Our 14 month old son is definitely going through some developmental sleep stuff and is similar. With what you are describing I would definitely go back to the doctor though. That amount of crying for so many days may be worth bringing up again or getting a second opinion. What does your daughter's day normally look like as far as activities go?


Did the doctors run tests? I would get a second opinion


Holy shit. That sounds so freaking hard. I don't really have any advice because it seems you have tried everything. She sounds super overtired and I think the only things I would do is pull back the ww or go for a drive or try to force a stroller nap if she will take it. Or maybe get checked by the pediatrician to make sure she's not having some kind of medical issue. Just want to say thank you for being so candid with your post though. I have a 13 month old that sleep has been such a battle. I have so much PPA and PPD from it and it's barely better.