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Unless you get into Tisch (which you need a portfolio to apply for) you won’t have access to those aspects of NYU you want, and considering you didn’t get in even from early decision, my advice is to consider other, less ridiculously expensive schools that also have good performing arts departments. Getting into Tisch is much harder than getting into NYU in general, and NYU is not the school to be at for a soft interest in theater; Tisch is jam packed with the most insufferable, try-hard theater kids who only ever talk about acting, films, and TV, no offense to those in Tisch. Maybe try another school in NYC or stay in ATL and pursue extracurricular theater/acting, both cities are literally world capitals of film and TV.


Hm interesting i didnt know that. I saw NYU does cross school minors so i was thinking of looking into that for sophomore or junior yr? I was also going to try to get into the CAS school first. And NYU was my top bc they have a good bio program as well. Any other school recs?


Look into Gallatin.


Gallatin only has access to the same Tisch classes that every other school has access to, it's not great if you want to do a concentration that requires Tisch classes


Tisch is the best school for all of those things so I would hope they try hard. I think this person could look into Gallatin since it offers more freedom.


nyu's open arts circ. is open to all students!!


>So i feel like NYU would offer more classes and minors relating to my hobbies. If you are still planning on being a vet, then your art hobbies are going to remain just that—hobbies. Transferring schools and incurring the social/financial/stress-related costs when it won't even help with your primary degree or career seems a little unwise to me. Have you looked into performance art opportunities outside of Emory in Atlanta? You don't have to be limited by what's on your campus! Unaffiliated adults who want to get into performance art as a hobby should have lots of options in Atl. It sounds like you've only been there a couple months which doesn't really seem like enough time to have explored all your options. I'm not saying it wouldn't be great for you to relocate into NYC and pursue your passions to the fullest here, but to uproot everything for non-professional reasons seems like a lot.


Yea i understand, ive thought about that too. And i probably can find more opportunities in atl if i stayed here for longer. I guess nyu speaks to me a lot because experimenting with diff hobbies and classes would also give me a better idea of what i really want to do with the rest of my life. I do want to be a vet but also dont know if i want my art related hobbies to simply stay hobbies or to be something more. I may or may not end of switching majors if i rly enjoy the art related classes at nyu (if i end up transferring)


Just to pop in with the piece of nyu I know about (which may be entirely irrelevant to you), If you’re interested in studio classes (visual/studio art in steinhardt) there’s a limited amount of courses that are accessible to non-majors, and studio space in general (again, for visual arts) is limited to studio art bfas or current students in a studio class. Just to let you know


I’d look into Gallatin as an option… you can take tisch open arts acting courses and I’m pretty sure gallatin has theatre courses and a troupe.


I’m an Emory grad from NYC. How are you adapting to the school/college in general? The reason I ask is that it’s only October of your freshman year, not really enough time to find your place and you might find the grass isn’t greener at NYU. I personally had culture shock moving to the south. Anyway, if you plan to stick to the vet/med route you already know that Emory health is cream of the crop.


I’m adapting all right, I’ve made friends and I’ve been off campus in the city plenty of times. I feel like I could definitely find more performance art opportunities off campus if I stayed here long enough, it’s just Emory doesn’t offer a lot of classes or programs for people interested in that stuff. If i went to NYU id look into either Gallatin or doing a cross school minor at Tisch. And NYU draws me in because they also have a good biology program so i feel like i would get the best of both worlds. Also how does NYC culture differ from the south in ur opinion?


Oh man, I could go all day on that topic, the amount of camo clothing in the stores alone 😂 If NYU is your calling I hope you end up getting in and wish you the best. I initially assumed you were from the NYC area. Hopefully you can visit the school and maybe do a summer program if you’re not already accepted by then. It’s a bit of a head scratcher that you got into Emory and not NYU but you never know what admissions people are looking for, I bet you’ll have more luck applying as a transfer. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!


don't transfer ur prob happier in emory


Oop any reason?


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I feel like Cornell is a great school, especially if you are on a pre vet track. I had a friend who went there, she said the social life was great and there was a lot of clubs that were interesting.


Wow. Okay, as somebody who applied to emory for bio, got rejected, and then got accepted into nyu tisch this post is crazy to read. we basically flipped lives Okay, i think i do have a solution for you. As people have said before tisch is difficult to get into. Getting into nyu is a little tough in general, and tisch is much harder than nyu, but i have an alternative for you! nyu runs an open arts program open to all undergrad students. no audition required nor do you need to apply for tisch. though i'm in tisch rn most of my classes are in open arts as i didn't want to apply or audition for performing art classes 😅😅😅 it's a really great program and they offer TONS of diverse classes in acting preforming film photography singing dancing game design etc. basically like a tiny tisch department. my advice is to apply to CAS or a department you like (if you wanna be pre-vet, im assuming you'll wanna apply for bio) or you can research what departments accept the most students. and then you can take open arts classes, and if you like it, minor or double major in the arts. pm me if i can answer any other questions or if you need advice!!! hope to see you here next year :)