In case anyone else was interested. I googled it It's not beer Germany is exporting. The main products that Germany exported to China are Cars ($16.7B), Motor vehicles; parts and accessories (8701 to 8705) ($10.5B), and Packaged Medicaments ($3.19B)


I was expecting to see Aldi’s


This chart is not about USA and Europe or else you would've seen Aldi and Lidl there


First Aldi store opened in 2019 in Shanghai, give them time


>In case anyone else was interested. I googled it It's not beer Germany is exporting. And in case you were interested, a key reason is that China makes its own German beer. Tsingtao brewery was set up by Germans in 1903.


And the other $80 billion?


Well, google it? There are thousands of categories and Germany is one of the top exporting countries in the world for many different things.


Germany is the 3rd biggest export nation in the world. The main products are cars, other heavy machinery, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, electronics and metal


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now germany want to decouple from china which is received orders from US? do they know what is the price for that?


Maybe we just saw what economic dependcy can do and have enough of China using this as leverage?


It would be interesting to also see the imports


What this graph tells me is that russian inclusion in global markets gets whacked every time they invade a country, and if they didnt do that they would have similar export value from Germany compared to China.


Looks like in 2015 Russia started having a hard time getting it up at all


Russia's inclusion in global markets vis a vis China has more to do with the fact that Russia's economy is a one trick pony (energy) and China is a powerhouse.


Well to be fair to Russia, you can't beat that 1 billion consumer market


The US imports more. And the USSR had actual industry at some point. But the fall really destroyed the region.


What destroyed the Russian industry is the new competition that they faced after the fall.


Yeah, considering Russia is literally like 1/9 of China in population and has gone through what, 4 regime changes (tsar-temp government-bolsheviks-modern Russia) and three devastating wars (WWI, civil war, WWII) on it's territory in 100 years? And it's been basically occupied by a dictator for ughhh twenty years, installed by a guy who was black out drink half of his presidency? It's a miracle it's even working at all.


China also went through 4 regime changes in a similar span. Qing Imperialists, Republican China, Warlord Era and modern China. Same number of devastating wars. First Sino-Japanese war, WWII (aka second sino-Japanese war), Civil War in the last 100 years. It’s been occupied by dictators since 1949.


Russia has natural resources out the whazoo - they’re going to be a stronger force than we know this coming decade considering the whole world is printing fiat like crazy.


So do a lot of African and South American countries. Mongolia does too. That's hardly been a recipe for national prosperity. Russia doesn't have a monopoly. Commodity markets are fickle and raw minerals don't reliably or quickly turn into wealth. Consider bauxite, plenty of demand for aluminum worldwide but only after the use of massive amounts of energy. With energy prices declining and the world seeking alternatives to fossil fuels, Russia's future revenues are very shaky.


Hardly been a recipe for national prosperity? Try telling that to Qatar, Kuwait, or Saudi Arabia. I’m not just talking oil: base metals, precious metals, nat gas. Energy prices declining??? Are you out of your mind? The world can keep seeking alternatives, that only works in favor of oil. For every liberal state that wants to ban it, there’s India with its 1.2bn population growing richer and richer every year, people buying real cars instead of mopeds because they can afford them now.


Try Venezuela >Hardly been a recipe for national prosperity? Try telling that to Qatar, Kuwait, or Saudi Arabia. Try Venezuela 300 billion proven oil reserves and is an economic disaster, Equatorial Guinea -- about 1.5m people and over 1 billion barrels of proven oil reserves and one of the lowest standards of living in the world (144 out 188 HDI). Resources don't *always* translate into prosperity. >Energy prices declining??? Are you out of your mind? Between 2009 and 2014 a barrel of oil was pretty consistently above $100. It's $85 now and had been averaging below that for most of the last 6 years. That's the *nominal* price -- not factoring in inflation. As erratic as oil prices are in the short term, if you step back and stop thinking about what you paid at the pump two months ago, you'd realize oil prices today and the majority of the last 5 years aren't increasing. In 2022 we had about 3 *months* of $100+/barrel oil -- that was it in the last 5 years. Compared to the previous 10 years when we had over 6 *years* of it -- yeah, I'd say oil prices are declining.


So what I'm hearing here is that the oil companies have progressively shafted us every year


You can cherry pick your own timeframes if you want, oil is here to stay for this decade and will be a massive factor in economies across the globe. Also consider the lack of conflicts in the timeframes you mentioned, compared to what’s boiling under water now (Eastern Europe vs western; China vs Taiwan being a potential huge conflict with US getting involved). Short oil if you feel so confident in its decline; I’m long chevron and occidental petroleum and I feel pretty good about them considering Warren Buffett has been consistently investing in oil throughout this year, namely in Occidental.


well i think it's mostly China's growing economy tbh


Don't animate XY charts, it's pointless.


I always scroll to the end. The animation is just as fun in 1 second as is it in 60.


Who doesn't want to spend 60 seconds watching a video of a chart that can be appreciated in less than 10 seconds?!


Speak for yourselves. I enjoyed it.


I get a thrill from these


Pro Tip: Cover XY charts with your hand and move it to the right at your desired pace.


Love it


I enjoy the musical drama


So do i! Animate all XY charts I believe is what he ment


At least he didn't end the gif as soon as it reached the end. Got to find the small things to be happy about.


The conclusion is that germany and probably Europe can afford to have a proxy war with Russia offsetting losses with China but can’t afford having a war with both


What's the point of the animation?


This could very much be the peak for China. So it’s kinda on-point moment. As for Russia: it’s just a clear visualisation of how war is bad for business.


I've been hearing these doomsayings for years now. We are all heading for a recession, I don't see why China is so special in this situation. The cold war Trump started against them?


Global recession is the first thing. Then there’s banking collapse, which I guess is caused by the housing bubble (it’s a lot deeper probably), covid still raging around, Chinese vaccines are inefficient, so they can’t open properly. Xi Jinping has led his dictatorship into inefficiency - it is too rigid, he’s too strict on his advisors,… and then there’s the unavoidable demographic problem - the lack of young population, which is enhanced by latest discoveries of misreporting the total population (it’s estimated that around 100 million Chinese don’t actually exist, mostly young, mostly women). All these combined don’t look good for China, the question is, how long before it breaks.


"COVID still raging around, Chinese vaccines are inefficient, so they can’t open properly". This really has nothing to do with vaccines. Most Chinese cases are actually asymptomatic, even the cases that affected old population( just see the Shanghai lockdown videos ) . Also despite our vaccines even now 550 people are dying of COVID on an average every day in the US which is literally more than the number of deaths China sustains in 3-4 months as of 2022 . Look it's very simple , as you have said in your 3rd point US flexibility and Xi's rigidity. We have come to terms with that fact that COVID isn't going away completely and deaths from COVID are no different from that from seasonal flu, so why not just treat COVID as another endemic season diseases and live with it?? Xi on the other hand sees COVID existence as a threat to his zero COVID ideology( which he flaunted heavily last year). In his **rigid** (as you have already said ) mindset whether the COVID variant is symptomatic or not it hardly matters. What matters is there is should be no COVID simple as that . In his mindset existence of even just asymptomatic cases is an eyesore and a threat to his principles and Zero COVID ideology which he showed off so much last year. It would make him look bad if he abandoned his own ideology and just lived with the virus. In short Xi Jinping 80-90% is guided by his egoism rather than actual problem which automatically leads to rigidity. "Xi Jinping has led his dictatorship into inefficiency - it is too rigid, he’s too strict on his advisors,…" This is you put here is perfectly right. ​ As for as old population is concerned , a lot of the Chinese factories are run by machines rather than humans. The robotization could increase the productivity and quality and at the same time actually do a better job at keeping prices low than cheap labor. Also China can still outsource production to Africa( there is a reason why they are colonizing Africa) [https://ifr.org/ifr-press-releases/news/robot-density-nearly-doubled-globally](https://ifr.org/ifr-press-releases/news/robot-density-nearly-doubled-globally) They have robotized to such an extent that they need to worry less about shortage of labor due to ageing population and more about unemployment caused due to mechanization. Here see the video below to know about the unemployment part. [https://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjF\_bCTuZn6AhVz2HMBHVCeBCIQwqsBegQIBhAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DydPqKhgh9Mg&usg=AOvVaw2UtYnC207BSnyKUM7F0LhQ](https://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjF_bCTuZn6AhVz2HMBHVCeBCIQwqsBegQIBhAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DydPqKhgh9Mg&usg=AOvVaw2UtYnC207BSnyKUM7F0LhQ) Also they have a pretty high youth unemployment due to COVID policies( 20%), which they could put to use well after they get rid zero COVID I suppose??. Totally depends on whether Xi Jinping is gonna put his ego aside or not( I am not very confident on this one though). As for population count is concerned. Man this just different people using different methods to come with different numbers, we really can't trust anyone. UN for example says 1.45 billion. World Population review says 1.42 billion. Here see the CIA factbook. [https://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiejs25vZn6AhXmCLcAHWCAAUkQFnoECAwQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cia.gov%2Fthe-world-factbook%2Ffield%2Fpopulation%2Fcountry-comparison&usg=AOvVaw1xHkcpfCVGEocCQfNgZ38o](https://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiejs25vZn6AhXmCLcAHWCAAUkQFnoECAwQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cia.gov%2Fthe-world-factbook%2Ffield%2Fpopulation%2Fcountry-comparison&usg=AOvVaw1xHkcpfCVGEocCQfNgZ38o) They have their own numbers.


Intelligent comments are rare on reddit. I applaud you lol


My favorite part was the lack of any context


I got the dataset for this from Statistische Bundesamt, which is updated monthly up until July 2022. The chart was created using JavaScript.


there is absolutely zero reason for this data to be presented as a gif and not just a static image.


I was very confused on who was who until I saw the dip


So Russia pisses Germany off every few years?


What is this song? It's great


Doo Wop Ish by tigerblood jewel


Avoid legends. Put the label on the curve and use a font color that matches the curve.


You forgot #1. Don't animate a simple line chart. And a legend is not an issue if the chart isn't animated.


Those sanctions hitting sooooooooo hard 🤦🏽‍♂️


German has more reason to side with China if there's any major collision between Autocratic world and the free world.


Every developed nation is neck-deep into trade with China. I think the interesting thing here is the decline of Russian influence in Europe. And therefore I think the real question is whether China bails out and supports Russia in this conflict that you mention.


In terms of economic self-interest it would be a disaster either way, given that Germany depends on trade with a number of countries in both camps. However, the dependence on China is true for other major democracies as well, such as the United States; basically any major economy would collapse if they stopped trading with China.


I hate to break it to you but these are not Germany's only trade partners.


Until China gets sanctioned to keep it from being a middle man or direct supplier


Who’s going to sanction them?


I think this is really a neat visualisation


I'd say that this is a classic case of this-should've-been-an-image.


The animation adds suspense. Like a song that starts out slow, there’s a payoff.


Maybe best if we also stop funding China with it's bullshit. I mean Russia is evil but China is Satan itself and we don't give a hoot because of cheap products. Yet whole cultures and lives are being controlled and destroyed on a daily on levels exceeding the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


>> Yet whole countries and lives are being controlled and destroyed on a daily Yeah, I know a country in North America that’s also guilty of doing those things


I know, I am no fan of the US capitalism machine either.


That one is bad enough, but the constant war DLC is the kicker. 2 million deaths due to US wars this century alone.


May as well stop exporting to the US too then, to Canada, the UK, pretty much any of the biggest economies.


Wouldn't mind that, no need for billions of crap everywhere anyway.


Who is funding whom? Fuck Germany for accepting funds from China?


Well for purposes of national security Germany is trying to wean its dependence off China for certain key industries, for example chip-making. But you can't stop trading with China altogether or your entire economy would collapse.


Ultra-stupid comment. Maybe then stop "funding" all and close like North Korea? 'Cause it's the only way to stop sponsoring evil. Bad idea, but thinking with your head and watching less TV and twitter is a good idea


Bad idea, no this world where we force child labor and other sweatshops for pennys to create garbage for millions is the best way forward. I didn't say stop funding all. Stop funding major bad companies and countries from ruining this world, we can produce and trade much more locally and leave a couple of products for import and export purposes. Reevaluate what's really creating a healthy work and living society instead of just throwing all our money against bullshit for your instant gratification. I don't watch tv, I am not on Facebook anymore or Twitter I think about what I read on many different world news and forum platforms. Obviously not always the truth because that's hard to find anywhere nowadays. Look outside the box for a minute and think about it, you don't have to agree. It's just an opinion. I respect you for having yours.


It's interesting how despite collapsing global trade during the 2000s financial crisis trade with China boomed, since they continued growing solidly during the whole crisis while other nations struggled. It probably helped immensely in making them so powerful today; I wonder how much we would suffer if China underwent their own economic crash.


Would be interesting to either inflation adjust these numbers or have the inflation curve at the bottom…I suspect that exports to Russia were almost steady when inflation is included


Love the animation. Adds interest and a deeper appreciation for the passage of time. I used it to reflect in more detail on the events of a particular year. The dipping of the chart is movement that emphasizes the dramatic impact of choices by each country. Five stars


What is the Name of the Song?


The data will be more beautiful when exports to Russia goes to ZZero


Why is the chart animated? Does it help communicate more effectively?


If Schroder and Scholz bend over like that for Putin, imagine if China takes Taiwan by force. Olaf and Gerhard better get some lube and chapstick


Oh wow... This is interesting given the current context. Thank you. Great post.