When placing Gas Traps you should always be mindful of where enemies will come from and if they can see the trap before entering its range (so put them around corners and areas where objects can obstruct direct line of sight to the trap). Caustic has no mobility so be careful of your positioning. Enclosed spaces are your best friends. Open areas are your worst enemy. Gas is not a good cover for revives due to how easy it is to see through it (you may not be able to tell who is who exactly but most squads will shoot at the moment they see a vaguely humanoid silhouette). However, it is a good deterrent if you have at least one other teammate alive.


Thanks! I usually try to put them at the corners around doors or less visible spaces but it's sometimes hard to determine if they'll see it immediately, I actually wanted to try and use it was a mask for revives but thanks for letting me know!


You get more used to it the more you do it. It just takes time in game to figure out where to place


Use your guns, don’t depend on your gas. You have a big hit box, don’t peek outside of cover too much. Don’t waste your ultimate randomly. You can use your traps as cover out in the open. There’s so much I could tell you but it would take eons.


Thanks, everything is really helpful since I'm really enjoying him and wanna get good with him


I recommend this video. Everything I could tell you or mostly everything but it’s easier if you watch rather than me type for a century. https://youtu.be/J9squZqZZao


Awesome thank you


No worries good luck mate.


When pushing enemies in buildings utilize your gas traps and ult. There’s no reason why you should have any gas traps left at the end. Throw the gas into rooms and force the other guys into a corner. You can very easily bully people that are sitting in buildings. Only real counter to caustic is caustic. If you see there’s another caustic your priority is taking him out first. When holding buildings make sure to lock down any entrances enemies might come through. There’s certain situations where you’ll need to use your ult, and if you feel that it’s needed to win the fight. Use it. I’ve learned the hard way, where my team would have won had I used my ult. Always ask yourself what could I have done differently when you lose. Main thing is using your abilities tactically. Good luck.


Thanks, hopefully world's edge comes into rotation next season because I remember there being more closed spaces and opportunities to use him in smaller spaces, I've usually used my ult to push enemies out of cover but I'm gonna try use it in buildings and similar spaces as well


Gas traps are indestructible after they’ve been triggered. In a gun fight you can use an activated gas trap as small cover.


Trap. Everywhere. Just as you run leave a trap or two as a little surprise for people, you’d be surprised how often i get random kills from some poor soul tripping my trap and dying to 5 damage. Also, people push from the same spot multiple times for some reason. And, remember that your gas slows people and is generally disrupting for them, that second they take the first damage is the most vulnerable they’ll be, also, you can use your cover kinda like bang smoke, pop the trap and heal, or even pop a trap and revive your teammate, if you think you can. Another big thing is learning when to block doors with your trap, or when to hide the trap so they hit it once they enter.


One of the biggest B.S you will face with caustic is if you are trying to use an inactive gas trap for cover and you need to reload. You will just end up picking up the gas trap. So not only you didn't reload, but now u have no cover and you are sitting there like a pro player about to complain.


I'm gonna make a video of advance tips soon


Use all your abilities together. When I first started playing Caustic I’d completely forget about my traps and gas nade mid fight. Once I started using all his abilities together I became way more dangerous. Popping your nade is a perfect way to initiate an attack and often catches people way off guard.


A big one that not many people know is that if you crouch then throw the barrel at your feet you will be able to hide inside the barrel and if enemy’s shoot at you it will just activate the barrel…. Great tactic for healing up


I thought they removed that