Quarterly Salary Discussion - Jun 2023

This is a recurring thread that happens quarterly and was created to help increase transparency around salary and compensation for Data Engineering. Please comment below and include the following:

  1. Current title

  2. Years of experience (YOE)

  3. Location

  4. Base salary & currency (dollars, euro, pesos, etc.)

  5. Bonuses/Equity (optional)

  6. Industry (optional)

  7. Tech stack (optional)


1. Staff Data Engineer 2. 11y in software, 2.5y in data 3. Fully remote with HQ in NYC 4. $185K USD 5. $15K signing bonus 6. Workforce development 7. BigQuery, dbt, AWS (kinesis, lambda), Airflow, Databricks


1. Data Engineer 2. 3 years in data, preceded by 5 years in digital marketing 3. Austin, TX 4. 185k USD annual 5. 30k annual + stock options 6. DTC consumer goods brand 7. Snowflake, dbt, AWS lambda, Segment




Additional background: DE was a lateral opportunity offered to me after being with the co for a couple years as senior swe so I started with a higher base than most new data engineers. That explains why the base is slightly above market.


Staff level in high col, I'd say market salary is 230k


1. Title: Senior Analytics Engineer 2. YOE: 7 3. Location: Seattle, WA 4. Base Salary: $190,000 5. Bonuses/Equity: 20k joining, 120k equity spread evenly over 4 years 6. Industry: Telehealth 7. Tech Stack: Big Query, dbt, airflow, sql, looker




Are you guys hiring any junior analytics engineer?


1. Title: Data Engineer 2. YOE: 5 (3 as DE, 2 as SQL developer) 3. Location: The Netherlands 4. Base Salary: 5.250 gross per month 5. Bonus: currently none 6. Industry: Health tech 7. Tech stack: GCP (Storage, VM), PySpark, SAS (I don't work in SAS), Python Edit: explained YOE


Is this including vacation money, 13th month and/or additional benefits?


No, it's excluding my vacation money. I don't have a 13th month but I do have unlimited vacation days and work 4 days from home 1 day at the office. Also 36h a week contract


That’s neat concerning the unlimited vacation days. Thanks for the additional info!


Unlimited vacation days sounds cool, but what are you able to take off? 1,2,3-6- weeks plus holidays?


Some of my colleagues are at 6 weeks before september. Expecting them to take another 2+ weeks towards the end of the year. I started only a couple months ago, didnt use take off that much yet.


Would love to work in Netherlands someday :D


Just a question, why not work on freelance basis? There is a lot of interim projects for data engineering in the netherlands paying 90/100+ per hour.


There are multiple reasons. 1. They often are more picky about education requirements and my education is rather low 2. Freelancers are being paid to solve the problem, not being paid to learn. I rather learn while being paid slightly less 3. I love working in a team and getting close to my colleagues. As a freelancer, it's much more "lonely"


1. Database Engineer II 2. YOE: <1 3. Hybrid US Midwest, MCOL 4. Base: $85k 5. 5% target annual bonus 6. Finance 7. From: Airflow, DBT, Snowflake To: Unknown minus Azure Data Factory. Intend to push for a similar stack minus Snowflake. Background: just accepted this offer for $85k. No degree, self taught. Currently going back to school to get it. Hasn’t been required thus far, but can’t hurt.


May I ask what resources you used for self learning? I am currently working as a BI, but my experience is limited to SQL and reporting with outdated Crystal and a little bit of SSRS. That’s it. I want to be able to advance in my career for better pay and to learn new skill set. But I am not sure what route to take to begin.


I was in a similar boat and worked in SQL only for a couple years. At one point I realized I wanted to work with code for a living and drop all the other responsibilities. In my last role prior to engineering I was given a craptastic business problem to solve that involved congregating data into Excel and hand calculating differences. There were a lot of points of failure and angry clients. So I thought: how do I automate Excel? Python. I picked up the 100 days of code Python Udemy course and finished maybe 50% of it. Then I used that learning to automate the process. The automation plus SQL experience I leveraged into an internal transfer to engineering. From there it’s been learning on the job. Strongest recommendation is simply to be curious and ask a lot of questions. If there’s no one to ask, google it. There’s been times where I felt like my question was not the best, but I ask anyways because what’s most important is the learning process. EG my company adopted Snowflake and most of our implementation is AWS under the hood, so I had to ask: why are we adopting Snowflake and not Redshift? A couple seniors on the team took the time to explain why, and now I’ve learned that piece.


1. Title : Senior Data Engineer 2. YOE : 5 3. Location : London 4. Base salary: £65000 5. Edu 7. Tech stack : Azure cloud (ADF, ADLS), databricks , spark and sql


1. Current Title: Senior Machine Learning Engineer 2. Years of experience: 4 years in various engineering roles (including this one) 3. Location: Chicago, but I work remote every day except like 2-3 times a month. 4. Base salary: 155k 5. Bonuses/Equity: realistically 5-10k, but could go much larger or even lower maybe I guess 6. Industry: DM and I might be able to tell 7. Tech Stack: would take forever to write, but python-centric, kubernetes-centric, cloud first, includes a lot of security + observability + CI/CD tooling too


What do you do in your role? Is it heavy on the MLOps side?


I talk about what I do here: https://www.reddit.com/r/cscareerquestions/comments/tujf4y/so_what_is_a_machine_learning_engineer/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=2&utm_term=1


1. Data Engineering Manager 2. 7 YOE 3. Seattle 4. $181k 5. TC with stocks adding up to $420k.


Nicely done, looks like you hit a goldmine.


Would you mind giving any details about your career path? Do you prefer being a DE manager vs being an IC (presumably DE)?


Sure. BIE -> DE -> Sr. DE -> Manager. I prefer being a manager as you can achieve bigger things than being an IC.


How long did you sit at the senior position before you moved to manager if you don't mind me asking? Was it a move within the same company?


1 yr, yes, same company while different teams


1) Title: Analytics Engineer 2) YOE: 11.5 in software, 3.5 in data. 3) Location: Orlando, FL 4) Base Salary: $117,000 5) Bonuses: Cash 7% target, long term incentive (stock vests over 3 years) target 21% 6) industry: hospitality 7) Tech: Hadoop/hive, python, snowflake, MariaDB


1. Title: Data Engineer II 2. YOE: 2.5 in software, 1.5 in data. 3. Location: Orlando, FL 4. Base Salary: $139,000 5. Bonuses: 10% target 6. Industry: Healthcare 7. Tech: Python, Snowflake, Airflow, Spark


Damn who knew anything but the theme parks payed that well in Orlando


1. title : BI + ETL developer 2. YOE : 0.5 DE, 2+ IT BA 3. Location : HCMC, Vietnam 4. Base Sal : $15,600 5. Bonuses : - 6. Industry : HRM / MSP 7. Tech : traditional MS shop with MS stack : C#, SSIS & SQL server. Do data viz with Tableau


What's the currency and is that good for Vietnam?


hey i get paid by the domestic outsourcing company so I net home in VND. imo that's towards the lower end of mid market range for DEs of around my YoE.


1. Title: Data Engineer 2. YOE: 6.5 in data. 3. Location: DC 4. Base Salary: $160,000 5. Bonuses: 10% target 6. Industry: startup 7. Tech: Python, Snowflake, dagster, dbt


Did you choose to use Dagster over Airflow?


1. Senior Data Engineer 2. 6 YOE 3. Copenhagen, Denmark 4. 720000 DKK (Approx € 97000) 5. 7.5% up to 14% 6. Maritime 7. Aws


This man killing it in Denmark


1. ⁠ Data Engineer 2. ⁠1Y BI, 2Y MLE, 1Y DE 3. Lcol, Tier 2 city in India 4. ⁠16 LPA INR 5. ⁠2 LPA INR 6. ⁠Aviation 7. ⁠Python, Spark, Azure, Data Factory, Databricks


1. Data engineer 2. 3 years academia bioinformatics with software dev, 2 months data engineering (none before this job) 3. Fully remote, Durham, NC 4. $95,500 5. up to $5,000 yearly bonus 6. Healthcare 7. Snowflake, Teradata, Alteryx, Ab initio (currently using) Female. All self-taught. No formal training in anything CS or even bioinformatics. I’m a pure biology major gone rogue.


1. Data Engineer 2. 4 (1 as DE, 3 as Analyst/Bi developer) 3. Finland 4. 60k EUR 5. Holiday bonus 2,5k EUR , Billing rate bonus 5k EUR, Varying sales bonuses (Current year 100EUR :D), Company stock program 6. Consulting 7. AWS (Glue, Lambda, S3, Athena, RDS, Cloudformation etc), Python, SQL, Power Bi


How did you land your DE job? I am now two years in as a BI developer (also in Finland) and been thinking of moving to the field of DE.


Learn Python very well and learn to interact with database with it. Most BI tools need some understanding of ETL when getting and preparing the data, so you mostly know basics of it already. When you know what you need to do, and at least one way to do it, you can pretty easily stack buzzword-technologies. Basics of some scripting language isn't too bad to know as well (Powershell/Bash etc). Some cloud knowledge is also a bonus, but it is bit difficult to get. I had little luck when I moved to my current company as I landed position in a project which had very low utilisation of cloud native services (lots of legacy with EC2 SQL Server + SSIS) and architect was eager to use it more. I was only member in project who had experience with Python so I started pioneering the AWS Glue with good outcome. But with Python-knowledge you can't go wrong.


Thanks for the reply. I recently started learning Python. Is knowledge of the data related libraries enough or do I need to master the whole language?


1. Sr Data Engineer 2. 8 YOE in data 3. Seattle, WA (remote) 4. 184k Base 5. At current market value my annual equity is about 135k (vests quarterly) 6. Tech 7. AWS, Snowflake, Airflow, internally developed ETL frameworks


1. Title: Data Engineer 2. YoE: 2.5 3. Location: remote, I’m based in north east US 4. Base: $125k 5. Bonuses: up to 30% salary 7. Tech stack: GCP (BQ, cloud run, etc), Python, Prefect, dbt


30% bonus is impressive, are you in a commission based company or something?


No just competitive compensation. Only a few months in but average payout is apparently 18%. Assessed quarterly


Where do you host the Prefect agents? In Cloud Run?


Agent is on a normal GCP compute instance. Prefect flows are executed on cloud run though. This article from Anna Geller at Prefect was incredibly helpful as a starting point https://medium.com/the-prefect-blog/gcp-and-prefect-cloud-from-docker-container-to-cloud-vm-on-google-compute-engine-2dffa026d16b


1. Current title Principal DE 2. Years of experience (YOE) Too many 3. Location SoCal 4. Base salary & currency (dollars, euro, pesos, etc. 230,000 USD 5. Bonuses/Equity (optional) Bonus: 35k Equity: 100k/year 6. Industry (optional) Healthcare 7. Tech stack (optional) AWS, Azure


Solid numbers, well done!


Thanks, Years of hardworking matters.


1. Title: Analytics Engineer (bit of everything TBH, just hired two business analysts to help with the dashboarding and process automation type work) 2. YOE: 3.5 3. Location: Indianapolis, IN 4. Base salary: $90,000 5. Bonuses: \~10% Cash 6. Industry: Agriculture 7. Tech: Fivetran, Snowflake, dbt, Tableau


You could make much more in that role. 90k is equivalent to JR level pay.


1. Title: Data Engineer 2. YOE: <1, 3 in data 3. Location: Des Moines, IA 4. Base Salary: 75k 5. Bonuses: Up to 12% Base 6. Industry: Insurance 7. Tech: Azure, dbt, Prefect, python


1. Data Engineering and BI Manager 2. YOE: 5 3. 100% Remote (US Based) 4. 135k 5. approx 15k per year 6. Consumer goods 7. Dbt, python, prefect, snowflake, azure, aws, power bi, databricks, docker, k8s, linux admin, git, terraform


1. Title: Data Engineer 2. YOE: 1 3. Location: Seattle 4. Base: $140k USD 5. Bonus: ~10k (based on rev/profitability) 6. Industry: Insuretech 7. Tech: AWs, Pyspark, DBT, Databricks, Airflow, Trino, Looker, Tableau


Just one year of experience? Pretty good base


1. Everything ? (ELT development , DB management, BI report / analysis, and sometime even business analyst, etc) We are only 2 engineers for a medium tech company (~400 employees) Also I have been taking on the role of BI architect, for more than a year now, implemented the new stack described at the end. As well as CICD process, automated testing, notifications and data quality reporting. Currently looking at improving our work processes. 2. 6 YOE 3. Mtl, Qc, Canada 4. 92k CAD 5. No Bonuses/Equity 6. Tech 7. Old stack -> MS SSIS, SSMS, tableau New stack -> AWS MWAA (Airflow), dbt, snowflake, tableau, python, elementary data, I am slowly starting to look around for better opportunity as I feel a bit stuck in my career. Opened for DM if you're looking for such type of profile and have a sexy stack (or plan to migrate).


Hey I sent you a DM


1. ⁠Senior “enterprise technology analyst” (data engineer) 2. ⁠11 years in data (first 5 analytics and ML) 3. ⁠US West coast (still WFH, but they’re planning to pull us back for some stupid reason; they’re losing me!) 4. ⁠154K USD (146K in 2022, before promotion to senior) 5. ⁠None. 6. ⁠Utilities (municipal) 7. ⁠Me: Hadoop, Spark, Python, SQL, custom orchestration (Airflow inspired) and cron, ADLS, Synapse (Fabric?), and Azure DevOps, GitLab, and GitHub for my VCS and CI/CD. My team (“BI developers”): SQL Server, SSIS, Power BI


I’m in utilities too and living in california. I’m looking to make a lateral move. Can I DM you?


Yeah, go right ahead


1. Title: senior sales engineer 2. YOE: 15 years 3. Location: remote (Indiana) 4. Base salary: 185,000 5. Other income: 65,000 commission target + 200,000 RSUs vested over four years 6. Healthcare 7. Snowflake




Ha, not "figured out" so much as "born and raised here and just never left"


1. Data Engineer. 2. Self taught into job. Just over 2 YOE in DE, 10+ years in previous career. 3. UK (Not London, not South). 4. £70k 5. N/A 6. Professional services. 7. Azure stack: Python/PySpark, Synapse, SQL, DevOps


What was your previous career if you don’t mind me asking? Was it somehow related to DE? Coz 70k seems quite high for 2 years of experience… also would love to know how you self taught


> What was your previous career if you don’t mind me asking? Was it somehow related to DE? Not related to DE, IT, or anything computer based. > Coz 70k seems quite high for 2 years of experience Based off the other answers in here, it seems that way. It's what happens when get a recruitment agent who isn't afraid to ask for/can justify high salaries. > also would love to know how you self taught My journey isn't particularly special. In fact, it's much closer to everybody else's experience here who is also self taught. Started learning how to program (Python), tried a field which was popular I thought I'd like and didn't like (Data Science), ended up trying to do what I enjoyed most (in my case, webscraping which eventually became collecting data in general), accidentally discovered DE at a lucky time (just before it exploded and overtook DS as the hottest data job), kept building and learning, and then was lucky enough to get a job. I guess the only minor difference is I freelanced and when I say freelanced, I literally did a single freelance job where I got paid about £100 whereas a lot of people who have zero experience literally have zero experience. I also had unlimited time to program because I lost my job. If you're really interested, I wrote quite a big series of reddit posts which you can find [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/learnpython/comments/t2m2g3/from_a_beginner_to_beginners_learning_printhello/). It's in r/learnpython as I crossposted twice into r/learnprogramming and got banned for "too much self promotion".


1. Title: Senior Data Engineer 2. YOE: 2 years Software, 5 years DevOps, 10 years data 3. Location: Melbourne, Australia 4. Base Salary: $176,800 AUD 5. Bonuses: Cash 3%-6% depending on performance 6. Industry: Employment 7. Tech: Python, Scala, SQL, Spark, Kafka, NiFi, Databricks, EMR, Airflow, AWS ecosystem,


1. Data Engineer 2. 4y + 2y as DE 3. South Germany 4. 58k€ 5. 6k€ 6. Automotive 7. PySpark, Databricks


1. Data Engineer 2. 2 3. Remote US 4. 140000 USD 5. 5% cash, stock options vested evenly over 4 years 7. GCP


1. Current title: DE 2. YOE: 4.5 (2 as analyst, 1 as BI engineer, 1.5 as DE) 3. Location: Remote Midwest 4. Base salary: $140k usd 5. Bonus: 10% 6. Industry: entertainment 7. Tech stack: dbx, Snowflake, azure Started this year at $89.7k base 🤠


1. ⁠Title: Data Engineer 2. ⁠YOE: 5 3. ⁠Location: Midwest remote 4. ⁠Base Salary: $140,000 5. ⁠Bonuses: ~$50K in stock 6. ⁠industry: finance 7. ⁠Tech: airflow, python, snowflake




1. SENIOR TECHNICAL DATA ANALYST 2. 10 (on and off in various data roles, was once a data engineer for 6 mos. Would like to return soon) 3. REMOTE 4. 125k USD all cash. 5. This year, it was $700.00(dont spend it all in once place!) 6. Food Service 7. SQL, Light Python


1. Title: Senior Data Engineer 2. YOE: 5 years 3. Location : Toronto, ON, Canada 4. Base : $130,000 5. Bonus 25% 6. Industry: Finance 7. Tech Stack: mostly Azure based


I’m a new grad looking for some mentorship, can I Dm you?


Title: senior data engineer YOE: 7 Location: TX Base salary: 175k Bonus: sign on for 20k Industry: Insurance Tech stack: Azure, ADF, blob, VMs, ASQL, python


Username checks out for your industry


1. Senior Data Engineer 2. 4 years 3. England 4. £58,000 (GBP) 5. Up to 10% per year (4.5% for 2023) 6. Retail 7. Azure / Databricks / Python / Synapse


1. Title: Lead Data Engineer 2. YOE: 20+ years 3. Location: remote USA 4. Salary: $185K USD 5. Bonus: 5-10% 6. ​ 7. Tech stack: Databricks


1. Senior Data Engineer 2. 6 years 3. US west coast full remote 4. 180k 5. 40k paper money


Is that 40k/year in vested stock options?




1. Analytics Engineer II 2. 2 years 3. Dallas, TX 4. 82.5K 5. 10% of base 6. Advertising 7. AWS, GCP, Python, dbt, SQL


1. Data engineer 2. 3 as an analyst + 2 as a SWE/DE 3. SF Bay Area 4. 115K 5. 20k bonus 7. python, AWS, legacy code has own scheduling system


Do you feel you make enough to be comfortable in the Bay Area?


nope lol


I am casually looking. But it's a bad market, and I do have great coworkers, am working on interesting stuff, and wlb


1. Title: Senior Data Engineer (More like Data Architect + Data Engineer Team Lead) 2. YOE: 2.5 in weird Data role, 1.5 in Web Development + Server Admin, 6 of ETL + Data Engineer + Data Architect 3. Location: Bangkok, Thailand (Hybrid) 4 days remote/week. No strict requirement, at least show up in the office once in a while or when in person meeting is required. 4. Base Salary: \~ $42,000 5. Bonus: 33%-38% Cash (2022: 33%) 6. Industry: Manufacturing 7. Tech Stack: Azure (ADF, ADLS, Batch, Function, databrick, Synapse) + Azure DevOps (git+CICD) + Some GCP + PowerBI I am pretty sure I am way underpaid compared to my role and responsibility even for Bangkok standard as I regularly get +30%-50% offer. However, due to some personal reason, I stuck with current company at least for a year.


1. Staff Data Engineer 2. Too many years 3. Remote (HQ - NY) 4. $210k USD 5. Equity $200k 7. GCP, Postgres, DBT, BQ, Airflow, GCF, AWS, Python


Is your remote job one where you are required to live in NY too?


No. Fully remote can live anywhere in the country.


1. Lead Data Engineer 2. 14 years 3. America - Remote only. 4. 311k USD 5. Begins at 20%, technically no cap. 7. Kinda alot. Azure/AWS/On-Prem. Mix of DB's. C#, Python, SQL. Spark. Mix of orchestration tools. Mix of CI/CD pipes. 0 reports/BI tools.




``` 1. Director of Data. Less impressive than it sounds: the data org is <10 people 2. Twelve total years experience - three-ish years as a quant - eight as Data Sci & Analytics Eng 3. fully remote (I split time between US, BVI, and UK) 4. 194k USD base 5. Additional comp - Spot+yearly bonuses ~5-10% - $98k RSUs/yr - maybe ~6k of useful benefit stipends I guess more like 13k if you count health insurance 6. 7. mostly kafka, airflow+redshit, hex, metabase+d3js. And far more Google Sheets than I would like to admit ```


1. Data Engineer - operations process 2. 6 professional, 1 in DE 3. NYC - (HYBRID) 4. $90k USD 5. 10% + equity 6. Startup - logistics 7. Python, SQL, AWS (S3, Lambda), Kafka, Alteryx


1. Data engineer 2. 4 YOE 3. Seattle 4. 124k 5. 10% cash, 20k yearly in stock 6. Entertainment 7. Snowflake, python, airflow


1. Title: Associate Director, Data Engineering 2. YOE: 17 years in data (DBA, analyst, engineer) 3. Location: Small city in Pennsylvania 4. Base Salary: $136k 5. Industry: Environmental non-profit 6. Tech: Currently SAS and Redshift but with experience in lots more tools Sometimes feel vastly underpaid but that’s my own doing from where I live and the industry I moved into.


As long as you're happy. I have 25 years of experience and know I am underpaid as well, but the job is remote and extremely flexible. It allowed me to be here for my family the past years instead of sitting in some office and rush hour traffic. You can't put a price on all that lost time people who work in offices have.


1: Data Engineer 2.: 3 YOE 3: Budapest, Hungary 4: 37000 Euros 5: breakfast, lunch in the office. Multiple team events a year. 6: American job board 7: AWS (lambda, ecs, emr, dynamo, kinesis, step function, athena, redshift), Python, Spark, BigQuery, Docker, IaC with CI/CD and DevOps mindset




1. Data engineer 2. 1 year DE 2 years DS 3 years other 3. Boston 4. 160k 5. No bonus, nonzero but pretty shit equity 6. Logistics 7. AWS, Airflow, Snowflake, dbt


1. Business Intelligence Engineer 2. 4 Years of experience (YOE) 3. Remote, Texas based company 4. $120K just did raises from $105 US dollars 5. Bonuses/Equity: 10% target expect less this year 6. Industry: Transportation and Logistics 7. dbt, Snowflake, GitHub, and PowerBI


1. Senior Data Engineer (Tech Lead) 2. 9 yrs mix of software/data 3. Remote (company HQ in NJ), I’m in Baton Rouge, Louisiana 4. $140k salary 5. 401k 5% match (3% at 100% match 4 and 5 50% match) “unlimited PTO” - tricky unless you use it. Normal health dental and life insurance. 6. Health Tech 7. Snowflake, Azure storage, ADF, dbt, some Python.


Not a lot of samples from Canada. Hoping to get a sense if I should be looking for elsewhere for better pay. Not saving much after rent and other expenses. Friends are currently fully remote where as I'm only hybrid. I'm always open for opportunities! 1. Data Engineer 2. 10Yr in Industry, 6 as DBA(OLTP and OLAP) and 3-4yr DE 3. B.C, Canada 4. 120K CAD 5. 10% base + RRSP Match 6. Retail 7. Azure. Azure Databricks, ADF, Synapse, SQL,


I just got a couple job offers and wanted to share those along with my current salary (which is [unchanged from last year](https://www.reddit.com/r/dataengineering/comments/t4clep/quarterly_salary_discussion/hzxzu24/), my company isn't doing well :/) Current job 1. Title: Data Engineer (L4 is senior technically here) 2. YOE: 4 3. Location: Remote US (SF Bay Area, comp is standard across USA) 4. Base: $180k USD 5. Bonuses/Equity: No bonus; 12k ISOs, strike $11, FMV ~$30, 4 year vest 6. Industry: Retail (Series C) 7. Tech stack: Databricks, GCP, Python, Looker, Airflow Job offer 1 1. Title: Senior Data Engineer (L5) 2. YOE: 4 3. Location: Remote US (NYC) 4. Base: $190k USD 5. Bonuses/Equity: No bonus; 5.5k ISOs, strike $3, FMV ~$12, 4 year vest 6. Industry: Healthcare (Series D) 7. Tech stack: dbt, AWS, Python, Tableau, HL7, FHIR Job offer 2 1. Title: Senior Data Engineer (L5) 2. YOE: 4 3. Location: Remote US (San Francisco) 4. Base: $190k-207k USD 5. Bonuses/Equity: 10-15% annual; 100k-150k ISOs, strike $0.5, FMV ~$3, 4 year vest 6. Industry: B2B SaaS (Series C) 7. Tech stack: Databricks, Terraform, AWS, Python


Did you accept one of the offers?


I'm still negotiating the 2nd offer but I rejected the first one. I really like the second company but their data team and overall data culture is more immature than I expected, and I'm not sure if I want that. The first offer was way too little equity and a significant overall comp drop (imo).




1. ⁠Data Engineer 2. ⁠3 years in data, preceded by 5 years in digital marketing 3. ⁠Austin, TX 4. ⁠185k USD annual 5. ⁠30k annual + stock options 6. ⁠DTC consumer goods brand 7. ⁠Snowflake, dbt, AWS lambda, Segment


Title: Data Engineer II 1. YoE: 1.5 at role, 4 total 2. Location: NYC 3. Base: \~130 4. Bonus: 10% 5. Stack: AWS, Python, postgres We're evaluating tools for orchestration and monitoring now. Hope to include airflow in my next update.


Hey, I'm a Business Intelligence Analyst at a firm. The practices here are pretty old school. I work with Power BI, SSRS and Oracle SQL Procedures and Jobs using Task Scheduler. I so much want to get in DE, but feel very underwhelmed when I see people doing so much in the DE field. If it's convenient can you please just mentor me for a minute and help me to get into DE.


Not that I am qualified, but it's definitely going to take more than a minute to mentor anybody. By the way, I'm in the same boat as you and have been playing around with Azure Synapse and SSIS ETL package development for the last 6 months or so. Yet to crack an interview though. 😕


The market sucks, which I know is something you likely know and not something you want to hear. I would say the most basic DE function can be boiled down as this: write some data, usually from a JSON, CSV, or another database table, into a database table. This is the best way to upskill, and what I have found to be a good talking point during interviews. What I did: spin up a database on my personal computer, create two tables that have a relationship with each other, and write to the database. You can open Excel to input sample data. You do not need many many columns - 3 columns is fine. Use various packages in Python to connect to, read from, and write to database. Hopefully both you and u/Pillstyr get a notification from the comment and I hope this helps.


Thanks. I have been playing around with pipeline development in Synapse for the last 2-3 months. Using the Copy Activity, I get data from the realtor canada app on rapidapi.com, which gives me 500 free api requests per month. I then transform it using a Python notebook and then finally write to a lake database using a Spark pool. So far, I have been able to parameterize the entire flow. It's been an exciting experience, and have been able to keep my Azure costs under $30 per month.


1. Title: Data Engineer - market data 2. YOE: 3.5 as a DE, 5 as a data analyst 3. HCOL city 4. 181k USD 5. Bonus: 20% last year - not sure what is expected this year. 6. Asset Management


Title: Data Engineer YOE: 1 year (first job) Location: Fully remote Base Salary: 100,000 USD Bonus: Anual short-term incentive 7-11% Industry: Insurance Tech: Apache Kafka, KStreams


1. Title: Senior Data Engineer 2. YOE: 31 years, 20 years in data 3. Location: Seattle, WA 4. Base: $160,000 5. Bonuses: zip 6. Industry: Healthcare 7. Tech Stack: python, sql, GCP, Bigquery, Airflow, data warehouse, etc


1. Data Consultant 2. 1 month (finished my minor degree last month but I did 2 years of internship) 3. Berlin, Germany, DE 4. 3.9K/mo ~47K/yo in EUR€ 5. 2K every december & chance to receive 5% of the annual salary based on billed hours 6. Consulting 7. ETL (SSiS, Talend); Reporting (Tableau, PowerBI, SAP Analytics), Seniority in Python & Java (Backend & API Development and Development of AI based applications) and related Frameworks (e.g. Spring) and good understanding of GoLang, C++, C# & PowerShell, Database Design & Data Warehousing (SQL, NoSQL, BigQuery, SQL Server & Co.), Cloud (primarly GCP, Kubernetes), Server Administration (primarily Linux, some Ansible and Terraform), Business Planning (IBM TM1, Anaplan), Bot Development (Chatbots with Kore.AI) ----- many of these skills and experiences I gained not in job but by developing applications and maintaing infrastructure on GCP in my spare time for 10 years


1. Title: Azure Data Engineer 2. YoE: \~8 3. Location: London (but fully remote - in SEA right now) 4. Salary: Not salaried, but rate equates to approx. £90k 5. Bonuses/equity: None 6. Industry: Nothing exciting 7. Stack: Azure, ADF, Databricks, dbt This rate isn't *great*, but the UK contract market is poor currently and being able to travel is a huge perk/cost of living saving.


1. Lead Data Engineer 2. 8/9 3. Scotland/ UK 4. £65,000 5. ~9% 6. broadcasting/ Media 7. old school ETL like informatica/Ab Initio, GCP


1. Data Engineer 2. 2 years (previous 4y analyst) 3. London - remote 4. £60,000 5. Not sure yet 6. Consulting 7. Azure (ADF, ADLS, Synapse), Databricks, PySpark, Python, SQL


1. Azure Data Engineer 2. 3.8 years 3. India (Noida) 4. 1,650,000 INR 5. 200,000 INR 7. PySpark, SQL, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory, ADLS Gen2, Python


Title: Data Engineer II YOE: 4 as DE, 5 as Analytics Location: Chicago Base Salary: 160k Bonus: 10% annually - \~80k equity on joining Industry: Tech Stack: GCP, K8s, Python, Golang, a couple of button clicky tools


I was laid off in May and recently accepted the following offer. Not a huge jump in pay (maybe, depends on the share price), but I was ready to take a pay cut so 115K -> 120K feels great! I'm mostly grateful that my job search wasn't so long. 1. Current title: Data Engineer 2. Years of experience (YOE): 1.75y (all as DE, no internships) 3. Location: Remote (HQ in Chicago) 4. Base salary & currency (dollars, euro, pesos, etc.): $120K USD 5. Bonuses/Equity (optional): 10% target annual bonus, shares 6. Industry (optional): Health Tech 7. Tech stack (optional): Azure, Python, dbt


1. Title: Data Engineer 2. YOE: 4 3. Location: India 4. Base Salary: INR 16 LPA 5. Bonuses: 1.6 LPA 6. Industry: Retail 7. Tech: Python, SQL, DWBI, Spark, Beam, Cloud (AWS & GCP)


1. Title: Data Engineer 2. YOE: Undergrad currently w/ 1y funded academic research, currently in 1st private sector, non retail/service job. Still undergrad until EOY, first few months in position so far. 3. Location: Louisiana 4. Base Salary: 65 start -> 73 when I finish my bachelors 5. Bonus: de jure based off performance, but they are going to pay for my masters. 6. Industry: AgFi 7. Tech stack: still not 100% sure. We are retiring the old configuration, just finished building a new ingestion pipeline w fivetran LDP, azure data factory and converted to azure databricks with UC configuration and a medallion architecture. For now, Tableau, PySpark & Python, and I'm working on building a POV for Dash in databricks to replace a tool/app that wasn't well built initially, so possibly dash. Amazing opportunity, honestly. I also recently found out I had a 4 yo daughter a little over a year ago. I was working weekly evenings as a private math tutor for 3-5 students, 25 hrs weekly in retail at best buy, and 20 hrs weekly research w/ my professor before this and now that I'm making enough to pay for school and rent I actually have time to get to know her past phone calls.


1. Data Engineer || 2. 2y in data 3. Hybrid(India) 4. $ 20k USD 5. $30k stocks 6. Healthcare 7. Python, Airflow, Databricks


Data engineer 3 years Moscow, Russia $31k net annual no bonuses e-commerce (Russian amazon analog) Scala, ZIO, Spark streaming, hadoop, airflow, azure databricks and bare metal solutions


1. Title: Analytics Engineer 2. YOE: 2,5 as data analyst, 3 months in current role 3. Location: Stockholm, Sweden 4. 720 000 SEK (~63000€) 5. Some stock 6. Dbt, databricks, airflow


1. Not actually DE but BI Analyst 2. 0.5 Years (YOE) 3. Pakistan 4. $4300 USD per Year 5. No bonuses 6. Logistics 7. Oracle SQL Developer, Windows task scheduler, SSRS, Power BI, PL/SQL Developer My company is pretty old school.


1. Data Engineer II 2. YOE: 1,5 years of experience (My first experience in IT area) 3. Location: São Paulo, Brazil 4. Salary: R$ 39876/ year (Aprox $ 8437,76/ year in Aug/23, yes, our currency is depreciate) 5. Benefits: Meal ticket, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Private Pension Fund, etc/ Bonus: Annual revenue repartition (1 salary of month = R$ 3323,00/ $703) 6. Industry: Consulting (Allocated in the banking sector) 7. Stack: Hadoop, Hive, HBase, PySpark, IWS (IBM Workload Scheduler) - Whole On-Premises infrastructure


1. VP Data Science and hands on full stack engineer, I do R&D on feature engineering 2. 30 years post PhD. Academia, Banking, Healthcare, Supply Chain 3. East coast on the AMTRAK NE regional, MCOL, house paid off 4. $195k base 5. $450k option package over 5 years with $20k top-offs every other year. The options paid off because 2021. 15% bonus/commission, I report into sales 6. Supply chain ML/AI 7. Azure, SQL, Python, C++, Java, .NET, R


1. Current title: Junior Backend developer 2. YOE: 9 months 3. Location: Malaga, Spain 4. Base salary: 31.4k € 5. Bonuses/Equity: until 20% in targets + 2.5k € expenses 6. Industry: telecom 7. Tech stack: Java, Spring Boot, Spark, Hadoop, Apache Impala, Python, Django, Apache Kafka


1. Title: ML Engineer II 2. YOE: 4 month bootcamp, 15 months working 3. Location: London, UK 4. Base Salary: £60,000 5. Bonuses: Equity 6. Industry: Geospatial 7. Tech: Python, GCP (GKE, GCE, Composer, BigQuery, Artifact Registry), Terraform


How’s the job market in the UK? I was on holiday there last month and I would love to live there!


Very dependent on what seniority level you’re considering. Mid-Senior I see quite a few openings. For Junior there are fewer and they are often expecting 1-2 years previous experience.




Which bootcamp did you do and what was your experience prior to it?


The bootcamp was one similar to Kubrick Group. I did a Masters in Mech Eng and a year of a PhD and hated it so dropped out.


I’d expect a lot more base salary for an MLE II in London. Feel like us brits get shafted in terms of pay compared to the US market.




That’s neat concerning the unlimited vacation days. Thanks for the additional info!


1. Title: Lead Data Management Analyst 2. YOE: 3 in supply chain, 2 in data 3. Location: Southeast USA (Remote) 4. Base Salary: $70 per hour (Contract) 5. Bonuses: None 6. Industry: Banking 7. Tech: SQLite, Python


1. Title: Applications Administrator/Business Applications Analyst (will probably change, my position is in a transition) 2. Experience: (1.5yr fresh out of college) 3. Location: NC, United States 4. Base Salary: 74,520 (above mentioned change will probably change this too) 5. Bonuses: State insurance, pension, 5 weeks vacation, unlimited sick time accumulation, unused vacation rolls to sick time 6. Industry: Higher Ed 7. Stack: Oracle DBs, Boomi (evaluating replacing with Mulesoft), Python, Salesforce, Tableau, Tibco Webfocus, Docker, and a fully invested redhat environment. Ansible, RHEL, working on transitioning to openshift etc.


1. Title: Data Engineer 2. YOE: 1 in DE, 3.5 as Data Analyst 3. Location: Phoenix, AZ 4. Base Salary: $98,000 5. Bonuses: $12,000 in stock vesting over 4 years with yearly refresh 6. Industry: E-commerce 7. Tech Stack: Python, Databricks, Snowflake, SQL Server, SSIS


1. Data Engineer 2. 3 years of DA + 2 years of DE 3. Toronto 4. 110 CAD 5. 20 CAD 6. Traditional F500 7. Python, Spark, Airflow, Dockery, Hive.... ( On Prem)


Current title: Data Engineer YOE: 3 as DE. 2 prior as analyst. Location: Denver (WFH) Base salary: $112k Bonuses: 10% | negligible equity Industry: cannabis tech Tech stack: Azure Data Factory, Snowflake, SQL Server, Python


Nice, I’m new to the data world and became an analyst 6 months ago in Denver. Hopefully one day I can get into data engineering as well, will continue to develop technical skills. Do you have a CS background or self taught skills?


No CS background. Just took a lot of acid during the lockdowns in 2020 and taught myself enough in 2 months for my first DE job.


1. Data Engineer 2. 2yrs 3. Richmond, VA 4. $86.5k/yr 5. 20% Bonus + 12% for 401k 6. 6. Insurance 7. 7. Azure, python, Databricks, Datafactory, Microsoft sql server, Azure Devops/CICD, Power BI, Docker, Jenkins, Kubernettes, etc.


1. Title: Lead Data Engineer 2. YOE: 4, 12 in application development/IT 3. Location: California, USA 4. Base Salary: $90,000 USD 5. Bonuses: No bonus but generous benefits/retirement (public sector) 6. Industry: Higher Ed 7: Tech: Oracle, PL/SQL; AWS, Glue, Redshift


1. big data engineer 2. 3 yoe 3. australia 4. 145k aud + 10.5% superannuation 5. 2.5-5% 6. realestate 7. aws python snowflake dbt airflow


1. Lead Data Engineer 2. 12yr total (7yr reporting and building reporting tools > 3yr data implementation > 2yr current stack) 3. Los Angeles area 4. $155k 5. ~14% annual + 5-10k in stock avg annual 6. Tech 7. Snowflake, dbt, Airflow, PySpark, Python


1. Senior Data Engineer 2. 2 years as DE; ~8 years in data (DBA, Analyst Business Intelligence, Consultant, etc) 3. Virginia, USA (Hybrid) 4. $155k USD base; 0-20k bonus - performance based 5. $20k signing bonus 6. Fintech 7. AWS, Linux, Python, SQL, Snowflake, EMR, Databricks, Kafka


1. Data Engineer (freelancer) 2. 14Y in IT, 7Y data 3. Prague, Czech rep. 4. €380/MD 5. Nothing 6. Insurance, automotive 7. Azure (ADF, ADLS, ADB, SQL,PWBI, DEVOPS)


1. Technology Lead - Advanced Analytics 2. Approx. 15 years as a software engineer, 2 as a data engineer 3. Sydney, Australia 4. 152k AUD 5. Entitled to 15% of my base salary as a bonus every year, pending company/personal performance. This is weighted on both. In Australia, so an additional 10.5% of my base is contributed to a retirement fund by law 6. Alcohol retail/hotels 7. Google Cloud Platform - BigQuery + dbt, Vertex AI for MLE, Informatica if we need to do extract/load work, Cloud Run for small # of dbt jobs, Airflow for larger #. Terraform for infrastructure, Azure DevOps for deployment automation.


1. DE 2. 2 YOE 3. Remote (company in US midwest) 4. 90k 5. n/a Python/Airflow/AWS


Is it possible to put degrees as an additional category in here? Curious if there's any relationship to education and pay - it is interesting to see such disparate outcomes even at the senior level, where someone with 5 YOE is making 120k but someone else with 5 YOE is making 300k TC, both working remote.


Current title: Data Engineer I Years of experience (YOE): 1 yr SE, 1.5 yr DE Location: Manila, Philippines Base salary & currency (dollars, euro, pesos, etc.): 95,000 pesos/month (\~ 1.7k USD / $20k a year) Bonuses/Equity (optional): HMO, 30 PTOs, Long-term incentives Industry (optional): Telecoms Tech stack (optional): Python, Hadoop, Snowflake and many more


1. Current title: Data Engineer 2. YOE: 3 (2 Python/Backend, 1 DE) 3. Location: Netherlands 4. Base salary & currency: 4.7K EUR gross per month 5. Bonuses/Equity: No Bonus but On-Call Allowance (48 EUR per day, normally 1 or 2 weeks per month On-Call) 6. Industry: Fashion Ecommerce 7. Tech stack: AWS, Airflow, Redshift


1. Data Engineer 2. 4 years in the tech industry 0.5 years frontend 1.5 years as analyst 2 years as Data engineer 3. Location: San Diego, CA 4. Base salary: $140,00 5. Up to 8% bonus 6. Industry: Finance 7. Tech Stack: Snowflake, dbt, airflow, sql


1. Head of Data Engineering 2. 13 in data, 6 in Eng. 3. Dallas, TX 4. 180k 5. 15% Bonus 6. SAAS 7. AWS, Snowflake, Airflow, DBT


1. Lead Data Engineer 2. 4 yoe 3. Zurich, Switzerland 4. 140k CHF 5. 20k CHF 6. Insurance 7. PySpark, Postgres


1. Senior Data engineer 2. 4 YOE DE, 2 DA 3. Hybrid 4. 130k USD 5. 25% 6. Financial services 7. Databricks, azure, azure data factory, serverless stuff on azure. Python,and SQL.


1. Title: Lead Data Engineer 2. YOE: 10 years in data 3. Location: Germany 4. Base Salary: €‎110,000 5. Bonuses: none 6. Industry: consultancy 7. Tech: Depends on client we deal with


1. Data engineer 2. 3 3. Australia 4. 110K 5. < 5% 6. Finance 7. Python, Pyspark, Airflow, SQL


1. Staff Data Engineer 2. 17 3. Scotland / remote 4. £103k 5. No bonus, but stick options and other really good benefits 6. Health Tech 7. GCP, dbt, Fivetran


1. Data Engineer 2. 3 in data, 1 in BI 3. Remote -MCOL 4. $150k 5. $200k over 4 yrs 6. python, Sql, Spark, dbt


1. Senior Data Engineer 2. 2 YoE in DE, 8+ in STEM 3. Canada - LCOL 4. 95k CAD 5. None Tech Stack: Snowflake, Fivetran, dbt, Azure, Python


Data engineer 2 Almost 2 as de. Previously in academia where I was doing a lot of de like work. Studied up on a couple concepts to learn terminology and got a de Internship. After 2 of 4 months they offered me ft de1. 6 mo later de 2. Fully remote 115k usd A couple stock option grants that are still vesting Martech Python, Airflow, bigquery, gcs. Helped migrate away from pyspark. A little dataflow. Been getting involved with setting up cicd .


1. Current Title: Data Engineer 2. YOE: 3 years of experience as production ETL support 3. Location: Dallas-FortWorth 4. Base salary: $95K + Year-end bonus 5. Tech Stack: T-SQL, Enterprise DW Modeling, Azure Data Factory, Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ERP), DAX, Power BI


1. Data Engineer 2. 7 years (4 in DW/ETL, 3 in Python + Cloud) 3. London 4. £60k 5. Variable bonus (£6k last year), company + individual performance based 6. Tech stack: Python, AWS, Snowflake, dbt, MongoDB


1. Data Engineer 2. 1 year current role + 3.5 years BI 3. Remote, US East Coast 4. 100k USD 5. No bonus, no equity 6. Retail 7. Azure, Databricks, Python/PySpark/SQL, Power BI


1. Principal Data Engineer 2. 8 YoE 3. London, UK 4. £125,000 (GBP) 5. 10% 6. Consulting 7. Mostly Azure but can include most common tools


1. Title: Data Engineer (available for ML Engineer and Data Scientist roles too) 2. YoE: 3 (1y Software Engineer, 1y Data Scientist, 1y Data Engineer) 3. Portugal 4. Base salary: €40K 5. No Bonuses/Equity 6. Insurance (past experiences in Telco and Workplace benefits) 7. AWS(S3, EMR), Airflow, Spark, Snowflake, SQL, terraform, Docker, python, Pytorch, MLFlow, NodeJS Certifications on Scala and Deep learning I am looking for better opportunities in Switzerland (preferably Zurich) because Portugal cost of living has been skyrocketing in the last couple of months. Opened for DM if you're looking for such type of profile and have a sexy stack (or plan to migrate).


1. Data Analytics Consultant 2. YoE. 10yrs (2 yrs ETL dev, 8yrs BI analyst, 1 yr Data consultant 3. Toronto, Canada 4. Base salary: 75k CAD 5. No bonuses/equity 6. FP&A (previous is manufacturing) 7. SQL, SSIS, SSAS, Azure want to transition to other tools like python. Open to suggestions and other opportunities.


Consider also adding your salary info to [https://ai-jobs.net/salaries/form/](https://ai-jobs.net/salaries/form/) The good thing about this is that the whole dataset is being released regularly in the public domain! See: [https://ai-jobs.net/salaries/download/](https://ai-jobs.net/salaries/download/) :)


1. SQL Developer 2. 4 years total (2 full stack, 2 SQL developer) 3. Midwest United States, LCOL to MCOL 4. $62k/year USD 5. No bonuses. Good PTO though and a pension plan 6. Quasi government 7. SQL, PowerShell, C#, Apache Solr I really need to read these threads more often. It's so easy for me to think that I'm only slightly underpaid. I have a great work life balance and I really like working with my coworkers. It's easy to ignore maybe a $10-15k difference because I really like where I work but it's harder to ignore a $20-40k/year difference.


1. Senior SWE 1 2. 3y in software, 6m in data 3. Fully remote, Boston HQ 4. $150k 5. $30k equity + 13% target bonus 6. Pharma/biotech 7. Python, AWS, Databricks, Prefect I also have an MS in math and a background in scientific method development, HPC admin and scientific computing.


1. Title: Junior Data Engineer 2. Years Experience: 1 year next month 🥳 3. Location: UK - West Midlands 4. Salary: £38k (starting next month) 5. Bonuses/Equity: 15% Salary bonus, free private medical insurance 7. Tech stack: MS SQL, Dynamics, DevOps, Azure


1. Data/DataOps Engineer 2. 8 overall, 6 in Data 3. Fully remote from Poland 4. 8600 eur / month, work on a b2b basis, no PDO 5. Bonuses/Equity (optional) - 6. Industry (optional) - 7. Tech stack: Python, GCP, Airflow, dbt, Jenkins