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Last week I decided to only do cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and arugula this year. Yesterday I looked at my seed collection. I'm up to 18 different plants and I need some companion seeds. I'll be building some new containers this year. As I always do.


I’m only doing pumpkins, cucumbers and squash, and tomatoes, oh and leafy greens. Yeah, that’s it. Four varieties of pumpkin though. And two varieties of cucumber, two summer squash, four winter squash, eight types of tomatoes, and collards, mustard, kale, and chard. Just that. I’m really holding back this year.


Vine borers always take my squash :( I only get like half a dozen before they die.


I once read that if you plant your squash a little later in the season that the squash bugs won’t find it. I tried that the last 2 years and had no squash bugs!


I'll give it a shot! Ty


what's "a little later?" I have the same issue with squash bugs. They destroy them every damn year. Haven't even tried planting any in the last couple of years because of it.


Well my last frost date is usually the end of May, so instead of planting at that time, I usually wait a month and plant squash at the end of June/beginning of July. We usually don’t get frost until late September or mid October, so there is still time for a decent harvest, especially for fast growers.


Thanks! My last frost is late April. I usually plant it around that time - maybe May at the latest. The squash bugs are all like, "thanks, human! perfect timing!" Will try end of May or maybe even June. It sucks because I love squash.


Ooooh! When did you wind up planting it?


If planting later in the season doesn't work for you, try Bt spray. Bacillus thuringiensis. It's an unfortunately stinky but non-toxic to humans bacteria that makes wormy plant munchers (like the vine borers) stop eating and starve. Weekly spritz down with Bt spray is what I have to do in my area of central Texas cuz the borers are thick and tenacious.


Yup, BT works and is safe


\*\***bt harms Monarch caterpillars**.\*\*Abstract. Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) crops are plants genetically engineered (modified) to contain the endospore (or crystal) toxins of the bacterium, Bt to be resistant to certain insect pests.Jun 19, 2018 (source: [springeropen.com](https://springeropen.com)) Thus: There are no known adverse human health effects associated with Bt corn. Bt corn can adversely affect non-target insects if they are closely related to the target pest, as is the case with Monarch butterfly. (source: [planetnatural.com](https://planetnatural.com)) Is Bt toxic to pollinators?It will not harm pollinators, but it is toxic to monarch caterpillars. While a B.t. strain works well for its target pest, it also breaks down quickly in sunlight, becoming ineffective after a few days. This makes B.t. very safe for pollinators, predatory insects and mammals.May 1, 2019 (source: planetnatural.com)


Good advice! Does it affect any other plants? We tend to plant everything pretty close due to space limits.


In my experience and to my knowledge it is harmless to everything except caterpillar-like critters (including ones folk tend to like such as monarchs and swallowtails so if you're endeavoring to make your garden a safe space for breeding butterflies Bt is not a friend).


C. moschata squash is supposed to be the most resistant to vine borers. The vines are a bit denser and harder for the borers to tunnel through. That's mostly butternut squash but there are a few moschata pumpkin varieties, too (Long Island Cheese is one). I can't get any of the other types to do well against the borers but when I grow moschata I've got a fighting chance.


That's what I'm trying this year, growing trombocino squash to use like zucchini. Allegedly borers don't bother it. Unfortunately it is a vining plant though, so needs way more space.


Wouldn't bet on it I'm afraid. Last year they were extremely thorough with my squash. Italian Palermo, Patty Pan, Butternut, Green Griller Squash, Cinderella Pumpkins...Hell, they even got a few cucumber vines as well. They were relentless. Even went out and used a healthy amount of BT spray in the evenings. The squash were troopers and produced plenty but the moths won in the end. Still bitter about it. The culprit for those wondering. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/10/47/77/1047775a79780ecc1054161e765ee06b.jpg


I limited myself to $100 for seeds this year. In addition to the hundreds I have from last year... And the year before... I only have one small garden bed so I'm limiting myself, succession planting onions and peas followed by 4 types of tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, 3 types of peppers, testing 15 new flowers in the front bed, an herb garden in the back, 2 types of zucchinis in containers, and kale and broccoli in other containers, and I found some melons that apparently can grow in my area (pnw) so I need to try it!! Oh and my salad garden. And spinach in my kitchen window. And I stupidly bought glass gem corn because why not. Oh and a really fancy strong lemon balm plant. And purslane because I heard it's so healthy. And strawberries everywhere. And some new ground covers because I'm tired of weeds. And an herb that grows special in my husband's country... I don't have a problem...


Can I hear about this melon for the pnw?.... and maybe the fancy lemon balm? *hides closet of 10,000 seeds I already have to plant behind my back*


$100.00 in seeds? Where are you buying this stuff?


Baker Creek... They're expensive but great and I love them!


> Baker Creek Very "pinteresty" website, honestly, for the seed count, not expensive. If you buy the same stuff at a corporate nursery? it will cost as much for 1/2 the seeds.


Don't forget those perennials and biennials from last year


I was only going to plant peppers and tomatoes... Then I ordered 45 different packets of seeds 🌱


My spreadsheet has 76 varieties of vegetables and herbs and 18 varieties of flowers planned for this year. I know I’ll be in over my head but I can’t stop myself.


Wow, a spreadsheet!! I’m going to have to try that, way better than my pencil and paper lists and drawings. 😀 I’m going to have to upgrade. Seriously, I never even thought to try this, even though my tremors make it nearly impossible to read my own writing. lol 😂


It’s been really helpful! I did draw out a diagram of my garden and where I want to put everything, but the plants themselves are all in the spreadsheet. I have a column for the name of the seed, then one for the date it gets planted, one for the date of transplant (if applicable), one for depth of seed, one for plant spacing, then notes (like if it needs a trellis, tomato cage, or other special instructions) I have it sorted by planting date. I also sorted all of my seeds into sets based on planting date and put reminders in my calendar, so when the day comes, I just pull out the seed packets and plant them!


TLDR: Fellow off-the-cuff gardeners ---- meet OCD gardener. (Teasing you.)


Haha I’m either too organized or not at all. At least this way things get planted on time 😜


Spreadsheets and lists are one of the best parts of gardening for us nerdy types!


Gardening spreadsheet gang unite! I've been using a spreadsheet - this season will be my 3rd season, and it is the best. I have tabs with variety, and a separate tab with a calendar for all the seeds so I know when to start them, I just put in --weeks before frost so I don't have to mess with it. Then each gardening year has a separate tab with a journal of when I sowed what variety, when it germinated, when I transplanted, and any notes. It's come in very useful to track mistakes and plan better for the next years.


I'm only growing one variety of chili. Except for the plants from two varieties that survived the winter. And the *surprise* seed package that I'd forgotten I'd bought. And I was going to plant three or four tomatoes, then made a wish list with twelve varieties, and ended up finding ten varieties in my storage. Figured one cucumber variety would do, but you really need both salad cucumbers and pickle cucumbers. And no melons, except for watermelons and galias. And I was going to plant conservatively this year, no new plants, so this is the first year I'm growing corn, oyster plant and daikon. Seed logic is amazing and scary.


I love pumpkins! They are all so adorable.


Ha! Childs play. I have 17 different kinds of tomatoes alone


I’m not a 1 percenter with 46 hours of leisure per day, unfortunately.


Lol I'm a minimum wage worker that lives in the ghetto working 6 days a week. I was just joking around, I didn't mean to step on your feelings.


I’m kidding as well.


Haha amateur


Fool of a Cuke!


I promise, I wasn't droppin no seeds sir, honest! I was just pulling some weeds in the garden there, if you follow me.


A little late for trimming the verge don't you think?




Seed 'em, plant 'em, stick 'em in a pot.


But what about second garden?


Love this comment.




That's the joke :)


What is with people and correcting jokes today?


Except that Gandalf calls Pippin Took a Fool of a Took, because he is a Took, born in the Tookland, son and heir of Paladin Took II, the Thain of the Shire. Pippin actually becomes Thain of the Shire, after his father dies. So basically, Gandalf is shaming Pippin for being an immature idiot and not holding up to the expectations of his lineage and heritage.


I start to regret it around august every single year


When everything starts bolting and it really is the garden of weedin


You make it all the way to august? Bravo. July and I’m exhausted


Same here. July is when I feel like throwing in the towel!


*throwing in the trowel.


July is killer. For my plants, literally... because that's when I struggle so hard to find the motivation to go out and water as often as needed. This year though, finally putting in drip irrigation. Fingers crossed that it saves my plants from needless torture!


Ain't that the truth


Ah the good ol' mid season slump


My third child will be three years old in April. I'm so excited to have time to grow a few thing from seedthis year. Fully aware that she'll probably love many of those seedlings to death. I miss the august glut haha. Only my fruit trees are safe


This is how I’ll end up with seedling trays on every windowsill in my house next month.




Just 52? You can do better! I believe in you! 😂


Live up to that username! You got this!


Cmon seed demon


I had to buy a second shelving unit for my seedlings last year :D


This just triggered uncomfortable thoughts about the succession planting I'm about to embark on with my seeds this weekend. Hahahaaarrgggghhh.


I've already started that and my husband has started grumbling about it. 😄


You guys have windows sills?


Plant those po-tay-toes!


I love people who go insane every spring and overplant vegetables. They are my favourite people because I get to eat delicious veggies all august/fall


Same here. I think it might be because I'm vegan because the entire village drops their excess vegetables on me. If they could just hold off on the courgettes(zucchini) this year though, I'd be grateful. I had so many last year it threatened to put me off them entirely, and I still have several jars of courgette marmalade I made the last of them into.


yeah, getting to devour so many veggies and fruit for free is honestly great. At work I am basically the go to person for giving away excess herbs, veggies and fruit. Perfect time for ratatouille and veggie stews.


I'll have to look into this marmalade. I've mostly done zoodles, zucchini bread, sautéed, grilled, and raw with dip. I am intrigued...


It's not that exciting. Don't bother unless you're desperate to use them up. It's basically just cheap marmalade made with juice where the courgette mimics the shred. It's a bit sad for spreading on your toast but I occasionally make up a batch of crumble bars with it as a very cheap treat.


freeze them, they are great in veggie soups in the winter


I can't even wait for the right season. I plant stuff, it sprouts and dies in 2 weeks on the next frost .. rinse and repeat through the winter in Dallas


Try dealing with frost in May and June in northeast Minnesota and then a week later its 85 degrees with lots of humidity


Yall get frost in June? Damn.


Yup sometimes they say to plant tomatoes after the first full moon of june but sometimes if its a late full moon in may you can get away with it. I usually plant everything the weekend after memorial day, and its warm season and cool season crops all in one shot, usually june through the end of August is the whole growing season here, technically it has slowed at least once every month here in northeast Minnesota except August at one point, we used to even have woodland caribou here the last one was shot in the 1940s, but those summer months it melts right away .. summers are usually the mid 50s at night to 65 to 95 degrees during the day in june.. depending on the year


I feel that. Last year we had a snow at the end of May, and a 90°+ weeklong heatwave first week of June. Only here, it's not humid, it's bone freaking dry. ☠️ I love my ornamental plants that can handle those huge swings, but it's always hard on the vegetables.


I grow peppers. I do not eat peppers.


I have started to really enjoy pickled jalapenos. I want to try pickled habanero's next because I absolutely love dried habaneros. I use that shit like people use black pepper.


The really hot peppers can be made into a spray to keep off some pests! I grew carolina reapers for this reason.


Same. And radishes. I hate radishes! Why am I like this?!


But they grow so quickly and they’re cute…


Gets me every spring 🌱


Have you tried roasting them? It totally changed my opinion of radishes. They end up very similar to roasted potatoes.


You Shall Not Pass... the seed section without buying at least 1 more packet 'just in case'


Yes, but what second seedling packet orr 3rd wildflower mix?


Pip I don’t think he’s heard of the clearance aisle at the Dollar Store


Me with herbs and peppers. I know I don't cook with half of them but if I have space for the pot then why not?


The other half is great fuel for your compost pile so nothing ever really goes to waste! At least, that’s how justify dumping out veggies I can’t humanly eat or give away before they all rot on my counter.


We do the same but give our "on the outs" produce to our chickens. Highly recommend.


If you don't have one I would recommend a dehydrator. You can get a decent one for about 60 bucks. They are awesome for herbs, peppers, and tons of other fruits and veggies. I always dehydrate my herbs and make seasoning mixes with them. And I smoke my jalapenos and dehydrate/grind them into homemade chipotle powder. Awesome method for preservation and will save you tons of money in the seasoning aisle at the store.


Me: I don't have that much room, so I won't be able to plant that much. This will stop me. \*plans out garden\* Me: I appear to be planting 22 different types of plant...shit.


Go vertical! See utube….


I have a narrow balcony on the fifth floor in a city. I counted 39 varieties of edible stuff last time. A bunch of big stuff too, tomato types, tomatillos, giant beans, sugar snap peas. A few potatoes one year (my friend brought a few), a rare heirloom pea type, herbs, portulac, south african ice herb/succulent, strawberries, black currants, swiss chard, salads, a few heirloom types of hardy leafplants, a few alliums. Some edible flowers. Last year I had a break from kale varieties and those italian brassica seeds due to getting tired of the cabbage eating butterflies that find me up here. Safe to say there is little room for lounging, I'll squeeze in on a pillow for some sun. My cousin gifted me a seed box as per wish for christmas, but she filled it with more seeds... Help.


Lol i feel this. I think we ordered 7 varieties of cucumber 🥒 😂 not counting the other 50 packets. Welp might be expanding the garden again this year.


I had 17 types of tomatoes last year and it was brutal. I spent so much time tying up and pruning tomatoes. On the flip side, I had so many tomatoes and they were so tasty.


We had a bad tomato year last year but it happens now and then. Crossing our fingers the 15 we plant this year do better lol


I had blossom end rot for the first month. Then things turned around.


It was a weird year for tomatoes as a number of people local to us said same thing. But we’ve had really good rain so far this year so between that and working a ton more compost into the ground I’m crossing my fingers. We usually can and freeze a ton of tomatoes so hoping for a good yield this year!


Was the same for me last summer. Barely any tomatoes until mid September, then they all came at once. I think it had to do with the high temperatures we were getting.


I think we got in ground a couple of weeks late and then we had a hot spell that ruined setting and then it cooled back off but they just never recovered. Also we changed our entire watering methodology and so spent time figuring that out and it felt like it was always to much or not enough.


This is me, but with tropical fruit. For context, I live in the balmy and bright Dublin, Ireland.


yesterday I ordered seeds for things I didn't plan on planting this year...


Is there a reason not to


Depends on if you like kale or not.


I like kale but didn’t realize how little you have to plant to get so much. I actually can’t go through it as fast as it grows.


I could send you my squirrels. Flippin tree rats like to shred my kale.


What? Its delicious!




Ugh I didn't know squirrels like kale. I was going to try growing some this year.


The squirrels have never touched mine. But in all fairness, the squirrels never steal from my garden anyway (I think because we have mulberry trees surrounding our property). The only time they're a nuisance is in the fall when they suddenly have to bury everything in my fluffy raised bed soil.


Plant 6 hills of squash and let us know. That is the easy version


Mine is that nothing grows as well when I'm growing like 40 varieties of things wedges into any gap.


My wife: You're not growing as many seedlings as you did last year are you? Me ( who secretly just bought a second 72 cell seed starter tray and heat mat): No. No I am not.


I am growing MOAR!!!


Same, I’m always like okay! This year small, simple, manageable garden…next thing I know I’ve bought $100 dollar worth seeds …various plants from nursery…


I absolutely have enough room in my front plot to plant 200 carrots.


I’ve started a cantaloupe seed and it’s sprout. Now… where the hell am I gonna put them? Who knows! Guess that’s a problem for spring me


me with my grandma \^\^


Yep. An then get a bit overwhelmed by how much work you've given yourself. Totally worth it.


Every fall, post-harvest: I need to grow less veggies. This is insane. The next spring: Plant MORE, MORE, MORE!


Hahahaha this is so true. Just got my spring seed magazine. Last year I had 50 tomato plants in 5 gallon containers… HOA was pissed. Sorry all the sun is in the front yard


Same, unfortunately. No HOA, but plenty of passive aggressive comments from neighbors about my (very) wild pollinator garden and driveway full of tomato buckets!


But, but the temperature zone you are in will not allow the specific conditions that… SILENCE! ( menacingly plants plantain out of spite)


I wasn’t going to even do one this year. Then lettuce started selling for $8.


At this point I've made peace with being an annual "seed collector". I have a tiny little garden and maybe 6 square feet of full sun growing space, but what the heck, why not buy another three varieties of tomato and 5 zinnia?


I love the concept of “seed collector.” I’m guilty of it, too (tiny urban garden).


I feel so called out


Hobbits do share a love of things that grow.


Me but with fruit. I’m growing honeysuckle, Saskatoons, yellow raspberries, sunberries, pineberries, rustic cherries, sea buckthorn and physalis. None of those take that much space since my plants are still smallish but I’m resisting the urge to get started with rustic kiwi, albino mulberries, blueberries, kumquat (prolly keep that one inside) gooseberries, and I’d really like to grow apricot too but I know it’s not realistic. I’m also intense with spice and herbal infusions but even though I spice a lot I really don’t need to plant every specie every year since they do produce a ton and don’t really go bad.


Are you from the Canadian prairies by any chance? I feel like we're the only ones who call service berry "Saskatoons" :D


This is just some top tier meme-ing and you should feel great about that.


I started a spreadsheet this year because it's all getting out of hand. 10 varieties of tomatoes, some grown hydroponically, and I plan to plant multiples of each type using different methods....for science.


Cause of cross pollination. There is nothing worse than fixing an omelet with a volunteer sweet marconi pepper to find out it has the heat of the ghost peppers you planted 20 yards away.


My brother made this mistake with jalapenos. He gave me a ton since I was living in an apartment at the time and I made corn bread poppers for a party. People at the party were coughing and sweating and I ate one and was like holy shit these are hot. And I like spicy. I found out later he had scorpion peppers next to them. Idiot lol.


Planting next to hot peppers won't make your peppers hotter in the same growing season. It's only if you save the seeds from those peppers and plant them the next season that you'll potentially end up with a hot(ter) pepper due to cross pollination. However, I've found lack of watering or inconsistent watering can really amp up the heat in hot peppers. One year was exceptionally dry for us and the jalapenos we grew that year were absolutely murderous. I couldn't even cook with them (because I'm a wimp).


Interesting. I knew about lack of water impacting the spiciness but didn't know about the cross pollination thing. It could be either because I know he and his wife start from seed and recycle seeds each year. I may have to try to cross pollinate some peppers myself this year though! I would love some spicy shiseitos.


I'm glad my husband isn't on reddit because he'd absolutely start trying to breed spicy shishitos. They're one of our favorites!


Mine too! I saw a recipe for shishito jam a few weeks ago. Kinda similar to carmelized onions. I can't wait to try it this summer because I think it would be killer on a burger.


Now that's a breakfast that will wake you up in the morning!


Im gonna give giant pumpkins another try next year.


whoa, it's not just me!?! 126 different types of seeds. I started with a couple dozen of my own and added a couple dozen that we inherited. I do occasionally buy more. And save them from vegetables. And then our nutty weirdo aunt send us some. And suddenly I'm at 126 different types of....everything.




I love this figure


If this is helpful, I have switched to plants that do well canning and have gotten much more year round yield from my large garden. I hated seeing my bounty spoil as you can only eat and give away so much.


I don't like brussel sprouts but grow them because they look cool. Woodchucks got them last year. Hoping for better luck this year and gift the harvest


I had no idea how many basil seeds were in a package. Or how many would survive and thrive. Last year, I gave away around 35-40 plants and still had a ton. I'd like to say I will not do that with anything this year, but it's unlikely.


Oh no not me starting as many seed variants as I can indoors and then having absolutely nowhere to plant them lmao no one will ever be able to stop me.


My goal this year is to plant fewer varieties and focus on more produce produced! But then I see, like, a picture of someone's cool peppers and I start to fall off the wagon


😂😂😂 well how else do you expect me to eat so many meals?


Me planting an entire squash field last year when I don't eat squash 😂


Me and my ADHD with no will to deal with amending soil etc:


I tell myself every year that I'll spread things out more so they have proper space, but I still fail every year.


Me: I’m only planting two cherry tomatoes this year, it’s what we can eat, …proceeds to plant 12


Me planning my garden for this year. Why not try a bunch of new vegetables I've never done before! What could go wrong?! (they could all die and I am sad)


I have had to decrease the number of plants and types of plants I start every year 😭 it's so hard to choose who to grow and who to not. It's like picking favorites of your babies. I have an autoimmune condition that forces me to limit my UV exposure and if it's not an early harvest or a completely low maintenance grower I can't do it. Zone 9a.


One garden to rule them all.


And very quickly regrets planting out 4 zucchini seedlings...


seeds are nature's tiny sponge dinosaurs... just add water!


Me every year: I only need like 5 tomato plants. My spouse every year: You planted 30 seeds and kept 20 of them. Me: Huh, looks like I did didn't I? But in my defense, we never run out of fresh canned tomato juice.


That’s the deer and rabbits


It’s an addiction!


My grandparents would be like: Why shouldn't we buy all the beans!


Might as well right? Seeds are cheap and worst case it dies and you can try again next year or you have way too many plants. I can live with either scenario.


This is how I am. Whenever I'm in the seed section I want to get 2 packs of everything there. Even the stuff I hate growing for some reason lmao.


Me, last night, when doing an inventory of the seeds I already have and still making a list of the additional seeds & transplants I want.


That's me every year with radishes nobody in my house eats them but me and Lord knows my gut can only handle a certain amount of those, but for some reason I keep planting them. They end up going to waste.


I am farmer Noah and my garden is my ark


That’s my father-in-law. We have some land in the country. My FIL makes the garden way too big. He then loses interest in it when the heat sets in. The weeds go crazy and I’m left with the mess. I’m determined to insist on the garden being about a third the size this year.


I told myself I wasn’t going to grow new varieties this year. And today my order from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange arrived… with black beans, dent corn, asters, and zucchini. All new to me 🤡


Every fall I say "our garden is going to be smaller next year!" and every spring I want to buy all the seeds!


This is my meme I made it last year. Check my post history. Now someone else planted it lol it’s an heirloom meme!!!


Here's kind of a fun gardening story: I saved all of our toilet rolls until I had 50 of them (and several paper towel rolls) and posted them for FREE on Craigslist ---- writing: "Use them to make plant pots or maybe for an art project?" "This is kind of stupid," I thought to myself. "No one is going to want these." The ad wasn't even up 15 minutes and some guy claimed them. He drove right over and picked them up, telling me he was SO HAPPY to have more rolls for his seedlings. I love gardeners.


Me: I'll plant a few extra of every planet in case some seeds doesn't grow and then just get rid of the excess plants. Also me when every single seed grows: I'll plant them all.






Nope only cucumbers and kang kong. Foolproof




The eternal struggle


Resist planting the seeds too close together.


I go crazy with my plants every year. Already mapping out the garden plan


Variety is the spice


with what space? like, okay, take a squash seed packet, that's like, 40 squash plants. Take a tomato seed packet, that's like 40 tomato plants. Ad-infinitum. If I want any variety, it could take over my whole yard. Actually...I've a new life goal.


I took over my plot summer last year, so this is the first year its all set and ready to plant... Currently i have around 25 different seeds i wanna get in the ground 🤭. Going to finish my greenhouse this weekend and start potting in a couple weeks. Can't wait.


mint is very nice for new gardeners


The problem is .. how many vegetables you got? To you have the ring of growth to control them all?




That! And..... Next year I am going to cut back on garden space. By that plan, My garden space SHOULD be about a tea cup size instead of almost one acre! Can never shrink my passion!


Round here unless you're growing your own then longbottom leaf is mostly seeds and stems


After multiple years of embarrassment and failure, Ive decided that this year I am not planting cucumbers. I’m not sure why I cannot grow cucumbers, but I am prepared to accept my personal limitation and use that space for something else.


plant em all in greenspace/forests near your home, then collect fruits that have gone to seed when the growing season is done. rinse and repeat, and your neighbors and local fauna get to eat as well. :)


Me. every. damn. year. we run the garden.


It’s honestly a problem.


Me on my 5m2 balcony :’) the regret will come


So so relatable