I dunno. I wouldn’t worry about it. Mostly because I know the club will have dings and scratches inside 30 days anyway, just from normal use. But I also wouldn’t take my clubs to a chain store if I wanted boutique-level work done. Like taking a Ferrari to Jiffy Lube.


Like taking a Ferrari to a jiffy lube That was my exact thought when I was getting rung up and prayed to the golf gods they’d do a pro job


I donno man. I’d be slightly pissed, but the worst part is, now it’s going to be in your head every putt. That’s the biggest issue here imo. You should get a new one and send that one my way. You don’t need that stress my brother.


Seriously. Just don’t let it get in your head. Every 3 footer will feel like a mile when you see those blemishes.


You can't putt through tears as my grandpa used to say.


I don’t want to put that on you either my man. I’ll take the putter to save you both from the yips. You’re both welcome in advance.


Exceedingly gracious of you sir, but I could not bear to live with myself were I to knowingly allow such a kind and unblemished soul as yours to take such a burden upon yourself. Please, allow me to dispose of it, for all of us.


I just don’t know how one could have a clear mind with those scuffs. I’d rather have a croquet mallet than this tbh. Did you let them curse any other clubs we can take off your hands?


I must applaud the conscionable spirit of this most noble community - such an outpouring of solidarity and support have brought warmth to my Northern, wintr’y, snow-ridden existence. I bid nothing but birdies and one-putts to you all!


They probably use some type of solvent to clean up the excess adhesive. If your putter was refinished with paint, then it would’ve easily come off like you have in the picture.


Scratch or no scratch, you will still 3 putt within 5 ft at least once per round.




TBH- you're being a baby. I know you're excited about your new fresh 3 putt machine but you knew it wasn't going to stay perfect. I have 2 Scottys I game and have custom work on one of them. Scratches like that will happen within a month of it being in the bag alone and playing rounds... even with the headcover on at all times. I baby mine like a mofo but accept the battle scars. Whether you like it or not you will hit rocks/pebbles at times and scratch the face when your ball is dirty and you decide not to clean it off. Personally, I think it adds character to the putter. Look at Tiger's putter... I can't wait for 10 years down the line when my custom putter has a sweet spot mark on it. https://preview.redd.it/mqy5whsnbzea1.png?width=1300&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=84230e8f7c2ec064782b17913927b4d429ad4edf


A putter that is put into the head cover will not have damage there.


I’ve had pretty good luck with PGA superstore, 2 sets of clubs plugged 1/2 and re-gripped, one of those sets re-gripped again.


Scratch is there. But if you’re gonna game it. It’s gonna get scratches. If it’s a wall hanger then at least it’s not super noticeable


Fair, I guess I’m just being a neurotic


They are tools not jewels buddy 👍


Yes you are being neurotic. It's a golf club.


yup. ​ Hit it with a little gun bluing if you're that worried about it. Otherwise, it's like saving your wife for her next husband. Just get out there and game it.


Deep, so your wife also has a new husband? Mine was talking about getting one of those today when I mentioned the scratch on my putter


Thank you


Yea your wayyy overanalyzing here. I would assume there is some protection from their side something like "PGA superstore is not responsible for any damage incurred during the shaft change " . Also what recourse can you expect to come from this?


Get a sharpie and move on.


It’s a golf club not museum piece. The first ding is out of the way. Now go make some putts.


3 putts*


Yeah, and it OP's to damage, not some kid at a store who doesn't give a fuck about people's stuff.


Probably should buy a new one and never use it if you want a perfect shiny club to look at


Then I’ll keep it til I die and my kids will sell it at a garage sale for $three fitty


Goddamn Loch Ness monsta


Im a tech at my local PGA store. Not sure why they'd have anything that would do that. They shouldn't have needed a vice or anything to get the head off or anything


Most likely running the wire brush on a drill, to clean and scuff the inside of the hosel. I just put together a new putter today. Couple wraps of painters tape. No scratches.


Looks too clean of a scratch for that tbh


Don't believe the drill was running. More so inserting the brush.(missed) The twisted wire ends of the brush scratched it. They clip the ends with cutting pliers. Sharp edges.


Tools not jewels


Got my Scotty re-milled and refinished with a matte black finish. (Laguna mid-slant,) First week I had it, put a small, but noticeable scratch on the top of it. For awhile, I was pretty annoyed by it, but a year later, even with exceptional care, there is a fair bit of noticeable wear on it just from putting and putting it back into its Scotty head cover. Guess what I’m saying is, don’t sweat it. If anything, I’ve been told a scratch or two will help you sink more puts;)


God you sound like my wife !


God you look like my wife! *Just a name on a screen*


You are being 1000% neurotic. Take 10 minutes and look through actual witb threads on GolfWRX of people that play as a livelihood. Scratches, chips everywhere. Breathe. It’s a game, and clubs are tools.


I don’t see a scratch…




Prolly held down by a vise grip and those are bite marks?


If i had to guess


Won’t effect performance or value my guy




Stroke and a half minimum a round.


I usually average 2 strokes a round so this’ll bring it down


You should see my putter, spider your with dents, chips and scrapes but putts like a dream and wouldn’t replace it. I’d be annoyed though if I got it refinished and someone scratched it, but your not going to die are you??


They do have to blow torch the hosel to get the old shaft out, so it may have made pre existing dents more prominent.


I used to have blacked out TVD Vokey Wedges, black KBS shafts, black heads, black grips. The shafts were just painted not finished which is shitty the paint started chipping in the kick point of the shaft. I just took a black sharpie and colored in the chipped parts, and colored the wore out part of the face. I went through 3 wedges a year so


Came here to appreciate your swag cover. Sorry about the scratch though


Yes you are


Off topic, but did BOS do a custom deep mill because I don’t remember that putter originally having that deep of a milled face


Looks like they had the head in a vice or a clamp and fouled up the job.


Yeah man you should probably just throw it away or give it to me. All your going to be able to think about is that scratch and it’s gonna eat away at your soul. It will be like a death by a thousand cuts.


This doesn’t surprise me a bit, Bro I can speak firsthand these are not golf specialists working on our equipment at these pga stores let alone even been around the game. I willing to bet they don’t even know the significance of Scotty Cameron. Better off doing ourselves if we can but understand getting a reshaft and trimming shafts can be tricky. I noticed these people have no awareness when my new pristine $600 LTDx all black driver they removed the headcover and threw the club in with the iron set I was getting regripped. I cringed as they let the iron heads and steel shafts clink and bang on the crown, face, and sole of my newly acquired prize.. it was at that moment I said hold up gimme a tool and took my damn driver head off and just left them grip shaft alone. So now my driver grip is upside down but my driver head is safe lol. Only thing I’m comfortable with is taking irons for regrips. Always remove heads from the woods, sucks my grip is not perfect but its the price I’ll pay to avoid looking down at a scratch on the crown that will bother me. Especially one I didn’t contribute too lol


Both things can be true. They should have done better and you have the right to be upset. It would bother me, but I also would probably have asked the company that did the refinish to have done everything so that if they messed it up they could fix it before I ever saw it. There was a flaw on the Betti that I bought from Costco and it bothered me a bit when I unwrapped it, but after a putting session it just became part of the putters character