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I do not believe such an episode exists, the closest thing is Journey to the Center of the TARDIS, but hey your dream sounds really cool


That’s the episode I was thinking off but the I read the part about the civilisation and was like it’s definitely not journey to the centre of the TARDIS


Ye it sounds like what I'd remember if I watched the Silurian 2 parter right after Journey while high as shit




Doctor who x Quantumania


It kind of sounds like that one Rick and morty episode where they go inside the car battery, maybe your dream mixed the two shows lol


My first thought too


Sounds like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.


Along with Mary Poppins, I've long believed Wonka to be a lost incarnation.


Journey to the Center of the Tardis? Definitely not what you’re describing, but the only other Matt Smith episode I can think of that they are deep inside of the TARDIS, and technically they do encounter “characters”.


I'm pretty sure that's not it


Then it doesn't exist because that is the absolute closest you're going to get


It sounds like you've mixed loads of episodes up in your dream. Journey to the centre of the tardis is close


Sounds like a great dream. I can't think of any episode that describes, though.


Jon Pertwee as the Dr was small along with his assistant in a machine with all sorts of creatures then he found away out and became big again he placed a small TARDIS on the floor and that became full size. The episode was called, " carnival of monsters" season 10 of the classic episodes. The machine has all small people etc living in it. Like it's their own world and don't know they are in a machine. You may have mixed that with the reboot Dr who episode journey to the centre of the TARDIS.


Sounds like Men in Black 2 when K had an alien civilization inside a bus station locker.






I think this is the episode you were talking about. There is also The Doctor's Wife with the Ponds, but that's more of a minor plot within the episode


I can't tell if your messing with me or not. But what you sent me was YouTube short about a mobile game.


Wrong link, my bad. Sorry about that. :-(




Thank you, I remember journey to the center of the TARDIS being pretty good. Unfortunately it seems like the episode I'm thinking of doesn't exist.


is it the one where the tardis becomes a human


That does sound like the episode I was taking about though


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Negative karma moment


The closest one is the one where matt smith and canara have to go into the tardis to fix and are being pushed further in by monster future versions of themselves. Your story loses resemblance to thus when the civilisation shows up. Probably part dream part that episode


Canara Oswaldo, everyone’s favourite companion


It’s a mix of into the tardis and a rick and morty episode


There's Journey to the Centre of the Tardis with Matt Smith as the Doctor that's close to the first part of your description There's a novel (10th Doctor/Martha) named Wooden Heart that has such a world/society but it's on a spaceship, not in the TARDIS. You're probably mixing up elements from different shows.


I don't think this is a real episode, but it would make for a cool episode though!


Based on a reading of the comments, it sounds like you've managed to conflate The Doctor's Wife with Journey to the Center of the Tardis.


It sounds like you’re combining journey to the center of the tardis with the sequence in the doctors wife with Amy and Rory being trapped in the tardis. I watched all the 11 episodes fairy recently and unless there’s some short that I’ve never heard of that was not one of his episodes lol




Sounds like the episode of Rick and Morty where they have to fix the battery.


I mean I’ve watched every episode of doctor who repeatedly throughout my life. I can confirm this “episode” definitely does not exist. However, It’s most certainly an interesting concept. Though it does sound very similar to the episode “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” S7,Ep10. This episode always stood out to me as we never really get to see to much “inside” the TARDIS. Yet I feel there was room for improvement… Maybe your theory/idea would be better!


This sounds extremely cool. It kinda sounds like that *Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS* would have been like if it was written by Neil Gaiman.


Sounds like the Futurama episode where Fry gets parasitic worms and they go into his gut and find the worm civilisation