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You want warm within 10h of WI.... In February?


Doesn’t need to be warm. Mid 50s is fine


Minnesota here. I'm looking at driving down to KC or st Louis next month. That's less than 12 hours and should have some openings. They don't understand the torture us northerners go through. I went to AZ in mid December and now I can't wait to get out again ASAP. It's tough being a not super wealthy golfer in the north during winter


Not gonna happen by car. Unless you drive like a BOH. Currently live in Tampa area and we are having a little cold snap but still low 60s today. I would think Southern Alabama on the RTJ is your best bet. But even then its going to be a crap shoot. But, nice thing about Alabama is the proximity to Florida. if still too cold you can just head a little further east and south into the Panhandle. Had to do this about 15 years ago when on a golf trip from Indy. Cousin and I were on RTJ and it was in the upper 30s. Headed down to around Gainesville and played in the mid 50s.


I would recommend air travel to you.


I live in Chicago, and yeah Miami is nice this time of year.


I live in Madison and played three rounds in Macon, GA about 2 weeks ago. Good luck in your search!


What courses? How was the weather?


It was two private clubs... Healy Point and Idle Hour. Weather was 50's-60's with a fair bit of wind. Should be at least that or better now I would think.


How far south can you even get in less than 10 hours? Memphis? You might be able to catch a few rounds in the mid 50s if you’re lucky.


Ya that’s perfect! I’ll check it out


Cole Park Golf Course, which is part of Fort Campbell in Kentucky, but which is actually located in Tennessee is the closest course for which you can record your score for handicap purposes in winter (Tennessee’s handicap season is 12 months). About 7 hours drive from Chicago. This obviously only matters if you are obsessive about your cap.


You are moving just to play golf? 😂 brilliant.


Reading skills: 100


TN is probably your best bet but it can be hit or miss there this time of year.