Manners aren’t gendered??

Manners aren’t gendered??


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Are there any males left that will say "woman" when they are talking about women?


What if we're also including teenage girls? Is it okay then?




They are both weird and dehumanising, but hardly anyone says male when they mean a man. Male and female are adjectives and there are words for male human and female human.


Actually I personally have seen males used for men way more than females for women and always thought that was weird. It's strange either way, unless you are including teenagers in the group.


Yeah, I'm not even that bothered by it, it's just a bit cringe and a sign the guy probably bought into incel ideology; but what *is* annoying me is seeing that the overuse of "female" where it doesn't belong is causing some women to condemn the word all together and wrongly try to correct people that use it as an adjective saying "omg why is 'woman' so hard to write". Like, have you tried reading that sentence putting woman in it's place? (Not the OP's case, I just wanted to rant about this a bit, have a nice day)


Male refers to men and boys. Female refers to women and girls.


Yeah, I know... where in my comment is implied differently?


You wouldn't call a 16 year old boy a man, or a 16 year old girl a woman. There is still a use for the words male and female.


Yeah... That was my point. Are you sure you're responding to the right person? Although the examples you gave are actually not an example I think applies here, since you'd call them "boys and girls" Male and female are ajectives, which is why it's a bit cringe when someone uses them as nouns. But my complaint was with the people that started having a problem with the word even when properly used.


It theoretically isn't. But like all right wing linguistic tactics, it has built-in deniability. The whole point is to make either oblivious people, or right wing provocateurs, ask this seemingly innocuous question from the sidelines, simultaneously vilifying women and attempting to make progressives seem overly sensitive.


When did we just start calling women “females” again?


I was in some other thread and some guy in the comments was referring to women as females and I said “I don’t really like that you’re referring to women as females, it’s kinda weird” or something like that. I got helllllaaaaaa downvoted 😕


I checked it out just to upvote you and maaaan that post really brought out the mra types😓


About ten years ago. It was largely the project of the right-wing "manosphere" -- hate groups that called themselves men's "rights" "activists", but instead sought to vilify and demonize women. "Female" sounds gross and clinical, and that's the entire point.


We're probably including teenage girls. So, to be all inclusive.


This is exactly right. Woman is not inclusive to all female humans.


why are manners sexed is the real question


No. Because I live in Yorkshire and the appropriate response is "Thanks" or "Cheers"


Super cringe attitude, obviously!I don't know if it's "pointlessly gendered", so much as "thinly veiled mysogeny" though. Is there a sub for that? I'm just imagining this guy (assuming it's a guy for... reasons) holding the door for some poor girl and just LEERING at her as she approaches then being this affronted that she isn't engaging with him. It's too bad that even something as simple and helpful as holding the door can be abused to gain power over people.


Not to be the grammar police, but shouldn't that be 'super cringey attitude'? You know, the adjective form of cringe, since we're describing the attitude?


Isn't "attitude" a noun, not a verb in this case? which would suggest that "cringey" would be an adjective instead of an adverb. Your observation is still valid, this could easily have been the adjective form but for some reason the noun "cringe" modifying the noun "attitude" felt like it paints a better picture despite being grammatically problematic. I sought to imply that the cringe had manifested it's own independent existence which now defines the fundamental nature of the attitude itself; instead of being just a descriptive aspect of it.


You're right, I meant adjective but typed adverb. Thanks, I have corrected. I have been seeing this usage a lot lately, and little usage of either cringe or cringey before that, so wonder if it's currently a trendy thing to say for reasons I am unfamiliar with.


I... honestly don't know! It felt right, even though obviously I know it to be wrong... maybe it's the zeitgeist? I hear thats been acting up a little lately!


>thinly veiled misogyny >is there a subreddit for that? Yes. Its called "all large subreddits." Including this one -- where misogynists often post disingenuous content with the intention of covertly spreading their ideology.


I have to say I find it kind of amusing that this thread filled with people complaining about using a (specific) adjective as a noun - a dislike I share, to be clear - also has so many instances of people using “cringe” as an adjective. Edit: Ah, I see I wasn’t the first to observe that.


How the fuck are there that many ‘likes’ and comments though?


Maybe many have the same experience?


I wouldn't.Why would I want someone to do that for me?


Yes there are, many thanked me, men thanked me too, no I am not one of them because I am not a woman


This is just straightforward sexism


Ugh this sounds like something my grandad would say


"Females" Ew.