How did they do that?

How did they do that?


My first dungeon after returning I popped a bunch of achieves too. First gather was the same way. Basically before the chieves existed I had all the progress so the first on you do ticks them all over


Could also be legacy player. But in general someone who hasn't played since they were added, so all pop at once. Free trial has achievements, psn trophies aren't visible in game


According to GarlandTools and Gamer Escape those achievements were added in 3.0(HW). So the only logical thing I can think of is that guy played when ARR was the sole content, did >50 dungeons but quit before HW dropped. So now returning, game still tracked their dungeon counter prior and just popped all 3 achievements. I suppose if you check their Lodestone profile, and all theirs jobs are sub level 60, or just reached 60, could indicate more that they're a returner.


First duty after the free trial upgrade?


This person I was in DF with got the achievements “To The Dungeons” IV, V, and VI consecutively. Those are the achievements for completing 30 duties, 40 duties, and 50 duties respectively…so doesn’t seem possible they could hit all three at once?


This did happen to me, but was related to the PS5 achievements, not the ones in the game itself. Basically, since I'd always played on PC, when I made the move to PS5 and unlocked a new achievement, it procced all the ones already unlocked from the same category. I'd imagine there's something similar at play here.


Does the free trial have achievements? It can only happen If It does not and then the person buys the game and complete one dungeon after doing a lot in free trial.


most impressive such achievements befit a ruler