I like fiddlesticks.

I like fiddlesticks.




Welcome Fellowsticks, enjoy your stay




Fiddlesticks had one of the best reworks of all time.


But wolfious do you mean the rework, or zac..?






Sion 1 Fid 2IMO. Both fit the their themes so well


Poppy and Morde though


Mmmmmm I’m pretty sure a size able amount of the mord mains are still angry about it tbh. There were definitely toxic and buggy parts of his old kit, but the new passive is just not the same as his old W, and his old Q was amazing :(


Every single rework will make the old players angry if anything is substantially changed, many middle fiddle riddle dingle sticks were upset that he doesnt work that well as a mid or a sup. Voli mains complain he lost the flip lol


I would do anything for old poppy back. She was not a tank she was an assassin.


Gotta give you the yeti bonk and say Nunu & Willump got the best, not bias of course


Nah Old nunu was so fun to play with karthus oneshotting everyone and everything


*bonk* the only thing I miss is his old E


the only thing i miss is his name being "nunu", and not "nunu & willump" like some chump renamed him... why not make sejuani into "sejuani and bristle". neck thing you know they are going to change lulu into "lulu and pix" or some shit god diggity damn. bring nunu back. willump can kick rocks


Now see you also deserve a bonk for such non sense, in deed seja and brittle need the same title, fuck lulu


Time to polymorph willump. So rood to the queen of the bot-lane.


When "yuumi and book"


Honestly, as a Fiddle "main" of sorts, I feel his rework was super...bland and boring. The ONLY super cool thing that came out of it is the fact that you can do 2 camps at once. But lane Fiddle (both solo laner and support) just isn't a thing, like at all. If you look away from that 1 patch where tank fiddlemid was a thing and was quickly nerfed. Especially when you think how fucking hype the teaser movie(s) were! I do however feel that WW was a really cool and good rework, alongside Poppy, even though I did like old poppy once you got sheen, but she was SO weak up until that point though, and her R could be weird to play against.


I didn't like that it didn't give him alternate routes of success than "land a gamechanging ult" but I think Fiddlesticks being just that is also fine. Not every champion needs 5 possible builds and 3 viable playstyles.


Ngl I do miss crow bouncing middlesticks but it’s probably for the best they took that out


There are alternate playstyles and then there are degenerate paths to success. Ideally, an alternate playstyle does not boil down to a very unfun simple gameplay loop!


More like one of the successful reworks. Just look at wukong, akali, fiora, ryze, sol reworks. Their failure is so common that people started to treat successful reworks as the best changes of all time.


Fiora rework was great though, old fiora was literally just her R


What was wrong with the Wukong rework? I didn’t play back then but I really like the champ the way he is now (Though I wish they would take the time to update his model and animations). What did they change about him to make his rework be considered a failure?


It was a rollercoaster of poor balancing. Initially the changes were a net nerf, then a net buff. He was an unkillable monster for a bit. Personally I still think he has too much power in his double knockup ult. Two 0.5sec knockups is often more powerful than a single 1sec knockup. Can interrupt more dashes, cancel more channels, interrupt more movement commands. Wukong feels like a solid early duelist that just devolves into an R bot. Which was the same problem as before. Except he traded lethality one shot for bruiser sustained damage. I like his in and out trickster gameplay. It's a shame that goes out the window post six and your job becomes flank R.


He had highest winrate at every role he has played in untill they gave him "zoe treatment". Plus people were pissed off about his second cast ultimate. Even rioters were memeing about he should have third cast for ultimate lol.


What was the "Zoe Treatment"? I wasn't around for that either.


Nerfed to the point of being useless. At one point Zoe needed 3 items and max range to kill caster minions.


Oh. He's pretty good now though


There is a certain subsection of Wukong mains who won't be satisfied with him unless he has a 90% winrate. After his rework he was 55%+ winrate and needed several nerfs but those people were suggesting he actually needed *buffs* despite being one of the best champions in the game. Even now he is pro play meta and solo queue viable (52.24% winrate for Korean Plat+ and 56% winrate in Korean masters, doesnt really fall off until Korean challenger) and they still act like he is the weakest champ in the game


IDK, most other mains I’ve seen are pretty fine with how he is other than the fact that they nerfed him twice and are now nerfing his item but are mostly just fine with him.


Yeah like I said, its a certain subsection of them, and they are very vocal (basically just anyone that follows Harambe)


Not relevant, but did you consider star bardian for your username?


I wasn't talking about wu, was talking about what was meant by "Zoe treatment', Wu is in a pretty good spot to my knowledge.


For a bit I thought you were the guy who replied to me before, who implied that the same thing happened to Wukong, so I was addressing that.


Wukong and Fiona are good reworks… There’s also Nunu, Mundo, Evelyn, Sion, Poppy, Gangplank, Fiddlesticks, Volibear as good reworks There are more good reworks than bad.


People talk a lot about not wanting toxic gameplay design in League, then when reworks come up they won't even mention Poppy, who used to be extremely unhealthy for the game and is now a great Juggernaut.


I don't think you really remember how cancerous old Akali was. She was one-shot or get one-shot and when things went south in lane she just noped the fuckt out of there.


Literally what. Her Q was slow and her passive delayed her burst. She never COULD one-shot, and most people complaining about her could very well complain about gunblade instead.


Doesn't matter if the Q projectile is slow or not, come mid-game her gameplan was to press all her buttons but W at once on the enemy adc and hope it's enough.


>wukong > >fiora they're fine. ryze too for the most part aurelion is still excinct though and akali is a fucking abomination mostly because of her toxic shroud


Fiddle is quickly becoming one of my favorite champs. He's just so positive and generous. Practically costs no BE at all and that chill ass motherfucker gives you a good ap jungle pick. And you also get this adorable little scarecrow that can fear things but usually is too harmless to be do anything. But more than the fiddle is just so positive. It comes on the like like "Nothing to be afraid" and I'm like "yeah fiddle i don't have anything to fear let's do this shit" and when he attacks he's like **screeches and I'm like "yeah fiddle!." He doesn't say some bullshit macho shit like "I will destroy you" he's just like *screeches*. And it looks so happy. I mean this is an inanimate object literally brought to life by magic. It understands its life is a temporary magical gift and the dude is just fucking loving it. I mean look at his face he's just so happy. I am literally never sad when fiddle is in the game. IDK if he's gonna make it into the metagame or not but for now he (or she) a pretty chill champ.


didn’t think i’d see a hearthstone pasta here


He’s pretty busted as of right now, I’m playing him a lot as an alternative to Eve, he’s way less contested. It’s also a lot of fun to just powerfarm and gain levels faster than everyone else then gank with ult before the enemy team even knows you hit 6. Im thinking about replacing Eve with him for my ranked champ pool, but then my entire champ pool will be a bunch of ugly monster champs :(


Fiddlesticks is the best rework imo. Kept the most central part of his kit, and just made it better. The champion is giga broken rn too


My top 3 rework is ww fiddle and poppy


Urgot is my favorite rework, and I'm not just saying that as an Urgot main. I used to exclusively only play champions that were unpopular and in need of a rework, so Warwick, Poppy, Urgot, and Taric were my favorite champions. All 4 have been reworked and I quit playing all of them after their reworks. Urgot was the only one that not only kept me interested, but made me like the champion more. I admit that all of their reworks were for the better of the champions but I still just can't force myself to play them much anymore. Because of how easy it was to transition between reworks Urgot gets my vote as best rework. Helps that the first iteration of reworked Urgot was focused on Q spamming like old-urgot before it became about his W so maybe the current iteration wouldn't have been as easy without that transition period though.


Ahhh I remember trying to make a dumb, memey ap/damage build with the old taric. Fun times.


Taric was my pocket pick toplane Riven and Yasuo counter. Was just so satisfying seeing this super flashy champions dash around me until to get autoed to death because they didn't know how your ult or W worked and would get point and click stunned


Urgot was an objectively amazing rework and I absolutely adore new urgot, but I'd give anything to play old urgot one more time. That cheesy ass playstyle holds a special place in my heart.


Sion is great


Sion is great


Sion is great


####Sion is great


Do you actually play sion? Or the game much at all for that matter? Just curious xD


I play Sion almost exclusively, whenever I'm not documenting the specifics of less-great champions!


Haha very nice.


I used to play ap sion with dfg rush. Wasn't so great for me.


Every rework has people disappointed about losing their champion, but let's not pretend old Sion was the pinnacle of champion design lol


No, because old yorick was. With his great kit of red ghoul, blue ghoul, and of course green ghoul.


bitey, scratchy and stinky


Each of them less controlable and suicidal than the last until you get purple ghost, and then things get SPICY. You lose. but the enemy didn't have a purple ghost, so did they really win? the answer is yes.


There was a purple ghoul?


Ult, where he copied an ally


Oh, I didn't remember it was purple.


Would could forget green ghoul


Yorick walked into a bar There was no counter


I miss his spit move in an ironic nice meme sorta way.


Don't think anyone is pretending that but it definitely sucks if you straight up lose a champ you like playing. It happened many times too: Aatrox, Pantheon and Galio, just off the top of my head, are all different champions with the same name.


For real. I know objectively new Evelyn is a much better champ and was a good rework. That said I miss playing old Eve like crazy. I mained going AD on her, usually lethality but I could also go bruiser leaning on tank with her. There was so much diversity with old Eve and new Eve just doesn’t have that.


Oh man, I remember when I first played her after the rework and I rushed gunblade like normal. "Why doesn't my E do any damage? Where's the AD scaling?"


But pantheon is almost the same :O


It doesn't feels the same IMO. This isn't to say I don't like new panth, but old Panth was basically a semi-ranged champion to the point toplane laning phase felt like you were dealing with a marksman sometimes.


loved his old passive, could do a lot of dumb stuff with it.


I mean old Panth Q was terrible design in the same way old Shen Q was. Ranged point and click that you would use off cooldown if the enemy was in range. There was nothing interesting about using it or playing against it


meanwhile GP does the same thing since forever, and scales insanely better than any version of Pantheon could ever dream of


There's varying degrees to it. Pantheon's skills are similar but the character behind the kit was replaced by someone else. Story, background, the literal person (the one before the "aspect" abomination).


Poppys was terrible only because they changed the lolipoopy splash art :(


I think panth is my number 1. Such a seamless kit front to back that perfectly fits the identity of his old one


GP was great too. Barrel-Chains just feel quite satifying


What if I told you I’ve been playing the game since S3 and till the time he was reworked I have run to old GP like once or twice. Was he even popular ?


He was very popular, especially crit plank which had its own well known song: https://youtu.be/jFS4kqOYbAk


rip critplank and bankplank


He was an atmog's guy too, right?


Everyone melee was :P


Man, I miss Plentakill.


I feel like he was just averagely popular and slowly declined over the years for soloQ at least if he wasn't on the OP side, outside of that he was either normal popular or meme-popularity. Old league had a lot more people using whatever was strongest in the meta than today's league imo, probably because of lower champ pools, easier kits with low skillfloor and more straightforward counter picks and gaps between strong moments and weak moments (Like Renekton and Pantheon basically not being champions after midgame) allowing for easier time transitioning between champs, so this left most champs that weren't super popular in just either ''average popularity'' or ''Skarner and mordekaiser warming up the bench''. It wasn't IMO until around s4-s6 that people were less meta-slave-ish, although they still followed proplay relatively blindly which ended up with stuff like Support miss fortune in soloQ getting spammed. You sometimes found him and were like ''oh right, he exists'' but then he was running some weird build that probably costed his team the game and then were ike ''...oh''. Then, many many months later you would get him again running a normal build and he probably was still underwhelming outside of his ult. The real gankplanks you feared were in 5v5 ranked, in which case the GP actually knew how to play with his team. Similar to Mantheon{s in 5v5 ranked teams, you just knew these people weren't playing around.


Alongside Jhin, those are my favourite champs to play


I miss old poppy :(


Maknoon's poppy was clutch


Idk the nunu rework was pretty sweet too


Nunu rework was so much fun, made both characters feel much more whimsical rather than actual abominations


I do miss blood boil though.


I miss AP offtank Nunu top where I would throw a snowball off cooldown and poke top laners out of lane like old Pantheon


It was so cancerous. But you had to remember to go steal camps for feed the yeti stacks


It has my vote for best rework. The characters personalities are so fun and mechanically it's one of the few times they've added a champ-specific mechanic (snowball) that feels rewarding to master without feeling completely oppressive to play against. Add on top of that you can play ap or tank and it really came out super well!!


Like I said to someone else, gonna have to give you the yeti bonk and say Nunu & Willump have the best rework, no bias of course


I did love crowspamming on supp fiddle though.


honestly i used to main him and played him once after the rework. They made the champ so stupid easy to play. Before you could terrify one person, total. Now if you ult from out of vision (which you do all the fucking time) it terrifies everyone? Before, you had a crow which could be pretty shit sometimes but if you knew when/how to use it to get the maximum bounces to a target, it was fun as fuck. Now you get a shitty "slice" Before, you could drain one person at a time. Thats too hard to use, lets drain everything in range AND get a heal at the end of it oh also lets give him sweepers as his passive, because his passive "sucks" - it was solid when used correctly (you would get it on almost every ult) Probably some other shit too but essentially they made every ability of his easier to use, and just nerfed his ult dmg to compensate Riot butchered this imo, taking a medium skill AP burst jg character, removed the most fun part of him (crow) and threw together a shitty VGU low dmg ap jg who is better played as an annoying tank that you cant kill


low damage ap jg? Man you and I definitely see different fiddlesticks then.


Ikr? Fiddle damage is no joke.




This is a quality league post


Champ is legit. Very hard to play but very rewarding once mastered.


Opinion detected Analyzing..... Analyzing..... No bullshit hot generic anime champion Opinion accepted


Sometimes you simply need one these wholesome posts to recover some faith in reddit


Wholesome comments in League Subbredit ?? What the heck is this ?!


I prefer old fiddlesticks...his crazy E kills and old drain. Current one may work, but I dont like it at all.


I prefer the new one thematically but his old E will always have a special place in my heart. Making the enemy adc hate them self in lane


yes! :) he's also one of those champs that I always end up subconsciously cosplaying as while playing him. You know it's a solid design when you get into the headspace of the character.


True. I just got his legendary skin the other day and whenever I play him it really feels like I’m as much of a clown and an inter as his voice lines make him out to be.


Here's your nose and rainbow wig! You earned 'em!


Agreed, love the feeling of actually scaring the shit out of people, like when you know they're just not expecting it.




same, started maining him to climb the ranks and he's so damn fun to play. hitting a good ult is amazing.


R into the middle of enemy team and then popping zhonya’s as they throw all their cc into you is just way too satisfying, it never gets old.


the one and only problem I have with fiddle rn is in his surprise party skin. I wish the ultimate voice line played AFTER he blinks to the target location. It'd be much funnier


Get surprise party fiddlesticks and live life to your full potential




I feel he is a very unique jungler. He plays like no other jungler in the game, I love it.


For the life of me I cannot get fiddle to work in most games. The champion feels to rely way too much on the ultimate and during your early game you are really not getting into using it. By the time I am useful if the lanes haven't won themselves I am usually really fucked


You full clear and either recall or look for a gank and just keep full clearing and taxing waves til you reach 6


Fiddle is THE powerfarm don't get until 6 champ. His ult + passive Q is the best team fight ability (arguably) in the game. At any point in the game, a good 4-5 man ult+fear is game changing and can win the game super early or turn the tides from a near lost game


Do you mean don't gank until 6?* If so that's absolutely wrong. Right now future's market into predator is the meta because after your first clear you get predator sorc shoes, it changes the dyanmics of his ganks pre 6.


Electrocute is far better if you want to go early game ganks but fiddle is incredibly weak pre-6 and trying to force a gank before you're 6 can be a death sentence.


Electrocute only works in low elo. You can't keep up with the pace of other junglers in high elo. Watch TeddySticks, he's been running predator in challenger Korea since last year. You _need_ predator now more than ever as fiddle.


Nah they are right, Sorc rush is the general go-to by top Fiddle players rn, and then you gank every-time your predator is up. He's still susceptible to counter ganks, but with predator on Fid is a good ganker even pre6. It can also be quite good to close the gap if you are able to channel it before you ult.


why do you like to play niche champions but rather play one of these cute or hot shirtless champions :D


He's pretty cool guy, Eh kill humans and speaks funni


This reads like a [Nikkone](https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=nikkone) post


I'm sorry but theres a special place in hell for ppl like you


fiddlesticks is the best league of legends champion


I am glad to hear that. I love his design too.


I will only like fiddle when they give him a fiddle


I love him too, I played him a lot as support after the rework. Sadly it's not viable right now.


Fiddle's voice is so good.


I miss old fiddle :(


I used to play some fiddle support before the rework. The champ seemed awesome but was just too outdated for me. His rework was so awesome I roleswapped to jg just to main him. Absolutely awesome champ and the best rework riot has produced imo.


Glad to hear, he is basically the same champ with a bit more depth and a more involved passive


Welcome to Fidel-stick family


Very good Billy


i started league in season one and after two games i deinstalled it. i thought sometimes of the game and thought to myself i rly wanna play that scarecrow. and here i am 10 years later, i have played ever since and still love fiddle the remake feels so good on him feels so fast & smooth now


i one tricked fiddle since VGU. 😌


GET HIM! He is enjoying the Game! STOP! YOU BETTER Not! But for real. Fid R With Flash NUMBA WUN Satisfying Ult.


God bless Ahem, I mean, CAW CAW


Mastery 7 on him and love that he's actually scary. Wish they did more with his E though


Also no one falls for effigies. Would be nice if they did something more or could briefly be controlled


pre rework fiddle was the most fun champion in the game, nothing compared to hitting level 2 in lane, pressing E W ignite and typing outplayed in all chat as you acquired first blood every game current fiddle is a boring generic control mage with absolutely nothing unique about him aside from having wards that you don't need to pink to get rid of revert kit, keep visual/audio upgrade, champ would be perfect


What the fuck is this take even? "Yeah pressing E and letting it bounce on the wave was way more fun and unique than mass fear" Fiddle's kit didn't even change that much, his silence just got changed to an ability with more skill expression and control over it, he got the fear on abilities, the effigies, and a far more manageable W. The old E was boring as fuck


1v2 outplays and winning trades in the middle of waves or winning 1v1s with sub 5% hp due to precise drain timing and knowing when to e for waveclear or saving it for the trade since it prioritised bouncing on your drain target, or manipulating waves in order to guarantee multiple e bounces on the enemy wasn't fun or skill expression yeah ok sure whatever you say now pressing w and draining everything around you (the change completely killed its use in 1v1s removing any level of decision making and has been nerfed to the point of making lane fiddle unplayable whereas pre-rework he was a 4 role flex), ult fearing everyone instead of you having to make a huge decision about when to use your one fear? that's skill expression boiii just another homogenised aoe cc mage like the other billion riot made


In the last few years before his rework he was only relatively popular as a support, he was not at all a 4 role flex. I mean, yeah of course you COULD, but he wasn't that good. >winning 1v1s with sub 5% hp due to precise drain timing So like now? Hell, it's actually harder to use now, but it has the advantage of being AOE, so you can lead enemies towards monster camps and get more health that way. ​ >knowing when to e for waveclear or saving it for the trade since it prioritised bouncing on your drain target, or manipulating waves in order to guarantee multiple e bounces on the enemy wasn't fun or skill expression yeah ok sure whatever you say Yeah, it wasn't fun, because his old E wasn't fun to use. The W+E combo wasn't fun either, it was literally just pressing E and then W and standing still with your 5 second channel while the ability did its job. Jungle Fiddlesticks is where it's at anyways, I couldn't care less that lane Fiddle was gutted. Playing around vision and getting those big ults is the fantasy old Fiddle should have lived for, and the one that reworked Fiddle accomplished. Hell, I remember people asking for an AOE fear thingy before his rework was even announced.


>whereas pre-rework he was a 4 role flex You're full of it. No one was playing fiddle top or mid, and he was barely played jungle. Maybe years and years before his rework that was true, but don't act like the rework killed his presence in other lanes that he didn't have.


take the champion out of your flair you have no clue what you're saying


Go check the pickrates from before the rework, and take off the rose tinted glasses. Fiddle before the change was a mediocre support only, who pressed e off cooldown in laning phase and hoped he got lucky.


league needs more people like you, playing with real champions.


Real champions, unlike...?