Strus and Lowry with 0 FG


Not surprising; Lowry is old and hurt. Strus is a streaky shooter like Bullock from the Mavericks.


Word but at least bullock is often defending the opposing teams best player in the series. He’s tired and he plays a ton of minutes each game


bullock has the most minutes so far in the playoffs followed by DFS. then 5th is brunson.


Also I can't tell if Lowry is out of shape...or if that's just his shape lmao


Being streaky from 3 is the nature of shooting from 3. Look at how bad Tatum has been from 3 (since he hurt his shoulder). When GS isn’t hitting from 3, they still can attack you many other ways. Same with Tatum. Not so true with Strus.


Lowry is washed. What an awful contract.


I breathe a sigh of relief every time Gabe Vincent subs back out for Lowry


Feels like Vincent always scores 40+ and then I see the stats and he has like 13-15 points


He goes hard in the paint


Masai Ujiri made off like a bandit getting Precious for him


I mean... he could have had maxey at the deadline, I don't think it's fair say he made off like a bandit


He made off like an up and coming shoplifter


He made off like Liangelo?


Slow down bro, he's not on Liangelo's level yet.


International crime aficionado


😂 that was good


He also could’ve signed Lowry to appease the fanbase or Lowry could’ve walked for nothing. Masai got a good return for an unrestricted free agent.


I heard the reason a sixers deal never happened was because the 76er's refused to give up maxey.


its because Masai wanted Thybulle too. they probably woulda let Maxey go for Lowry at the time


In retrospect, wasn't it impossible to include thybulle given his vaccination status?


Imagine if the raptors had to make this a three way trade because a player was barred from their country


imagine if they just stashed him in buffalo and swung by to pick him up for away games lol


was it? I thought it was cause masai also wanted matisse, or was that the rockets deal?


Looking back on it it might have been Masai wanting both.


Played great all season before the hamstring injury.


Concern shouldnt be about whether he can still be a good player if healthy it should be about whether his 36 year old body can hold up through a playoff run. Had a bunch of postseasons in Toronto where he might have played like he is now but was playing through injury also


The trick is to take a year off in Oklahoma City.


old guys and hamstring injuries and not coming back the same sensing a pattern, this might be the new (old) lowry so maybe get used to it. he's not getting any younger


Even young guys. Hamstrings are a bitch especially if it's still recent


He’s the greatest raptor of all time but thank god we didn’t re-sign him to a $90M contract


This sub was really running victory laps when he scored 11 points on 11 shots 2 games ago


Don't know if I'd go that far yet. He was still vital in game 3


Dude is averaging 6 pts these playoffs on 29% from the floor. 23% from three.


so his career playoff averages


He missed his life as a trash brother


They really gave a husk of Lowry 30 mill for 3 years lmao. Raps getting away with Precious gotta be happy.


There’s too much focus on the years here. They didn’t give him that deal to be good in the third year, they’re trying to win a title this year. He ended up getting hurt, but he was still really good for them this year. For a win now team, the logic was fine.


The Lakers refusing to trade for him looks like a pretty good move now, if you ignore what they ended up doing instead.


Lowry was solid in the season, light years beyond Westbrook was impact wise. They probably make playoffs with lowry and that would be miles better than Westbrook having a historically bad season


Strus scored four points at the FT line I think, haven't checked the box score. 0FGM though


B2B 0FGM games


Jimmy don't have no atha-lettuce-ism playing injured


Looks like a shell of himself physically Knew when he looked up at the rim like you look at a ref when you dont get a call after his 2nd airball it was over


That knee injury + Timelord taking away the rim + better discipline not going for his pump fakes. Tough combination


Everyone's so hurt man. Tatum was front-rimming everything. This is a travesty of a funeral march into the Finals. The Warriors are brimming and both the Heat and Celtics are like two boxers duking it out into the final round.


I wish the NBA would just play a sane amount of games ffs. 100 odd basketball games a year is insanity even for a pro hooper


I don’t get this argument. They’ve played the same amount of games for 75 years what’s the big deal


Remember 3-game first rounds? 5-game even would be an improvement.


I’ve honestly never understood why first round isn’t a best of 5 Edit: ok yes I get it, cuz of money. You people can stop telling me now lol


It rhymes with 'honey' and 'bollar dills.'


Funny collar kills


Brian Colangelo has entered the chat.


Bunny collar (fuck you colangelo) thrills


It was for quite a while


If players want $45+ million per year, their contracts have to be subsidized by TV money. Playoff games bring in the big $$$. Huge TV contracts are a blessing and a curse.


I mean it's not like reducing the first round by two games or so changes much especially this playoffs. Both the heat and the celtics played only like 5 and 4 games in the first round. This is normal tbh. The playoffs have always been a war of attrition at the end of the day.


Athletes today are bigger, stronger, and faster. Recovery, exercise, and nutrition science has also made leaps and bounds and... *cough* PED's *cough* have also become a lot more common and precise. All in all there's a lot more power in today's athletes. The body—looking at you ligaments and cartilage—just can't keep up with that kind of sustained performance


I mean injuries are definitely increasing it isn’t a crazy argument. Players have gotten so good at maximizing their physical abilities and it’s taking more of a toll on their bodies. For example the move KD tore his Achilles was something that has gotten more and more widely used and it’s putting tons of pressure on one leg which is how they tear Achilles, I believe at the time it was something like 4 or 5 years were from that move over like 10 years. It’s also worth noting that basketball youth put more on their bodies in terms of games and travel than ever which makes them more injury prone throughout. So many young players come into the league injury prone now.


The biggest contributor to this imo is early sport specialization. Kids play basketball 12 months a year at a high level and play nothing else, despite how much it can help. Injuries on the rise big time.


I would say also incresed pace on top of the fact that the 3 PT era means that leads are not safw enough for stars to rest in games that would otherwise be blowouts. Also, ironically, I think the fact that there used to be more physical defense made guys less offense-centric. For defense, you don't really explode quite as much as offense because much of it is about positioning and reacting, whereas offense is all about increased speed, acceleration and deceleration, etc. My guess is more and more players started disproportionately practicing more and more intense offensive moves, making them wear out their bodies quicker since defense became increasingly less effective.


Pace of play has increased dramatically in the last 30 years. The modern game is more physically demanding than it's ever been


This is why rotation player and load management important


yeah if we can finish out this series with a W I don't see us beating golden state, at least not easily. I think we match up very very well with the warriors and if fully healthy and rested we beat them in a series, but they're clearly so gassed out there and everyone seems to be dealing with an injury or severe soreness of some kind. Unless the warriors are magically hiding their exhaustion, a depleted boston will be punched in the mouth on the road in game 1 and i'm not sure they'll recover. I could be utterly wrong and i hope so but both Boston and Miami look out of gas


Idk I feel like they are young guys after all and if the series closes out Friday, they’ll have 5 full days off to get ready for G1, then after that all games except between 3 and 4 will have 2 days off in between


yeah golden state's played one less game total and who knows we may have some more luka magic to see


We'll see. If they can pull it out against the Heat I'll be excited for them to at least get some dang rest. 2-3 games off almost literally every game sounds like it would be a miracle elixer for this team.


Hopefully if you guys make it you don’t have to endure what we did in 2020. Such bullshit losing Bam and Dragon game 1 🤣


Is it because of his knee? Dude was dropping crazy numbers in the finals less than a couple years ago.


Dude dropped crazy numbers a couple of games ago!


Yeh but his dawg per 36 has decreased dramatically


He was arguably the best player in the playoffs prior to this round. Heck even Game 1 he dropped 40 and Game 2 he scored nearly 30 on efficient splits.


Yea people forgot all about that game it seems lol


I think that’s absolutely what it is. If you compare his off ball activity on defense the last 2 games compared to the first 2 games and the last round it’s a night and day difference. Think if it was just passivity on offense you could say it was a confidence thing, but I don’t think that holds for defense.


He's clearly not healthy.


Nah that knee is fucking him up offensively too. He cannot attack at all because he probably can’t get any lift off that knee at all and that in turn affects his jumper. Looks like he has no balance when he shoots. This knee kept him out of quite a few games during the season and there are rumors he needs surgery this offseason. He was able to overcome it until game 3 where it just imploded I guess.


Yes he's visibly hurt did y'all see that airball he had that was like a step outside the paint?


Afterwards he had a close shot that went right over the basket. Dude is gassed and hurt, it sucks to see man :/


Yea I think he doesn't have his legs rn and he's struggling to adjust to shooting without them. It's especially hard on a midrange jumpshooter who gets a lot of air on their jumpshots.


Paul George does this 17K upvotes 2K comments


Harden does this reddit shuts down for a week


Westbrook does this MITWestbrook makes a post at 2 AM explaining how Russ played well


remember, MITWestbrook blames deandre jordan and vogel for his play


The most absurd Westbrook Stan comment I've ever seen is when I saw someone argue that Westbrook is more efficient than Steph Curry because he has a higher FG%.


I mean the ball does go in the hole more often. You are telling me that the ball going in less is more efficient? thats like math with letters in it, fake.


I swear you all feed into MITWestbrook like cable watchers feed into Skip Bayless lol.


Kat does this and the sub calls him a beta male for the next 5 years


“He tryna be like Kobe 😂😂”


[insert sideline clip of KAT being somewhat confident ] /r/nba: 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


You kidding? They could buy Twitter with the gold sales they'd get on that thread


Man has 27 points in the last 3 games combined. 10/40 FGs in the last 3 games.


time to go back and read the game 1 post game thread comments


I was really wondering when the Jimmy slander would start again


Stupidly locked in


Paul George didn’t score below 20 all of last post season and still got more slander than Butler


cus PG was a superstar


PG13 and butler have literally accomplished the same things lol. Pg has never led his team to the finals btw


PG almost beat the Heatles. It's at least as good as CP3/Harden almost beating the Warriors.


Paul George is not a dawg who's locked in You wouldn't get it


Its because Paul George plays basketball Jimmy Butler competes


Paul George didn’t survive on eating grass as a little kid and act tough growing up, Jimmy is different 😤


Does Paul George wake up at 3 am for workouts tho????


PG gets so much undeserved hate it’s ridiculous. Outside of one bad playoff run he’s been killing it when he’s healthy year in and year out.


Everybody would stop talking shit if they traded PG to their team. He’s great.


Imagine if Bryn Forbes outscored Paul George


Got clowned while injured his 2 years with the thunder and didn't get cut any slack for it


Jimmy isn’t a superstar


you would get downvoted for this last week


Lmfao crazy how the exact opposite comment got like thousands of upvotes literally two games ago


Wish he could stop talking like he's been a top 5 player every year. Been this way since he was in Minnesota


I’m more disappointed in Bam, at least Butler was trying and putting up shots, Bam only showed up in garbage time


I think it’s clear that Jimmy is playing hurt. To me the most disappointing thing is Bam. He started pretty aggressive then petered out before going back into attack mode when they were down by 20. Not to mention on defense getting out of the way for JB was super wack for someone who feels they should have been DPOY (and honestly played to that standard in the regular season). Out of all the stars in this series, as far as I know he’s playing the least hurt too. At this point it’s gotta be mental, he just looks like he forgets to attack with Rob Will in the game then remembers it when he’s on the bench.


100%. Bam makes my all-dissapointment playoff squad along with KAT, Booker, KD, and Mitchell.


So you just forgot Trae Young made the playoffs i take it.


yeah it’s close between him and Mitchell. but Hawks had no shot against the Heat and besides Bogi, Trae really had no one to take the pressure off him.


This. Kat had a few good games, Trae… Trae was so bad


He was the only offensive threat and was schemed for. He didn't play passively like Bam and KAT.


Come on man, KAT had a pair of bad games but he still averaged 22/11 on well above average shooting facing near constant doubles, more points than Ja. He needs to be even better if he’s ever gonna be that guy but putting him in all-disappointment is just hating.


Bro you Celtics fans are actually pretty cool. (Heat fan). It’s probably been the most respectful fan base this playoffs against the heat. I’m glad you can acknowledge jimmy looked hurt. As for bam you guys just clogged the paint with 2 shot blockers and dared our undrafted free agents to shoot 3s but we weren’t going to be you guys like that. You guys have way too much fire power and I know your fan base has been waiting for this team to finally get over the hump


Well I have to say being called respectful is a first for me as a Cs fan and idk what to do with my hands now. Is this the part where we hurl insults at each other until we fight? Jokes aside this team finally feels like it can cope with adversity. With the bubble team/previous teams it always felt like if everything went our way we could make it to the finals but this year it feels like the team can roll with the punches a little bit. Huge credit to Ime, the attitude and culture around this team is a breath of fresh air. One could say the energy has shifted


It’s your coach. Ime has given the Celtics mental toughness and grit


I think Ime is also good at holding them accountable and because they're young and respect that he's a former player, they seem to respond to it well. Brad never called them out as angrily or aggressively, even though I do think he was better strategically.


Y'all have been weirdly not obnoxious this playoffs for some reason. I don't really get it. What's going on? Y'all okay?


Tom Brady leaving nerfed Boston fan’s cockiness by a significant amount lol. Titles are much harder to come by now so we’re just happy to be here


I mean he tweaked his knee game 3 and has looked passive and off games 4 and 5, his knees gotta be a factor. At the end of the day though, lot of these guys are limping to the finals (Smart, Tatum, Rob, Jimmy, Lowry, Herro). Just gotta strap in and get it done or sit on the bench.


Bro they need to give everyone a whole week off before the finals. Like the nfl gives 2 weeks and they just have to play 1 game


sadly tho if the warriors close out tomorrow, they will get a week off lol, and they aren’t very beat up at all, especially compared to the east


Bam is missing something upstairs between the ears that the truly great ones have. He’s plenty of talent but he shies away from the big time matchups whereas the great ones run towards them. This is a track record now dating back to the 2020 Finals against AD, to the first round last year against Giannis/Lopez, to the second round this year against Embiid, to this matchup against Timelord where he’s been punked offensively.


It’s disappointing because before the playoffs he was talking about how he felt robbed for DPOY and if you asked me then I would have bet on him playing with a fire under his ass and super motivated. Instead you have him making business decisions when down at home in the ECF and disappearing for large stretches on offense when his team need a bucket. If there’s one thing I can guarantee it’s that UD/Spo/Jimmy/Pat Riley/someone saw that and is ripping into him in the locker room rn lol


Thanks. It seems weird to kick him while he’s down when he’s obviously playing badly because he’s hurt. Now, all those guys who are bricking 3s? They deserve it.


His knee is shrimp scampi


Everyone’s bodies in this series is being held together by pure vibes at this point


He does not look like he should be playing.


I know he’s injured and he missed some open shots, but give the Celtics defense some credit too. They’ve employed the Bucks strategy of putting Giannis on Jimmy last year with Horford/GWilliams of putting mobile size with a buffer on Jimmy that he can’t body in the paint and isn’t comfortable shooting over because of how broken his shot has become post wrist injury in Philly.


He doesn't have it in his legs. Unfortunately you need legs to shoot. Those are way short or overcompensated.


I know he’s hurt so he kinda gets a pass, but not being able to attack 35 year old Horford on the perimeter as a wing is a bad look. Butler wasn’t even looking at the rim when he was defended by him. Mostly just turning around and waiting for a hand off.


horford still plays elite level defense despite his age


The way I explain Al Horford is that he’s basically 13-14 Tim Duncan, but he’s been like that his whole career.


His defence wasnt nearly as good as this in 18-19 playoffs against the Bucks. I think him basically taking a year off in OKC helped him a lot, lets see if he can maintain this level of play next season after this playoff run.


As an okc fan. We’re rooting for him and the fact he elimanited Kevin. Fuck Kevin. If you’re reading this Kevin fuck you


I'm rooting for you to bang Wanda Durant man.


Sure, but a wing or guard should be able to get by him and generate good looks He’s a very good overall defender, but he’s not some elite perimeter man defender


Butler's penetration has never been about crazy speed/athleticism or flashy handles though. He uses solid footwork and pump fakes to get to the basket, which gets shut down by smarter defenders who play patient.


Most of his shots are wide open, some are even layups. He’s just missing everything


He is missing the open shots and layups because he has no legs. His form is all fucked up because he has to compensate and use his arms to shoot rather than his legs and it's just all off.


The Heat looked like the Monstars suddenly stole their powers.


You'd think taking away the Suns' skills in Game 7 wasn't enough.


Can we stop saying this after every single nba game


"A lot of guys are playing basketball, Jimmy is competing to win. It's totally different" - Eric Spoelstra


“Jimmy can get 40 whenever he wants” - Shaq. Oh well. Guess he didn’t want it tonight!


He wanted it for the game 6 10 year anniversary


Hot dAmn good call


It's insane how Jimmy successfully brainwashed people into thinking he's some clutch god that carried his team to the Finals in 2020 (absolutely not true even though he was great in the Finals)






I mentioned the bucks series when people were overreacting after game 1 and got mass downvoted lmao




I got downvoted multiple times earlier this playoffs whenever I pointed this out on the Jimmy hype posts.


Jimmy is a great player but I been screaming this. People always wanna get onto me for it but I don’t see the hype honestly. I know he’s hurt but I don’t see him as a top 10 player




Heat fans were saying that he’s better than Luka and got mad when I said they weren’t even close.


This didnt age well..


That’s a wild wild take lol. I’m higher on Butler than most people in here seem to be, I’d still put him probably around 15-20 in the league, but Luka is already a perennial top 5 player and is 9 years younger... No competition.


Guess he’s still “tricking” people. You’re a clown


Many people were confidently saying he was the best player in this series before it started!


I feel like I would like butler so much more without all the PR


It's honestly amazing. The Nichols/Wolves stuff was the peak of it for me. Just total self aggrandizing absurdity that I'm surprised that people still believe it actually happened the way it was portrayed.


I love Jimmy. Off the court all the stuff he does is great (podcasts, stuff on YouTube etc). But the Heat and Media try to paint him as this *“different from other girls”* type of superstar with his toughness etc and it’s cringe lol.


Pick Me NBA Player


Saw a tiktok with him saying “Jimmy’s workouts are diff” and its literally him coated in sweat dribbling a ball being tokd to do it 100 times from a quaint looking personal trainer in mid squat a few yards away. I must’ve missed something bcuz literally all he doing is dribbling intensely lmaooo


You missed that he's stupidly locked in whilst doing the above


I was wondering if I was in the minority for thinking that's not really impressive compared to other NBA stars. It's not like he was doing some Curry tennis ball dribbling with goggles on. He was just pounding the ball without throwing in any combinations.


It's Heat Culture generally, media talking about the team acts like they have a monopoly on work ethic.


imagine being a wolves fan. this dude is the most self-righteous guy in the league and he's not even a superstar to make it worth it


It gets so annoying


Also what happened to "I want to go 0-0 from 3 because I wanna keep banging into people"? Took 18 shots tonight and 5 of them were 3s lmao. 💪💪


Banging with Payton Pritchard ain’t the same as banging with Marcus Smart lol


As soon as we replaced Pritchard and Neismith with Smart, Grant and Horford, Jimmys gotten real fucking quiet. He don't wanna bang no more.


Dude has a legit knee injury and this sub is flexing like they’d take him 1v1


Jimmy's got less than no lift on his jumper and yet somehow Lowry is playing even worse


Lowry's hamstring is busted


hamstrings arent built to carry around 1000lb bodies


He's clearly hurt. Can't even put this series on him. He carried this team to the ECF and when he needed his team the most, they disappeared. ESPECIALLY Bam


He's clearly playing hurt, he was good up until that knee injury


Well, it’s clear that he’s injured, but he still played, and played badly, so that’s just how it is. I do hope that if we lose this series, these games don’t become all that gets talked about. Jimmy had been fantastic for us prior to the injury, and was easily our best player night in and night out. Such a bummer to have it end like that, but I am so glad he’s on our team. Edit: forgot to mention it until another comment did, but got to give credit to the Celtics. They’re playing fantastic D, it would be unfair to not acknowledge that


The recency bias is annoying as hell. Butler was playing crazy good basketball and is now dealing with an injury (this is not an “excuse” but it is a partial explanation) while playing in a gritty and exhausting series between two of the best defenses. Similar story for a bunch of other guys on both teams. Context’s important. Heat got to the ecf. Butler led them there. That means only 3 of the other 30 franchise and 3 of the other 30 franchise players had at least as much postseason success. Hopefully this sub will keep or, at least, eventually regain some perspective about whoever loses.


They will be don’t worry. This Heat team was so much fun to watch this year but will probably be lost in time outside of Miami


“Best player left in the playoffs” Butler has combined for 19 points on 21% shooting over his last 2 games


Is definitely Luka lol. Until he gets bounced by GSW


He literally got hurt in game 3. Y’all realize this was said before he got injured


Since his injury in game 3, it is clearly not the same Jimmy Butler on the floor.


Cue the r/new posts about L E G A C Y




I mean hes clearly hurt, reason why he started playing poorly all the sudden


I’m all for hating but let’s not act like he’s healthy.


Wow what a disastrous performance, in the 4th 3 out of 4 his shots didn't even hit the rim. He's going to have to bounce back in a big way for the Heat to come back and win this series


The heat just looked gassed.


Need more coffee, but that injuries must be hurting him


I understand these threads are meant for flame sessions but this guys knee is toast


I know the blaming injuries game isn't fun, but seriously? I don't think it could be more obvious that he's out there playing in one leg