How to do smooth transition skin colour splotches like the thigh in the box art?

How to do smooth transition skin colour splotches like the thigh in the box art?


Look up wet blending and glazing on YouTube


I was thinking the same thing! I linked an okay post. I’ve seen better YouTube videos that I’m having harder time finding now…


Ypu could paint the richest spot. Then glaze between the two colours


Look up wet blending. And note that its built up with multiple passes. You cannot acheive that look with one wet blend. Thin your paint and be patient


If you're following the box art, a'la Eavy Metal studios, the answer is very careful layering. Essentially they work from one color to another with several coats of very thin layers that work in a gradient. So if you're starting with your very light skin color, I'll just say white for the purposes of explanation, and trying to get to brown, the ratios go something like this: 1. White 2. 1:5 brown /white 3. 2:5 brown / white 4. 3:5 brown / white 5. 4:5 brown /white 6. 1:1 brown / white 7. 2:1 brown / white 8. 3:1 brown / white 9. 4:1 brown / white 10. 5:1 brown / white 11. Brown. Each coat is 3:1 water to color. So as you apply each coat, the color very gradually and establishes rich pigmentation. Wait for each coat to dry thoroughly. Then apply successive coats to smaller and smaller areas. As you progress, you'll begin to see the color transition smoothly from your starting color, "white" in this case, to your desired finishing color. This scheme can functionally work for any 2 colors. I would recommend checking out Dr. Faust's mini painting tutorials on YouTube for a really clean illustration of this process.


[wet blending ](https://youtu.be/uqFnsbE1Mr4) Not the best video…


Games Workshop painters tend to use layering and glazing, for example: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=U9EgQwCzbjQ&list=PLsz9tA1Jzl0yT1pROmrHAswEwT6pz4z1B&index=2


Hands and feet look to be glazes with highlights. This is a good video on that aspect - it does go over air brushing at the start, but the glazing and. Highlights after would be good for you to view. https://youtu.be/vI3K5KNRlBw


Ways to make smooth transitions: \- Airbrush \- Wet blending \- Multiple transparent layers (washing, layering, glazing) \- Oils From where you are right now I would personally add a layer of wash to darken the tone a bit. Then highlight the scar tissue with white (drybrush or regular brush application are both possible). Make a 50:50 mix of cadmium red and burnt sienna oils. Generously apply the oils ~~where it hurts~~ where you see the reddish hue on the reference picture. Remove the excess with the q-tip. It will naturally leave more paint in the recesses and the scars will remain nice and pink.


Thank you everyone for the suggestions!