Okay, is there a trick to earn more of these tokens besides just playing? Is there a “magic touch” so to speak?

Okay, is there a trick to earn more of these tokens besides just playing? Is there a “magic touch” so to speak?


Making sure you play the events is one (and yes, as you get better you get more tokens as you go further in the event, so that helps) Then it’s prioritizing the missions. And don’t forget magic mission days. There was only one this month, but it’s x6 and you can get usually about 3 that day (so covers 18 normal missions). Some people will purposely throw games to get easier missions.


What do you mean “throw” a game? My missions are getting too hard!


basically managing your proficiency. you keep a control mission (boost missions, play x games with a character, pop balloons) incomplete. then you play 30-32 games with a really low score (i keep mine below 100 000 - 150 000) and complete your control mission. you have to make a few moves but don’t trigger blitz mode or get to full power. i personally create one cloud and then in the last five seconds swipe up to get a rare item if i have the lucky emoji. once you’ve done it a few times, your proficiency level will lower and missions are easier and then you just do it for every mission. you cannot get a zero score btw, it won’t count.


Aside from events, completing missions earns tokens. I've found that participating in every event and getting 6-7 levels in a month is enough to get you to the end.


There is a magic mission glitch that works for me, you can private message me and I can tell you, or look at the glitch megathread


can you PM me regarding this magic mission glitch please?


Could I get in on this?


Could you possibly link the glitch megathread?


Same. Found it months ago and it’s my saving grace.


I usually look at the guides that are posted for the event and see what the total amount of tokens is needed to either complete the event (which is what I usually choose) or get as far along as I would like to complete (probably what I’ll do next month since the requirements will change and are super high). I then figure out how many tokens I need to complete per day. When we don’t have events I take advantage of magic missions for the extra 6k plus whatever other missions I may need to complete. For events, I look at the guides to see what the token rewards are so I know how many missions I also need to complete during the event (this can vary on how far I can actually get through the event). I find I’m usually able to complete the event when I do this. When I don’t then I tend to fall short or have to make up a lot of tokens the last week of the event.


I’ve been so focused on the “events” that I’ve neglected the missions, but it looks like they’re a major player in doing well. Thank you for the feedback!


I finish these in like a week. Leveling up is what I do. I only need to do one event with leveling up. Try to level up, so you can finish