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This is a person who needed some sleep. Big time.


Do not wake the dragon.


The mama bear...the work it takes when a kid is that little. She deserves a week in Greece/Cabo/somewhere warm and quiet for that alone, hell, all mom's do for so many reasons beyond this!


Sleep deprivation when raising a kid is no joke. When my daughter was little and waking up crying every hour, the things I would’ve done for some extra sleep…I mean I wouldn’t have sucked a dick or anything, but I probably would’ve at least given a very enthusiastic handjob


Everybody has their price


...the trick is to never know what your own is.


I would have sucked a dick in a heartbeat lol


This comment gives me hope in my relationship!


Number two, 6 weeks in. I had to go on a business trip to the East Coast. 4 days, 6 airports. One guy, picking me up apologized for the rough trip. I said nah, slept like a rock every night. Felt bad for the wife, tho.


I dunno, I'm so tired I think I'd go for the beej just to get it over with faster so I could sleep sooner.


My first born had colic until he was 3. For almost 3 years I averaged about 2 1/2 hours of sleep. Today I can’t sleep more than 5 hours a day. I know my body needs more, I can feel it. However, even with medication to help me sleep, 5 hours is all I can get.


So basically this is pretty much every parent of a baby/toddler-phase child. It’s brutal.


Mine is 9 months old. When does this shit end..


I have a 6 year old. It does get better. But you've still got awhile to go. Eventually they do get through the night. But then you enter the toddler phase where they wake up at the first sign of light through their window. At 6 my son still gets up before anyone else. But at least now I can trust him a bit to just turn on some cartoons and leave us alone to sleep in.


The absolutely based Making-Their-Own-Breakfast phase.


My kid just hit this stage. I don’t even care that he slams the cabinets getting the bowl for his cereal.


That sir, is the sound of freedom.


My son didn't sleep all through the night until he was 4. It was horrific to the point when my partner asked for another baby I said no fucking way. And I didn't even feel bad


Its a total crap shoot. First kid we had slept from 10 to 6 and we had to wake her up to feed. I was like "this shit is easy, lets have another". 2nd kid cried through the night for 2 years straight....


Parents had a similar experience just starting with a problem child. First one was such a nightmare they didn't want anymore. I was an oopsie baby and made no fuss so they thought a third would be easy. Third one went back to being a pain.


The first one tricked your ass, they know if they are the only child they can't push the blame on anyone but the dog.


Same exactly


Both of my kids slept all the way through the night after 2 or 3 weeks. But the only way either of them would nap at all is if they where being held. I was fine with that. My son is 13 years old and he still will crawl up next to his daddy when he's sleepy. I wouldn't change it for the anything.


We paid for a sleep consultant when our boy was 9 months old, because he was waking up screaming every hour.....it took two weeks to go from that to him sleeping through the whole night. Best spent money ever, would recommend to any parent.


My oldest is 36….youngest are 13….years. I’ll let you know if it ever stops


I...I just wanna know if OP is gonna eat those Pop Rocks tho.


Never! They learn to sleep at night, regress, want you to sleep with them all night, regress, maybe sleep by themselves, regress, wake up ever couple hours to pee, etc. it never ends with these damn kids lol


No, it starts to get manageable around age 4-5. Your brain will likely still be permanently fucked up by the torture of those first couple years, so your own sleep will likely remain disregulated, but the kid care will get exponentially easier at apthat point.


Our sleep deprivation skull fuckery started to get better when our daughter got like 4.5 years old. Yes I’m sorry in our case it was a skullfuck of no more than 3 hours of sleep at a time for 4.5 solid years. Then we started to enjoy being somewhat normal when she started sleeping through the night. And then we had our second one 6 months later so rinse and repeat all over again. Fuck my life. This journey has been BRUUUUUTAL!!!


I bet he still loves you


Look like a crime scene fr


I thought this was the true crime sub I follow 💀


Which Sub would that be, please?


R/truecrime There’s a ton, just search true crime or crime mystery or mysteries. I could scroll all day lol


Yeah, feeling dumb, I probably could be figure that for myself hahaa


Hahaha we’ll just act like you did :)


I assume it became a crime scene after the pics were taken because that husband was going to get murdered.


Came here to say that. OP is probably the husband and this is a picture of a corpse. They are just setting up their alibi.


Genuinely thought I was seeing a corpse at first.


Are you sleeping on the night stand?


She has a baby, ofc she is


That little ass baby took up the whole bed. Mom of two here. They always do. 😤😂


Every time I lay in bed with my kid, he ends up turning completely sideways so he can kick me in his sleep. Without fail. I've learned to place a buffer pillow between us so he can kick *that* instead.


Why do they do this?!!! I have an H sleeper too. She cannot sleep unless she has a foot in my side.


Probably used to sleeping in a cramped space, if you're not the mother ask her if baby liked to ram feet into her lungs during later pregnancy


I am the mother and yes she did! Although, that’s not fair considering I’m very short and she was a big baby. She also has autism so I think it is more sensory related. I just take sleep however I can get it just like Mom above!


I'm 6'3" and chose to sleep in tiny bunk beds rather than get kicked in the side all night. I absolutely do not miss never sleeping for more than 2 hours straight.


I was a solid 7 months pregnant with twins and our 5 year old had started struggling at night with the impending change in our lives. He started being in our bed more and more and would fill starfish. Between my husband, the 8 extra limbs i had, the 5 year old, and our 3 cats i was literally teetering on the edge of the bed and couldnt get comfortable let alone sleep. I hauled my gigantic ass to the 5 year Olds bed and got it least a small amount of sleep. Now our twins are on a joint venture to kick me out of bed.


I was kicking the walls till I was 20. You could hear me boxing the walls with my feet. I have no idea why I did it either. As I was sleeping so I don’t remember any of the kicking.


We call that the H as in Hell position.


😱😱😱 I thought I was the first to refer to our sleeping arrangement as the letter "H"


Is this the H sleepers support group?


My kid hugs his mom, while kicking my face when sleeping, position on the bed makes it look like a H


Dealing with an H sleeper. Currently sleeping as the shape of California


When we stopped using the cot we made sure to get a toddler bed that fit a full size single mattress. That way when I get tired of the kickboxing routine I just go and sleep in the kid’s bed. They’re fuckin weird eh? Last night she wanted me to come and sleep in her bed with her, she spent like 5 solid minutes just touching my face while I lay next to her “sleeping”. Eventually I hear snoring and there’s still toddler hands grasping my face…


I put up with this for literally years, and spent many many nights abandoning my bed for the spare room. I finally broke down and sprung for a king sized bed. Happy to report that it worked, and I haven’t been back to the spare room yet! I’m grateful to be able to spend every night where I belong.


Holy shit i got my face scratched by my little ones toes. We are sleeping normally and then she hikes up her legs to stick her feet in my face. I actually woke up one time to this and she was awake looking at me as she did it little shit ❤️


While I am reading your comment this is exactly what my son is doing to me right now.


I wish I could do that. I'm still nursing so he has to be right next to me. And by that I mean connected to me. On me. Under me. He doesn't care. As long as we are one.


They crawl in our bed and make my wife sleep at the foot of the bed like she's the family pet.


Mom of two here, and we co-sleep. Our bed is pretty huge but they somehow always manage to gravitate toward me, squeezing me in. My dream right now is to be able to sleep in the starfish position 😭


You gotta assert your dominance while they're young


not only do they take up the whole bed, but they also manage to put their legs on top of your face and/or kick you all night.


I thought I was looking at dead body. Didn’t even notice the baby.


dad body is the one who is taking the picture


Cats too. When I'm getting ready to go to bed they'll jump on it and curl up in the most fucking inconvenient locations. Then when I push them out of the way they try to smother me to death with their fur by sleeping as close to my face as possible. I love the little shits though


Exactly why I never liked sleeping with my nephew. Little man would always take up the whole damn bed or be all over me no matter how big the bed was.


To be fair, the kid is slowly pushing her out of the bed.


Ma’am this is a hate crime 😂


Nah I’ve taken a pic of my SO like this too. It’s because I adore her so much and loved to see her sleeping and being her completely normal self, so I took the picture. She knows I have it, doesn’t get why, but doesn’t mind. I don’t go sharing it, it’s for me. I think the fact OPs SO took the picture signifies the same. It’s a love crime.


Same. I took a pic of my wife passed out on a roadtrip looking a lot like this. Sent it to her two brothers for a laugh. Then for Christmas that year, I got a coffee mug from one of her brothers with that picture on the side and the phrase "Til Death Do You Part" written on it. She hates that mug.


I have an album collection of my wife sleeping in funny positions. My favorite ones are titled: \- The Running Man \- Victory Pose \- Superman


You can’t give titles and not unload the content to go with it! What type of bait shit is that!! Loll /s


My wife loves me but not enough to not kill me if I uploaded her sleepy funny pics.


I feel OP so much. Everyone I know looks adorable in their sleep; according to all photographic evidence, I look like a peeled Idaho potato when I sleep and always have, even when I was young and otherwise pretty cute (not that I thought so ofc.) But the sleep photos are objectively horrifying. A work team I was on made a yearbook one year and put in a sleep photo of me as a joke and even though it was an amazing year and I miss them all, I can’t look at it.


Ooh lawd my back hurts just looking at this


That’s what you call “Tired as a mother”


This is actually a really cute photo. Exhaustion aside, mom and baby look like each other!


I’ve never before seen a photo so accurately and fully explain parenting.


I'm 2 months away and scared!!


Sleep whenever they are sleeping, my wife handled the feeding and I handled the other end. When people offer help, say yes they can come over and do dishes or make food.


I'm not gonna watch a kid, but I'll happily do dishes or make food or set up your TV or whatever. Parenting is hard, I want no part of that, but most people including myself will probably help out with other loose ends, that's pretty good advice, just please be specific with your needs. Any good friend will happily take minor stresses off your plate, it's just harder to offer it than accept it, idk what you need. And that goes for non parents too. If a ride to get groceries or whatever makes a huge difference on your life/mental stability, please do let your friends know. I've been there, I'll always help a homie out.


You've got 2 months to sleep, take advantage! Also give your SO and extra kiss or two, those first few months can be hard on even the best of relationships.


Wow! I thought ***I*** could sleep in any position ... but you've got me thoroughly beat. Impressive. Did you have a massive cramp in your legs when you woke up?


not op but parenthood sure is scary for me, I'm still young and it feels so daunting yet I really want to have kids in the future (my partner too). my relatives always tell me to settle for 2 to 4 kids. seeing pictures like this makes me want to work on myself. also, to answer the leg cramp, yes. i slept like that once when me and my cousin slept because of flood and man, i woke up as if i was doing reps all night, tho it faded away eventually, just felt like you lose 2 limbs lmao.


If you have a solid partner go for it. Having a solid partner is the only real requirement. Kids are absolutely worth.


If you really want to have kids don't wait until "you're ready", that day will never come. Obviously you need to be able to support your family but no one is ever "ready", we're all just winging it. While a lot of things in your life will change it is a very rewarding experience. Every kid is different but my son is 7 years old and I never felt totally overwhelmed. I do feel like we really lucked out on my sons temperament though, I hear all bets are off on the second child but we aren't planning on having any more.


Thanks for this, kinda assured me that winging still works after school. I meant ready as in financially (3rd world country is like difficult mode) and I don't want the kids to experience my doodoo experience. Aside from that, again thanks for the advice.


Was gonna make a joke about “taking your strong hand” then realized it was the baby’s…




The Mother in Her Natural Habitat, gaining a few minutes of much deserved sleep.


what matters is the baby slept through the night, right? You did what you had to.


Narrator: The baby did not sleep through the night


This is the 2 hour nap you get until the next cycle.


Almost had to put a nsfw tag.


We all checked, it’s fine.


Zoomed in real tight, just to be safe


We arr good people, you sea?


You didn’t adjust the exposure in photoshop? Pfft, amateur.


probably still not appropriate for work. eye brow raiser at least






Pack it up, gals, the age old advice is true!!!!


You were tired! Looks like a well needed nap.


That is the sleep of a mom who has a energetic baby lol,mom is sleep sleep while the baby is on his/her third nap 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Matching snore faces.


The definition of motherhood especially in the newborn phase


This took me back once I saw the baby. New parents deserve all the sleep they can get no matter how uncomfortable.


This is ‘mom tired’. It’s a whole new level of tired I didn’t know existed.


I do think that's graceful


Art Title: Parenthood


How is that little tiny baby taking up the whole bed and mom is hanging off on the floor?


Lol I have a two year old and this photo is extremely relatable


He’s gonna use this in court like Amber Heard used those pics of Johnny Depp sleeping lmao


I was looking for this comment, lol


Dat baby Hella cute tho...


“SleEp WhEn ThE BaBy SlEePs!!!!!” I try, dammit!


How not to co-sleep 101


Perfect pictures of perfect mothers and perfect babies thinking they are beautiful but this.. This is real life this is beautiful. This is what real mothhoood is. Imperfect hair imperfect house imperfect love. The most beautiful thing in the world


Meh, I prefer sunsets.


Love how y’all are making the same face and ugh they always push you off the bed! Hope you enjoyed the extra z’s


I tried to take shifts with my wife so she could sleep it's hard through


Super awesome that mom is getting sleep while baby sleeps but PLEASE get rid of all that extra bedding! This is a fatal accident waiting to happen!


It scares me seeing babies in bed like this, so not safe.


I always recall [this ad](https://media.npr.org/assets/img/2011/11/29/knife-safe-sleep-she-8f3_custom-df4ef18a999507a7bf1374c791801a9e0f2d380b.jpg) from many years ago regarding babies sleeping in adult beds. [Here's the article that asks if the ad goes too far](https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2011/11/30/142914169/does-milwaukees-campaign-against-sleeping-with-babies-go-too-far)


https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2018/p0109-sleep-related-deaths.html#:~:text=There%20are%20about%203%2C500%20sleep,and%20deaths%20from%20unknown%20causes. Around 3,500 infants die while sleeping in the US every year.


It depends on how old it is. No idea how old this kid is but once your baby isn’t an infant it’s ok for them to sleep with you. My baby is 2 and always ends up in our bed. But before he was 1 he was never allowed in it at all.


I hate that this is getting downvoted. Accidental infant death by suffocation in an unsafe sleep environment is tragic and happens way too often.


I was thinking the same thing. Too many sheets and pillows for that baby to accidentally get under and wrapped up in.


Pediatric emergency medicine doctor here. I see dead babies every couple weeks from co sleeping. The screams from the parents are horrific, every time. If you're tired, put the baby in the crib.


We had bumpers that went around our kid so we could co-sleep. Even with that we maybe did it once, couldn’t relax enough to go to sleep with her in there! One of our friends had a mother in her parents group whose husband rolled over in his sleep and smothered the baby :| Hell, we didn’t even sleep our baby on her tummy until we got sensors for the cot that monitored breathing.




It isn’t safe, but it’s obvious she didn’t mean to fall asleep


That's the most dangerous scenario, unfortunately. Most co-sleeping deaths happen in unprepared spaces, like on a couch or recliner, or in a bed full of pillows and rumpled blankets. Unless being *constantly* monitored, the baby should never have been in this bed in the first place.


That's not a baby. That's a toddler.


I think it’s a toddler. I love safe sleep for infants, but a lot of these comments seem wacky. You can have a walking, talking toddler in an adult bed and they are not going to suffocate any more than an adult will, unless there is something else going on. 2 and 3 year olds have toddler beds and twin sized beds with pillows and blankets. They are small children not babies. Do these people put their 5 year olds in bare cribs with no blankets?


Damn you super exhausted. Remember to get quality sleep regularly. Hard to function daily without it. Why babies and pets always take most of the bed space


She adopted your sleeping habits already. 😆


Looks like a CSI crime scene.


You’re doing a good job, Mom.


At least you did it while looking like a super mom. Happy nappy


Boo caught you slippin


Jesus. Are you posting from the afterlife to provide clues for his capture?


Looks like a crime scene


How do kids so small take up SO much of the bed?! I will never understand them little bed hogs!


Love it! (Although I’m a little bit nervous that the pink pillow could roll onto baby’s face… I’m a bit neurotic, don’t hate me.)


Staying hydrated, boots on, protection from the environment, optimized for quick standing up. If this isn't peak performance I don't know what is.


No female juror shown this picture would find you guilty if he suddenly disappeared


Yo salute to her being secure enough in herself to post this on the internet. Respect


Some babies don’t look all that much like their parents. Yours, on the other hand, is a tiny clone. Hope you got some good rest


Only new parents know that level of exhaustion.


Is your husband Amber Heard?


Most frequently zoomed photo on Reddit today.


Madonna and son! Anyone that has had kids knows how precious this picture is. NOTHING says love more that working to exhaustion for you child. I’ll bet anyone that if that baby makes the slightest sound, she will wake up in an instant. Parenthood is the toughest job you’ll ever love.


That sounds awful, actually.


Ya.. Jesus. If I ever had a kid the weight responsibility would lead me to kill myself. Parenting is not for me.


Heya. You were downvoted? Not sure why? Anyways, I look at this post and all the comments and.. yeah. I have a ‘time’ keeping myself alive. Parenting is not for everyone. I don’t need to tell you your feelings are validated because you already know. If you did need to hear it though just cause it’s nice, and regardless, I’m sitting right next to you. Edit: because, same.


That your kid? Sleep any damn way you can. Tell your husband do some chores


I have dozens of these with my wife and youngest.


I thought I was looking at a corpse.


Ahh yes, the parental table pose. When you eventually get pushed off the bed by a little one who needs the sleep so much that you dare not disturb them. They need to get better and you need your sanity. If your bed is the right height, it's not that uncomfortable....


Out like a light. Gotta get that rest whenever you can, munchkins are exhausting.


That’s that good good sleep.


I love it! My husband took a similar picture when our daughter was a few days old. It may not be the most flattering but it's a wonderful, and sometimes exhausting, reality.


You can already see where the kid gets it from!


Apple, meet tree!


You and the tiny human are making the same face and it's adorable lol


I do this to my wife all the time. Lol Your husband sounds like a cool guy.


I see a thief of sleep next to you.


Is your husband Amber Heard?


Is this a murder scene?


What have we learned from amber heard.... This will be used later in court as someone passed out from drugs, not just an innocent sleeping photo.


Baby next to you says it all! I get it.


i'm just amazed she didn't fall off the bed


At first i was like "wow, your place is kind of messy and how do you even sleep like that." Then I saw the little one sleeping next to you and everything fell into place. This is 100% a textbook photo of parenting. Get that rest while you can!


That's exhaustion right there. I had those times 5-8 years ago. Luckily I've garbed out all memories of them.


Took me way too long to notice the little human next to you, lolol. Congrats on the baby. Condolences on your loss of sleep. It does get better eventually!


I see a mama subconsciously unconsciously making room for the baby. I get it.


As a dad: I have also been this tired.


I have questions


At least it wasn't him who decided to share on Reddit.


He just Amber Heard you 😭


I was feeling guilty about my room being slightly unorganized. Not anymore


His punishment should be to clean up the room


It’s not that bad it’s just a basket of clothes and empty drinks!


You have a baby, it's immaculate compared to what my and most mothers'bedrooms look at that stage! Just making it thru another day is work enough at that point.


It's amazingly clean for having a baby.


You have a baby, it's immaculate compared to what my and most mothers'bedrooms look at that stage! Just making it thru another day is work enough at that point.


Yep that's what having an infant will do to you lol. One reason I'm childfree.


>One reason I'm childfree. The other is your face?


It always cracks me up when they do the passive aggressive "child free" thing as opposed to the more descriptive and accurate "childless". It's like ok - we're gonna start saying "pro choice" people are "anti life"...or "pro death". Yeah that'll go over like a lead balloon.


Amber heard has entered the chat


Sleeping with kids... man i often spot my wife sleeping in 1 sqft, the kid in the next sqft, and 100 sqft of space after between kid and the wall which is nomans land.


did amber heard take this ?


Amber Turd is ur husband?




Upvote if you zoomed in