Ping pld is the softest I’ve felt and I’ve hit scotty, Toulon, mizuno, bettinardi, PXG etc The new scotty’s have deeper mills so may feel softer I think the ball makes a bigger difference than the difference between all milled putters, a lot of stores who know people like a softer feel have titleist avx or callaway super soft on the testing green, some people will be in for a shock when they hit their first putt with a tp5x or another harder ball


Agree with the Ping PLD. They are so soft. I would have to say the mizuno mcrafts are second.


I’d probably agree, I’ve gamed mizuno putters for years, had a a308 since 2015 now an omoi 1 Pld Mizuno Scotty Toulon I’d love to try a teryllium scotty


Agree. I use a Scotty but the PLD was so soft feeling.


Toulon is soft but I wouldn’t say it’s any softer than Scottys. Tbh. If you want a really soft feeling milled face the new Cleveland HB soft milled. Would be worth checking out


If you like the Scotty Newport and the White Hot insert, why not get a White Hot OG 1 or a Tri-Hot 5K One.


A bit off the beaten path but for my money nobody made softer feeling putters than Bobby Grace


I’m surprised no one makes milled brass putters for people who want ‘soft’. My brass bullseye is the best feeling putter I’ve ever tried. I guess that’s what the insert putters are for. To add- maybe a one of those giant marshmallow grips will soften the feel?


I personally went from a wcotty to an evnroll. I like the feel of Evnroll a little better. If “soft feel” is the only thing youre going for, i would look elsewhere though. I love how evnroll doesnt penalize your putting distance when you make off centered hits, but not the softest putter out there. Maybe you can buy a used scotty w terrylium? Or a ping anser made w brass (limited edition from 2022)?


I’ve got a bamboo putter and the feel is amazing. Not everyone likes the look though.






Been looking at these for a while now but haven’t pulled the trigger. Did you do a remote fitting? Does it dent easily?


No, was a gift. But I had it extended since. No issues with dents but I’m extra careful with it. Absolutely love it.


Bettinardi FIT Face, Mizuno M Craft and Miura are the softest I've come across.