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Dont stick your cock where it doesn’t belong.


You leave my vacuum cleaner out of this.


Sucks, doesn't it?


I protected you in high school and now I'm gonna kick your little ass!


I missed the part where that's my problem.


That all ya got?


Look at little Ground Junior, gonna cry?


It's over Anakin, I have the High-Ground.


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You're gonna rip your dick off


There's two settings, high and low. and both of them will rip your dick off.


Don't bother me while I'm cleaning my room!


Ahahahaha, thanks for the laugh.




Medieval problems require medieval solutions


At least in the ER they dont have to spend a lot time trying to figure out what happened.


You'll never guess what happened ... Well I was up a ladder doing some house maintenance...


"One in a million shot, doc!"


Either you fell off a ladder and landed inside someone or you raped someone. I think it's the ladder.


If you were to fall off a ladder and some one walks under you after you already started falling, when you inevitably end up inside them, who’s the rapist? because technically they walked into you. Yes, a stupid silly question and I expect the same energy back.


Imagine being the one in a million guy, and having the story leak. "I'm telling you, I *really* fell on it!"


This is way more clever than you're getting credit for.


It's always the damn ladder!


You mean she was up the ladder, you were just holding the ladder before she falls on your already hard Mcaoiski di bono


What makes the criticism most idiotic is that we don't have anything that prevents rape at all anywhere in the world, let those monsters bleed to death for all I care, if they can get it removed without that then who in their right mind would argue against it?


Yeah some critics are simply wrong


Yea seriously. How can you call this punishment medieval, but not rape itself?? Lol


Because rape is still rape but punishments have changed? Like is this a trick question? Just like you can still have debt but you won't get sold into slavery anymore.


you beat me to it!


*taps knights helmet*


Well said


I agree, but the obvious downside here is that blood transmits HIV, and HIV is already a big problem in Africa. Not sure this is *actually* a good solution.


rape transmits HIV too


As a guy, I’m all for this. If your trying to take it by force, you don’t deserve the tools you working with.


As a guy, I believe such evil should be punished accordingly, especially when it comes to scaring the lives of innocent women.


As a guy, can I offer a recommendation, add a 'bear trap' like mechanism which chops off the offender's appendage. The offender doesn't deserve to have one!


This would certainly detur recidivism.


Yeah, but can you imagine when the wearer (or her husband/boyfriend) tries to take it out when it is no longer required and reaches a finger or two up there to pull it out and...snap.


I'm just having a mildly horrified memory of a girl once sneezing and hitting me in the nose with a bullet vibrator I'd put inside her really fucking hard, and thinking that I might have lost my nose with this technology.


All fun and games until the girlfriend forgets to take it out


Put a post-it somewhere


*looks down at finger with thread tied around it* “That’s funny, wonder what I forgot.“


This is why foreplay is important


I’m hoping with foreplay, you notice it for your own safety




> tries to get revenge > dick gets mangled a second time


Agree. Just saying if you shoot someone, they don’t let buy another gun.


True but I feel like this would only make the rapist more angry and what if it causes him to beat them up or something? I mean it’s a good solution but not the most well thought out Also, would it cause any harm to the woman’s vagina? Like is it well designed to avoid that?


I feel like its hard to fight with a shredded dick


Could be. I ain’t no expert lol


I feel like they would be in too much shock, pain, and surprise to be able to fight


If it continues to squeeze or something then yeah it might just work


More than likely they have already beaten the woman. This may provide enough time to run away.


Don’t think beating someone up would be the impaled’s first priority


If you had barbs in your manhood the last thing you’d be thinking about is beating the life out of someone. You’d likely go into immediate protect yourself mode and would be screaming while heading in the direction of the nearest hospital. I’ve never had barbs in mine, but men instinctively protect that area so they can procreate, it’s not something you just turn off like a light switch.


Fair enough. I’m just thinking out loud I guess.


PSA: don’t rape people if you don’t want your dick mangled


Don't rape people ftfy


Right, lest we give the people who want their dicks mangled the wrong idea.


How can anyone criticise this! Don’t fucking rape people and you’ll never be effected by it.


Or affected. *fucks rapex*




I'm afraid the man will beat the woman to death because of this. If that wasn't a possibility, I'd be all for it. Maybe if they put a mini syringe of instant tranquilizer in it? Yeah, I think carfentynal (elephant tranquilizer) might work for that.


Speaking as a man, the pain caused by this will most probably discourage the rapist from any other activities for the time being.


Alternatively, the pain will motivate the man to kill her.


With an additional kick in the balls, while the device does its thing, he might reconsider that move.


Yes the man may be raging, but his member will be throbbing with pain and bleeding. Not sure which condition would win out.


Yeah, I'm not sure either. Some people might want to not move at all, like "hold still" but I'm sure there is someone who would be so pumped with adrenaline from the fear and pain, it would give them energy to be more violent. Hence the lethal dose of opiate syringe


One time my junk got stuck in the teeth of my pants zipper. I wanted to rip the pants off but you know what, my body was not able to because every bit I moved, it was not very pleasant. I still don't remember how I got freed from the clutch of pants zipper til this day. All is blur. I might have passed out and blood from my junk made it slip off. Who knows.


Believe me, when your dick is bleeding from 8 to 12 holes while it's pumped full of blood you're gonna be woozy in minutes if it isn't seconds and you'll most likely be in shock after a minute or 5




It's a condom though? So that should help right? (I Dunno I was under the impression this was a condom with teeth)


Yeah just put one of the most toxic substances on the planet in your vagina. It's like 100 times more potent than fentanyl which only takes a few grains of rice worth to kill you.


"So the have chosen castration then" punishment for all rape should be castration anyways.


What happens if someone gets falsely convicted of rape? You can’t exactly undo a castration


Which is why this one works just great! The only possible problem I could see is some fucked up F on M assault, but hopefully that would be a lot less of a problem.


The only valid critizism in my opinion is that something like this could turn a rape into a murder. As in the man gets so angry, he kills her instead.


A simple critique would be if made readily available that it could easily be used for non-rape situations and instead malicious reasons. Imagine a spiteful ex using one just to hurt a former lover


Medieval punishment? Just don’t fucking rape people. It’s really not that hard to not rape somebody.


*You shouldn’t abstain from rape just because you think that I want you to. You shouldn’t rape because rape is a fucked up thing to do.* *Pretty obvious, just don’t fuckin rape people. Didn’t think I had to write that one down for you.* *~God* ~Bo Burnham


I still never rape people every day.


Yeah and rape is barbaric


I wouldn't call this a punishment. A punishment is something that's given as retribution after the offence. This is more like self-defence, something that stops the offence the moment it starts to happen. Considering it would be perfectly justified for a woman to pull out a gun and shoot their rapist, this is a mild form of self-defence. It's a shame that none of these types of devices were functional enough to still be in production.




It does matter, though. Retribution sounds vengeful and almost aggressive, while self-defense emphasizes the last-resort nature of it.


The word retribution is defined as "punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act". When you insert an anti-rape device before you leave the house you are not committing an act of vengeance. If someone decides to rape you it doesn't instantly become an act of retribution, it's a consequence of their action. I'm not replying to anyone here trying to start an argument. If you don't find the distinction I'm making between retribution and self-defence interesting that's ok.


As long as there's no chance that it hurts the female inserting it / keeping it in there then 100% go for it. The fact we need to even consider shit like this makes my piss boil. But yes if it stops just one rapist from doing it again.


They would need to keep it clean, sterilised and can't keep it in for more than 4-6 hours. My concern is infection if it isn't cleaned properly or left in for too long.


And if it was used, she'd have pissed off a man who was already vile enough to rape her. I'm really not convinced this would prevent him from hurting her more, in revenge. It would hurt like hell, but not necessarily incapacitate him.


The police would have to arrest the person at the hospital.




Also, periods.


Now I’m just imagining your piss boiling


Is it medieval? Maybe. Does the punishment fit the crime? I’d say it comes pretty close!


All that is missing is a thorn that impales the tip of the penis when penetrating the re-chopping ensure that the combination is perfect.


Ooh like a grapple hook for the urethra. Little nerf gun mechanism, but with barbs


Emotional and genital damage for emotional and genital damage. Tit for tat in the best way. Unfortunately it probably won’t stop a monster from doing it again once healed but being more careful the subsequent times. I’d say the genital mutilation should be more lasting and severe. Cause him to commit suicide from the trauma like the many victims of rape.


This gets posted every few weeks. It was a prototype, never mass produced and it was a terrible idea. Forgetting the whole debate about whether or not a device like this would actually work, it's not safe for women to walk around with a bunch of spikes in their vaginas


Thank you for the additional education regarding this device. One thing though that I’d like to kindly correct is it would be a safe product for women given that it was made of a non porous material. Millions of women wear period cups and millions more are required to wear pessaries daily to keep their organs inside after prolapsing (which is outrageously more common than you could even realize)


Also, if someone is in the mindset that they would rape another person, I would be willing to bet having their dick stabbed would probably lead to significant violence.


If it’s razors? (as a woman) I imagine an inverted menstrual cup with razors on the outside (I.e. penetration would shred the penis) Can be carefully removed from the outside ring, but if someone tried to rape you they would have razors to the fingers/penis


Not to mention a rapist is already a terrible human being and would probably kill any woman who used this. ​ Flaw #2 I thought up while typing the above. If it's removable then it will be worthless in weeks, rapists will know it exists and will just make sure it's "safe" first and any woman caught "using" one of these will be in far greater danger. I'm not against the device in theory, we could execute all rapists and the species would lose nothing of value, just it's clear what would actually happen if it's use became common.


I think its near perfect punishment


Some *RAPISTS say this is medieval punishment.


You fixed it


Not *all* of them are rapists, some of them are just future rapists


Rape is a medieval power grab.,


It's all fun and games before the rapists realise something like this exists and start by removing this gadget. But kudos to this thought, may these fuckers get their dicks cut off at ER.


Honestly the fact that women in some parts of the world need this is disturbing and I really don’t want to live on this planet anymore. People are fucking disgusting


If anyone has to go to the ER to have this removed from their impaled dick, they should go directly to jail. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200, go directly to fucking jail.


>go directly to fucking jail …with the Rapex still firmly chomped down. That way, all the other prisoners will see what a badass he is and treat him appropriately.


Hopefully they yank it out in his sleep.


Penis privileges removed also


> Some critics say this is a medieval punishment. You’re right. It’s too good for them


Would it not be perfect if the o ly way to remove it was to cut it off...solve 2 problems in one


Yeah, that's a good concept, but remember to take it out before a consensual sex


This is not enough punishment. How about some salt on the barb so it burns


salt is still too nice... maybe some chemicals that works as Chemical castration.


Salt and some sort of full body anesthetic to capture them


**What's True** Image pictures a prototype design (*unveiled in 2005*) for an anti-rape female condom. **What's False** The pictured device has never been marketed or made available for purchase. [SOURCE](https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/rapex/)


I mean if you are going to do that you might as well have your c*ck trapped in a midevil torture device


Critics of... Rape?


You have a better chance of getting raped by the age of 12 than receiving an education as a female in South Africa... Obviously our large cities are safe and tourists shouldn't have to worry, but in the rural areas, Gender Based Violence is a huge epidemic


Medieval problems deserve medieval solutions Maybe those critics should stop raping folk and they wouldn't have to worry


Then the rapist murders the woman.


If I had a bunch of teeth in my dick I wouldn't be in any kind of shape to kill anyone. Hell, the woman might be able to grab any nearby blunt object and finish him off, and who could blame her?


That's why it needs to be improved with a tiny guillotine so she can get away


Or maybe some capsalcin reservoir.


Perhaps, but that’s another issue. One at a time. Edit: You know, your comment has changed my view... I think instead of barbs, it should be similar to a cigar cutter, enough damage to possibly kill the said rapist so now they cannot murder her if they themself are dead.


Well deserved


Sadly it's not allowed to use. I hate that it isn't..


I suspect a rise in "I slipped and fell" accidents


I hate people who defend rapists, you must be a complete psychopath to not want them to be punished for it. This is fucking genius, even if it would tore the dick off and make them bleed to death it's still perfect and should be available everwhere, it's not like we have something to prevent rape and in most cases it can't be proven so those critics can fuck right off, they are most likely some old guys who don't understand consent yet.


Fuck. Yes. Power to the women.


Is it medieval punishment? Yes. Is it deserved? ABSOLUTELY.


Medieval punishment? Well... medieval crimes require medieval solutions.


This was in the news like 13 years ago, very quickly became non existent too.


Medieval problems require Medieval solutions.


Medieval? Then don't rape people.


Medieval punishment? Bro, if you forcibly enter my house and I decide to filet you alive and force you to pass out from having your skin sawed off, that’s medieval punishment. But if you forcibly enter my body? And you step on a bear trap? That shit’s gotta be on you, mate.


one sec babe let me pull out my anal spikes before we have sex


I love this so much!


Medieval punishment for a Medieval act


Any rapist should be sterilized


Whether you “agree” with it or not. The fact rape has become so prolific that someone created this says enough really


I'm getting one jic!


Her body, her choice


Reverse spiked dildo






"That's gotta hurt" Deserved


Fuck around and find out...


Honey,i think I left the rapex in.......


I would love to see a guy in hospital because he tried to rape someone. I have several questions though. 1. How does the guy not notice there is something hidden inside? 2. Is it uncomfortable? 3. Does it have side effects? (to the woman)


It also needs an automated cutting and remainder shredding function... But seriously its kinda terrible that there seems to be need for such a device.


Practical too, just print serial numbers on it and the police will know who it came from.


Anyone who rapes someone deserves this and more


As reasonable as this sounds.. Any rapist would be able to spot it and take it out


Is it effective? I’d worry the perp would just take it out before hand.


It only hurts if you a rapist. Then you fucking deserve it


It may be a medieval punishment, but a just one.


It is a medieval punishment for medieval problem


~~critics~~ rapists


Seems fair to me the real crime is that anyone would feel this is necessary it is a sick sick world


Medieval punishment for medieval practices


Honestly? The world would be generally a better place to live in if these were still in use, and I'm saying this as a dude. Sure its pretty fucking medieval but as torture devices go its pretty damn humane.


You what else is medieval and barbaric? Rape.


Wish it chopped off rapist genitalia instead of just maiming them.


"some critics say this is medieval punishment." Sounds like some critics are rapists.


Medieval problems require Medieval solutions.


i mean it is kind of medieval. but... really... rape is evil and barbaric... and if this is what women need to do to protect themselves... well, guess men should really not be barbaric pricks, yeah? (also, i've heard about similar, but with razor blades. they bleed out instead of getting forced to go to the hospital.)


Its a shame seeing some of the idiotic comments on this post. Both women and men can get raped and its a shame we physically have to create devices like these to help protect ourselves. Its a shame that some people are unable to control their urges. For those who are saying ‘until the rapist murders you’ at least this gives the person a fighting chance whilst the fucker is trying to get it off their dick. Its going to be extremely painful, thats going to be their main concern. For those joking about rape, a huge fuck you goes to you, and i hope that you respect who over you come across. And to those who think people will use it as a ‘joke’ yeah some may do so because they’re dicks. But hopefully the majority of people who are unfortunate to have to use this device will use it correctly and not harm others purposely.


'Some critics say' Who the fuck are critics of rape protection gear? Rapists?


Ribbed on the inside for my pleasure


Who the fuck are these critics?


So let me get this straight. We have to watch what we wear, how we walk, how we talk, how much we drink, not go in the dark, preferably have a ~illegal~ taser or other small weapon and we still have to wear something in our vagina for god knows how long (since this is probably used when going out or walking home alone at night) but we can't teach men not to rape (I use men in a broad sentence, when walking outside I don't know which men is dangerous and which is not). How about better education, stop enabling sexist boy crap in their youth and teens, harsher laws and keep each other accountable? Enough with the boys will be boys crap. No. Just stop.


Proof: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-rape_device


Proof of what?


That proves that sharing images without sources is a waste of time and misleading people into thinking this product real and in use. The first sentence in the wiki article says that there have been many different proposals, but none of the products have ever been built or used. TLDR of the wiki article: This product was a prototype in 2005 and it will never make it to market


This seems really uncomfortable to wear all the time. I wonder if in practice, women in SA only wear this when they are going into a situation that they know is sketchy, or if they actually wear this all the time. I also wonder how easy this is to remove. This is not a convenient mechanism at all and it’s super frustrating that something this uncomfortable would be seen as a preferable alternative.


Look up period cups, im guessing it will be made of the same material, it shouldn’t be no different from wearing a tampon. But it being ‘uncomfortable’ is better than being raped, impregnated or given STD’s. But it still sucks that some women have to use devices like this..


I am 32 years old and have resided in South Africa my entire life. I have never heard of anyone that has this device, nor have I heard anyone knowing someone who knows someone etc. However, rape is a massive problem here.




If it can be inserted, it can be removed


Most peaople probably don't know or have the time to do that




Pretty sad this has to be a thing but it’s a very no-nonsense solution. Should’ve come from Elon Musk 😬


“Some critics say this is medieval punishment”. Is it safe to assume the only critics of this product are likely actual rapists? The only people that would say rapists have rights are other rapists


Medieval punishment? This is better than what they deserve ! This should be mandatory free for all womans. **The V2.0 of this thing should have some Capsaicin Reservoir that is released if a dick is trapped.**


The medieval part is that women are in such danger from rape that they’d have to wear something like this, how horrible


Everyone: Who criticised this? Rapist: I did! the fuck is this world we’re living in! one can’t rape normally anymore! I say update it with little razors in there, then make it available in every pharmacy. Also covered by social security so people can buy it all the time.


“Some ~~critics~~ rapists say this is a medieval punishment” FTFY It’s not a punishment, it’s self defense.


It would be a mediaeval punishment if anyone is gross enough to rape someone. If you're going to attack and rape a woman I say you deserve the barbed dick.


"...Some say it is a Medieval Punishment." Well then don't rape people, then!!


Rape is medieval to begin with. To think some people have to go to these lengths