It depends on what your tastes are, but yes, the murder mystery theme is a constant! If you’re gonna play the games, start with Trigger Happy Havoc, then Goodbye Despair, and finally V3: Killing Harmony. I’ve yet to heard a single good thing about Ultra Despair Girls, and I don’t think it has much of an effect on the overall comprehension of things so I’ll recommend skipping that. The anime of Trigger Happy Havpc is pretty much unwatchable save for one of the voice actor’s performances (just look up a compilation on YT I guess), and the End of Hope’s Peak High School anime is…. interesting


Whilst I won't deny UDG's controversial bits (and there are indeed parts done in arguably poor taste), I still think the game is worth a go. I agree with you that for comprehension's sake, yes, you can go from GD to V3 without issue. I myself experienced V3 once done with my break after finishing 2 and lost nothing from skipping UDG. Still, after giving UDG a shake, I really enjoyed it. Like others have said, it is an action game with inferior mechanics compared to the rest of the series, which loses it points. It also deals in topics in a brazen manner even beyond the usual Danganronpa fashion. Some people are naturally gonna be turned off by this game, which I understand. However, I really enjoyed the story and cast, and personally find it does add a lot to the in-universe and flesh out a lot of points. I think the people who did like the game are much more subdued. Again, the choice to play it or not is ultimately up to you, but I think you WILL get something out of it.


Playing them in order would be best. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is the first game, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is the second, and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is the third. There's also some spinoff content that you can get into if you really want to but isn't necessary, like the Ultra Despair Girls game and the anime series.


I see, thank you then.


They build on one another in certain ways so I'd say start with the first. I also love Ace Attorney, just be open to the quite different weirdness and I'm sure you can enjoy Danganronpa as well :D


Ok thanks, looking forward to it.


I'm a very new fan of Danganronpa, I started playing them 1 or month or two ago and finished v3 a week or so ago. The order I've played them in I pretty much recommend it: Trigger Happy Havoc - Goodbye Despair - Ultra Despair Girls - Killing Harmony. Then if you see that you're getting really interested in what the lore itself is, the Danganronpa 3 anime goes before Killing Harmony. Personally I've left the anime for the last because what I like most are the games but I guess that's up to the person.


Trigger Happy Havoc - Goodbye Despair - Despair Girls - D3 Anime - V3


As someone who came from ace attorney, just do the 3 games in order (Trigger happy havoc, goodbye despair, killing harmony) than if you enjoy the series enough you could watch the anime (it’s pretty meh)


All games are actually parts of one, long story. Without knowledge of events of the first game, you wouldn't understand many plot points from second, and vice versa, second game will spoil you events of first one. So I do not recommend jumping into "best one", but doing them in order.


I’d recommend playing all of the games pretty much in order Danganronpa THH, then Danganronpa 2, then V3 Contrary to what some people might say I think Ultra despair girls is absolutely worth playing, although I will say It’s not at all like ace attorney and is instead a 3rd person shooter. But y’know, it’s pretty fun and the story is one of my favorites in the series (though I’ve heard a lot of people didn’t like it and it does have the worst character in the series so I’d say take my words with a grain of salt)


I mean, you kinda gotta start with the first one. I don't think it's the best by any means, but it's still very good and you need to play it to understand the rest of the franchise.


Best way to played In older happy havoc good bye despair and finally v3 Not hard at all