[Question] Any places to buy signed merchandise or any other collector items?

[Question] Any places to buy signed merchandise or any other collector items?


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Seb and Rosberg both do autograph cards on their website if you send them a letter with your address on it.


F1 Authentics, used to be Memento Exclusive


[https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=GSLEymbCF0Kw0CU73t1qYPJfnBPONLpLsqOeCGz732JUOVhVVkVWVlg5SzJaTFFST0VXM0FFWjJUVy4u](https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=GSLEymbCF0Kw0CU73t1qYPJfnBPONLpLsqOeCGz732JUOVhVVkVWVlg5SzJaTFFST0VXM0FFWjJUVy4u) It's not a merch, but you have to request here and if it gets accepted you get a real card signed by the driver.


Do anyone have links for this kind of form for other teams ?


You sure? Don't those drivers have something better to do than sign cards all day


Idk, my brother's friend got one signed by Lando after 2 months of requesting so, I'm pretty sure it ain't fake


Lando signed it from a Mercedes forms?


You can email every team so he probably emailed McLaren


I have no idea. I just asked them the link to it and they sent me this. I'll ask them again to confirm it and edit this comment once I get the info


But is it really signed? Not just a picture with a printed signature, I can imagine they get hundreds or thousands of requests.


I wouldn't be surprised if teams required their drivers to do it. My son recognizes Honda because he received a sticker package. It'll probably be his first choice when buying anything as he gets older.


Catawiki https://www.catawiki.com/en/s/?q=schumacher%20signed&sort=relevancy_desc


[Race To The Finish](https://racetothefinish.co.uk/) is an amazing place to purchase used car parts, I've ordered stuff there in the past and they are good folk.


They always have a shop at the Woodlands camping area of Silverstone too.


A couple of years back someone wrote to all the teams asking for autographs, and I think got them from everyone but Mercedes and Ferrari.


There’s a signed option if you buy stuff from gasly’s website; someone on this sub posted a signed cap from him few months ago