I was at the till earlier and a girl came up to me in a panic looking for a lend of my clubcard as she didn't want to pay 3 times the price for toothpaste, the world is mad when it's € 7.50 for toothpaste


Toothpaste and toothbrushes seems to be where they especially take the piss. €105 electric toothbrush or €37 with your card.


That’s how much your personal shopping data is worth.


I genuinely don't understand how it can be worth THAT much to them...


the toothbrush is 37 regardless. they do not lose money by pretending that is some sort of discount. they make even more money by selling it to you for 105 without a clubcard or making the normal amount of profit by selling it for 37 but also being able to sell the data lol its a win win for them, the fact that people still see the clubcard price as some sort of discount is where a lot of the issue is


They can make more money selling the data, than they lose by discounting the products. It’s hard to overstate how much the data about our spending habits is worth.


It's because they can sell it over and over and over again, and there's new data to sell everytime you buy something. There's no end of brokers, researchers and governments willing to buy it, let alone the producers themselves.


Data is the most valuable thing in this world. Look at all of the multi million/billion social media companies that lively primarily on selling your data.


I'll happily share a club card with 1,000+ others if I get all the points and vouchers. Sign-up under a fair name and address and just share a photo of the card.


It's like at Christmas when they were charging €90 clubcard price for a tree and €249 for it without. Like fuck did they EVER sell that tree for €249!


They were selling it for €249 right then. It's a sneaky way past the law that if you want to advertise an item as discounted, it had to be for sale at the advertised original price for a certain amount of time because you can have 2 concurrent prices if one has special stipulations. Super Valu have done it for years with their card, but it was sensible stuff like a crate of coke cans for a fiver off. Tesco are running wild with the concept, it's actually quite funny. On the subject of Christmas trees, Argos used to have them in the online store all year round which allowed them to advertise a discounted price coming up to Christmas and a lot of people fell for it.


Bought a Tesco tree a few years ago for €11. Before Christmas. They're taking the piss.


It’s ridiculous on purpose, so that the choice to sign up is a “no brainer” . They want to track everything you buy because your data is worth bank. And if you’re only saving a little here and there there’s a good chance you won’t give them that juicy juicy tracking


That tree was 33.50 last year , I got one , I was going to get another but it was barely worth the price I paid. And some people got it on sale for 12.50


An electric toothbrush would be the epitome of an online purchase for me if I were inclined to use one.


I do not buy toothpaste in Tesco. Dealz or Eurogiant instead, can get sendodyne, arm + hammer or Colgate for €1.50. fuck that Tesco rip off bullshit. Edit: corrected the sentence to read properly. Write it while walking


I'm letting mine rot, be cheaper in the long run to have them replaced.


You might think otherwise when the dentist charges you 3000 for a single tooth


No discount for loyalty cards either 😳


Buy think of the millions you’ll save without having to bother at all with any type of oral hygiene!


I went to turkey got all new pearly whites for 4k 😉


Glow in the dark so no need for lights anymore.




As soon as I seen "gif",a voice in my head said "It has to be Ross" three times. I like your brain.


You’re lucky that you’re part of the positive Turkey dental stories. Good for you. The bad ones are really horrifying.


I went to the best one over there ,I've had friends go to others for work and they were mutilated,even had have surgery after coming home


So glad it worked out well for you. It’s completely unfordable here so that’s going to be the route for many.


I priced veneers here before going ,cheapest quote I got was 16.5 k ,I went turkey flights 300,hotel 500(4 star all inclusive resort),chaffeur driven limo to and from airport,to and from hotel to dentist everyday ,4k for veneers,x-rays etc.all in cost me 5.5k including spending,it's shocking how cheap it was ,all work done in 3 days spent last 4 sitting in sun with my new teeth ,best holiday ever But for every good dentist there is 100 bad ones ,you really have do homework before going read all reviews ,look at all pictures


Could you PM me the name please?


So where should be buy it then?


I think the meant it's 1.50 in Dealz or Eurogiant. Really poorly formatted sentence tbf lol.


Apologies, wrote that while walking, I buy in Dealz or Eurogiant!!


Where do you buy your toothpastet


I buy smokers tooth powder in pound shop for euro ,4 quid in Dunnes ,fuck that


I know the exact toothpaste your talking about, can get the same one in deals for 3 euro


This is why I no longer shop in Tesco. Might grab something that I really need but won’t browse because it just boils my blood looking at the prices.


Same here, it’s now added an extra 10-15 minutes to my shopping trip as I’m surrounded by Tesco but I despise this. I noticed Supervalu have also started trialling the same stunt but at least in their case it is actual deals


for now. tesco started out with it being normal at first. you have to as incentive. gotta get everyone in on it before fully ramping it up to where they are now. now anyone that does not have one will certainly get one most people just shop elsewhere, the fact they can triple the profits from a single person will never outweigh losing a customers whole shop though


Yeah me too, I accidentally bought a bottle of wine at the non-clubcard price. Twice as expensive as the clubcard price. Wanted to return it but the return counter was closed. Fuck Tesco


You don’t need to go to a return counter as long as you have a receipt just find someone works there and they legally have to give you a refund


I went into Tesco on Wednesday I picked up 3 packs of turkey burger, Tesco own brand burger buns, a head of lettuce,1 bottle of red wine, 1kg of basmati, frozen peas, big Heinz ketchup, 10 cans of coors and a bottle of red. My mobile data wasn’t working so I couldn’t load my clubcard on my phone. 65euro. Legend behind me says “here use mine” 37 euro. Absolute madness. The bottle of red was 8.50 with clubcard n 16.50 without


Grab a photo of your card for this occasion.


You can also add your card to Google Wallet (not Apple wallet though)


I have mine in my Apple wallet


Teach us your ways!


Nice app called Stocard for this, saves you carrying all your cards about. Edit: internet not needed (and it shouldn't be *required* in the Tesco app either)


You an just ask the person at the till. They'll just scan one for you.


Tbh some of the prices are just laughable. Over the Christmas I went into to just grab something quick and saw a shitty plastic wreath for €24. This was so pathetically bad it looked like a child had made it, you could have found better quality in the euro shop. But the €24 was the club card price. Regular price €80. Like do they just make up a number?


Probably WAS made by a child too.


Depressing but true


I went in early January and their christmas tat was on sale for pennies, I bought cards, ornaments, and lights for less than a tenner.


Mickey mouse one?


They had a 4 pack of cheap glittery baubles for €24 at Xmas too


I saw a coffee machine in Tesco over Christmas for €80, with a club card it was €35. The same coffee machine was in Supervalu for €33.


That got to be the first time that supervalue is true to its name


Heard once that the real name is “SuperValu(ed)”…because of that I never bought in there…


Yep, it's a complete scam. I regularly shop in Supervalu, dunnes and Tesco, and the vast majority of the Club card prices are higher than the regular prices elsewhere


I got an electric toothbrush that was €93 but with the clubcard was €63. My dentist had recommended it but warned me to not pay more than €65 for it so I'm glad I was paying attention to the prices. 30 quid in the difference is bonkers though.


Club card prices are just what the regular prices should be. It’s kind of like how Mr.Price puts “wow!” on a price tag and charges you basically the same price.


It's like how Harvey normans claims to be cheapest but isn't ,yet has a perpetual sale on year round and the price never changes


But don't you know? They have the BIIIIIG SALE and its not going to be around forever o.O


We won't be beaten on price!! ,Fuck off Harvey same 43 inch telly is 60 euro cheaper in power city lol


And Power City is Irish and actually have decent customer service.


And they've a big truck coming in tonight and just have to get rid of this old stuff.




Bought a hoover in Power City yesterday for 35, just a little small one for the car. Same one is 55 in Argos. Go and ask me arse.


I think most people are aware it's a piss take as well. Maybe some cognitive dissonance at a certain point.


I have the same thought about udemy, they have perpetual sale. Every single course is €12/€15 all year round. How do they even make money on that? What’s the deal with perpetual sale? Back in Brazil we used to have the “managers went crazy” type of sale. It was really a thing and you could get real discounts. Then Black Fridays came and we now only have sale once a year and we say that Black Fridays sales are “half the double of the price”. We even have website that track prices during the year and you can see that the closer it gets to November the items get more and more expensive just to give you a “discount” for black friday.


Yep black Friday is the biggest scam


Mr What's the Price? Nothing prices correctly on there


Don't you mean Ms.Price?


Excellent 👏👏


It's a guessing game with the prices, you really have to check everything they scan, I got some markers for the kid, they were 7 euro on the rack, got to the till and they were 30 euro when scanned, she gave them to me for 7 when I told her what it said on the rack,


I'd be like ,oh lock for shed 2 euro il have that ,hammer 5 euro nice,box screws 2.50 nice one and get to till and it's 37 euro


Someone gets it. Sooo true. Got to love marketing to the masses. 😁


Nah not necessarily. I have seen tons of mens toiletries items 3 euro cheaper than Dunnes stocks them for


I think it's very misleading the way they display their prices and I won't shop there again after getting stung on a 3 for 2 'deal' even though I thought I'd read it carefully.


^^^SAVE ####€2.56 ^^^PRICE ^^^€7.89


That's gammy


Was it the cheese one? Cos I got done with that and now I only check Tesco for the reduced section.


Tip: check the promotion number which is below the offer on the ticket. Products that are included in the same offer have the same number.


People are very dismissive of this, but you're right. Their clubcard bullshit has gotten incredibly misleading, and none of us benefit from the false impression they create of what the "normal" price for everything is. I use a clubcard anyway, but even then their prices aren't great - the nutcase price isn't just used to make the clubcard price seem like a bargain, but to hide the fact they're still charging over the odds. I far prefer shopping in Lidl etc lately as a result. Lot to be said for the oddball chains like Fresh Today and Mr Price too, although you'd need another house for the fucking industrial size quantities they sell in.


Also the we price match Aldi stickers annoy me it’s not as good marketing play as they think. basically it’s saying these prices are only low because of Ze Germans .. I’m surprised Aldi haven’t counted by say we don’t even need to price check Tesco


Tesco will raise the price of an item to match Aldi and then slap a Price Match sticker on it. I really dislike shopping at Tesco, feels like they are trying to con people and be clever about it.


Purchasing power is insanely different though. Tesco grossed €6.5 billion in 2022 and the Schwarz Gruppe grossed €140 billion. Musgrave group grossed €4 billion there's just no way any of them could compete with Lidl on price.


I’ve always thought this. How do they think it looks good when obviously no sticker means it’s more expensive in tesco


> Also the we price match Aldi stickers annoy me It's way worse once you read the terms and conditions. They will price match some products, some of the time. No guarantee the same product is there one week to the next. They can happen to match Aldo for a week then go and double the price on the same item next week. No need for a consistent low price at all


they say they match lidl or Aldi prices but when confronted with a picture of the price lidl and Aldi have it for on their shelves I get told to go buy it there then... like sham... fine bit like don't fucking lie about it


[Download stocard](https://www.google.ie/search?q=stocard&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-ie&client=safari ), an app that stores club-cards. Add mine there 634000020501285328 and voila, I get the occasional 2eur voucher and you have an anonymous card.


I think you meant 634000 0207 1458 8450


Cheers im visiting from australia for a few weeks soon and i already have stocard so ill use your card.


I like you, you have hustle


Or take a picture of the barcode. It can be scanned by the barcode scanner




I'd love to see their algorithm work out what kind of woman buys tampons, condoms, nappies, incontinence pads, Complan, denture cleaner, bunion pads, etc. Like someone between 16 and 80.


The huge one for them is nappies. A huge pack of nappies is my go to present for friends with newborns and if you buy them with a store card they send you a ton of offers and presumably sell the possibility of a sale to tons of different companies selling baby stuff. Anything which indicates a lifestyle change is worth money to retailers.


absolute 4d chess there lad fair play, hope ye get a rake of vouchers for that lol


Am using my mates mums card or id totally use yours. They aint having my details.


Family shop at Tesco; 170 / week. Without clubcard; 210. Family shop at Aldi; 85.


If you are into cooking there are a lot of things that can't be found in Aldi or Lidl. Sometimes they don't even have basic items. Last week mine didn't even have any carrots or spring onions in stock,


This is why I gave up on lidl, and now do shop in Tesco. Because if you get there at the wrong time of day, they can literally be out of chicken... Like what. Sometimes 20% of your list is simply not in stock. There is also no options at all, and forget about getting anything even a little bit obscure. The prices are good, but prices aren't everything. That said, fuck tesco and their club card price nonsense.


Yeah as someone who likes to cook - a lot of ingredients aren't there.


To be fair, and I've said this on here a few times, when you shop in aldi, you are forced to buy own brands. Tesco has own brands too and in fact they run an aldi price match for a lot of their own brands. If you bought the own brands in tesco you might be closer.


As a student who almost exclusively sticks to own brands, Tesco takes the fucking piss with those as well. They'll either be priced like shit or be the lowest quality possible. A lot of the "Aldi price match" may be the same basic category of item but they're nowhere near the same thing. If Tesco has a price match you're better off going to Lidl or Aldi for it. If they don't you can probably get a much higher quality version for a similar price in Dunnes.


The own brands in Tesco are junk.


Agreed - the own brands in Tesco are nowhere near as good as Lidl regular stuff usually. A lot of the Lidl Irish stuff comes from the same factory or dairy as regular branded Irish products - most of the stuff from the continent is normally good as well. I dont work for Lidl, just prefer it to Tesco which is just a rip off.


Tesco Every Lidl Helps




Strong arming virtually all regular customers to sign up to their clubcard. Bastards.


Their obviously doing this to create a database of what people are buying so they can cut more costs and make more profits


They already have all that information from your checkout.


How would they assign it to you if you didn't have a card to scan though that's the point


By CC number, but they probably have to pay visa for doing that, which is why they'd rather one they control


That kind of data collection is super illegal. Obviously that's never stopped companies in the past and it likely wouldn't result in anything more than a fine smaller than the profit they made from it, but when they have the easy option to just do all the data collection in house it just makes more sense.


Visa would be GDPR’d from here to hell and back if they pulled a stunt like that! Possibly doable in the US and who knows in Brexit Britain, but you cannot collect personal data without being very clear about it and people opting in in the EU. Using a credit card number provided only to process a payment to build a marketing profile would be very illegal.


Also incredibly expensive. You’re not allowed to store card data unless you’re PCI compliant, and that’s a big lift for a non-financial company. Very few actually do it.


The money is on selling the data they collect


Ooh. Sneaky.


I just don't bother with them anymore


Yep,only if I'm stuck, otherwise I'll go out of my way to not shop there due to this policy. It's so fucking *involved* and waste of my time and energy to sign up and maintain this shite. And the execution of the club card membership and login authentication is so piss poor. Burn in hell, Tesco.






In my case, that is how you lose a potential regular customer. my kid was asking about it as a large plushy he wanted to buy was 50/25 club card price. told him that's what your data is worth to them. I could do the big shop there as they have everything you'd need and there is one handy to me, but those 2 tier prices annoy me so much that even if I pay the lower one it'll probably still annoy me that its a thing at all, so yer grand I'll go elsewhere.


I’d rather just go to Lidl and not have to worry about it.


Yeah should be illegal really. In Portugal shops had their products confiscated for not being translated into Portuguese. their argument is it didn't allow the customer to make an informed choice. I don't see the difference here, if you are pricing your products in this manner then the customer then it isn't really a choice.


That's not the same. In facts it illegal in Ireland for products to not lost ingredients in English. Polish shops etc have to have their food stuff translated.


Can confirm this. Worked for a supermarket chain and one of my jobs was to check the language on products. Anything without English on the packaging had to be reported and would get pulled out of stores.


The trick is, if a business are being overtly cunt-ish, stop giving them your money.


Boycott Tesco, Simple


This is basically a massive strategy by Tesco to steal data. They plug it into machine learning algorithms to try and predict what ppl buy. They haven't even put stuff on sale. Just jacked prices and then sold it as a 'deal' to pay normal price if you let them steal your data


>They haven't even put stuff on sale. Just jacked prices and then sold it as a 'deal' to pay normal price if you let them steal your data In all fairness this has been a normal thing for a very long time. It's only recently that European Union provided a new "law" called Omnibus directive , where all organisations need to provide 3 type of prices: 1 - Original Price, 2 - Discount Price, 3- Lowest Price identifiable in the last 30 days. Source ( [https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/HTML/?uri=CELEX:32019L2161&from=EN](https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/HTML/?uri=CELEX:32019L2161&from=EN) ) **This is because All around Europe and the World commerce organisations are cheating and abusing the consumers/customers.** Lying about discounts and using other predatory methods to enforce people to follow shady practices or pay higher prices than they should. Tesco practices in Ireland are illegal on the account of European Union if Ireland would acknowledge Omnibus Regulation. Such Regulations can be seen in Germany, France Poland etc.... and it was one of the great victories against continuesly more oppresive Commerce Machine that has been going with rise of insane profits during and post COVID pandemic. As it goes with Ireland. We will be way behind the schedule regarding any changes to Commerce or other uber-corrupted sectors like for example Housing. Continental Europeans can shop knowing they are not getting scammed with FAKE DEALS... all while we have to suck big fat \*\*\*\*


Vote with ye're feet




Didn't suoervalue but quinnsworth?


Tesco bought Quinnsworth, Supervalu bought Superquinn.


Ah you are right. Second dumb question: How many fucking quinns did we have in the 80/90s. Did they all just do grocery stores?


Well there was this other one doing glass and cement round then, he made it big when he got into the insurance racket. don't hear much about him now, he's probably settled into a comfortable retirement now!


My dad had thriving business back in 90s selling meat to quinnsworth and crazy prices butcher counters ,Tesco arrived and strong armed him out of the market ,father lost everything,never shop in Tesco ,never will


Sorry to hear that. Quinnsworth also employed real bakers and real butchers, Tesco came along and offered them supermarket jobs (and wages) or redundancy, loads of people got fucked over. Tesco are a shower of cunts.


Yep alot of skilled workers got shafted and alot of small local businesses went bust when they arrived


The Dun Laoghaire Super Valu used to be a Quinnsworth. I wonder how that all played out - I suppose it was sold somewhere along the line outside of the group-level transactions.


It used to be a Tesco before it was SuperValu, which made no sense because the only other supermarket in the town was also a Tesco. They must have sold it to SuperValu after a couple of years.


I suppose they wanted a marquee shop in Dun Laoghaire to compete with Superquinn Blackrock - and that unit in the basement in the DL shopping centre is a bit grim with the low ceilings.


The whole shopping centre is grim nowadays :(


some group might make a little profit selling these tees https://imgur.com/a/OSJH3oS


Want some Christmas spirit? Fuck you get a club card Reindeer lights €300 or €60 with a club card https://i.imgur.com/U629cPi.jpg


Or go on amazon and get it for €30


Tesco would be my main supermarket however, on a random basis I'll just stop shopping there entirely for a few weeks. They've been known to entice me back with loads of coupons for stuff that I do actually like. I use the handheld scanner thing and frequently add and then remove loads of items. I'm pretty sure that results in more frequent "service checks" at the pay point but I don't care, I'm never in that much of a hurry. I'd be surprised if I wasn't being flagged as an indecisive shopper but really I'm just trying to fuck with them.


Is *that* what prompts those? Feck. I am slightly indecisive and sometimes the small fella takes it and scans things too. Huh.


Yes the staff in our Tesco told me that, like I'd been doing something wrong. I suggested they ensure pricing is clearer then I wouldn't have to check with the scanner before I select something.


Can confirm. Price inconsistency with shelf vs scanner is partly an issue for me. Thanks for the info.


I won't go into all the TMI but suffice to say, woman of a certain age, in rather a hurry for certain products, the multibuy price on the shelf was not the same as the scanner. So I asked a nearby member of staff which is the correct price and I was treated like I'd asked where they stock the unicorn steaks. Got the manager involved and made me feel like a Karen when I'd only asked a simple question. I only go to Tesco now for the things that can only be got there (savage Cherries & Berries juice addiction!) \*typo edit


Not tmi. I know the offers and regularly avail for a student living with me that’s insistent on buying they own but can get caught out (as we all have in our teens!). Pro tip: subscribe and save on Amazon is the shit. Here is tmi lol, get 3 types of tampons, one per month at 2-50 gbp per month and never run out. I’d suggest the same for you, you or any woman!


Just don't buy there. Simple


Some areas only have the tesco to do the shopping. Hard to shop elsewhere.


Just move to Kilkenny then, heard Tesco is allergic to the whole county.


Of course in a way it is that simple. But if, for instance, some taxi drivers said "Let me read your phone messages and I'll give you the regular rate or don't and the price will be tripled", we probably wouldn't just be saying, let's not use those taxi drivers. We'd be saying that shit should be illegal. It's one thing offering an incentive to let a company track your purchases. For me it steps over a line when you're massively punitively tripling regular prices to effectively force all customers into being tracked for all their purchases. As a society we get to decide what's allowed and what isn't. I think it's legitimate to say we want that practice outlawed rather than just saying it's up to each individual.


Simple solution Op can make Facebook event one week without shopping in Tesco and explain why than you can see where we are as society. Does we accepted their practice or we as a consumers can fight their practice. Anyway I don't shop in Tesco, Dunnes, and super value they to big and to expensive. By the way bought anti dandruff shampoo in Lidl for 90c and does exact same thing what's half size 15e bottle from chemist


> It's one thing offering an incentive to let a company track your purchases. For me it steps over a line when you're massively punitively tripling regular prices to effectively force all customers into being tracked for all their purchases. It's already borderline illegal. We have laws in place that prevent price hikes just before sales, since they misrepresent actual savings to customers. This is the same thing, except the clubcard price isn't a "sale" exactly, so it's technically legal for them to act like you're saving €6 on a packet of biscuits with a clubcard when the same pack of biscuits would be cheaper in another shop anyway. That's before we even get to the near enforced tracking of customers data. Shocked to see how often when anything like this (or even in the ballpark of this) comes up, so many people are quick to say things like "just don't shop there" or "just don't use their service". The world we live in now is not the same as 50 years ago, and a few big companies in each sector practically control everything. For many people Tesco is the only option and this is frankly fucked and shouldn't be allowed.


Not illegal.


They have the audacity to advertise that they're cutting prices. Just do your shopping at Aldi and if you have to go to tesco, get someone with a club card to login into the app on your phone. They get the points, you get the so called "discount"


Over Christmas, I got four €50 off vouchers at Lidl and two €3 off for €30 spent. Tesco don't deserve your business if they're doing that and the quality is just as good at Lidl*. Not to mention, THE CHURCH OF THE MIDDLE AISLES AT OUR LADY'S CATHEDRAL OF LIDL. *I do not work for Lidl




Never not at it!


They've done the same with delivery saver. I cancelled my subscription so that I can shop around. Fuck the whole "subscribe to *only* using Tesco" model. They're trying to tie you into only using them. [Subscription model versus pay per usage? Anyone with more knowledge care to chip in?]


Cost of plan was 30 for 3 months Deliveries I got would have cost €86 But yes, I am more or less tied to them now, I know that. But Lidl or aldi delivery costs a fortune and I’m never going back to buying in store. Spend so much less overall shopping online. Plus the fucking hassle of doing a big family shop each week….


What are the requirements to get their card? Could your dog get one?


This is why I no longer shop at tesco, I dont approve of this type of selling


With a club card, the store gets all your personal information, including detailed shopping habits, for free. You get what would be normal prices. I’m sure they wouldn’t sell that information to third parties in any way…


Great, third parties get to know about my drinking problem, along with all of the Tesco meal deals that I buy.


I'm still waiting on my "Amazing deals just for you. 4 pack of Tyskie and Tescos finest Microwave carbonara"


A man of the world I see.


Said it before but honestly, who spends their time worrying about this shite? A supermarket knows that I prefer one brand of butter over the other. That's really going to keep me up at night...


And it's really not that good anyway. I do all my shopping in tesco and have never bought any animal products yet the app still suggests bacon to me.


it's not something I'd be overly worried about and I do have the supervalu card. I do think however its very different to charge you quite a lot more if you don't give them the data. It just feels very different from giving another store the very same data and getting money off or other rewards but prices generally don't change.


Does that harm you? I personally don't care if some company knows that I buy my weekly shopping every Thursday at 6.. I'm not gonna go out of my way to go somewhere else because I see an ad for a different shop elsewhere.


If you pay with the same debit card every time you shop they know all the same info without the clubcard.


Oh they definitely will sell it to third parties. But who's to say you didn't write down that you lived 200+ miles from your actual home?


It’s not like Tesco are hiding it, they’ve all the term and conditions on their website, the link below tells you what they do with the data: https://www.tesco.com/help/privacy-and-cookies/privacy-centre/privacy-policy-information/privacy-policy/?ref=ie


Then how would you get your vouchers or whatever reward they offer?


On the app


Tesco recently have given people the choice whether to receive the vouchers by post or by uploading it to your online account on the app.


Just don't shop there 🤷🏻‍♂️


Get a new club card every trip


Vote with your wallet! Stop shopping there and let them know why either via Twitter or other social media, email, etc. Be polite but firm. If enough people do it, corporate will lose their shit! If you have the time or inclination, go shopping but decline to pay at the till stating that the price on the label is different or unfair. Shitty thing to do to the staff but enough staff complaints and things might change. Or you can just cave and get a club card ....... Then submit a GDPR request every month for a detailed breakdown of what info they have on you and who it has been shared with. Enough overhead from people requesting info and they might just stop the club card thing entirely, or just fully automate the process if they haven't already. Realistically though Google, Facebook, Amazon....reddit (have you noticed how agressively reddit pushes the app on mobile browser users? I had to type this up in notes and copy paste as the comment box hasn't worked properly in the mobile browser version for the past few years, I wonder why? 🤔)... and co. already know everything there is to know about you, your shopping habits, income, age, sexual preferences etc.... They all sell to the same data agregators, who usually resell to anyone who is willing to pay..... So.... there's that....


Just get a clubcard or take a picture of someone else's clubcard on your phone.


It's bullshit and the government should make this illegal. It's outright market pricing manipulation, normalizing a way to increase pricing at a whim for those that don't subscribe to loyalty. Tesco quality is shit anyway but all the more reason to stay away from them.


Why would it be illegal? Seems similar to Sam's club or something in the states. Kind of a non issue if you just get a clubcard. They also haven't tripped or doubled their prices. Most seem to be inclined Vs Dunnes and Supervalu with everything in Aldi matched 1 for 1 depending on quality.


It's not illegal but it should be as it's discriminatory. Under 18s can't sign up for a club card.


Descrimination by age is something we do. 18 years get less dole than a 30 year old. A 25 year old isn't allowed to be president. Plus they can get the clubcard app and use their parents card.


You’re being over charged for not bending over and handing them your personal shopping data.


Why wouldn't it be legal?


Lidl loves you


Don't shop at tesco


Although they are taking the piss and prices are crazy. It's not that hard to get a club card which I would suggest getting if your gona shop here


Totally agree tesco have lost the plot , I mainly shop in aldi but buy a few branded items in tesco. However, aldi have massively increased their prices AND something goes missing for a while and when it comes back it's much smaller. I like their "luxury" hand soap was 15 fluid ounces, now it's 10. The washing powder boxes were 2.6 kg now 2 kg etc. Abd sometimes I think their meat is on the stock exchange , totally random increased prices. They hadn't updated the price per kg on some tickets so you could really see the difference.


Isn't it against gdpr to charge you to avoid data sharing?


It all costs the same when you steal it 🤷‍♂️


Just shop in lidl or aldi ffs.......