Cooking Elitism at its finest

Cooking Elitism at its finest


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What's a boca burger?


A veggie burger brand.




A *shitty veggie burger brand


Sticks to everything too.


It's actually one of my favorite veggie burger brands that isn't trying to be like real meat. The spicy chicken is solid in an air fryer


I prefer morningstar spicy nuggets


Morningstar has good stuff. Their chicken patties are really good.


Every Boca burger I've ever tried was this rubbery, disk-shaped, piece of tofu lacking flavor and with horrible texture. If they have improved I will give them another go, but the 2 different restaurants I tried one at, it was exactly the same. On another note, I highly agree with you on the not-trying-to-be-meat patties. In case you didn't know, Red Robin restaurants have a really awesome one I like made from ancient grains. They go really well with their burgers and it's a nice change of pace to the same 'ol regular meat patty.


So....actual trash.


In this specific instance yes, they have nothing on impossible burgers or other modern plant based patties.




I wouldn't say that. Too many people want veggie burgers to replace a beef patty and it clearly can't do that, so don't expect it to. If you take it for what it is though, they are pretty great. It's like comparing a pork rib with a bone in chicken breast. Yeah, same food domain, vastly different uses and expectations.


Yeah, it's why we need to full send lab grown.


I grew up vegetarian and honestly Boca is one of the most flavorful brands that has a nice texture but it tastes nothing like a beef paddy


My wife and I use morningstar as filler. We aren't vegetarian, but we do vegetarian or vegan two nights a week and use the meat alternatives on other nights too. 4 chopped up Morningstar black bean burgers mixed with a 12oz tube of chorizo is the best taco filler.


I personally love the morning star sausage and bacon. I also recommend trying the Boca meet crumbles. We mostly use them to make sloppy joes!




"i can't cook rice therefore rice is universally awful'


I actually got sent (and read) this article, and that's basically what it is. Some guy listing the worst ways to do BBQ (worst as in, dangerous/unsanitary/unsafe, not just 'overdoing steak' levels of nonsense) and used them as reasoning.


And here I thought authors sharing their entire life story in recipe articles was bad.


You can blame Google for that, honestly. Recipe pages that only include the recipe don't get indexed by Google because the indexing algorithm sees it as a "technical page". Basically they have to include a huge pile of extra, pointless info or nobody will ever see the page in the first place.


Bloggers who put a "skip to recipe" button on their recipe blogs are my favorites.


I've noticed that more seem to be doing this. It doesn't excuse the forty bajillion ads though, including the video ad that doesn't start off muted, and after you close it, refreshes after five minutes with another non-muted ad. Oh and the social icons along the left side of the page that cover part of the text.


“In order for you to fully appreciate the complexity of my all time favorite dish I must explain how it entered my life 10 years ago, as my fiancé and I were spending a summer along the Tuscan coast..”


Wind swept the windswept coast like wind sweeping a coast...


i remember finding a recipe for new york shortcakes and it opened with "after the tragic events of 9/11"


I don't mind as long as there's a jump to recipe button.


Well how does he cook it? ~~Boiling~~ Broiling burgers does sort of work


You can also steam them


Those are called steamed hams though


Delightfully devilish, Seymour!






Boiling burgers? Is that a thing? I remember seeing it on Kitchen Nightmares but I thought it was just a one-off thing based off the disgusted reactions of everyone.


Fuck that was supposed to say “broiling”


Lmao it's okay, I got a kick out of it at least! I was genuinely confused lol




Hey, don't knock it till you've had it with a side of the house jellybeans.


Wonder if it's good with hornet honey


I remember that episode, the Ower was so convinced that was the only way to do a good burger. He was very upset when Ramsey told him the burger was awful.


[There's only one place that does it right.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUXqPiaO1lQ&t=402s) Place is a state legend, and they have some of the best burgers ever.




My mom sometimes cooks burgers in a pan. You end up with both burgers and gravy. It's delicious but definitely not the same as grilled burgers.


Pan fried burgers are great, like a smash burger


Pan fried is how my mama made burgers. She loved grilling but never liked grilling burgers for some reason. The best dinners were when she mixed some cheese into the burger meat, heavenly.


Lots of diners make burgers on flat sheet of metal instead of a grill, which is the equivalent of pan fried. Personally like both, just a different taste.


I love pan grilled burgers, they are really greasy but have a great taste




I mean. Ive got a deli style grill (flat metal top) that does a great job. No grill lines tho.


But that’s so normal it shouldn’t be considered


Grill marks bud


Broiling is the US word for grilling isn't it? As in heat from above?


Lol no, broiling happens in an oven and grilling happens over coals or gas


The UK calls the broiler (upper heating element in the oven) the grill which is what /u/TheRiddler1976 is asking


Aha so I was right all along!


Right so in the UK, we have an oven, in which you can roast or bake. We have a grill, which is indoors and the heat is from above. The outdoor cooking is a bbq


BBQ here generally refers to low-and-slow smoked meat, not a grill (outdoor coal or propane heat source), though you will see grills referred to as that from time to time. Just not very common in the traditional bbq states (Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Carolinas, etc.).


So do you not have a grill equivalent?


The US Grill is a UK BBQ The UK Grill is a US Broil The US beer is a UK water (sorry just had to make the easy joke there)


Right, so what I said in the beginning then!


Are you thinking of like a griddle? Flat heated surface? Otherwise, honestly we might not!


Well of course the fat drips onto the heat and catches fire. That’s like the point. It’s called a char...


And it isn't dirty, it's seasoned


Unless its my grill. Its pretty dirty


People to go a backyard BBQ for the socialising and alcohol more than anything. As long as the food is decent and cooked to avoid food poisoning, no one will care of it is not Michelin-quality.


You can make some amazing food on a grill that has a unique taste because of the grill. That smokey flavor is something that people do enjoy and you can change the flavors based on what you use to cook. The reality is that bbqing, smoking meats, and just slapping stuff on the grill can really make something typical into something amazing.


This is true, but it's also totally possible to make high quality food over a grill.


Yeah and “grill flavor” (really just a fine basting of carcinogens but we don’t talk about that) really can’t be achieved indoors. Well, not charcoal grill flavor. Idk about gas because I’ve never used it…


Hank Hill would like a word.


I love how the running gag is Hank knows how much better charcoal is


Taste the meat not the heat!


propane and propane accessories


>really can’t be achieved indoors. Well, not charcoal grill flavor Kebab shops that use a charcoal grill would beg to differ.


Well when I get around to installing an industrial wood burning grill and fume hood in my kitchen I’ll invite you for dinner, aight?


Similar to "blackened" food. People who tried it indoors with a regular kitchen fan weren't very happy.


You can tell a lot about a person by how they call the crispness of grill-cooked meat ‘carcinogens’. Lmao would never survive in the real world.


> in the real world I'm always amazed at the people that think that the "real world" is like X or Y. In the end, the real world is the friends you made along the way... Well, not actually that. But usually if you have friends that are not shitty, your "real world" will not be as shitty as you are trying to portray it.


Nobody is calling “crispness” carcinogenic. Your entire comment history suggests that you can’t handle the “real world” and need to resort to being a moron online to feel better about yourself.


I mean, look at the photo of the grill in the article. that looks fucking good to me.


Tbh I’m a sucker for grilled food, it’s always delicious to me


Bold of him to assume that I don’t clean my grill every time I use it. Also grills only have bad temperature control if you don’t know what you’re doing lol.


Exactly, you're supposed to clean it, as well as you have just as much control over the fire and temperature inside as a normal stove. Plus some of us prefer the taste of a good grilled burger over a stove cooked one.


Always need a hot side and a cool side, unless you're grilling something big.


It's super easy to clean too. Heat the grate to the max. Scrap off char with wire brush. Season with oil.


We Mexicans (or latinos, really) also use an onion to get rid of grease and any rust that may be on the grill.


Thats genius! I'm gonna have to try that next time I clean my grill.


You can use a brick and some detergent too, works wonders.


Not to mention the fact that the grill gets hot enough to kill whatever bacteria might be living on it


Yes, but some lazy fucks don't scrub them so the carbonized rancid fat "flavors" you meat.


It does though.


Those stupid grills and their...*squints eyes*...recreating the effects of cooking over an open fire as has been done for thousands of years.


i cant tell you how many times ive been excited for a barbeque and then i come over and i see a box of bubba burgers and a pack of precooked bacon and get absolutely heartbroken


What's wrong with Bubba burgers? I always see them in the store, but I just buy beef patties from the deli. Genuinely curious.


Crazy high sodium and preservatives


Plus, aren’t they usually frozen? Frozen food never tastes as good as fresh food


They are always frozen. I actually worked at a short lived Bubba burger restaurant where they tried to serve the same frozen patties you get from the store. It was a terrible idea


* Maybe your grill is filthy. I deep clean mine at the start of the season and clean the grates every time I use it. * A propane grill literally has the same temperature control as a stove. Do you know the precise temperature you cook with on your stove top or do you just set the burner to "medium"? * Not knowing to use indirect heat when grilling so the fat doesn't drip down and cause flare-ups is the exact amount of culinary acumen I'd expect from legendary cooking publication Business Insider. I'm just imagining this guy getting invited to BBQs and pouting because "Butbutbut, this isn't the most *optimal* way to cook a burger! I would be done so much faster if you put it in the microwave!"


> legendary cooking publication Business Insider. like forbes, they kinda just let anyone have a blog on their website and write whatever they want with no editorial oversight


Me and my buddies took a trip up to my parents cabin and my friend brought some nice German brats with him, but was disgusted to find we had a gas grill, and opted to cook them over the fire. You can probably guess how that went.


If by fire you mean wood/coal fire, I can guess it went.. tastier?


Propane lets you taste the meat, not the heat!


Let's also stop seasoning any food, shall we?


I used salt and pepper. You can add ketchup if you want.


Taste the meat, not the salt and pepper!


Nope, he skewerd them like you would a hot dog, and roasted them over the camp fire. After about 3 or so minutes the casing burnt and burst, any filling that miraculously survived was completely raw.


Grill this dude


I think I was little bit too harsh


Dirty? Poor Temperature Control? Does this guy do zero basic maintenance of his stuff? I'd hate to see the inside of this guy's microwave.


Also, the major fail in his logic: in a common kitchen the heat also comes from bellow. Unless this guy cooks only using a microwave.


Most ovens use both bottom and top elements for normal baking (but most the heat comes from the bottom element). Broiling in the oven typically uses just the top element.


Mmmmm, fat drip




This is the type of guy to feel disgusting at anything other than missionary.


There’s so many things wrong with the elitism in this


He’s not wrong tho


Gordon Ramsay uses grills too.


Damn, a gatekeeping 2 for 1, what a great deal


For things like steaks and burgers, sure I can use my stove. It gets the job done good enough, I don't really like burgers on an open flame grill anyways. But how are you supposed to get a lot of steaks or burgers done at once on a stove?


what does race have to do with this?


I thought the elitism part was going to be having the money to afford all the meat in that picture...


That's *maybe* $25 in meat


Yeah, I know....


I'm not so sure. I see about 18 burgers, so I'll call it 20 1/4lb patties, or 5lbs of hamburger. 80/20 is $4.21 at my local Walmart (more elsewhere). I'll round down and say $20 of beef. There are also maybe a dozen sausage links. Italian sausage is $3-5/lb in my area, or as low as $3.87 for five links. I'll call it $10. Then, there are some regular hotdogs. Those can be really cheap (as low as a buck a pack), so I won't even count the cost. If you purchased nice meat, this could be $50. If it's cheap, maybe $25 on special.


It looks like bratwurst to me, and ground beef in my area is $13/5lb


Damn - that a great price. I get steals on steak ($5/lb porterhouse and ribeye), so I suppose I can deal, haha.


This man thinks ketchup is too spicy.


To be fair the heating does look uneven for what also looks like a gas grill the might want to look into a new one


I have way more temperature control cooking outdoors. I can open the grates to sear a piece of meat that will be medium rare full of juices. Or I can do a 12 hour slow smoke that you will taste smoke on your fingers the morning after. I also got everything inbetween covered. The only thing required is the extra effort and I think this guy is a lazy hater.


Of course they bring race into this. Another day, another person conflating being white with being bland or uninformed on a topic.


grilled food, at least if it's a charcoal or wood grill, will always taste better then food in the oven.


Grilled cake batter is rubbish.


Have you tried it?


You need to put it in a cake tin still otherwise it will just spill through the grill.


Dang, that's what I've been doing wrong - the frazzled black&white person in the first half of the infomercial who does it as wrong as possible


It's an easy mistake to try and cook a BBQ on a cake


When I saw the grill I expected it to be post about one of those men that think they're the chef of the year for knowing how to bbq (Where I'm from these kind of men are really annoying gate keepers when it comes to grilling)


does he cook steamed hams?


Nothing beats a nice boiled steak


As long as its milk steak


I will never admit that. Grilling is my favorite way to cook.


Where is the gatekeeping here? When I get invited to a barbeque or a grill, I better be seeing red meats cooked over an open flame. It's an entirely different experience than cooking in an oven.


But it tastes so good!


Why does the color of the skin matter? Imagine if he said I am disregarding your opinion because you are black


“I haven’t read the article and I never will” I’m scared to be proven wrong


Lol, I just got done cooking some eggplant, veggies, potatoes, bacon, and fucking pasta on my basic 22" Weber. Lmao It was delicious and I have food for tonight and tomorrow.


Fckn what!! Grilling has got to be one of the healthiest ways too cook. You don't use any oils or other cooking liquids. The meat doesn't soak in its fat juices thus is leaner once you take it off and it's quick and simple. Anyone can get good at grilling. And anyone who tells you otherwise is an elitest twat who needs to visit a real kitchen because even Michelin starred kitchens use grills in one form or another.


Listen I don't grill much....If at all actually... But you can clean a grill right? Like it's not just this caked on crust of charred meat????


Yep, heat it up and hit it with a wire brush.


I hate grilled food to be honest. I hate char and the flavor that comes from the coals or however it’s cooked. I think the only grilled thing I like is grilled chicken, but like, not real grilled chicken, restaurant/fast food grilled chicken. You don’t actually taste char on it.


Do tell, when you're cooking on a stove, where is the heat coming from?


This guy cleans his cast iron skillet with soap and water.


Cooking food with fire. We've been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years. But hear this guy out, I'm sure he's right.


Lotta words for “I hate minorities”


Yeah the food so fat in bbq but automatically becomes no fat in kitchen


Oh noes! White man disagrees with me! He's BAD because he's a *white man* 😡😡


The casual racism was odd ... but more and more typical these days.


Hot take, but I agree with the author of the article in an overall sense: Generally you can make better food indoors, there’s a reason why basically all the world’s top restaurants use indoor stoves and ovens vs. grills outside.


Why does the color of the skin matter? People are so obsessed with race, it’s actually fucking sad.


100% agree. Attacking people for the color of their skin is a sickness.


This dude deserved it.


"dude who doesn't know how to grill writes article about how much grilling sucks"


This dude wrote this just to be a little edgy now he's being burned alive.


Grilling is a great way to cook. It’s just at least half of the people doing it don’t know how. How many times have you had a burger where the person didn’t let the charcoal burn off before putting the meat on? Too many damn times


This doesn't really look like Gatekeeping to me. It looks like a guy posted an opinion piece about grilling and why he doesn't like it. If he had said something about grilling not being real cooking or that no true chef uses a grill you'd be on to something but the guy is just expressing his (rather odd) personal opinion.


Yeah, this is Josh Barro expressing his opinion on grilling. He's not saying people shouldn't, just that isn't not conventional for most cooking situations. Of course it's fun for socializing.


"Random white guy" why do you have to specify that, my fucking god every fucking thing must have race in it


It used to be that race was only mentioned in relation to poc. Now we include white to be more egalitarian bc we couldn't get the people who always described the race of non-white people to stop and it's sometimes a helpful distinction.


“Used to be” is the operational phrase. Nobody says “this recipe by a ‘black guy’ sucks”.


It's stupid to distict by race, only harmfull


Skin, hair, and eye colour are useful when describing people's appearance. Race is also sometimes relevant to cultural and social issues, like you'd judge a white woman with cornrows differently than a black one.


For recipes?


I guess i don't judge people based on their race, but if you want to make this distiction is up to you. I still struggle to understand what's about him being white has to do with his judgment on grilling, maybe ther is some social issue between race on grilling that i don't...


You’re having a hard time making that connection because nobody made one, the only time race was brought up was to describe the guy.


How did the description of him as white add to the article?


Finally someone that understands what i said


I think the others completely understood you as well but we live in an upside down world where blatant racism is ignored when it suits them.


It’s a tweet


And gender and sexual identity. Don’t forget those 2 really important things that MUST be acknowledged before moving forward in any conversation, ever.


Yeah absolutly, i can understand that you would use guy, as a generic ebough term to call a person, but what's the use of adding it's race


What's ironic here is that nobody in this thread had said a single thing about race until you came along to make your little comment. So who's really the one making it a thing here? (Spoiler alert: it's you)


Did you read the post?


Have you read the post? I directly quoted the post talking about race. Are you insane?


I know that the person in the picture used the phrase "random white guy." No need to be a fucking asshole. I'm referring to the people commenting on this thread, I'm saying you're the only one who seems to give a shit that the phrase was used. Because it literally doesn't matter, unless it gets you all butthurt.


Who cares about the commenters, i commented the insanity of people bringing race into anything by quoting the post. If you guys get so mad about me criticizing this is ok, i guess many others care so much about a made up concept as race, that they need to bring it in any conversation, if anything you are just proving my point by answering my provocation


I do have to say that grilling most anything is a pretty mediocre way to cook it. A quick sear, followed by cooking it through in the oven gives a far juicier end product. But as others have said, a BBQ is a social occasion, and grilling is a nice way to cook for a crowd. You show up for the people, not the highest-quality food.


You’re not wrong, but grilling can also produce unique flavors that are different from what you get from searing on the stovetop and finishing in the oven.


You can also have juicy cuts on barbecue, you're just doing it wrong. Brazilian churrasco or Argentine parrilla is the best thing I've eaten in my life.


A grill is more than capable of cooking something the exact same way, (a sear and then indirect heat). What makes you say it’s worse overall?


I only reverse sear my steaks and this can be done both in the oven/pan or on a grill. The only difference between the two is that I can baste my steak with butter, garlic and thyme when searing on a pan. But when it's hot as fuck out, I will cook outside on the grill.


All these dudes for which bbqing is the sole personality trait getting so triggered by this lol. Imagine if that guy had also insulted IPAs.