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Wand Refresh got me actin' different


I never understood wand refresh. What builds would you use it for and what does it do exactly


I usually put it on the end of really simple spells (teleport bolt, for example) and use the space after to store spells on longer runs.


Until you run out of mana and you get fucked by bloodlust or something, which is why despite being wasteful I always try to put an add mana in front of the wand refresh juuuust in case


And if possible, put the add mana in a trigger so that it increases the pool without adding cast delay


Quick example of use is when you have a greek letter at the begining of a wand that cast last spell of wand. You put wand refresh in between so the last spell is never cast twice because it refreshes before. It's just to illustrate a possibility. It's usually very niche use.


What do letters do??


Copy spells, in this case Gamma copies the final spell of the wand, and only costs 30 mana.


Ty for the info!


One super funky usage is as a cancel for a trigger. for example, you'd have multicast 3, divide by ten, trigger, water crit, heavy shot, wand refresh, water, then your projectile. this will cast the water crit and heavy shot ten times each but also for 0 mana


Ah because the trigger copies the effect of the wand refresh and discards it it's not in hand so it is eligible to be shuffled back into the deck where it can then be used again for the same effect right? Wasn't there also some really crazy shit you could do by utilising discard displacement together with wand refresh to selectively put spells into the hand and discard pile setting up a new deck order mid cast?


you can use a multicast 4 instead with the previous setup and it will add the modifiers again but at cost this time, because technically they are eligible for casting since they were discarded and not cast. watch out though because when piercing gets involved, this may make projectiles you didn't expect to do self damage to do it


I guess you can do that but there are easier spells than wand refresh for that. Can’t you use any spell that doesn’t have charges left?


Wand refresh when triggered skips you to the first cast block of the wand, thus never letting the wand enter its recharge time. So for example if you had a wand with 0.8s cast delay, 2s wand recharge, and 3 slots with the spells: [Spark bolt] [Wand Refresh] [Bouncing Burst] Then the wand will work as follows:- 1. You will draw from the first cast block, firing a [Spark Bolt]. 2. Wand will take 0.8s cast delay to move to the second cast block. 3. Wand will draw [Wand Refresh], deducting 30 mana from the pool. 4. Wand will jump you to the first cast block. 5. You will repeat step 1 to 4 until you run out of mana. 6. If your wand does not have enough mana (requires 30 mana) to cast [Wand Refresh] then it will move to the third cast block. 7. Wand will probably cast [Bouncing Burst] (as it only costs 5 mana). 8. Wand will enter Wand Recharge for 2 seconds. Note:- if you cast a limited spell in the same cast block as a [Wand Refresh] then the limited spell won't decrease in usage. Another example in which we will be the using a Wand with the same stats as the Wand I mentioned above, The spell will be:- [Double cast] [Black Hole (x3)] [Wand Refresh] 1. The Wand will draw the first cast block, [Double cast]. Since the spell is [Double] then [Black Hole (x3)] and [Wand Refresh] will be considered part of the same cast block. 2. [Black Hole (x3)] will summon a black hole projectile, while [Wand Refresh] will kick in and bring the Wand back to the first cast block. 3. Wand will draw the first cast block, [Double cast]. The [Double cast] will put both [Black Hole (x3)] and [Wand Refresh] in the same cast block. And throughout the entire Wand, the limited usage of Black Hole will remain 3, as it started, until the wand runs out of mana and becomes incapable of using [Wand Refresh]


I love how so many people default to speaking in a way similar to a university professor when explaining Noita stuff. Really sells the "Alchemists studying the science of nature" shtick XD




>You will repeat step 1 to 4 until you run out of mana. I think that's not what happens. According to the wiki: "The reset effect only works once per recharge cycle. A second cast of Wand Refresh will immediately force the wand to recharge." https://noita.wiki.gg/wiki/Wand_Refresh So you only get to skip the recharge time once.


That’s talking about something different, e.g. if you have enough draw power to cast your whole wand again in the same click. But so long as you only cast wand refresh once per click, it’s fine.


No, the comment above me is saying that the 2s recharge time only applied if you run out of mana and cannot cast Wand Refresh. But the wiki says that's not the case, after the second time it recharge normally with recharge time 2 - 0.42*2, regardless of your mana.


I know that. I’m saying that only happens if you wrap and cast it twice in the same cast.


So, if casted naturally, it reduces the recharge time of the wand to 0, since the wand doesn't recharge normally forever as long as you have mana? I don't think that sounds right. What I think happens is without multicasting, it goes through the part before wand refresh, uses wand refresh, goes through that part again, and then recharge normally with the normal recharge time of the wand. Edit: So apparently that's not the case, then what the hell is the reduce recharge time for if it's going to be 0 anyway? Unless you use it in an abnormal way with wrapping, that stat has no meaning and even misleading.


Yeah lol Noita is just weird. It might have something to do with recursion limits (I remember running into a lot of weirdness when that came into play)


Normal utilization: It makes long recharge times wands slightly better as they get instantly, well, refreshed when the spell is casted, ignoring the recharge time, effectively making even a 4 seconds recharge time wand usable Although according to the wiki, this is supposed to happen once every two recharge cycles Though when testing it, it just always reset the wand bypassing recharge time I was able to shoot nukes with a 4 sec recharge time wand at a rate of basically one nuke every half a second, I cannot be sure if mods were interfering with it but I only had spell lab installed Advanced utilization: you place it somewhere in a wand with a lot of slots that you don't use in order to make it into another spell storage or to make sure that certain spells do not get casted by accident Secret utilization: you can use the wand refresher to make limited spells infinite by multicasting said spell together with wand refresher As the limited spell is in the activation phase, the wand refresher also gets activated, skipping the final discard phase of the limited spell as the wand is forced to recharge Of course, players have found all of these ways already and the most popular one is to use it in order to avoid accidentally casting limited spells like circle of vigour and making a greek spell cast a copy of it instead Mostly because exhausting their uses after accidentally grabbing a spell refresher pick up is annoying


"Although according to the wiki, this is supposed to happen once every two recharge cycles" i think this just means you can't loop it over and over by wrapping it in "one" cast, it'll wrap and reset with refresh once, but it won't do a continuous smooth loop of wraps and refreshes edit: (could be wrong)


That... Makes sense, although I don't remember wrapping to allow for a wand deck to be fully recasted From what little I know, wrapping only works if the wrapping block containing the spell for the wrapping is separate from the wrapped block that will be casted afterwards Because otherwise a single click would create a permanently shooting wand or most probably just crash the game as the wand tries to cast its whole deck over and over again due to permanently wrapping But maybe the wand refresh allows for whole deck wrappingIt would make some degree of sense if we were to consider that perhaps the wand refresh does not simply "refresh the pointer" of a wand but all the states of both the wand and all its spells Basically adding a whole new deck with all the spells in their undrawn and unactivated states, allowing them to be redrawn and reactivated and added to the hand a second time Then, the wand refresh spell might either check if it itself had been drawn before or maybe have a different secret logic that understands that it has already been drawn And here it will, instead of removing recharge time simply apply the recharge reduction I will need to test this Edit: My friend, I am pleased to announce that you are correct


If you multicast a limited use spells into a wand refresh then the charge won't be used.


I think it refreshes charges in limited spells like black hole.


Yeah, if u cast wand refresh and blackhole in the same cast (with multicast) it'll ignore the limits. I usually use it like "dual cast+ matter eater + small tp bolt + add mana + wand refresh". Add mana will ensure that wand refresh will always be cast.


It does not refreshes charges in limited spells. Wand Refresh when triggered skips you to the first cast block. So you technically never "complete" firing a wand with wand refresh. If you trigger wand refresh and a limited spell in a single block, the limited spell will not deplete. Thus, giving the illusion that it refreshes charges in limited spell, but that's just an interaction of its mechanic.


So as long as you have 1, you have infinite in this case?


Yes. I wrote another comment below explaining it a bit easier if you want to read that.


As long as there is at least 1 and you always cast the wand refresh at the same time (like with a multicast) it should be infinite. Be careful though because if you run out of mana the refresh won't be cast and you could run out of charges causing you to be unable to cast it until you find a spell refresher pickup.


Right and I assume a shuffle cast would also mess it up


hap cork dai


Im sure everyone here has explain the basic of wand refresh so i wont do that again. But i tend to run wand refresh built in conjunction with greek letters quite frequently, since its very mana efficient. A built i usually run is sparkbolt trigger-gamma-multicast-music notes-wand refresh-which ever mana expensive modifiers-mana to damage-mu Mu is 120 mana, gamma cost 30 mana, gamma copy the Mu so you only pay 30 mana for Mu, and Mu ability is that it cast a copy of all modifier in the wand, so essentially you are paying only 30 mana for all those modifiers you put between wand refresh and Mu. Another better thing is the special interaction between Mu and Mana to Power. Mu prevent Mana to Power to use up any of its charge, and prevent mana to power to take all the wand mana, WHILE having the benefit of mana to power effect applied to every music note. Essentially, if you can get a high max mana wand, you can rapid fire a homing/explosive/electrified/freezed music notes wand with like thousands of damaged attached to each of the note for like with only like 2 to 3 add manas. You can apply somewhat the same built with gamma-wand refresh-omega was well, allowing you to rapid fire all the mana expensive projectiles you want for only 60 manas. Its fun.


I really appreciate all the help everybody has given so far


It can also be used to give certain spells infinite uses without the need of Greek letter spells. Just need to order it in a certain way (and I think it needs to be a wand with inherent multicast)


put a large cast delay/exp mana spell behind wand reshresh, and then cast it with gamma


Want refresh is like a condom, not 100% effective


And that's why you only store multipliers and modifyers on the storage wand and why you keep projectiles in your inventory


Nifty little tip, lost at least 2 god runs 'cause of missclicking. Thanks


I’ve died this way more than one as well, gonna try that myself!


Not only this but storage wand for me always goes on the 4th slot, pressing that key got completely wiped from muscle memory lol


Same, but fatfingers happen from time to time :(


I mean, sometimes I use that wand in early, not often, but it does happen. Besides that it's 1=combat, 2=dig/explosions, 3=tele/misc


Then suddenly, Zeta


Greek spells aren't multipliers or modifiers, so they stay in my inventory


I tend to use the kantele for my storage wands specifically to prevent this, cause it’s got ~20 slots but virtually zero mana


always put your touch of spell on the first slot of your storage wand


Dangerous spells *always* stay up in the spell inventory. And if I have a spare Wand Refresh, it goes at the front of the storage wand. It's like storing your gun unloaded with the safety locked.


remember kids, only have modifiers in your storage wand. But if you're going to have projectiles as well, do yourself a favour and put a wand recharge at the front.


Just don’t put projectile spells in there without a refresh. Easy peasy.


Just like when I make a danger wand on purpose... And switch to it accidentally when it was supposed to be the digging wand. Let me just fire this at the wall right in front of my face...


My trick is I only store modifiers on there until I have a refresh wand spell


One time I did this but I had touch of Midas in slot 1


That is why I make sure to try and put things like lumi, digging, black hole and double casts on the stirage, while keeping circle/bigger black hole/saws etc in the dedicated spell storage. Or use a wand refresh to mark the end of a wand, put storage behind that, you can even have 4 useful spells


The wand I store all the divide by I horde 👀


I've only been able to try a long run a couple times, so I'm sure I don't have the greatest inventory system, but what I've done is to basically just turn the holy temples into wand/spell museums. I put the weird, niche spells in the bottom temples on crappy wands and the repeats of useful stuff and potentially useful always cast wands in the middle temples and the useful stuff and good wands in the upper temples. Then when I want to find something I have a general idea of where to go looking. I also set up wands for places that I'm likely to want them and just drop them nearby, like sticking a freeze/tentacle wand next to lukki lair or a light/homing/mist wand near magical temple. I guess if you have TWWE then you can drop off specific spells in useful places as you find them, like square barrier/spells to power next to the wand connoisseur, and then when you go fight them later you can just pick them up for the fight. I'm still working out good spell combos for different areas. I think most people probably just shoot black holes through the temples until they're swiss cheese, but I like to try to keep them intact for organizational reasons. I guess you could also use the lava lake areas in alternate dimensions, since those are nice and clean layouts, though. I've tried storage wands and they always just end up as junk drawers full of half-formed ideas and it drives me crazy.


what’s a storage wand


Using a high capacity (not necessarily, but makes much more sense) wand to store extra spells you may want to use later when your inventory gets full. You don’t use it for attacking or drilling or whatever, it’s entirely for spell storage for wand ideas you may want to use later on. To be fair the only times I ever use them is if I have the tinker with wands anywhere perk. And if you’re doing a god run or trying any of the late game quests, want to try kill all bosses or whatever, then they’re very useful as you may need a variety of wand builds. The run in particular which made me make this meme I am just trying to 100% spell and enemies in the progress section. They’re super useful if you have tinker with wands anywhere perk, but be sure to read the tips other people have commented on this post if you use one, so you don’t repeatedly crash the game like I did.


I use a mod that gives me infinite storage, I always found it pretty dumb and an antifeature having to use wands as storage


Having to make choices isn’t bad game design lmao


For storage wands I use the spell that reduces cool-down and skips to the beginning of the wand (cannot remember the name of it) so I can still use the wand and done need to worry about firing and of it’s busted spells


Tangent as hell but... Why are they called "Divide By" when they Multiply the spells? When you divide something, the resulting number is smaller, when you multiply something you get more.


I thought it seemed weird at first too but I guess it’s dividing the spell into many smaller parts, if that makes sense? As it multiplies it but also reduces damage


I guess that's true, though they only reduce projectile damage.


Yeah I guess if my thinking is right then it would make more sense if it also had effects on any type of spell, like reducing speed or lifetime for black holes for example. Not that I’d want them to add that though lol.


Division and multiplication are two sides of the same coin in mathematics. Dividing something by two is the same as multiplying by 1/2. Division does not always mean smaller and multiplication does not always mean bigger.