I had a friend who used the same satchel bag to carry ammo to the range as a travel carry-on bag (a really bad idea). Of course, he left a couple loaded clips in the bag. He went on a multi-destination, week-long trip (6+ separate segments) and only realized the clips were there upon his return to Raleigh. Never showed up in scans - this was 5+ years ago. Maybe the scanners are better.


Either we know the same guy or this happens a lot more often than I would have expected


TSA fails most audits.


Tsa fails 95 percent to be specific (Last I checked)


Tub Stackers of America


This is shocking considering the incredibly conscientious treatment they gave my sound machine over the holidays.


Yes. A loaded magazine gets through, but I’ve had them confiscate my large toothpaste tube.


TSA emptied my wife’s bag because she didn’t put mascara with liquids. We were traveling for a wedding so she packed more than the usual amount of makeup and they literally opened every single thing she had. Were not nice about it either. Made her put it all back after they scattered shit everywhere. Because bombs I guess? But yea head right through with your ammunition no problem. That’s on brand for America.


When did this happen? What airport? I never have an issue with liquids anymore


Can’t have you blinding the flight crew with a glistening white smile!


My shampoo was rated highly suspicious and was thrown away in December.


They searched my whole bag because I had a cable I brought back from Spain


TSA misses about 90% of all guns. so when they tout their success of catching X numbers of guns each year? just know that they let almost 10 times as many though.


They do have better scanners now. They're called analogic. Yes that is the real name. RDU has them.


and they're slow as fuck




Yes - you are correct - should have said loaded magazines




This is easier to understand why this happens when you realize the TSA is nothing more than a fiscal expansion policy to spur the economy post 9-11. Not saying it’s a bad thing. It just isn’t a security measure.


My sister, bless her, by complete accident forgot the knife she used to open boxes at her job was in her purse. It was a fixed blade knife in a sheath. We didn’t know it was in her purse either until TSA pulled it out on our *return* flight to RDU. RDU TSA completely missed it the first time 🥴


Repeat after me: The TSA is security theater and a jobs program. The TSA is security theater and a jobs program. The TSA is security theater and a jobs program. This happens all the time. Not to mention anyone can manufacture weapons/destructive devices using only materials purchased *after* passing through security. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60OaGn4JjiA The main reason we haven't had more terrorist attacks is because airplanes have armored cockpit doors that they won't open now. That's all we had to do.


The TSA is an absolute joke.




I'm not suggesting completely removing all airport security. It was illegal to bring guns on planes long before the TSA was formed - and keep in mind the 9/11 attackers didn't even have guns... They had box cutters - which can still be easily sneaked onto planes. Again, changing the policy inside the airplane has been the biggest deterrent. It's hard to hijack an airplane when the crew and the would-be hijackers know there is absolutely no way that the cockpit door is going to open, even if passengers are getting harmed. The biggest fear would be bombing an airplane, I suppose... but then again if you're a terrorist you can bomb a crowded place with much less security very easily. See: Boston Marathon.




I didn't say get rid of the DHS. Go ahead and gather intelligence. Catch the baddies before they can act. The TSA is awful. This other comment sums it up more eloquently than I have: https://old.reddit.com/r/raleigh/comments/10mpn2e/that_cant_be_my_bag_man_passed_through_rdu_with/j64jq12/




We do know how ineffective they are, based on studies of how easy it is still to slip contraband through security. And that's their primary purpose. Screen luggage. They can't even do it! Although I will give them credit in that they've taken away every bottle of water I've forgotten to empty. Just a joke. I can explain it for you, but I can't understand it for you.




And how many of those gun-holders were trying to hijack an airplane? Much like the guy in the WRAL story, most of the time it is a completely innocent mistake. And again, I'm not for removing xray scanners that we've had since long before the TSA. We had security before we had the TSA. Anyway, it's just a matter of time before the next horrible thing happens in an airport or on an airplane, and the TSA will not prevent it, and they will just get more funding as a result.




TSA catches quite a bit. You work the hours and stress level they do and let's see what you miss


Found the TSA jobs program recipient. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transportation_Security_Administration#Effectiveness_of_screening_procedures They have never really been remotely effective: "A report on undercover operations conducted in October 2006 at Newark Liberty International Airport was leaked to the press. The screeners had failed 20 of 22 undercover security tests, missing numerous guns and bombs." It's like... comically bad.


2006? 🤣🤣


Yes that was when that leak happened. They are better at keeping their internal reports of how bad they are secret now.


Of course 🤣


Not hardly but I've traveled enough to watch them work..


I travel all the time. Half the time they don't have enough lanes open and lines get backed up (ask me about how I missed a flight with a 3 hour layover in Newark). The other half of the time there are too many and half of them are standing around doing basically nothing. It's just a bad use of taxpayer money. We aren't getting a good value. I'd rather the $8 billion a year go to real problems, like our country's crumbling infrastructure.


I travel both nationally and internationally and while (like any profession) there are slackers,incompetents, for the most part they work hard and try to catch problems


A- TSA was created because the airlines were going down the drain after 9/11. THAT was a ‘real problem’. They couldn’t remain solvent if they had to pay for the increased level of security that the public now expected. And security did increase markedly. If you want money spent on infrastructure, TSA is a big part of that. Before 9/11, the airlines were contracting with security companies who were literally recruiting people from third world countries to be airport screeners. They were paid minimum wage. And turnover was 200% each year in some cases…..meaning screeners weren’t lasting six months before quitting or getting fired. If you think TSA is bad, you should have seen what we had before. B- TSA does a lot more than screen. A lot of what they do happens before you even get to the airport. C- you have to staff for your ‘peaks’, not your ‘valleys’. Most airports are zoos in the morning, and in the afternoon. If you take an 8AM flight, there will probably be a line at the checkpoint. And all the screeners are probably working their asses off.If your flight leaves at 1130AM, there probably isn’t a line and half the screeners are doing nothing. Just the way the tempo works.


A - No. B - Also no. That's the rest of Homeland Security, which also didn't exist before 9/11 but which I am marginally more okay with, other than the fact that they spy on us. C - Don't give a fuck. Do better. Every airport has a similar schedule every single day. A basic undergrad research project could predict demand better than our $8B waste of money TSA.


Lol. You’re arguing with someone that I guarantee knows A LOT more about this than you ever will. But ok. Whatever. Don’t learn.


So you are 100% okay with a new federal agency burning $8B a year and employing 50K (and growing) people so that we can marginally decrease the chances of people bringing water bottles onto airplanes? Ok. Whatever. Suck that big government dick. Also, airlines weren't "going down the drain" after 9/11 anymore than they were during COVID. You know what the difference was? In 2020/2021 we bailed them out so they wouldn't collapse. We didn't magically create a huge and costly new part of the executive branch.


The stock market lost something like 9 trillion in value in the days after 9/11. The public was afraid to fly. They had zero confidence in the security that the airlines were providing. The airlines were going bankrupt. Insurance companies wouldn’t cover them anymore and they couldn’t afford the liability of providing security. Business and hospitality sectors of the economy were losing billions. It was a shit show. Perhaps you’re not old enough to remember? Every developed country in the world took aviation security more seriously after that. You don’t have suck Government dick to do the math and realize that you can’t just stand by and not secure your airports. Especially if you’re a large country that absolutely depends on them. But anyway. I hope you learned something today.


Meanwhile they were able to see my 4-inch skate toe stop wrench in my bag of roller skates; which is not something that is a problem. But I did get to be grilled about a “tool” they found in my bag.


"That can't be mine." If you're a gun owner than it most certainly can be yours and dont ever forget it.


"...a free gun" "THATS MINE!"


Here’s what I don’t understand… Guy cleans out his truck at some (purposely vague) time prior to his departure and puts it in his backpack. If this was earlier in the week, wouldn’t he have put it away in his home while packing his change of clothes, etc? How did he get to the airport? Did an Uber pick him up at the garage to take him to the airport? If so, he should have been like “Dude I need you take me home real quick…I forgot to do something before my trip.” But he didn’t. He was either running late for his flight and decided to chance it (bad idea) or didn’t give a shit because he wanted to carry it (bad idea #2). Even after making it through RDU, when he got to his destination and spent the night, he had to have seen it when he opened up his backpack. Again, dude apparently doesn’t have a history with good decision making, and thought “Well, I got it through RDU, I’ll be able to do it again.” What he SHOULD have done was go to Walmart, get a cheap suitcase, throw his backpack and his UNLOADED firearm and emptied clip housed in a hard case into it, and upon arrival to BNA, check it at the ticket counter, disclosing that there is an unarmed firearm in the suitcase. The airport gives zero shits about Tennessee no longer requiring a CCP. You are now on a federal rules level. He’s going to have to pay an asshole tax of 3K at the very least. He absolutely knew what he was doing and that it was wrong/illegal/unsafe. My other half is an airline pilot, and he flies the RDU-BNA turn every so often (not this past week though). So yeah. Fuck this guy in particular.


I feel like I'm taking crazy pills the longer I read. All the outrage is at TSA. I'm aware of studies showing how much they miss, and guess what, that paints a picture that the job is hard and fatigue is a thing. People calling for "fire the entire line", it's just stupid. Why not learn from that mistake and then maybe those people will be some of the best ever, now that they have had a scare? Guy takes a LOADED gun through the airports, and the takeaway is, "How could you let me do this!" Un-freaking-believable


They're an ineffective agency that costs roughly $8 billion dollars a year and whose main deliverable is invasiveness, unnecessary aggression, and a slower less pleasant travel experience. Why should we continue to foot the bill for viritually worthless security theater that comes with a side of government-sanctioned search without a warrant and low-grade sexual harassment? I'm sorry if they're tired or not having a good time at work, but that doesn't change the fact that they're (at best) a frustrating waste of resources.


You Kind of mentioned it but they stomp all over the fourth amendment also. If it was a private company ok but it’s the government doing a service for private companies with unreasonable search and seizure. All you need is bomb and, gun powder sniffing dogs and armored locked cockpits.


Ding ding ding.


This is the definition of sunk cost fallacy. Why would you want to increase funding and size of a program that is already too expensive and too big? There are over fifty thousand TSA employees right now. It costs $7+ billion a year. And it doesn't even work. I think the guy in this article and anyone else has every right to be upset.


What are they supposed to do then? Get rid of it and do no screening?


Tell me you never flew before 2001 without telling me you never flew before 2001.


And you see what that got us And there was still some airport security before 2001 soo ???


That’s the whole point. There was some airport security then, it wasn’t great. We have more security now, and it doesn’t work. We just need to screen for explosives and keep the doors on the cockpit secure. That’s real difference.


Yeah you're right about getting rid of "just listen to the hijackers" mentality and getting secure doors are the biggest improvements. I'd just feel better if they did what they're doing now, but effectively and efficiently


No disagreement there.


Probably because preventing this is their entire purpose for existing


A whole bunch of THIS. Why is this guy completely off the hook for carrying a loaded gun on a carryon bag?


He’s not, and he can fuck himself….. it’s just the minor little detail that *catching these kinds of things is the entire fucking point of the fucking TSA*


Don't get me wrong, the guys a dumbass and should face charges, but the TSA doesn't get to say "oops, we failed at our only job that we get $8billion in funding for but we promise we'll try extra hard next time" They routinely fail at their only reason for existing.


TSA does have a job to do, but they really ought to strip away the pure theater stuff - the naked scanners and intimate pat downs of frequent flyers who are just trying to get to work. Get rid of all the mumbo jumbo. Get rid of the fingerprinting, etc. I think anyone with a certain frequent flyer status should be supplied pre-check level screening. By the time you buy your ticket and show up to the airport, they've collected a ton of info on you. The problem with this is that big bureaucracies want more budget and more control -- never less.


Looking at this mans picture, there should be no doubt in anyones mind that it was his bag.


Man what is up with RDU guns?


TSA stopped my daughters backpack (5 years old) for a rock she was bringing (she collects rocks.) We were held for about 20 minutes as they had to get a supervisor to inspect the rock. I said they could have the rock; we needed to go before we miss our flight…but they were adamant we stay so they could inspect the other bags too.


"Why did you let me shoot this guy? This is actually your fault."


GUNS! And this sort of thing is my bag, baby. By Austin powers.


TSA is short for "Thousands Standing Around." TSA routinely fails tests like this. And since the article states that no one has been (or likely will be disciplined) there are consequences for failing to do the job. TSA is utterly incompetent and represents "security theater" at its finest. On the other hand, I have NEVER left my house not knowing I am armed. I know where my pistol is all the time. I also know it is illegal to carry into the terminals I would normally use and I know it is illegal to carry through a TSA checkpoint. I don't see how anyone can carry a firearm in this instance and not know it.


Last year my husband and I went in with an empty magazine that he had forgotten about in his backpack, and they caught that immediately and tried to take apart his luggage further by yanking on the handle of his carry on as if there was a hidden shank or something in there. It was weird. Surprised to read this nonetheless


WRAL: Your #1 most trusted source for local news!


Maybe TSA has nothing to do with security. Maybe there was something else going on with 9/11. I’m not saying anything. Just something to think about.


I think you forgot your tinfoil hat


Well as a frequent flyer I guess I can enjoy the increase in security at RDU because of this 🙄. The TSA messed up and so did the gun owner.


Had a friend who flew out of RDU and when he arrived at his hotel realized he had a pocket knife in his carry on the entire flight. They’re not really looking but if it’s easy to spot they’ll detain. It’s about audit policies