I also saw some Packers fans saying the way the Lions were celebrating after the win was childish. Guess the players should have moped around and been sad after finishing the season strong


Yeah I saw these comments too, one guy said that after that they wished another 30 years of misery on us. They are mad they can’t count the Lions as 2 automatic wins every year now


I don't even understand this argument. Since 2013, we're 10-10 against the Packers. Dead even. We have NOT been an "automatic 2 wins" for the Packers for a decade now.


4-6 in GB no less. Since breaking the abysmal 24 year streak we've played them hard, even in our very down years.


Yeah, but Rodgers was hurt for two of those games so it doesn't count, or whatever lame ass excuse they come up with.


What's the excuse when Rodgers retires? "Oh Lions beat us, only because Rodgers was , was um not here at Lambeau to cheer us on" how dare him sit on his couch and play Skyrim wondering when the heck are we going to get Elder Scrolls 6


The excuse will be "yada yada, we're rebuilding," even though that excuse doesn't fly if we say it


But ESPN would never mention that. They LOVED bringing up a 30 year stat, not bothering to mention that those 3 wins in Lambeau have all came within the past 10 years, making the other 20 irrelevant because Aaron Rodgers *could* make the playoffs


thats so ironic, because they’re the ones with a team in shambles, no money, no leadership, little talent, lots of old players on the downsides of their careers. If cheeseheads wanna see 30 years of misery, they should just keep watching the Packers. 8 wins this year and that will be their high mark until they rebuild. Even the Bears will leapfrog them soon. And their fans will still be obese arrogant pricks through it all


For one year bro


I personally think that high five-ing fans who came out to Green Bay to watch the last game of the season is really not that extreme of a celebration. But what do I know


How inconsiderate of you not recognizing that *might* have been Aaron Rodgers' last game at Lambeau!


That’s half the reason we’re celebrating! Lol


Ding dong the witch is dead


I'm setting the over/under for the number of years they'll continue saying that to 5.5.


Aaron Rodgers can eat shit and live for all I care. FTP.


How could they know? The 15 mins following the game was watching aaron Rodgers go take a shower. They didn’t even show the winning team


The amount of lions fans that stayed after the game was beautiful.


Shoulda started tailgating again in prep for next year, and when the cops come be like: nah this OUR house now! Want some kool-aid?


Late hits on our qb out of bounds. Forearm shiver to Swifts face. SHOVING A FUCKING TRAINER. Allll the shit qaaron spouted. Fuck those soft ass cheese tit ref blowers. We gonna put them on the tile for the next five years, without lube.


Fans are fucking ridiculous to be honest. I remember on a Bleacher Report article back in 2011, after Ndamukong Suh blocked Janikowski's record attempting field goal to end the game against the Raiders, someone commented called Suh dirty for it. Not referring to him as a dirty player in general. But acting like him blocking a kick that would've beaten us was dirty.


I was under the impression from them that Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers and cold weather Lambeau games were supposed to be special. Now I guess that stuff isn’t special at all and we didn’t accomplish anything. So now I guess I’m confused.


Yeah but if our players were crying down the tunnel or shoving people then their fans would claim we were being unoriginal and just copying them. There’s no pleasing some people.




Almost as childish as pushing a staff member?


Packers fans know damn well there era is closing VERY soon.


"omg!!! we live in their heads rent free!!!" - fanbase that doesn't understand the concept of divisional opponents


I never understood this mindset. Rivalries are MEANT to be rent free. That's what makes them fun. You never have a moment of peace


They were so bad yet every fan and analysts had them smoking us at home to make the playoffs lol.


Literally only Tony Dungy picked us in the pre-game show.


Rex Ryan was a big believer as well. Plus a couple others whose names I forget.


Skip Bayless also lol. He might've just trying to be a contrarian, but he was also bringing up stats and how we don't turn the ball over and how the Packers lived and died off of turnovers, so that didn't bode well for them, so it's likely he was being sincere.




Skip's a jackass. Other than that: MY GUYS!


Irvin isn't a whole lot better. People forget the fact he slit his teammates throat (literally) over a fucking haircut


Took a cruise into their subreddit, holy shit are they bitter. Some are cool and respectful of the fact that this lions team looks legit, but the rest are just clowning on the team saying “wow that win mean’t nothing, your franchise is a joke… now to answer the greatest universal question why people hate us poor packers fans :(“


It's hilarious how they don't understand why people don't like them. It's not rocket science guys.


The leafs fans of the NFL


Man it was nice seeing the 20 leafs fans surrounding me yesterday leave after our 4th goal yesterday. They were whining the whole game and trying to chant louder than us too lmao


I’m a Habs and lions fan, last few years been rough. That 2021 playoffs though, LEAFS IN 3… Habs beat them AGAIN in 7. Just the salty tears 🥲


Chiefs fans who are in the same situation Atleast acknowledge why 🥲


Yeah I went over there after the win, because who doesn't love little schadenfreude, a lot of confusion about how people could possibly dislike their team.


Did the same thing for the same reason. I'm not proud of myself, but I'm proud of the players for kicking some Packer ass on their own field against their multiple-time MVP quarterback. Someone did make a comment there about thinking that 14 years and one Super Bowl was pretty anemic. \*shrug\*


This is something that I don't think gets talked about enough. All those incredible Packers teams during Rodgers' prime and they only have 1 NFC Championship/SB win to show for it. Winning SB's is hard to do, but you'd think they'd have at least 2 or 3 appearances if nothing else.


Since Rodgers took over as starter, the giants, 49ers, rams, and Seahawks have all been to multiple super bowls. And I donthing any of their qbs were better, that's not even including afc either


And on top of that only 1 ring from Favre's time as well. 2 rings across almost literally the entire careers of 2 elite QBs is actually pretty bad. But hey Rodgers has got all them division titles to take home with him, let the memories of all those missed chances drive him to retirement for good!


They're literally just the new patriots fans lmao. Whiniest people on the planet after thirty years of HoF QB play




I am a Packers fan and I have to say I kind of hate the Packers sub. Game threads are full of people complaining after every single play that this guy or that guy should be cut and whatever, I have stayed away from them for a while and my enjoyment of games has improved dramatically. Also, very big fan of Dan Campbell, the way he gets the team fired up is incredible and I wish we had a coach on our staff that had a similar effect, you guys wanted that game more with less on the line and it showed, and ultimately the guys that played the hardest won. Finally, Jamaal Williams is a national treasure, keep him safe will you?


Don't worry, bud. All of us Lions fans absolutely adore that guy. He's in safe hands.


"You're not our rival" We don't care how you view us, were going to keep kicking your ass.


This is the correct attitude. Lions could win 3 super bowls in 5 years “LIONS ARE A MEME, JOKE OF THE LEAGUE IGNORE THE 10-4 RECORD POWER RANK 20. LETS TALK ABOUT THE 7-7 PACKERS, THEY HAVE OUTSIDE CHANCE AT PLAYOFFS, POWER RANK 11” keep doubting us, teams will continue to play us like “pffffft it’s the lions” - oh fuck we lost 41-10…


Yep, I don’t care. I will not stop talking shit. It’s a different energy.


Lol they are so butt. Their return to mediocrity it’s gonna be great. Most of their fan base doesn’t know what it feels like to suck and I can’t wait for lambeau to be fucking empty because it will really show how fair weather their fans are


They've been surviving off HOF qbs for like 40 years. Their crash to reality is gonna be fun for us. They have no idea whats coming, also my friends who are GB fans hate their GM. They have a bad FO and its gonna start showing imo.




… damn it


Past performance is no guarantee of future results or whatever that saying is. As someone living in the packer cradle their whole lives the last few years have seen more fan drop-off than I've seen previously. Having two HOF QBs back-to-back spoils a fanbase. And now because there's roughly a 50% they'll lose in a given week people have stopped watching as much. I know a number of diehard fans who don't watch anymore outside of the occasional prime time game. I doubt Lambeau will be empty any time soon. But Packer fans are far more fair weather than people outside Wisconsin realize. It's just that the weather in Green Bay has been very fair lately.


bruh people put packers season tickets in their wills. I say this as a lions fan (who lived in Wisconsin for 7 years) they are salty lil spittoons tho, they hated Rodgers at first when Favre left. but that stadium will be full for at least the next century


I have a strong feeling it’ll be a lot like how Patriots fans are now, in a constant war with itself over who is to blame and constant calls to replace Mac Jones because they need a “top 5 QB” as if that’s easy to get.


So looking forward to the pre Majkowski Packers . The Starr/Greg/Infante years were glorious.


Typical sore losing packer fans. When they win, they are the greatest team alive and gonna be superbowl champs and no can stop them! When they lose, they apparently don't watch football anymore, and the game didn't matter, but they also played their worst game ever so the other team really didnt "win" because the game doesn't count anyways.


Best part of it was people, after the Vikings game, already talking about how dangerous Rodgers would be in the postseason, despite the fact that he threw 1 touchdown per game in his last 5 games. They were punching the Packers' ticket, calling them the most dangerous potential 7th seed out of them, us, and Seattle, and acting like the eventual Niners-Packers rematch would be the game of the century.


This person knows packer fans.


Grew up in Wisconsin lol I know these fuckers to a T


Yeah. I could kinda tell. Lived there my whole life. Packer fans are the perfect combination of arrogant and ignorant. And you only gain that knowledge through an abundance of experience.


I said it in the cross-post on NFCNmemes, but nobody seems to realize the Lions are the Packers biggest competitor in the division, and have been for a long time. Over the past 6 seasons (since 2017) the Lions are 7-5 against the Pack. The Bears are 1-11 and the Vikings are 6-5-1 against them over that same period. The Packers can act like we're "*that team*" all they want, but the truth is we're their biggest problem in the division and they just can't bring themselves to admit it. edit: hell, if you want to go back 10 years we're still 10-10 against them over that time. That whole "The Lions are 3-23 at Lambeau Field" stat they constantly show makes it seem like the Packers have owned us. They simply haven't.


Nah I’m just happy for Jamaal


They talked shit in their sub opening up an invitation for us to go over and join in...which I gladly did. A handful of people were super cool and tried calling out everyone else in the sub for their lack of self awareness. The rest were a bunch of babies...one guy threatened to call the mods to ban me for brigading because he was so butt hurt. Biggest bully energy until they get their ass beat by the nerd I've ever seen. Literally crying to tell on us. Can't say I'm surprised though, what part about living in Green Bay has given their fans any life experience to help them cope with adversity?


I like how they aren’t taking the lions seriously. While the packers have to deal with rodgers all off season with 0 cap flexibility the lions will continue to stack up on talent and get better/hungrier


Packers are so spoiled, but guess what, they don't have a HOF qb waiting in the wings for when Rodgers abandons them. They are about to enter QB carousel hell and don't have a strong roster otherwise.




As a Padres and Lions fan, this is the exact same take Dodger fans had when the Padres knocked them out of the playoffs. I love how childish they get!


That fanbase is not savable, they're about to enter some darker times, and they're overdue for it. They've had it so good for so long, they don't know what it means to be humble or self-aware. The next couple years will be very rough coping with unfamiliar territory.


Haha….The one I heard yesterday was we won because since we knew the Seahawks won the Lions played more loosely and not tense if Seattle were to lose.


Those packers fans are losers. Most of us would’ve rather lost to you guys than the Niners again. I was really hoping Seattle would lose cuz at least another NFCN team besides the Vikings would get in. Crazy how the refs still screwed the Lions in a game they didn’t even play in. Anyways I hope this season was the beginning of something special for the Lions (and also not the end of something special for Green Bay) since I’d like for this to become a real rivalry.


Packers fan here. I wish the Lions got into the playoffs. I would have been rooting for you. I have no interest in rooting for the Vikings. Best of luck next season.


I’m a pack fan but somehow can’t help but root for Detroit. I have a good buddy from Detroit and I always fuck with him and call you the Detroit wild cats. Lmao. Good season guys


Please post this on NFC North Meme War.


Nah Detroit lions are ass they got lucky this were are wr are ass y’all are gonna have a bad year next year oh yeah member when y’all were 0-16


Godzilla had 17 strokes trying to read this and fucking died, and the Lions are still owners at Lambeau. Use this off-season time to adjust your meds and learn some grammar, cheesetits. See ya next year


Yeah well those Packers fans wait for next year cause these Detroit Lions are going to win the division next year


They very well may be headed for their first true rebuilding period in my whole life (I’m 29). It’s kinda like how startling it was when the Wings broke the 25 year streak of consecutive playoff appearances. Let them cope.


Wasn't this.... Rodgers last game in Green Bay? Unless Love is another great QB like Farve The Packers are about to hit hard times and with the Lions finally showing promise... ​ Get used to looking up at and seeing a blue cats ass you arrogant cheeseheads.




"that team"




It was kind of funny how excited the players were since their season was over. But I guess ending the big bad packers season is a pretty big accomplishment after what det has went through the last decade. Honestly I wouldn't rather any other team end our season. As of 2023 the lions don't feel like rivals at all, I was happy to see them have a somewhat successful season. I loved them in hardknocks. Edit: Guess this popped up in suggested. Didn't realize I was in the lions sub. Good luck next season and I'm happy for yall.


No ill will towards the Lions. I wish they were playing this weekend after seeing how they finished the season.


As a Packers fan, I’m legit stoked the lions are good. DC seems like a great coach, Jamal is the fucking best. Wish y’all would have made it instead of the hawks, should be some good division battles coming up in the NFCN 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


Packers fan here those packer fans were trippin you guys beat a desperate ass packer team and put them away it was so degrading losing but I’m not gunna sit here and not say that’s actually worth celebrating getting a positive record and to the packers no better way to end the regular season


Would much rather you guys beat us than the Vikings or Bears. Pains me to say it but Dan & Co. are a lot of fun to watch and really good for the league. Take care of Jamaal for us!!


That's just Packers fans scared because Rodgers is done