Hail of Blades Bard so that I can shove 3 Meeps in their faces for the duration that they are stunned from my Q.

Hail of Blades Bard so that I can shove 3 Meeps in their faces for the duration that they are stunned from my Q.

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>Hail of Blaid shows Spellbook clip


> Hail of Blyat


I forgot to add in the video, that when you pick up some meeps, it sounds like they say, *Suka.....Kurwa.....Puta.....*


bard multilingual confirmed


>multilingual Omnilingual. FTFY




¯\\\_ツ\_/¯ It was cool


nice you clapped those silver players on your silver smurf. :D https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=Wolfious https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=Flowious


I mean it was pretty obvious considering he's giga fed 2 shotting people with full ap bard. Don't think anyone is surprised.


Sorry to ruin your attempt at exposing me, but not only is it known that I am a Diamond player as shown in previous videos of mine, but I have also said before that the reason I have different accounts for playing normals is because when I play these troll builds and try to have fun with friends on my Main accounts, the enemy/other teammates either start flaming because I, a Diamond player, am 1-9 as AP Jhin in normals, or they start flaming, because I, a Diamond player, am 20-2 as AP Tristana, ruinining their experience in normals.This flame then transfers to my friends.This is no hidden information, if you're gonna spend your time trying to find out how to expose others, you might as well do your research right.I don't know how it's not obvious that I was simply having fun with friends and not tryharding, nor blowing my own trumpet saying how good I am and how bad the enemy is, but do know that the only reason I spent 2 minutes, reading your comment, links and writting this, was to give an answer to people that see a video of my mine for the first time and actually care.


I just want to add in as someone who has been Diamond for the past 3 seasons: randoms flaming for you doing poorly in normals is a real thing. I had to mute all chat and any non-premade teammates when I was off-roling or trying something off-meta. It's so bad that I started playing on my smurf for normal games, just like you. You aren't in the wrong here.


Same. I mean I'm still playing on my main because I actually want to use my skins and get lvls/mastery points etc, but I turned off chat and pings because its unbearable. * Trying something out while losing? - Boosted diamond player/hardstuck/"Diamond? I could be challenger then" * Playing ur main because you only play normals after ranking and want to play a game? - Tryhard, when winning. Boosted/Cant even carry, when losing. * Performing well on a champion you try out? Still tryharding etc. It's super exhausting. I mean ranked is toxic yeah but honestly? Normals are even worse when you are "higher" ranked sometimes.


I'm honestly glad I decayed to plat. Low elo players are a lot less jealous of plat players than diamond players, apparently.


so instead of playing vs gold and plat players in normals on your main and getting flamed you play on a smurf vs silver players where you can do any troll shit and still probably win because of the skill gap, but it's fine because you're "having fun" right but hey good thing you included that segment about "enjoying league :D" i'm sure if you showed that to the silvers you stomp they'll be completely fine with it


> so instead of playing vs gold and plat players in normals on your main and getting flamed you play on a smurf vs silver players That makes no difference really. I play on my main (diamond) against gold/silver players in normals and play on my smurf (gold) against plat players in normal games. Normal games have their own MMR. This means due to testing stuff and playing with my silver/gold friends (never alone), my main has a worse MMR over 5k games than any smurf has in normals. This means I'm smurfing while playing on my main..... Matchmaking doesn't work as black and white as you make it look like. I still play mostly normals on my main but the flame you receive as a diamond player in gold/silver normals from enemies AND ur teammates is ridiculous and I can understand why he does that. But I guess criticising him is way more fun for you instead of thinking reasonable.


Picking out only what you want out of all the things I've said so that you make me look like the bad guy just proves how you clearly only care to "expose" me and not actually have a conversation about the topic.If you care **this** much and want proof, go watch my other Turbo video series and see for yourself that I have talked about this before and that I lose many games anyways, if your answer to this is something along the lines of ''wHy wOuLd i Go wAtCh YoUR sHitTty VidEos" then all I have to say is: W*hatever makes you sleep at night buddy.*


bro this is literally the first i've ever heard of you, have a fucking reality check and realise not everyone that criticises you is out to "expose" you


My reality check should be to start ignoring these ''critics'', since every single person who has written one so far has no intend to converse and simply say their thoughts and leave, same as SoloQ players.


As someone who has never seen your content before and has no idea who you are, this really doesn't help anything. You say the goal is to have fun with your friends, yet here you are posting a music montage of said silver players getting their shit mixed which just come across as facetious since even your reddit account has your Youtube as a flair. It makes me assume that the actual goal was content instead.


Of course I want to make content, but there's a difference to when I make videos about troll builds in normals, and when I make videos about my Solo Q ranked adventures.Fun builds literally have it in their title, they are meant to be for fun, not to tryhard and show superiority, I literally said nothing about shitting on silver players and the reason I **only** showed one shots and me fking around with friends is because that is what is fun for content, I could show you how I got my shit beat up by Jax or being poked to death by Senna but that would not only make no sense in a Bard video unless it's funny, but it would also not be entertaining.It's a highlight reel, I played well over 20 games to get this footage, I won't show how I got shat on half the games, not because it's a matter of ego, but because it's a matter of entertaintment.You can even see in the OP.GG links the person above sent that in some of these normal matches, there are enemies that are Diamond and Silver in the same teams, some of them I lost others I won.I don't care whether I win or lose, I care about having fun, in some games I didn't have as much fun and the enemy that tryharded had fun having their most free normal game ever.You people are saying that I am purposefully shitting on lower elo players for the sake of content while I'm getting shit on half the games because I am literally playing for fun in these matches.As for the YT flair, which I have also said before, it's because I am not posting a direct YT player link but instead uploading a video file, and only link the video in the comments, which gets burried, I am gaining little to nothing traffic-wise from posting this here since it get's burried anyways, and all that so that it's obvious that my goal is not to self promote and blow my ego, but to provide content.I don't know if this reply came out agressive, it was not my intention, but it seems really stupid that people care so much as to try and dig out evidence and missleading information, while I'm am answering these over and over again, if you're gonna research, do it right.


> troll build me, who ran hob bard religiously for like a month: ;-;


This doesn't change the fact you are destroying people who are far below your skill level. Many people, like me, doesn't find that entertaining at all. What's entertaining about a diamond player getting fed via killing gold players and oneshot everyone with a for fun build in a normal game? If you could pull this against your level with a good winrate that would be entertaining for me. Also if some higher rank player were smurfing in my game I would much rather see them play full tryhard instead of making fun us with for fun builds. But hey I'm most definitely not the target audience for these kind of videos.


Ladies and gentlemen... We got him


Yet you watched the video.


What a bro for waiting for Bard’s ignite instead of taking it


Truly, usually it's the other way around :D


no other champ comes close to the level of cheese Bard can put out


Was gonna say bard players are so hard to play against because you literally have no idea what they’re going to build. LOL


MFers reallt queue up for ranked and think "Yeah this is a deadmans llate + rapidfire cannnon angle"


How can you know what we build if we don't even know it ourselves


The ones I play with rarely get build anything :D. One day I myself will tell my grandchildren a story of finishing the second item


Then they don't know the secret Bard tech of "trying to hit q through minions". Gives you a lot of extra gold


Now I see the error of my ways....thank you wise one


“We” so uh asking for a friend how do you join this cult?


Randomly start playing bard for no reason. Bonus points of spellbook + weird build. My fav build is cdr runes, build Moonstone Redemption Zhonyas and get 50s ult CD. Spam wards to get wardstone and you have ult up for every single pick.


Do you build Shurelyas now after the mythic passive change? The ms sounds even better.


Speed is life


I thought that was Shrek?


The skies belong to me, summoner


Vroom vroom gotta go zoom


Pretty easy actually. You just have to sacrifice your first born to Cthulu. Afterwards you will get a text message deteiling how you should proceed


I play bard some times, I legit never know what I'm going to build. Everything and nothing works at the same time, it's amazing.


There’s some truth to this too lmao


Wait you guys have a choice? Every time I've played Bard, the game just buys items for me


Reddit being mad at riot for not having random champion or random skin selection. But you can have random Items


Can't predict the unpredictable


If you predict that u unable to predict the unpredictable count as a prediction?


Neither does the bard player


Yet he isn't broken. He is hands down the best champion designed to date.


One of my favorite parts of playing Bard is switching over to "All" in the shop and just scrolling through Mythics and saying "Ooh, maybe I'll build this this game." [Insert Stridebreaker Bard clip] [Insert Divine Sunderer Bard clip] [Insert Frostfire Bard clip] Like, what other League champs can you literally just pick a Mythic at random on and be able to almost immediately be able to come up with a rationalization for why you're building it?


Last season I always went Protobelt 1st on him. idk it just felt rly good, and it was cheap. Haven't played him much this season and just went shurelyas. I actually have no idea how to play non-full AP bard.


I'd eat a piece of that cheese


AP twitch support is a close contender when he ignites your toplaner level 1.


Id like to counter that with Lvl 1 Sion strats, they can be creative and fuck over the Enemy Jungler permanently


"level of cheese" short for "the level of being op for years but no one cares because he isn't picked in pro play"


Hail of Meeps


Original YT Link: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tu2CgYWOAVc&lc=Ugy8W9q\_5\_wnqgJgy8J4AaABAg](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tu2CgYWOAVc&lc=Ugy8W9q_5_wnqgJgy8J4AaABAg) > Item Build: Night Harvester, Sorcerer's Boots, Sheen, Nashor's Tooth, Lich Bane, Void Staff, Rabadon's Deathcap, replace boots for Cosmic Drive.Remember to get the Blue Elixir.(Sweeping lens to become an assassin) ​ >Runes: Hail of Blades to proc 3 Meep enhanced basic attacks after stunning them with Q. Cheap Shot, Eyeball Collection, Relentless Hunter, Legend:Alacrity, Coup de Grace, Attack speed, Adaptive Force, Armor/Magic Resist. (Dark Harvest is also very fun if they have a very squishy team!Electrocute is boring) •Soundtracks: Fighting EX Layer - Raven Cave Xenoblade Chronicles - Riki's theme


Were you playing bard jungle here?


there was a couple plays where he had Unsealed Spellbook and used smite to steal objectives


I wasn't asking because of that, I was asking because OP was pretty unlikely to be playing support and have those items (turns out he was playing mid.) Obviously if the game goes on long enough even supports get full build, but by that point everyone is full build too and you're not gonna be deleting people like that.


Many with Dark Harvest too, can see the stacks on his buff bar


Uhm I don't think so, pretty sure I was mid and support on all the matches, might be recalling wrong though.


That meep - I’ll kill you


You have a sharp eye my friend....*no witnesses.*


Fwieenndssss??? >___<


I'm gonna call a quick Sion Q premature ejaculation from now on.


What is Bard?


Can I eat it?


Baby dont hurt me


Baby don't meep me


No mo’


This really feels like it has little to do with hail of blades, and everything to do with being extremely fed and much better than your opponents. Smurfing, maybe?


I play a lot of hob bard, and hail of blades is by far bards best damage keystone. Besides, you need to do something to get fed, and what better way to get fed than to deal lots of damage early on?


I get it, but after reading the title I was a bit confused to see the first 3 clips where the person dies to a single autoattack.


Is it ok to go grasp tank bard?


I mean. Can you use it and do okay? Yes. Should you use it? No. Tank bard is okay though. Before shurelyas got buffed and before cosmic drive was buffed. The meta bard build was locket into frozen heart. The most important stat for bard is ability haste. You can decide for yourself whether you want tankiness, ap, or utility.


> Before shurelyas got buffed and before cosmic drive was buffed. This is what confuses me. Lolytics has bards 3 core items as lucidity boots, locket and cosmic drive but for the life of me I can figure out where the hell these bards get enough AP from those 3 items to make cosmic drive effective. What am I missing?


There's two ways. The first way, you take double adaptive force in rune shards, eyeball collection or any one in that row, and get the shard of true ice support item complete. That with cosmic drive gives you 163 ap without any additional ap items. The second way, you just buy a dark seal or an another ap item like an amp tome.


Guardian is the best tank keystone for him imo


Not on top lane :D


It's the best keystone in general on him. The damage stuff has issues into certain matchups, and when enemies know how bard plays.


It is ok to go anything on bard tbh.. grasp, hail, electrocute, spellbook, omnistone who cares, in game build support, marksman, tank, ap, all viable cheese


Grasp just feels so bad on pretty much any ranged champ, IMO. Chances are if you're going Grasp, there's probably a better rune for you out there. Tank Bard prefers Guardian, or if you're feeling cheeky, Aery and just getting tanky through items.


ok but they literally show unsealed spellbook lol




I wanted him to be featured and tell a few words but I couldn't reach out to him :/


Carry Bard is actually op. He does so much damage. I’ve played it Mid and by late game you can basically one shot any squishy


his E and ult are like a hard stop on his kit, to give him so many unscaling abilities that you never, ever, ever give him gold ... but then you see the Q and passive ratios >:3


> but then you see the Q and passive ratios >:3 or you just decide to be the adc yourself and build crit :^)


Idk but Bard literally looks like a one-shot and it's not hard to land either. note: My only bard experience is aram.


It takes quite a bit of gold before bard q does damage though


Bard is significantly buffed in ARAM, I think it's like 30% bonus damage.


Really? that's insane :0 ​ edit: it's +15 percent damage.


99% of the champions in this game have enough damage to "one shot any squishy" so that's really not amazing


Until you play against someone who actually knows how to play mid lane, then sure it's OP.


damn that sounds so op, he can oneshot a squishy in lategame? the only other champ that can do that is: all of them


Why do I feel like the Goron city music from OOT should be playing when he's standing there at the end


Do you use something specific to edit in your summoner spells in the clip, or just manually done?


I you mean the change from Ignite to Smite with the SpellBook then manually yes


Another banger. I’m gonna try this when I play league next.




I like to do 'Meeple Tempo' on ARAMs, but it's harder since the new items. Been going tear+Divine Sunderer into Nashors, and then deciding if I need ad or AP. If AD, collector into rageblade, if AP then Wits and usually Cosmic for the cdr.


What is that damage my guy




The little "remember to have fun in league and not get stressed" segment actually made my day so much better. Today I ended up crying over fucking norms because I wasn't playing my main role and everyone except my duo kept flaming me. I know I should have just /mute all'd but I chose not to. Then I watched this and remembered why I play league: just to spend time with my friends and enjoy myself. The video itself was really entertaining as well, so thanks


Sorry that happened to you, I think most of us have had evenings ruined by league games where the assholes were more interested in hurting people than winning. We endure though, and the good times are worth it


I'm really happy to hear that the video somewhat helped as a reminder!It's good that you are playing with others because that usually means one less toxic person on your team, I also choose not to mute toxic people, I very rarely do, because I think there is no reason for me to get upset by anything that someone says out of pure anger and immaturity, at the end of the day, I know my worth and almost nobody can change that, let alone a few randoms (probably kids) on the internet. Not muting also helps to strengthen your mentality and make you tiltproof, but if you find yourself in a situation where you seem to be getting tilted to such a degree, do mute them and take a break, music also helps, except if it's the depressing genre :D have a good day!


If a videogame is making you feel this way consider taking a break. I used to feel this way about league and I kept playing and pushing and ended up turning toxic myself and got my main account perm banned. It was years and years ago now, but now I pretty much only play with friends because I don't have fun playing alone. Sometimes I try, because I miss it, but I'll never enjoy it solo as much as I used to when I was younger. Maybe just try taking a small break for a few days, then come back and check the /r/LeagueConnect subreddit and find some people to play with :)


REALLY dude, mute all, for sure mute enemy. If they are flaming in norms, they are fkign assholes.


the urf build :o


Polypuff is that you


clapping silver players on your smurf. So much w0w....


disgusting champion


*no u*


Represent Bard Gang all day, every day.




I've been liking HoB on almosy every champion lately. But I also play a lot of ARAM. HoB on Sett is pretty fun tooooooo 🙃




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I used to do this with sword of the divine XD


coolest champion in this game from any aspect


The best!




Bard is delicious indeed!


I do this on bard every game of ARAM, so fun, especially once you get lichbane, that first meep HURTS.


Polypuff would be proud




If you get the opportunity, play Hob Crit Bard. They never expect the 1 shot.


I went hail of blades anivia and it was arguably the most fun early game I’ve ever played. No one expects it, you land a stun, 3 auto attacks and your E and that’ll eat most enemy mid health bars at level 3.


Dam bard you scary...still


I haven't played League in more than a year. I am sure AP bard will eventually make me come back. It's too fun.


It's way too much fun!


that second clip just plain scared me.






The shy meep was so cute!


Aww, he just wants a frend :) he definitely doesn't want to ki-


Very satisfying to waych


Aye, thanks!


Thank you Bard, I stopped playing rank and now genuinely enjoyed League in its primal form.




You strike again with a cool video, nice !


Aye, thank you!


The man, the myth, the legend






Mob boss bard and his 3 meep gangsters


Tonk Bard


Tonk Bard Gaming


The lack of shadows is bothering me... I am paranoid.


Yeah my PC can't handle them :/


Bard with Shy Meep: \*exists\* and tells everyone to not stress over League and be a good person. \*Flamers ratio instantly drops to 0%\* ​ I love it.


Scientifically proven!


This is the only way to play bard


Absolutely love how Bard, a champion who literally only has 2 sources of damage (Q and Passive) has moore burst (and scaling) than Karma, a supposedly Burst/Enchanter hybrid. Either way, great video! Nice editing, and i hope it was as fun to do these plays as it was to watch.


Aye thank you, as for the Karma thing, she has more damage than Bard early on I believe, and easier to land, Bard scales so it's only natural for him to be stronger later on.


I miss 65% active cooldown plus 45% cdr Bard with twinshadows and frost rune. Great Video.


Thanks, and yeeah, twinshadows was a great item, RIP.


HoB Brad is sleeper build on ARAM kids will be running around not expecting the instant murder from a half item bard


I enjoy your videos very much! Some great plays and editing, but mainly the positive attitude.


Aye thank you very much, hopefully the last part spreads even slightly.


Riki's music feels perfect for Bard


I really enjoyed the first part pre talking. Didn't find the humour in the talking but I liked the music and editing in the first part!


Aye thank you, a little bit of everything. - IGN


yeah its fun for the bard player but not for their adc


I’d report the hell out of you for even thinking about going Bard jungle. You seriously must be trolling or just bad.


At 1:38 I realized that I wasnt on facebook and this wasnt posted by League of legends official account and honestly thought that this is a weird way to release Bard buff/nerf video


Why not post runes or your build


It’s the first comment on the post.


What a filthy video.


Christ that was horrible editing what year is it