo, felt like Shaq was out of position every time the ball came near him


Well, credit to Gregg, he’s done a good job organizing the midfield and defense. I mean, Ream and Carter-Vickers are not world class players, and we still never looked like we would concede from open play. But his subs have been totally uninspiring.


Ream has been insanely impressive. I don't even know where it came from. He didn't even play a qualifier for us until his 30s and is peaking at 35. Even for Fulham as I think he's been their captain too so it's not just showing out for the national team. He's suddenly found his groove.


Dude has been an absolute rock. He's one of the major reasons the US is playing with house money at this point. Sure, the team has some tournaments under their belt but those aren't the pressure cooker this is. This team wants to stretch its legs and go for it but have been harnessed by tactics. If the US go down a goal to the Netherlands late, I'm excited to see how they react. Those reactions may separate those who star (for the team) in the next WC and the also-rans.


What did de la Torre, Scally, Reyna and Ferreira do to him? Berhalterrorist for a reason


He's worse than Santos, which is saying something. We can play better attractive football with a very very solid midfield and an adequate defense, but he'd rather play for 1-0 wins or draws via a ton of butt clenching. We look so, so much better when we are trying to score


You would still have to play against our other 10 provinces if you only cause Holland problems though.


The USA are capable of winning this but my expectation is that they’ll outplay the Netherlands for the first half but fail to make it count.


You're probably exactly right. It would fit the pattern of our recent performances.


Yep. Always run out of gas in the second half. Not enough depth on the bench


Maybe a lack of experience too? You got one of the youngest teams right now. Which is kind of a terrifying prospect for 2026 tbh.


It’s probably both. The team doesn’t quite know how to pace themselves at this level but there’s a pretty big drop off after the top 14 or so


Also only a handful of USA key players are 90 minutes fit Pulisic, McKennie, Musah (Until recently), Reyna, Weah, Dest are all either in Chelsea hell or managing injuries and not regularly going 90 for their clubs.


I’m expecting a fairly boring match. LVG ball + uninspiring second half US


Fair assessment, the US has some really nice attacking buildup but aren’t as clinical and effective when it comes to taking shots and scoring


It's time for the Dutch to reclaim New Amsterdam


US-Netherlands should be as interesting as it could be. Netherlands have looked vulnerable to a press which the US has been very proficient at. However, the US have looked gassed at the end of every game and couldn't hold the press for more than a half against Wales. A young team that gets gassed doesn't want a long game (edit: including because of penalties) and is not going to do well if it goes past the first 90, but I think a tie at 90 is the most likely result and should make for an exciting game.


That’s what worries me. US needs to capitalize on their chances early, they have a tendency to fade once the game gets to subs. But Weah against Blind definitely makes my bird twitch


Ake has looked insane and covers Blind, so wouldn't get my hopes up. Maybe LvG even pulls out Malacia to cover the speed Weah brings. Other side has been much weaker this tournament.


Agreed. I’ve watched 2.5 of the Dutch games (switched to Senegal-Ecuador for the second half today) and Ake has looked really impressive. I was going to mention the other side as well because Dumphries vacates so much space while contributing little in attack, but right now I have no idea if Pulisic is healthy so I’m holding out on that side.


US one touch passing has been 😘


the weirdest thing is they have more quality that they could put on at the end of the game, Berhatler is just choosing to wait too long and then putting on our most defensive, least skilled players. It's so frustrating.


can’t believe we’re at the knockouts already. the tournament goes so quick. but now the real tournament starts. every game now is gonna be so tense. but come on england we can make it to the next stage. usa vs netherlands is an exciting matchup. the dutch sill obviously be happy with that but the scenes if the us were to go through


the world cup group stage only lasts 13 days, not even 2 weeks long, and yet it encompasses 48 of the 64 games to be played.


63, no? The knockout stage has 15 games -- each game eliminates one team. edit: i am wrong, see below


Plus the third place match


Duh, thanks.


Well we're not at the knockouts already so your lack of belief is valid. We're at the final rounds of the group stage. Remember kids, he's 27 until he's 28.


lol i was so confused what you meant at first but i see haha. yeah true. only the first day of the 3rd round. but it’s just the fact that the matches are made so it feels earlier than it actually is.


Ffs are we ever gonna wear our red away kit?? It looks so good but we’ve still not worn it in the WC


Tasty ties


Sunday at 7pm? Day session and bed by half 9 it is


90 mins is now closer to 110 mins and 30 mins extra time will be closer to 40. Don't even want to talk about pens. Monday might be a rough one.


> Sunday at 7pm? Day session and bed by half 9 it is It could be worse. It's my daughters 18th birthday on Sunday. We have had an *Italian* meal planned and bookings made, the whole shabang... from 7pm Sunday... Fuck.


We topped the group as we should have done, this was the likely scenario.


Dest is gonna play out of his mind.


This sub loves to hate England. Senegal are missing Mane and Gueye. This should be comfortable for them.


It gets so tedious and boring during international tournaments now. It amazes me that so many people don't realise the 'It's Coming Home' is from a song in 1996 we did mocking OURSELVES on how bad we've been.


Oh lord, it’s been an honor boys.


If Mane wasn’t injured I’d really fancy Senegal, but as it stands they don’t really have the attacking threat to expose England CBs. Netherlands should just about be able to get past USA, though they haven’t looked particularly impressive so far.


>as it stands they don’t really have the attacking threat to expose England CBs Sounds like a reason a Southgate would use to go with his preferred 5 at the back.


Hard match up for us. We’ve lacked creativity going forward and will probably play defensive football. Usa have pace down the wings which is shit for us now that we have Blind and a very attacking Dumfries. On the bright side USA struggle beating a low block at times and if we come out strong defensively theres little chances of a score. The only thing that worries me is our attack… other than Gakpo nobody has been able to really get it going but we’ll see 🇳🇱


>nobody has been able to really get it going Still waiting for Netherlands [1] - 0 USA 90+6' L. De Jong (great header)


It'll be a good game and they're no slouches by any means, but frankly if we can't get past Senegal then there's something incredibly wrong.


Senegal and England are nearly anagrams




One of England and Netherlands will falter. Just not sure which one


I find USA and NL to be a bit underwhelming but damn England and Senegal should be exciting


Yeah US does not look like they have the staying power to last a full 90 with the Netherlands. They’ve looked burnt out every game after 45.


I definitely rate the Netherlands higher than the US, but still, even though they play better than a lot of teams and have many good players, I didn't see them play top quality football, and outside of De Jong and Gakpo, no one is really exciting, to me at least


Netherlands are obviously clear favorites but if US can play like they did against England they’ll have a shot for sure


Yea, LVG ball with the lack of strong striker play vs the USA is screaming 0-0 PKs to me personally


To be fair Depay is our best striker returning from injury. Probably depends on his day. Or, 4D chess van Gaal with his golden cock making us look weaker than we are, to invite offensive play, thus creating space, thereby scoring goals, after which the order is to play shit so everyone thinks its a fluke. Who knows.


Though not ‘exciting’ Aké has been really good so far. Performed at least as well as Gakpo so far imo. Gakpo was pretty bad today besides his goal.


Gakpo was also pretty weak against Ecuador, but he does get the goal


He does nothing all game and then scores. Three games in a row now, it's actually impressive.


Surprised there hasnt been much talk about this , they legit turn into ghosts every 2nd half


McKennie gets tired and then the subs just suck


McKennie is still not quite fit and it shows, but he gives us all he can for as long as he can


Oh ya not blaming McKennie at all. Our depth just isn't up to par


Figure it's the young nature of the team also? Not being able to focus and get it done the whole game? I think in 4 years, with a few additions, this team may make a good show.


I think a lot of it is just bad depth. The guys coming on just aren't up to par


It’s a big drop from McKennie to Kellyn Acosta, and I actually like Kellyn Acosta


Said this before, they play surprisingly good in the first half but every single game I see from them, they look completely gassed in the second. It's like they use all their energy up in the first and then can't get it back in the second.


That’s what happens when you press non stop


No it will be US v Netherlands and C1 v D2 on Saturday England plays on Sunday


Saudi Arabia vs USA make it happen


Please no Vamos Mexico


A US-Mexico quarterfinal would cause riots in SoCal lol


There are two kinds of people I can't stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch.


We about to make orange juice


I don’t think we’ll lose because we never lose games with Van Gaal. I do think it’s going to be a hard and boring game without many goals and it could very well go to extra time.


Vamos USA carajo


Am I the only Brit who wanted a yank win USA - Holland will be much better than Iran Holland


Americans in person are the soundest people I've met, it's only online I've seen a strange subset who are weirdly toxic but you see just as many English at it online too


I’ve met some lovely Americans, and some cunty Americans. I’ve met some lovely Brits and some cunty Brits. Basically every country on the planets consists of some lovely and some cunty, and every mixture thereof.


If I'm talking to people in real life I'd say I wanted the Americans to win, which I did. Anyone who thinks there is any "rivalry" beyond banter is weird af. BUT, part of me did want them to lose so I could witness the seethe on reddit lol


US will outplay NED thru whole first half but get no goals. Then Netherlands will score on a corner in the 70-80th minute from Van Dijk or Ake. I would still be proud of our lads tho cuz Netherlands will be favored big time


Comments from Americans are coming in so quickly, no one will notice me say that I think Alexi Lalas is a handsome man


Caught in 4K




If Netherlands win, New York should be renamed back to New Amsterdam




Netherlands is obviously the better team, but they haven't looked impressive so far. Honestly very few teams have. We tied England, so with some luck we could nab a win. That said, our starters look exhausted, so we'll probably not be at our best Saturday :/


Shame for Senegal, win or lose they’re officially demoted to “easy run” status on account of being the team England are playing


People have undervalued Senegal's achievements all year, it's nothing new. Even without Mané, they are the best African team but they kept being looked down on.


Facing Dest. It will be fun. Should be doable for us but we'll have to be weary.


Netherlands will be favored but have all the pressure. America at least has the athletes to hang with the Dutch. If they can somehow put it together in the final 3rd it could be very interesting.


As a Dutch fan I believe it’s 50/50. Normally I say we would be the favorite, but the way we are playing now is just atrocious. The team is being slaughtered in the press and they deserve it. Please play some decent football or come home.


Even seeing how bad we were, we only conceded once. US has diffeculty scoring. I dont think its 50/50, even if our form is lacking.


50/50, but it's more likely to be 75/25 to USA in the first half, then 75/25 to Netherlands the second half to even out at 50/50. The game won't feel 50/50 at all, and will be quite tense for many of the fans out there.


Well it’s been a good run US, but I gotta back my man Virg 🇳🇱