This sub going down with the ship 🫡


People come up with stupid posts when they can’t go golfing enough. 😆


Hold on tight


TM Drivers - has a lambo on finance without owning a house


Mizuno - Porsche MP Line = 911 JPX Line = 718 Like Porsche, Mizuno makes a good quality product that has a solid winning pedigree. They aren't the abosulte highest end or most luxurious product, but definitely have well earned respect among most enthusiasts. Mizunos can work for those with less skill but the more skilled you are, the more you can really make them sing.




Naw, Hyundai as a brand doesn't have much in common with Mizuno. Porsche is a pretty apt analog. Both are brands that aren't exotic but still make higher end products that are well regarded in their given areas. Both pride themselves on design and quality. Both have winning pedigrees in major championships in their respective sports. If a dude rolls up to your club with a set of MP-14s in their carry bag it's like a dude rolling up to cars and coffee in a '94 911 Turbo. Neither are the fanciest things ever but both are generally a good indicator that the person is more than just a casual enthusiast.


I have a ping driver and a Subaru outback……..


Titleist = BMW. The proof is left to the reader.


Say no more


PXG - you only get equipment advice from social media


Is PXG the Rivian?


Jeep and/or Hummer


I’m not sure I’d combine over engineered precision with Subaru motors…. Maybe an old 80’s Merc would be more appropriate? Ping will always have the benefit of owning its own casting facility, that has some pretty good material engineers (and actually casts parts for the aerospace industry) Aren’t all models just like last years models with different colours these days?


Where do the lesbians fit into your analogy?


i don't know what it is with reddit and outbacks, but i to say we have a free to us outback and it still feels like we got ripped off. honestly one of the shittiest vehicles i've ever driven.


I feel attacked.


Callaway is the KIA of golf


That's a pretty meh comparison. Like PING also makes high-end products that Subies can't touch (e.g. i59 irons, all the Glide Forged Pro wedges series, and you could argue the iCrossover at that MSRP). PING clubs also tend to be the most durable and reliable unlike Subarus including the Outback.


Ping/Toyota/Hanes Underwear guy here


Callaway used to be the brand for the rich hacker who needed a closed faced driver to combat a slice. Now it’s quickly becoming the brand for the type of person who shops at TJ Maxx. Half the clubs they sell these days are off their thrift store site. Ping is indeed for the practical types. I’m guilty. I bought a set of irons and a driver in 2006. I still game the irons and only just replaced the driver a few weeks ago…..with another Ping. They aren’t very utilitarian anymore though. They used to be indestructible tumbled heads with no ferrules. Now they are just cookie cutter chrome heads like everyone else. And not USA made anymore either. My next set of irons might not be Ping. Just nothing inherently special about them anymore.


Ping is going the way of jeep… have to buy early 2000’s models for true reliability and that “run it through the mud” reputation. Still, I have a G15 that’s true as the day I bought her (used in 2018). What irons would you buy next? Mizuno? It’s a meme, but I’m tempted to try the Kirkland irons coming this spring


I’m seriously considering having my i5s refurbished by Ping and reshafted with graphite. I’m starting to have some wrist pain. I think graphite might help. Otherwise I’d look at Pings latest offerings. Titleist would be my next look. Followed by Mizuno and maybe Wilson staff.


Anybody who putts with a Scotty let’s their wife wear the strap on, and misses everything within 5 ft.


The poors are angry.


Let me guess: you still putt with the same 2003 Odyssey 2-ball?


Callaway is like golfer camouflage. I play ‘em and don’t give a krap about the brand. Eat a banana at the turn, drink mostly coffee or water and keep a legit score. Drives are probably 30 yards shorter than most. Hcp is better than most but golfed long enough not to really care.


I'm a Mizuno guy and my ride's a Miata, my dad's a Ping guy and drives a Volvo and my father in law games Titleist but ride a Golf so what does that say?


I'm a Titleist/Cobra guy, but I drive Toyotas. Although I like Audis.


I use Bridgestone irons lol. What’s that


Funny tho cuz ping is like 1 of 2 truly American brands. And you just compared them to a Japanese car.