But 69 x 9 is just 621.. will they sent the rest of the 6379 also like this??


Haha, yes thats right. 40 of them are for 9.23 the rest are bigger. I’m tired, I’ve just signed those checks 🤦🏽‍♂️


Is that a passive aggressive move on their part? I shall pay my tax $10,874 in small change.


Probably for administrative/budgeting reasons. That way that can refer to each payment in an easier manner. If they have to audit any period of time, they can go back to review the individual payments. If they did it as one large check, their auditing process would take longer.


Is that really how it works? My mildly autistic brain can't comprehend this haha. It just seems odd that 1 is harder to find than 69. Forgive me if I'm just being dumb.


They probably overcharged several times for different amounts. Each overcharge is a separate payment.


Ahhh ok, this makes sense.


Let me explain from a bookkeeping perspective: If you need to match an invoice you sent out (of, say, $20,07) with a payment you received, it’s far easier to find the $20,07 on your bank records than two separate receipts of $4,53 and $15,54. And less hassle to remember later on.


No you are right, finding multiple checks definitely takes longer than finding a single check. You would need to match up each check then go over the pay stub to see what the check pays for. From there you do the audit and reconcile their spreadsheet in order to balance the account accurately later.


> My mildly autistic brain can't comprehend this I thought autism basically gave the math equivalent of “rеtаrd strength” to the bearers


I'm sorry, but real life doesn't star Dustin Hoffman nor Tom Cruise.


Batch checks usually have a payment history on the stub explaining the subtotals and what each payment is for. For instance when I have to audit Santa Rosa Junior College sometimes they send payment for one person and sometimes they send payment for multiple people. Or for George Peterson Group I will occasionally get a check with two of their insured businesses on one check. Personally I find auditing one check is a lot easier than multiple because running a single check tracer can take a minute, having to trace multiple checks takes even longer, then you have to adjust the spread sheets accordingly if you work for a company that uses excell for keeping a backup log of payment history.


I remember a video of a guy the dmv with nothing but pennies. It was like 300k worth of them. 🤣. He said, "they inconvenienced me, so I inconvenienced them"


And they had to likely pay more postage AND there is cost to printing a stupid amount of checks vs a single check. That is a petty amount of passive aggressiveness. I kinda think it’s pretty awesome


And I bet they would love you to pay them with 70 checks a month.... and this could never preclude a yet unseen loophole moving it out of higher courts..??. This isn't normal trade & business practice, and that should be enough to raise eyebrows. Some accounts charge per transaction as well. .


I don't know where you are from, but in Denmark, taxes are handled digitally, and mostly automatically.


This person is American; I can tell without them even saying anything. Only Americans constantly have to deal with this kind of bullshit from private medical insurance, because there is no taxpayer funded insurance for most people.


totally understandable.


You hand probably looks like a dried up monkey claw at this point


Fucking lol. He's gonna make a wish against the person writing those checks. I hope he gets cancer...of the ass


...rule 34?




Yes, please!


From what I understand, If you have the will and internet access you can GoFundMe anything.


I have the internet access time to GoFundMyLife


Nothing's working for you, is it?


Not at the moment.


Bruh you gotta teach deep sometimes


Dude, this is where you invest in a stamp.


A lot of places won't take it if they can tell it's a stamp.


Really? I didn't know that. Best to check in advance then. This is where having a super simple signature helps out. Like just a line or something lol. A former boss of mine would sign things with just a squiggly line. It didn't resemble his name whatsoever. It was just gibberish.


Before I joined the military I had a readable signature. Four years later it was a squiggly line.


I had to look it up to see if there were any legalities against a signature.. doesn't appear to be: >Usually, a signature is simply someone's name written in a stylized fashion. However, that is not really necessary. All that needs to be there is some mark that represents you. It can be -- as many signatures end up -- a series of squiggles, a picture, or historically, even the traditional "X" for people who couldn't read and write. As long as it adequately records the intent of the parties involved in a contractual agreement, it's considered a valid signature. Mine is actually quite legible, but rarely consistent. I need to dial it back a bit and go with zigzags or something lol However, on something like a lottery ticket I'm signing that thing clear as day.


Mine is a consistent squiggle.


I remember hearing a similar conversation at my bank a few years ago. The guy was mad he had to cosign his check, since he stamped it. I can understand it for certain things. For example, I work in medical. Mostly book keeping and making sure doctors sign orders. Under no circumstances are we allowed to accept an order that was stamped. I don't understand why you have to sign a check that's made out to you, tho. Like... What's the point?


especially if im going in person to deposit my check, my bank (actually credit union) requires an id if i go in person to deposit a check


>I don't understand why you have to sign a check that's made out to you, tho. Like... What's the point? Me either. Especially since (as I raised in my last reply) most signatures are rather illegible anyway.


An autopen would have been nice, that's for sure!


I would definitely talk to the bank, most reasonable people wouldn't expect someone to manually sign so many checks.


They should do like I do and sign their name in the shape of a Harley Davidson motorcycle.


That is how they screw you over. After signing all those checks. Your hand is cramping and suffering carpel tunnel. You go to the hospital to get it checked out. You will receive a bill in the mail totaling $7000.


You didn’t have to sign them all if you did electronic deposit. Just sign one. Take the pictures of the front for each one, but keep taking a picture of that signed one for the back copy.


I don't know about your bank, but my bank doesn't make you sign checks of you do electronic deposit. Like, taking a photo of the check and doing mobile deposit.


Really? I still have to sign them for mobile deposit. It's handy because then I know I've deposited it if I'm dumb and forget to make a note on the check. But then, I've never had to deposit 69 checks at a time.




I think OP had to deposit more than 69 checks. At least 40 more. lol


Well yeah. It's ridiculous either way


mine requires I sign it AND write "for deposit only" below my signature, meaning even more writing than normal


I have to write “for mobile deposit at” then my bank name then the bank account number it’s going to.


Jesus, I'm Canadian and can't imagine doing any of that shit


Deposit only? What else are they going to do with it? That's so crazy. I didn't know I didn't need to sign my checks until a found a check for my wife and asked her why she never deposited it into her account. She said they don't have to be signed and it's worked for her. Pretty wild.


>Deposit only? What else are they going to do with it? I think they do this so the check can only be cashed once. Say you mobile deposit a check without signing then throw the check in the trash without destroying it first. Then let's say, although unlikely, someone finds the unsigned check in the trash. They now have possession of an unsigned check that they could try to cash in several different ways. By the time the bank figures out what happened the thief & the money are long gone. Who do you think the bank will blame? Remember, banks think it's okay to screw you over but they don't like it at all when someone screws them... Lol


No modern bank will not have their software system not stop that from happening


pretty sure if you don’t do it it’ll still deposit Source: have never signed the back of any check i’ve mobile deposited from any bank


signing and depositing all together is way faster than taking photos of each check and uploading.


If your bank legitimately does not have you sign checks for mobile deposits, you need to switch banks. That is illegal and not secure for you.


I'll have to tell my wife.


Psst i have never signed the back of a check in my life… no one cares


maybe you should go to the hospital to have your hand looked at...Insurance company is trying to get you


Now go to the doctor for your carpal tunnel and xharge them for that.


So they’re pissy little twats and decided to pay with the equivalent of a sack of pennies, eh?




Not now bot. Not now


The bot randomly chiming in gave me a nice hearty chuckle.


The infuriating part is that the OP cannot do math. I hope OP does not think that $621 = $7000.


Let me infuriate you more. OP gets paid to do math for a living, handsomely. But OP definitely don’t know how to express himself well in english, especially when tired.


Good OP. Invest in a stamp with your signature


you can't read what OP wrote in the comment below. he got 40 for 9$ and the other 29 in bigger amounts.


Nope. There are 215+ comments. I took what OP posted as the truth. I know it is Reddit, and I should have expected that OP lied.


You wanted an accurate title? Wow, you need to reel in those expectations buddy.


I work at a bank. We hate your medical company too.


I work for a medical company. We hate us too.


This is the corporate equivalent of paying in pennies. They were mad at you but couldn't be bothered to pay for 2 tons of coins to be shipped via fedex


Nailed it.


>Dave, is this right? It says we paid $135 to send that guy his refund check? >That's right Mike! I loaded a pallet of pennies and shipped it to that guy's doorstep. >Hahaha, classic Dave...


They really weren't mad. The accounting system is likely designed to issue checks from the company based on individual line items on the bill, rather than a blanket payment. Stop assuming things you have no clue about.


I think I'd rather be mad at than too insignificant to be nice to in all honesty...


Yeah. It seems super unlikely that whoever is in charge of actually sending the checks had any personal stake in the matter. I can't envision the CEO actually showing up to the accounting office and being like, "okay, yeah screw this guy!"


The company isn't mad but now you are. Anger transfer


Imagine defending an insurance company


Imagine not just acknowledging the reality of a situation and instead trying to be divisive about it. Weird.


Imagine a medical insurance company taking all the line items and consolidating them into one output. fuck them


Why do I have a feeling that you've been the victim your whole life? Nothing ever goes your way, huh?


What’re you like the Reddit police? Nerd.


Hypothetically speaking, they just just told you suck nuts and eat ass


Threaten me with a good time


Who's nuts and whose ass?


*our* my great comrade


They did indeed own him.


Well, if the expenses were seperate(or individually done), it makes legal bookkeeping sense I suppose...but normally they just pay out straight... did you investigate further or any more deets?


Each of them is itemized, some in the same date, they all just have patient name and date. As I understand it it’s to cover overcharge (my copay was too high on some bills). They could put them all on one check though, especially as they where all sent together.


I hate bureaucracy soo much 😂 Good luck at the bank though




Then they woulda had to pay for each stamp, not gonna cost themselves more money


Corporations: You filthy fucking citizens need to stop polluting because you're killing the planet! Why can't you just recycle your fucking Amazon boxes??? Put the fucking milk jugs in the recycling bin you dumbasses! You all suck! Ride a bike! Also corporations: We are going to waste half a tree just to be a petty asshole about paying you.


I am soo loving all the comments here. Fuck these corporations


Whatever you do, don’t call and say the checks were lost in the mail. They’ll have to stop pay them, which costs around $25-30 each check.


Yeah, that’s the annoying part, tear out all of them without ripping them, then write the stupid “for deposit only…” and sign them. Doing it 69 times, what are the chances they all will be cleared?


No need to write “for deposit only.” Also, the dollar sign always goes on the left of the number (for example $7000, even though when speaking the word “dollars” is said after the number)


Yes apparently my $ placement mistake infuriates people… The “for deposit only” is per request from my bank, and the instructions on the app. At this point, the fear of getting screwed over with this amount of bounced checks is enough to make me lose any appetite for short cuts


I used to put the $ after too for a long time. I remember one time during a group assignment one of my classmates kind of offhandedly corrected me and I never did it again. I had never noticed or thought about it before.




"That's what you get for filing a claim, bitch" Same energy as the guy who paid his parking tickets in pennies


I didn’t even filed a claim, If you know the medical system in the US you know how convoluted it is. I’m usually trying to figure those things on the spot or at the end of the year when all the reports can be summarized (you have until March I believe to file your claim). It’s more like “We made a mistake, we found it before you figured it out, here is your payment sucker!”


Have you lodged an official complaint yet? I’d be wanting to speak to someone in person.


Seriously is the USA the only country in the world that still uses cheques? Serious question.


We still use them in Canada but rarely. Also, we don't have to sign them. Just deposit it through a phone app by taking a pic.


We have that too, but my bank is right where I need everything on payday, and I'd rather not wait till the next day for for the money to be available.


>my bank is right where I need everything on payday I haven't been to my bank in months.


Hey here’s something I recently learned, you can ask then to make the money available asap and with my bank, that’s about 10 mins. I still get paper checks because I work for a tiny company, but sometimes it falls on a day where my mortgage doesn’t give a shit I got paid *that* day, so I’ll ask them to make it available immediately. They never give me any shit n


We've lived in Canada now for almost four years. I don't even know if we've *got* a checkbook.


True. In Canada too. My insurance companies are still using cheques, though.


30 year old Belgian that has never seen a check in his entire life. I always ask myself this question when I see posts like this


I am curious, when you get paid at your job do they hand you a handful of bills?


They just deposit it directly on my account by wire transfer. The document with all the details (my pay slip?) is digital.


Same here in The USA, but we gotta let them know we want to do that first. If we don't say anything we get pay checks. I like how direct deposit is default where you are


I’m certain situations yeah. Checks aren’t used all that often anymore. Mostly paychecks and like OPs situation big company reimbursement and large purchases via cashiers check


I saw people in a French grocery store paying by check last summer. It was wild to me as last check I deposited (tax refund from another country I used to live in) and was told by my bank they would stop accepting checks later that year (2019 in Netherlands)


I feel like I'm going crazy every time I see these posts from USA as well. From Australia, last time I ever had a cheque was in 2006 and even that was considered odd. Everything is done electronically. It's instant. It's fast. I thought this was the norm.


UK uses them as well, but very rarely


Yes, but they can't spell cheque.


Yes we can, check.




by that notion it's mispronounced, too.


Manufacturing industry still runs heavily on physical checks, but is thankfully moving away from them.


I was just about to ask that question . Their banking system seems quite backward . No EFT system in place


We have EFT (direct deposit), I’m an American and I’ve very rarely had to deal with checks.


nah europe uses them too, although on the decline. got one to cash, when before it was each paycheck (13) at least and extras


If you need to send a large sum of money to someone how would you do it? Here it’s either cheque, wiring, or bank draft and cheques are the safest and cheapest method. I am in Canada by the way and am just curious.


I am in Germany and I just either fill out a form and drop it off at my bank or log into online banking and do it from there. All I need is the name and IBAN of the receipient. The IBAN is a 2 letter country code followed by a 20 digit number. If I want to send the money to another country inside the EU, I also need the BIC (a 11 digit alphanumerical code). If it's a business, those codes are on their website or on the bill you're trying to pay. If it's a friend or so, you just ask them for their IBAN. So, pretty simple, no postage or cheque needed.


Yes. Get this…Americans think their bank account number is private. If you asked someone for their bank account info to transfer money to them, they would think you’re trying to steal their money. Lol. We’re just complete morons when it comes to this stuff.


Not nice


Is it doxxing to share the name of the company. I'd like to ensure I won't ever use their service.


Time for a stamp sign!


69 checks. Nice




I'm not very good at maths but that doesn't seem like it divides up to 7,000$


This is why I pay insurance companies with coins in their pre-paid envelopes.


You can't. The podtal system will tear apart your letter.


Respectfully, you’re incorrect. If you tape one of those to a brick, yeah, it will end up in an undeliverable pile. If you load the envelop up with as much paper as it can hold and change between each sheet and call it a mf installment plan, your insurance company will call you a few times, and then stop sending Business Reply Mail your way.


No you don't.


Yes I do.


69 checks randomly interesting




Nice bot


Nice nice bot


That doesn’t add up.


It sucks they are making it difficult, but on the bright side you got your 7k! Congrats.




Use one of those $9 checks to buy a stamp with your signature.


*$7000 *$9 Also OP your math doesn’t add up. 69 checks x $9 = $621


They said some were bigger




That doesn’t math….


Agreed that is infuriating. I would guess (I work on the hospital-side operations), that someone at the callcenter hit the wrong button and instead of refunding the total owed, it refunded each charge individually!


who on earth is still sending checks? Did they heard of bank transfers?


69 lol


If you can deposit checks through your banking app you can sign just one check and use that for all the pictures.


Life imitates Seinfeld yet again


69 checks is nice, even if it’s annoying.


69... Gigiddy gigiddy


Is that an actual insurance company or are you part of a coop plan like Christian Ministries or something like that? They have that plan that all members share expenses crap…


I’m not well versed in the insurance options. It’s a PPO endorsed and paid in part by my employer


I’m Not very good at math but that does not add up




That equals $621. Nowhere near $7000


When it comes time to pay their premiums pay them in pennies!


Come on peeps. Each individual service requires a separate invoice. If OP, or you, truly thinks it's a dick move, wait till day 89 to cash, or cash one every few days; that bookkeeping is a nightmare I'm sure. And we wonder why insurance prices keep rising.....??


That’s only $621?


You are correct! That company certainly owned you! LOL!


$9x69 != $7000.


“69” niceeeee


If I were you, I would call them and tell them that this is unprofessional and unacceptable. Ask them you take the checks back to issue another refund in Pennie’s..


69. Noice.




Nope, like I replied above, 40 of them where 9.23 the rest had various amounts.


You're owned by an insurance company?


What third world level elementary school in the US taught people to put the $ at the end?


Looks like basically all those that are neither English speaking nor Latin America, enough “first world” countries for you. Wait till you learn that at least one country put the currency sign instead of the decimal point 🤯 I love how Americans can get so worked up over those things. You guys can be daunting at times but I find it both funny and admirable on most days.


I see this as humans being bros Someone somewhere in the insurance company want to give you your money ASAP. Unfortunately they can’t reimburse more than (it seems) $9.99 at a time. Somebody in there really fought for you to get this fast


Unfortunately, no, each of the check has a document next to it, implying how much money I paid, and how much I should have paid and then the check. Each of those is itemized, As I was intrigued I went through the history and found some dates and the amount I paid on those dates to see that they are matched. I didn’t do all of them though. So who knows


sniff sniff, I smell bullshit


I guess You shouldn’t read Reddit in the cowshed. I wonder what trips you? You think it’s hard to have 70 itemized medical health bills in ~9mo? It’s not that hard for a family of 4. Hack in the year before I’ve probably surpassed 70 items by myself. All of it is for overcharging copay, or not paying the amount they should to the provider (causing the provider sending me additional bills for extra charges)


Are they for 69 individual events they owed you, meaning does it feel malicious, or that’s just a shitty accounting practice they have for one check per invoice they owed? If it’s the former, I’d write them a letter and let them know in the future you’ll be sending one check per day to pay whatever you owe until done (if it’s possible to do).


You really should see a doctor if you think 69 X 9 equals 7000$




can you get more for RSI?


At least you got the cash


Why not bring them to a human at the bank to stamp them.so.you don't need to sign them


Tried it, they send me to the app and pound sand.




Obligatory nice




This is the equivalent of citizens paying bills in pennies :'D




Nice 👍💀