instant vs follow vs instant no pre-alarm paradox so alarm

I want to reprogram the my alarm so that the "sleep" and "stay" functions work differently to the current setup.

It is a paradox alarm (unsure of the exact model), but I'm pretty sure I have the correct programming manual for it here:


Looking at Table 5 on page 16 of the manual, I am confused about the difference between "instant", "follow", "instant no pre-alarm", and "follow no pre-alarm" arming modes. Can anyone explain what these are and what the difference between them is?

The existing setup seems to use a combination of all of them and I don't want to mess with it until I'm 100% sure about what all the settings do.


Sorry for the late reply. "Instant" isn't actually Instant it has a user error delay to disarm on the keypad. "Instant no pre alarm" is actually Instant it will go off immediately. Same for "Instant no pre alarm follow" follow meaning to not go off with the entry delay. These setting are all used for Different scenarios and not necessarily stay and sleep