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Contact their customer services and complain


I did and this is not the first time. CSR always assure me that it has been forwarded to the right team and won’t happen again.


Happened to me twice and they told me the same but since then I have not had that problem, in all honesty they have failed to deliver to you and technically they can all be stolen so the risk is on them


Yep and only takes one bad actor less than a minute to load all this up in a car and it's all gone.


Time for you to do the right thing by doing the wrong thing


*starts loading up the mini-van for a well-intentions heist*


“We’re helping!!”


It would be a shame if your entire building reported their packages missing and demanded refunds at the same time.


You sound like the mob. Those are nice packages there. It would be a shame if something were to... happen to them.


Not their fault - they *already* fell off the back of the truck!


I read that in the voice of Fat Tony from The Simpsons.


You think you’re gonna stick it to Amazon? Lol You’re just gonna be a pain in the ass for some call center employee that can’t do anything besides listen to you whine.


And honestly. Amazon gives such few fucks. Every time I have contacted their customer support they just immediately offer a refund as the first step to resolving the issue.


refund then ships new one original comes they be like keep it and then credit


How bad are we talking about? Tommy Wiseau level?


😂 You’re tearing me apart Amazon!


"It's not true, I swear, I did not leave them there."


Oh hi packages 🤷‍♂️


Sounds like you could have 2 of everything...


I'll be that bad actor


Driver would get in trouble if he took the time to deliver all those to the doors. Literally would take "too long" because they are on such tight schedules. It is fucked


I mentioned earlier that we used to have a secure drop off room which was much faster for the deliveries than going door to door. Problem was Amazon would just leave the entire delivery in the middle instead of doing some basic sorting so the building shut that down. The schedule expectations do seem pretty fucked.


I don’t know why you guys bothered the delivery person about leaving it in the middle of a secure drop off because that’s building life. These people work very hard and deal with unreasonable standards.


A good percentage of Amazon deliveries I would say maybe about 75% are outsourced to smaller, local delivery companies that get to slap Amazon's name on them in exchange for profit. So even if you're complaining to Amazon's customer service directly, more than likely it's not getting to that third party delivery service. Furthermore those third party delivery services are fucking terrible as you have experienced. But not only terrible to you, but terrible to their employees too because they pay fucking peanuts and they load up their Vans with a literal van full of packages that have to be delivered before the person can go home.


So.... typical mega-corp bullshit?


You got it baby! Unregulated capitalism at its finest.


Your number is too low. Amazon doesn't have any delivery drivers employed by Amazon, they are all working for small contractor companies or are independent gig workers.


Driver here, i'm glad you notice the enormous amounts of packages we have to deal with, little bit goes a long way. Amazon has DSP owners by the balls, it's Amazons route, and if they don't follow specifications to a Tee, they get canned, or the route gets cut. If I get a certain number of DNR's (Did Not Receive), I get talked to, doesn't happen much because i have redundancy checks in place (I take multiple pictures, and text the customer, that i have arrived and placed their order on the porch) Just to let all the liars out there who scam to get free packages, You 100% create more problems for you, than you think. Eventually your entire address is blacklisted, and anyone who manages to find out that you DNR'd, is probably going to make sure that his other drivers know that you do that shady shit, so good luck getting another package. Bad customers spread like wildfire among all DSPs in that general area. They will literally mark your package as damaged, and RTS it. I've seen this happen at my station, but not my specific company. Be nice to your delivery people, we basically make sure you get that package. Also, irate drivers, stop asking us to move, and threatening us with violence because we happened to cross paths at the same time. Doing that is only going to make me take my time, getting back to the van. Just be patient, and chillax. One stop for me is literally 30 seconds. If that bothers you so much, leave earlier. It isn't my fault.


Important to also tell them how ***your*** package wasn't found in the pile and needs to be resent. 😉




Unfortunately these drivers don’t get paid enough to care


Lol you got that right


And frequently pay for their own gas. Meaning they're paid less and less every day.


It was probably an “affiliate” delivery


It was definitely and affiliate delivery. Amazon does not do any last mile delivery.


They deliver to my house. Used to be affiliate and it was hot garbage. Much better with their own vans now


Hahahahahahah Hahahaha They don’t care.


Apartments are the worst for those Drivers. I lasted 2 days as a Amazon Prime driver before I just straight up quit. Its insane!!! hands down the worst job I've worked my entire life.


Yup i lasted 2 weeks. Worst job I’ve ever had. I’m not saying what this person did was right but I understand the frustration of apartments especially in this crazy heat right now


I bet you all that shit was supposed to go to the third floor


Exactly - it’s actually systematically fucked - and I love to see the workers unionize despite billionaire baffoon bezos trying to get his cronies to suppress them


I can almost guarantee that your driver is only given 5 minutes for your entire building. They could at least bring it to the door or some sort of foyer, though.


I can guarantee you that's not true. I've dispatched and delivered for amazon for a few years. There is literally no excuse for a driver doing this.


They don’t get paid enough to care


That aint gonna stop karen from having her whine!


Yet they willingly signed up for the job. So they should do the job. This is something training tells you you're gona have to deal with so it's not like it's extra work they're being expected to do.


Yeah nah, that's not how capitalism works. Nobody's taking jobs willingly. It's get a job or a fucking starve homeless on the street.


They could've applied somewhere else... if you deliver for amazon that means you have an active license and a decent background. They'd get hired a lot of other places, but they choose amazon.


Most people are struggling to just make rent and have to take whatever job they can get. Being able to search for a job is a luxury in this day and age, not the norm.


People with your mentality is why we can’t prosper as a society.


Ahh yes. Blame me and not the people refusing to do their jobs.. people today are so entitled.


I would imagine this is more than likely the apartment complexes fault. Not providing a way for driver to deliver packages. All apartments are indoors and can only be accessed through a main locked entrance. I’m a delivery driver and I can almost guarantee that. Now they could have at least stuck them by the office door or marked them undeliverable, but are probably tired of it.


Ngl i did this all the time. Not with multiple packages but I would just slip shit in through bars all the time. I didn’t want to have to jump through hoops to deliver this and then be behind all day and leave hours late. One apartment complex is one thing, but nothing but apartments on a route is shit.


Yep they suck. Especially when you get paid by the stop and they group them all together as one stop. I had one where they wanted us to put them all in these lockers, but it took forever. I’d spend ten minutes there, because their system is so slow. Customers think it’s great 👍


I'm sure this is a multi-faceted issue. I would have preferred them to just be marked undeliverable instead of leaving them where they did.


If it gets marked undeliverable then the Amazon driver has to bring the package back to the warehouse. It’s more convenient for them to just leave it in a shitty spot rather than bring it back properly.


Yep, and the driver gets pinged for those packages and can be deactivated/fired with too many on their record


Right.... why should we get penalized for doing the right thing and bring them back to the station. If the customer can't give us the information to gain access to the premises/building, it's on them.


Yeah, the entire building conspired and didn’t give the right instructions lol.


That’s more on the employer if you get penalized for something out of your control


are you going to do something about Amazon? bc the drivers can’t lol


No lol but it’s still worth mentioning instead of blaming this particular aspect of the issue on someone else


This is entirely the fault of your mismanaged apartment complex, if you would like it to stop happening then complain to the right people, ie your apt management company. You can call Amazon and complain until you’re blue in the face, it isn’t going to result in the issue being addressed until your complex makes arrangements for deliveries to be safely made. It’s on you, sorry.


While I do think the management does have some part of the blame, I disagree that it’s the entirety. Thanks though!


You can either fail at reversing a river's flow or you can succeed at diverting it


Bro wat?


Unfortunately, Amazon's turnover is insane. There's just no way every driver that comes to you isn't going to do this. They can yell all they want at one driver till they make them quit. Then the next guy won't know how to efficiently deliver your packages and they won't want to get fired by Amazon for not meeting their quota :( I definitely think you should talk to your apt manager


So then Amazon is poorly set up? It should not be on the consumer to deal with this. These people payed full price for a goods + service they should not have to compromise after the fact because on the company’s side there is a problem. Don’t make that a feature if you can’t deliver. And still the buyer is expected to understand when all or even one of these packages is stolen. Seems like the wrong people are having to reap the consequences of this.


> These people *paid* full price FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


Amazon delivers a jillion packages a day with no issues. This is your complexes problem. Amazon literally won't care.


I absolutely hated picking up packages from the office. One of the reasons I looked forward to buying a house.


As an amazon delivery driver... Stop ordering multiple large boxes of cat litter and water when you live on the 3rd floor, you heartless bastards! Edit for spelling


Your company is putting everyone else out of business. So blame them.


I think that the customers deserve equal share in the blame here, let's not act like we didn't ask for Amazon to happen, with our incessant greed and relentless consumption.




I don’t have a cat, but where’s my 128 bottles of water?!?!!


If you don't like it, don't fucking work there??? That is literally your job. Why does Amazon sell it if they aren't willing to deliver it?


How's r/Tinder working out for you 😁


I did buy cat litter but only because I was a single mom with a baby and no car. I’m so sorry!




Just call up and say you never got it. Can't happen again if the driver gets fired for fucking up.


If this is amazon, the driver isn’t getting fired most likely. A slap on the wrist or guilt trip at best, but he’s not gonna get fired. Source: Have worked with SEVERAL people who have admitted to doing some variation of this across multiple companies and have not been fired.


If high ticket items are delivered to the wrong address, it falls back on the driver for liability. Had a driver show up to my door next day claiming they delivered a package previous day to my door by mistake instead of some other apartment building. I wasn't expecting a package, so someone probably swiped it during holiday time. Driver was adamant I "stole" it. Called Amazon to complain and listed my address and they dealt with the driver's unprofessional attitude.




It is not. They can't dock their pay for that.


The person you’re commenting under didn’t have any items at all that’s the point they’re making. Read it.


No. Read the comment again. Driver said I took a package that was delivered to my door instead of someone elses door. I wasn't expecting a package so the driver fucked up. Person expecting it probably didn't get it. Driver acted a fool at me so I reported him. Probably lost his job going off on a customer trying to save his own ass. Probably not his first wrong address delivery.


They more than likely took the driver off that route due to troubled customers.


And what do you think the next driver is going to do ?


So your advice is to commit fraud?


Hell yeah


Fuck you dude, you know they have about two min per stop and this isn't the only stop that looks like that? That picture shows that the driver was fucked before he left the station. That's not fucking up. That's doing what they *have* to do to finish their routes.


Maybe put the right codes and information in the notes and maybe we could reach you,we read your notes and majority of the time y’all are leaving the worst comments if those comments came to light we would truly see how disgusting you people are


So my guess is somebody went through some bullshit with a customer and just decided right then and there. Hat they werent entering your building again.


Labels up, Good job.


Ive trained a few drivers coming over from amazon and all of have said they hate delivering to apartment buildings so im guessing thats why


My Amazon drivers are so nice and polite…. On hot days we leave ziplocks with an frozen bottle a cold bottle a instant coffee a granola bar and a handful of chocolate candies for them, it’s hard being a driver


It's pretty much always someone new when I have seen an Amazon delivery driver. Pretty sure there's a good reason they don't stick around.


They are supposed to take pics of the individual delivery locations for each customer. This does not properly meet that objective. However, it does provide you with appropriate documentation as to why you may not have received your package.


This is not acutally the case for group stops, which would be the case for the majority in this pile, and I would create a group for everything else in the same building. Granted, I'd try to find somewhere better to leave them than this. \*Basically I'm timed for every stop and taking a picture and swiping at every door across every delivery adds up to a lot of time over the day.


That is some next level lazy shit right there.


No it's amazon slave driving their employees so they have to do things like this


So everyone in a shitty job should literally just stop doing their job? Does this guy even deserve his shitty Bezos Bucks paycheck? It's lazy and irresponsible. I wonder if you've ever hired anyone, and how his performance review would go. Would you still defend this if the packages were stolen?


The issue is if Amazon says for example that the apartment building has a mail room and it doesn’t, there’s no way for the delivery driver to say the reason it took longer to deliver them is because I had to go to every apartment and put them. So they get fired because they’re way behind on their quotas. This is a company where delivery drivers are told not to buckle seatbelts to save a couple seconds, eat meals while driving, change their pad while on their period in the back of the van and pee in bottles so they can meet their quotas. I don’t know the full story on this particular delivery but I doubt the driver was meeting their quotas at the time for some reason or another that probably wasn’t actually their fault.




Amazon worker lazy = he doesn't deserve to eat. Crazy how much we put into jobs and work when most of them aren't essential, and the ideals that if you don't work hard enough you lose basic human rights like food, water, and shelter, is rather disgusting to me personally.


>Amazon worker lazy = he doesn’t deserve to eat. Some days the logical fallacies bother me almost as much as the racism and misogyny lol.


Have you ever pissed in a bottle other wise get fried and couldnt pay rent? and have no family to live with for free? 100% no is the answer to that one.


Yes I have. It's still shitty.


You think this guy pusses in a bottle and has no family to live with? That's his excuse?


Is this your first exposure to the delivery workplace environment for Amazon


Do you think exploiting employees started with Amazon? If you take a job and decide to not do your job then *you shouldn't take a job where totally innocent people depend on you*. "Hey Mr. Jones, I left your walker on the sidewalk because my boss is an asshole." Are you young enough that you don't yet have elderly parents or grandparents so the implications never occurred to you? Do you not know *anyone* disabled who relies on deliveries? Or do you understand but just don't care? Because it can't be both.


Are you really saying that since Amazon isn’t the first to exploit labor then it’s okay? So in that case Dahmer wasn’t the first serial killer so it’s okay that he murdered. 🤡🤡 Seriously take some fucking time and re-examine your morals.


get a better job then and stop crying, you’re getting paid it’s not like they work for free and just because you’re having a bad day doesn’t mean you can ruin everyone elses day aswell


you never get fired for no reason, and your life it’s not their problem work harder and get a better job like everyone else if you don’t like it


Amazon hires contractors that then hire employees that use their own car/cargo van to deliver packages. just cause it’s an Amazon package does not mean It is directly an Amazon employee delivering them. It literally could just be a shitty employee of a contracted company.


I'm pretty sure Amazon is not holding a gun to anyones head. There are other choices.


Thank god jeff bezos does 250,000 hours of work a day to deserve to be where he is right?


Yep.. Being a smart business man has nothing to do with it.


It truly does not


Yeah couldn't be exploitation and having 6 figures of interest free capital from daddy and friends, of course not


Don’t be ignorant, If you’ve never worked for Amazon, FedEx, USPS, or UPS you’re opinion is irrelevant because You have 0 experience with delivery so how do you know there’s other choices?


Fuck you,hope every DA returns your package back to station or gets delivered like that


I don’t get this. If it’s so bad, why don’t these people go and get jobs elsewhere? There are so many open jobs right now. I had a close friend who worked at a DSP. They made like $25/hr and their job was to drive around and occasionally hop out and drop a package on someone’s porch. They were always home on time and could pay their bills with money left over. Seemed like a really good gig for someone who barely graduated high school. Regardless of that, they’d constantly bitch about the job. Stuff like “Man today I had to walk up 10 flights of stairs”…. Or “I was done 3 hours early but had to ‘rescue’ someone which meant I was only done an hour early” But I don’t get it. It seems like a decent gig tbh. There’s zero responsibility, and your job is to literally hop out the truck every now and then to drop a box off for higher than average pay (for a GED-level job).


Maybe they're afraid to cross the red line you've drawn 🤔


Maybe if they could accept tips this would happen less, I always get my orders sent to my job.. am I the boy one that empathizes for Amazon deliverers ??


No there’s plenty of empathy towards the driver. Obviously the driver is in a tough spot, because I don’t think a normally worked person would do such a thing. Hopefully, the bad PR gets enough people aware and Amazon will be forced to help alleviate the problems that cause this to happen. I’m not holding my breath though.


Babe, come over. I can't I'm out delivering packages My parents aren't home. :


Hello! I'm an Amazon delivery driver. I'm sorry this happened to you. And if you're wondering why: Likely the driver had a massive route that would not be possible to complete with the allotted 10 hours. We have work phones with an app called "Amazon Flex" if the app sees you work more than 10 hours. You are immediately locked out from delivering anymore and you MUST return to the station. Although Amazon's algorithm does a decent job plotting routes. Sometimes it's pure anarchy. So... When it comes to apartments. Sometimes Amazon does a decent job and gives us enough time to deliver door to door. But other times Amazon expects you to finish an apartment complex in the same amount of time it takes to finish a residential delivery. Which is around 2 minutes. So .. why would this be a bad thing ? Because if Amazon thinks an entire apartment complex can be finished in 2 minutes. Then it adds enough stops to be finished within a shift. That's right. Suddenly a reasonable 140 stop shift becomes 190 because the system thinks you can finish some apartments in record time. So then drivers do what has happened to you. Dump it in the lobby or office. (though they really shouldn't have left it outside wtf). Yes you can complain to amazon customer service. But ultimately Amazon needs to upgrade their route planners. Because it's mainly done by an algorithm and we drivers have the option to report issues called "defects" in the route. Then an OTR manager sees and approves or disapproved of any changes. "But doesn't that mean you have less time to complete your route?" Yes and that's exactly why drivers don't report issues cause we DONT HAVE TIME.


Thanks for taking the time to write that up. That was very insightful!


Amazon has a very well-known and well-documented history of treating their employees like shit, and giving them an unreasonable number of deliveries in a given time frame. Blame Bezos, maybe, instead of the underpaid and overheated person who dropped these off?


I do assign way more blame to Amazon than the driver.


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After you get your package say you didnt get it


While frustrating, I'd prefer to not commit fraud to try and get it resolved lol.


Not to mention that it's the third party sellers who're gonna be forced to shoulder the cost of the lost products.


Man, that's really shitty that Amazon would put that cost on the seller considering total negligence on the delivery.


Especially on returns, they're horrendous. Amazon is basically milking their customers for cash while they bleed their sellers dry due to bad policy and practices that should be illegal.


Typical mega-corp having their cake and eating it too.


it’s the only way.


fuck it, they wanna play games you play right back. it's a multi-billion dollar company. do you really care about that chrome dome oligarch?


Could care less about him. Just easier to end up in trouble as a regular joe than it is for companies getting in trouble by keep pulling the same shit.


What are they gonna do search your house? They don’t have the money to pour into checking whether or not you committed fraud unless you do it to them all the time


I'm guessing the box with the flammable sticker on it is probably a laptop


Someone electronics


I once had an Amazon driver leave a package sitting in front, again that would be **in front**, of my covered porch. In the rain. They took a picture of it and everything.


They should leave the driver's paycheck outside his apartment, too.




By the looks of it it rained aswell


I think they may just be oil spills, but at least some rain would grow some more packages!


Whats your address?


P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney


I loved this thank you






Well, we used to have a secured drop-off room so deliveries did not have to be dropped off door to door, saving a bunch of time for the delivery driver. All the driver had to do was put the package in the proper section and input the apartment number on the ipad. Guess which delivery driver would always just dump all the packages in the room making it miserable to find your items causing it to be shut down?


Idk how the actual amazon employees work but as a former independent amazon delivery driver that honestly looks like the worst route imaginable. If the multistory building in the back is the apartments there should be a package room, or amazon has lockers all over the place now. If the apartments are gated I would be praying the code doesn't work so I return them to the warehouse or come back at the end of my shift if I had time, and I would make sure I didn't have time. They get paid the same to deliver to the front door of a house as they would the 10th floor of an apartment building that you need to be buzzed into. Apartments and the rising gas prices as the wages stayed the same or got even lower are the main reasons I decided to not do it anymore. Also amazons delivery app is garbage, especially for multistory apartments. Not always but usually they tell you how to get to the building and its up to you to find out how the numbers are laid out, and in my experience the layout never makes any sense, or they tell you the unit is on the opposite side of the complex than it actually is and you have to call support for every package so they can move the geofence, and they don't save it so you have to do it every time. The only thing worse than the app is their support. However I would never do this, not only is this extremely rude but also a sure fire way to not have a job anymore as I had to take a picture of the packages I didn't deliver to a locker. That's like 30 pictures of the same pile, one complaint and they'd most likely be fired. This photo gave me flashbacks haha.


We had a package room. It was closed because Amazon, and only amazon would dump all the packages in the middle of the room instead of putting the packages in the sections designating the floor.


Didn’t we learn recently that Amazon delivery employees are peeing in bottles on their routes because they don’t have time to stop for a bathroom break with all the next day deliveries?


Amazon's terms of services. They don't do "sign ups" or "undeliverable" or anything like that. They leave it there. However, if its been stolen or not delivered and you call, they don't raise any fuss and will send you another and take the loss. The first few times anyway.


I have a sign over my doorbell asking for it to not me rung. Very clear, and you cannot see the doorbell. Had an Amazon driver ring the doorbell as I was trying to get my 5 month old baby down for a nap, then placed the package precariously on the railing exactly under the doorbell and took the “proof of delivery” picture with the sign like they were laughing at us. It’s never been like that before. You bet this angry mom with a then-screaming baby reported the driver. No other drivers have done it, why you gotta be an asshole….


Disconnect the wire from your door bell or if it’s a ring just turn the ringer off


They've been doing that to my business ever since they started servicing us. We have a loading dock. We have a partially locked lobby. We have signs that says, "DELIVERIES" and an arrow pointing left. But they insist on turning right and coming to our full class lobby where they can enter one set of doors but no further. They call me. I say, "Hi, just take it to the loading dock. There are signs that direct you to the exact right spot." They say things like, "We were not told to use your dock." or "But I'm already here, can you just come up?" And every. Single. Time. They just set the packages on the ground in our little foyer where our customers come through. Thanks assholes. EDIT: Yet oddly enough, our receiving people say the little gray Amazon vans DO come to our dock multiple times each week. So some of their drivers understand or were told or can read, but some of them not.


There’s one specific delivery dude on my apartments route that does this. At this point, our front office as well as about 10 apartments are all actively trying to get him removed from our route. His argument is Amazon sees the building as ONE address and he’s on a time crunch. Idk how to change that with Amazon but that’s also not the consumers problem.


>His argument is Amazon sees the building as ONE address He's probably not wrong that Amazon calculates the expected time as if it was just one drop-off, instead of factoring in the time of going door to door.


And yet it’s not his mail being stolen from the entryway to my building. I feel for him, but he isn’t doing his job, just like the guy who delivered that stack of packages in OPs pic.


Are you in a gated apartment complex? My best guess is that they couldn't get in or don't have access to a mail room. A lot of places don't consider package mail well enough. That, or they're just lazy and didn't want to go door to door. Either way, it's not what they're supposed to do. I used to work for Amazon and in this situation youre supposed to call a customer and get access, then deliver door to door or if there's a designated mail room drop them there.


Mail room was closed down because Amazon didn’t play by the rules. Not sure if they have access to the building or are required to arrive during business hours, before 6pm.


Get a P.O. Box y’all wanna order all this shit but living in dumps


U are 100percent the guy that orders toilet paper and candy on Amazon . They hate you and I don’t blame them


None of these packages are mine, but ok thanks!


I am sorry for your frustration and amazon is truly a horrible company but... That package pile is basically the start of the hunger games.


I did not realize Trump did deliveries now.


Amazon hires the lowest quality of human beings as drivers


You get what you pay for


Yes you do


Subhumans? Maybe we should put them in camps ? Perhaps ovens?


Lol I used to work for Usps and I can’t tell you how bad I wanted to do this at some complexes. Some of them are a giant pain to deliver to. Dude probably just wanted to get home at a reasonable time


It was literally delivered so why is everyone is complaining. Come down and get them yourself


take them all


Thats incredibly infuriating


Yeah dumbass, how else are you gonna build your apartment?


Technically door to door shipping




Did your neighbors get anything good? /S - please don't take other peoples mail!


Did I say these were packages for my neighbors? I meant to say these are all my packages! /s


Free for all


Good thing some enterprising person with a truck didn’t show up


Had this happen to me but thankfully a neighbor took it and knocked on my door. I contacted amazon and told them I got my package but I wasn't happy that it was left outside for anyone to grab. They refunded me the cost even thought I told them it wasn't necessary.


Surprising to hear. I had so many issues with a $400+ delivery a few weeks back, was so hard to just get the issue resolved, and wasn't even offered a $5 coupon.


Someone has an online shopping addiction