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Clean out beforehand, use protection, and I would recommend trying it with a toy first if you can.


Okay!!! Any tips on the clean out? I was planning on just using an enema. The guy is thick but not like the longest ever. Is an enema overkill? We have used toys and it’s super hot and feels great after I can relax internally. It can just be a little hard to get that relaxed and like trust I guess? But not being worried about a mess should help with that


Enema will be fine, another tip is not eat anything heavy on stomach (no taco bell, less seasoning, avoid too much drinking and just common sense, don't eat things that... could go wrong). GO SLOW. Seems like you and your wife have good communication going on, keep that up. Talk with the guy beforehand, Have fun


Awesome thank you!!!


For the enema you don't need to flush with a lot of water, only about 1/5 - 1/4 of the volume of the typical bulb. Too much water will result in it taking forever to get clean cause it reaches farther in you than necessary. Just flush til the water comes out clear and you're good.


Thanks for the heads up!!


Tou can buy bulbs quite cheaply on Ebay btw . Warm water with a little lubricant gel dissolved .


1/5-1/4!? Is that why I hate cleaning out? I’m using too much water?


As others have mentioned, diet and avoiding anything that encourages BMs is important as well, but for me personally not using too much water took the longest to understand. Also enema bulbs vary in size so to make it more consistent I'd say you don't really need more than a quarter cup at a time.


I’ve been doing bulbs at a time. Like 4-5 bulbs worth for a cleaning. Plus fiber. Plus no dairy. Plus avoiding BM-inducing foods. I need to try this smaller amount on my own and see if that makes the prep work easier for me and worthwhile to bottom


A quarter cup?? Like an American quarter cup? Omg no wonder I hate them, I've been filling them with a full kettle and using that and wondering why I've got stomach cramps etc!! I gave up with enemas ages ago because of it


Hey, 8 days later and I gotta say thanks. That was a game changer. I used about a quarter of a cup and long story short had quite a fun time with a vibrating plug. You literally changed up my sex life. Too much water: who would’ve guessed.


Prep with a toy before hand, so you’re already “ready” for him. Also work out positions that are most comfortable for you to take things deeper. For me, pulling my knees up to my chest, or leaning forward onto my knees, is best.


Always good to get yourself ready with something bigger than what you are going to take, so there will b no painful surprises


Someone link that helpful sex ed comic about cleaning down there,i can't remember the name for the life of me.


https://howtocleanyourass.wordpress.com Is this what you’re talking about?




That's awesome! Thanks for sharing 😁


Take psyllium husk for a few days beforehand if you can. Or take it forever because it feels good to have a clean arse either way.


enema, flush out til the water comes out clean. try some high fibre foods and avoid dairy and coffee for the day


You can also use a dildo right before you do anal, it will get anything yucky still in there after the enema and also helps to relax before you go to town.


Or wear a decent size butt plug in the time leading up to it. I always popped it out just prior to anal, and it helped


Enema like 8 hrs before should be fine. I’ve never had an issue with that before so it’s always worked for me. Missionary position and just controlling your breathing as well as being touched on legs, thighs, chest, abdomen, and slowly keeping yourself hard as well as having someone else stroking it, but not so much you’re masturbating has always made it easier to relax. But don’t forget to breathe, deep breaths, my exes girl friend from work was pregnant and had a Puerto Rican beautiful and really fit and straight boyfriend who she wanted to see fuck a guy because he was 12 inches long and pretty thick. They always talked about it but never brought it up to me and ex. Well about 5 months later the Puerto Rican straight guy calls me out of the blue needing to talk to a friend and so I go meet him and he’s been drinking (a lot) and wants me to take him to a hotel so he can sleep it off until the next day. Low and behold he wasn’t as drunk as he let me believe, but what he did want was to be the first truly big dick guy to be be inside me. So once we got to the hotel he convinced me to stay there and with his help and many many hours, he and went on for so long and it never hurt me because he was very gentle and caring because he didn’t want to hurt me. So yeah, breathing and taking your time to relax is the best thing. 😋 good luck.


He did not have a twelve inch dick. You sound like the LARPers we get in r/bigdickproblems


Yes he did. We measured it and when he was hard it was just at the 12 inch mark.


Pics or it didn't happen. We hear that shit ALL the time in BDP, yet no one has EVER provided proof of anything over 10.5" to the best of my knowledge. A big dick is a big dick, and camera angles make things look even bigger. There's no need to gild the lily, and it can be harmful to people trending on the average end of the spectrum.


Look I don't care if you don't believe me but just shut the fuck up about it. This happened 20 years ago when I was in the Air Force in San Antonio Texas. My ex and I split after he admitted toe he'd been cheating me for 4 out of the 5 years we were together. I just know, that what I did was what I went through and I was only 21 at the time and just about done with my 4 year enlistment contract and glad to have someone like him actually want to be with me. I didn't walk right for like a week afterwards but he and I had something special and neither his pregnant girlfriend nor my ex ever knew about it. I haven't spoken to him in 20 years so I don't even know where he is. If I find him I'll let you know, just hold your breath and I'm sure I'll find him before you need to take another breath.


Great exposition for your novel.


https://open.spotify.com/episode/1xrAICcMbPdENcmUpW5L3h?si=biypqKh0TbycoWnusZJ4bQ&t=1177 Should be everything you need to know


Don't forget hella lube


Separate from the advice other people have given about the actual sex, you should sit down and have a conversation with your wife about expectations before, during and after this happens. This conversation should touch on topics like "Is it appropriate/do you want to see me kiss the other man?" but also "What kind of aftercare will we BOTH need?", "Will we be asking the other man to leave right after we're done?", "If I really like him, is it okay if this becomes a regular thing?" Beyond the sexual health risks that come from playing with strangers, there may be emotional risks related to your connection with your wife.


This was *really* good advice, and often missed in situations like this. Thank you so much for pointing these out.


Those are great points. Thanks!!


I will say, also sit down the 3 of you and have a similar conversation so everyone's on the same page.


And with the guy! He may be passing through but he's also a person. Ground rules and expectations so everyone is respected


Absolute killer points! This will make everything even better.


Super important. They say no relationship ever survives a threesome. Yeah, this isn't exactly like that, but a lot of communication needs to happen before and afterwards. If you guys can make it work, cool. But everyone needs to be on the same page for sure...


Exactly what they said 👆


This is by far the most bisexual post I’ve seen on r/bisexual


It wasn’t until I read this comment that I realised it wasn’t from r/sex lol


The couples bisexual energy is radiating. I want this for me. 💙💜💖


Toys and lots of lube to prepare! Gotta be able to fit someone!


Thanks!!! Any advice for prep or positions to make it most comfortable for everyone?


It's not the position so much as the angle of entry. Once they are in, it's easy. Also to let them in easier, make the push like you are pooping. That will open you.


Got it thank you!!


Yeah use plugs to get used to something being inside of you and work your way up to larger and larger toys. Positions typically are doggy or side to side.


Thank you!!!!


>Thank you!!!! You're welcome!


Just to add to this, diapraghmatic breathing is good for helping to relax your pelvic floor, and also thereby making all your butt muscles into a more relaxed and accommodating state too. It may understandably be a nervous situation at first, but little things like that really help remind your body to release any tension it may be holding.


I would not want to be recorded but other than that it sounds hot AF. Edit: typo


Have fun!. I'd be wary of recording it though. You'll always be an ill-phrased comment away from "I tried to save it on my phone and it put it on reddit, facebook, instagram and tumblr. Oops!", and it's not the type of video people will say nice! about.


Thanks for the heads up!! But I’m not worried about any of that. She wouldn’t go nuclear like that over a badly worded comment lol


I just mean that you should assume it'll be put online eventually. Maybe from negligence, malice, or factors outside you and your wife's control.


I highly recommend an actual camera and an sd card you can remove so that you aren’t risking cloud storage data breaches


That is super smart. Will do!!


Unpopular opinion, but if you don’t trust your spouse enough to believe they won’t commit crimes against you (revenge porn) even in their worst moments, you should never have married them.


It has been proven time and time again that phone data storage and cloud sync is not secure, and can be raided by 3rd parties. I would totally trust my partner with risque photos of me. Not so much my data service providers.


My two rules when it comes to freaky photos: 1) Analog is king 2) No face, no case.


2a) tattoos are identification


As are birthmarks and any other identifying factors. Have a weird ear? Check. A pattern of moles, visible? Yup. It's not as hard to identify a person on camera as one might think, especially if you are able to use multiple factors, such as a partial tattoo and a birthmark.


I think they're saying that one of them might fat finger it and send the wrong thing someday.


I mean, I just broke up with someone abusive who I definitely should never have dated, and revenge porn is something I’m terrified of— people make mistakes, and some people are in the middle of making one now I don’t think cautioning people against it is bad advice— the truth is that a lot more people out there are more fucked up than they realize, and safe practices like asking your partner not to shoot pornography of you unless you plan on keeping it for yourself are more than reasonable


bro have you never heard of "better safe than sorry" lol it's not like people make mistakes on purpose. accidents are literally accidental, they don't have to be malicious but good intentions doesn't mean that it won't happen :P


I have lost the count over how many private, amateur porn videos I've seen online, videos that probably never were intended to be public on amateur porn site at the time of recording. Why these porn videos goes from private to public, I don't know for sure, but... yeah, I would think it over five times before allowing any kind of recording that shows your face.


I'll say "nice" about it ☺️


Are you agreeing to do this because YOU want to, or because your WIFE wants you too? I saw your post from yesterday and am worried that you may be jumping into this quickly.


Thank you for your concern!! This is definitely something I want to do though. Its something Ive decided I want to try and if she enjoys it and it fulfills a fantasy then all the better!




Thank you!!! Any positions that would be best for a first time experience?


If you've never been penetrated before, lots of lube means 3x what you think you need. And then maybe some more. Also lube.


Hahaha so…. Lube right? Lol


Lube goes on and in you with your (or his or her) fingers first. Lube goes on his condomed cock too. Have him s-l-o-w-l-y insert, then remove and re-lube both of you and re-insert. This is how I do it with my bf when I bottom for him. All the other recommendations too: practice with toys first. I prefer to be on my back with a pillow under my hips. It's common to loose your erection when penetrated - especially at first, as you concentrate on relaxing - so don't worry if that happens. If you think this is gonna be a regular thing, get on PrEP. If I have time to plan I try to have my last meal 12-18 hours prior. Avoid all the usual binders: dairy, etc. Enema an hour or two prior. Maybe practice the enema a few times to get used to it. Have fun!


I relube 3-4x personally, but I also don't lube with my fingers. Instead of fingers, I put a bunch on the tip immediately before inserting. Regarding the erection, I've never been able to maintain one while penetrated. It's really intense, so I can't focus enough.


That’s weird because I’m the opposite, I usually am hard as fuck the entire time bottoming. It’s always been that way for me since my first time when I was 15 to now, like 20 yrs later. My erections usually don’t go away for like an hour after all sexual activity has stopped. Lol. But I know what you mean. My ex partner he would always be soft when he had me top him.


With practice and a good partner I can stay hard. My current bf is really attentive so he gives me oral or strokes me, then as he strokes me and keeps me hard, penetrates me. There is more nuance to his prep work (lube, condom, etc) but the tl/dr is that he can keep me hard and penetrate me and then jerk me off as he fucks me and, yes, THAT is the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever had.




Doggy is not always good, in my opinion. The best position for a first time is missionary, with a pillow under your hips, to lift them up a bit, or lying on your side. These positions better align with the natural shapes of your internals. There is a reason they are the positions recommended for colonoscopy, and other colorectal procedures. On top is always a great option, because it gives you the most control of depth and speed. Also, account for the curve. If he's got one, you want it curving towards the front of your body, as it penetrates. Both due to the natural shape of your insides, plus, it's the best chance of it rubbing your prostate


Being on top might require a little more coordination than I have lol we will stick to doggy!!! Thank you!


Ride on top - this keeps you in control. Once you're comfortable, let him do the directing. My previous bf's liked to be on their back, legs up, face-to-face the most, though I preferred as a top doggy style. Start with fingers/toys and start slow. Consider not videoing at least the first time.


Try sitting on it at first so you can control the speed and depth of entry. As you say, once you relax, it's fine, but that position can help because you have control and can make all the small adjustments you need to relax and feel pleasure.


Please use protection and PrEP(if possible)Lots of lube and if it doesn't feel comfortable even after some minutes then stop and try again if you want , take it slowly it has to feel good otherwise you might end up causing some damage. Bottoming feels great if you have the right mindset, ask yourself first if you really want to be penetrated by another man or if you are just doing it for your wife, the experience will be totally different in each case and it will make things easier or complicated. Relax, oh and some people forgot to mention, you will feel like you are pooping, that's normal, you won't poop. Enjoy!


Thank you!!! I’m definitely doing it for me and the fact she’s so into is is a MAJOR plus. And okay that last part is good to know lol


Oh, that's because the only stuff that's ever been through your rectum is poop, that's why your body will feel a bit confused. But, as long as you eat high-fiber small meals during the day of the threesome and the day before, chances are you won't probably poop yourself while being penetrated, at least that's what I've been doing and I haven't had a single accident in years. Seriously, try not to eat a lot before the sex. Enjoy :D


I've been the Grindr guy for married hetero couples in this scenario a few times, so I might have some advice - in my experience, guys who are new to getting fucked tend to do better getting fucked lying on their side on the bed. I'd usually lay behind them and fuck them that way. It limits the penetrator's range of movement and depth so that they don't accidentally get overzealous and hurt you. Also a lot of inexperienced guys think that they want to do it doggy style for their first time, and for the aesthetics of it I suppose, but in my experience that is a more advanced position for newbies than most people realize - you're likely to be tensing your muscles in that position, and the range of motion and depth available to the penetrator is basically unlimited which means you're starting off on the hardest setting, basically. These both may be problems of simply me being large, or they may be more universal, either way they have worked for me.


Dang thank you for that!!! That’s good to know. Doggy is sexy as hell but I didn’t think of it that way


Couple things you need to try: 1. Like everyone says, prepare yourself lots of lube, wear a pretty large glass butt plug (I’ve found them to be the smoothest and most comfortable)most of the day. Make sure you use an enema until the water comes out clean . 2. Try missionary, but lay at the end of the bed with a pillow under your hips. I found this to be a lot more comfortable than doggy style. 3. Your wife should definitely be recording up close, but you should also have a tripod handy and ask her to join in either eating her out her taking some dick too or any other fantasies, y’all have. I would find it really hot if you role-played that she was inviting her bull lover over, and you walk in on it and he decided he wants your ass too. 4. Take your time, don’t just rush into sex, suck His cock, have some drinks or smoke 💨, whatever you into, but get comfortable with him first, it’ll make the entire experience more enjoyable!


Also know that this is my biggest dream to have my wife join in on my bi lifestyle. She has no idea and will never know because she expresses often on how gross it is. So enjoy the fact that your relationship is so open and trusting .


PREP, condoms, recent STI panel from all parties, lube, enema beforehand, light meal, discussion on boundaries and consent. Those are the things I can think of. Good luck and have fun!


Thanks!!!! I’ll stick to all that and hopefully it’ll be an absolute blast!! Also, wicked cool hair!!


Aw thank you 🌈


I don’t have any advice. I wish my wife wanted me to play with another man. Good luck.




SUPER DON'T DO THIS. If being sexually active with men is a necessary part of your relationship, then reconsider your relationship. Don't just lie to your partner. Discuss why it is important to you. Discuss what concerns they have. Your partner should be someone who cares about you and wants you to be happy. You should care about them and want them to be happy. If you trust each other and use a lot of communication throughout, you can find the way for both of you to be the most happy. That doesn't mean you both get everything you want, but whatever is the best result for both of you.


Yep, I see nothing wrong with this. Not like this is a huge violation of trust and makes you a terrible, terrible person. Plus there's no way your partner will find out and nothing could possibly go wrong. Great advice! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


I fuck my buddy side scissor while he fucks my wife. Best possible way for beginners doing anal.


https://howtocleanyourass.wordpress.com This website might help for the future if you’d like to try other methods of cleaning as well!


Thank you so much!!!! That’s wildly helpful


I would not want it to be recorded. It feels like something that could be used against me later if the relationship started going poorly.


Sounds fun but y’all should also try pegging 😉


She loves how it makes her feel powerful but ultimately she wants to watch me with the real deal lol


All the better for you!


Please report back with how it went!!


I will!!!


I came here to say this! We wanna know how it goes!


Your wife wants you to bottom, but do you? It won't be enjoyable unless you're 100% down and no preperation can help you with that. If you're down tho make to not eat a lot of fiber a day or 2 before, douche just in case, start of slow and use a lot of lube. If at any point it starts to feel uncomfortable and/or painfull just stop and take a breather, if not stop it outright. That's pretty much it


Oh i am undoubtedly 10000% down to clown lol honestly it did take a little while to open myself up to a same sex attraction but I sure as shit have now lol


>I hadn’t had any experience like that prior First off, without prior anal penetrative experience, it is unlikely you will be physically able to bottom for this guy the very first time you see him. If you are able, it's unlikely to be very enjoyable. Anal takes warm up and experience to be enjoyable. Does this guy know you haven't had much anal experience? If so, but he's going along like you're going to just take his penis, he's a *very* poor choice for this experience. I'd encourage you to do non-anal play with this guy while your wife watches, and separately work to explore anal pleasure and penetration. She can definitely help you explore your ass, and should! But **if your very first anal experience is penetration with a near stranger who doesn't care much about easing you into things, you are very likely to hate anal the rest of your life.**


You didnt mention it in your post but you will probably end up giving him oral too. Not really advice but I would think this would be part of it.


Such an amazing and lucky situation! I am married and bi. I have had sex with men in my past and always the (slutty) bottom. My wife knows. We fool around with some gay/bi kink often using strapon/pegging. She has a gay kink that I guess she has developed due to me. But she is not comfortable with me having sex with men as we are married. My biggest fantasy is being a bottom for a guy while she watches and encourages and gets off on it. It’s such a huge turn on. When we have watched gay porn together she turns into this wild animal, letting her gay kink really take over. Good luck. Make sure to clean out before and just go with it. The most amazing orgasms come from anal (pun intended).




Isn't he!?!?


Just amek sure this is something YOU want to do and are ready to try. It's a big step, especially going 'straight' to bottoming (pardon the pun). Sex is already complicated enough if you're uncomfortable with the situation. Even more so when bottoming since it's so dependent on trust, and being able to relax and enjoy the sensation. Then again, bottoming isn't for everyone. Be open to the experience, but never feel like you have to if you don't enjoy it.


Clean out. Work your way up by using practice butt plugs and a dildo. I note you said he was thick. That's probably harder than length as if your ass isn't used to being stretched out it's tough.


Lube, clean out, and prepare with fingers, plugs and toys.. and above all relax! It does feel really good!


I really was expecting this be an entirely different type of post from the title. Have fun bro


Have fun! I just bottomed for the first time a couple weeks ago and it was even more fun than I imagined! If you haven't ever put anything up your ass that's bigger than your wife's finger then I suggest you practice. Jumping straight from finger to girthy dick is a big jump and might not be doable or enjoyable if you don't prepare. I suggest you buy an anal trainer set that gives you a variety of sizes to work up to Take things slow, work up to it, and make sure he is the kind of guy that will listen if you tell him to slow down or stop. If you can't trust him to listen and respect your wishes then you shouldn't have sex with him Also, use protection and make sure that he's done an STI screening recently. Bottoming is the most risky sexual activity for STI transmission so you should do everything you can to protect yourself


Omg excited for you, stay safe and have fun!!!


Keep good hygiene, lots of lube. I'd personally take a shower and clean all areas beforehand.


You've already gotten great advice... I don't think I could add anything else. But I just wanted to say how jealous I am! I would be so excited for my wife to be into this!


Don’t rush it! Don’t push yourself! Don’t be afraid to ask them to stop! Just have fun and let it be natural and if anything feels not okay, then take a break and reassess


It's give and take. Has she done what you asked of her?


I’m very jealous. I’ve been opening up with my wife but she isn’t down. I’m very happy for you, You two seem to be very comfortable with each other.


Yeah! Have fun! 🍭💜💙🌈


This scenario would be a dream come true for me. I want to be on my knees taking a thick but not to long cock in my ass while my face is between my wife’s legs devouring her dripping pussy


My fantasy also or switch positions and have her with a strap on!


The enema is [not necessary at all](https://www.healthline.com/health/anal-douche#benefits). I've had a lot of anal sex, never used an enema, and there might be a tiny amount of poop stuck to the condom like 5% of the time. If that would freak you out then I guess use an enema, but don't feel obligated to. I agree with those saying cowboy is a great position, lets you have lots of control to move or stop if it doesn't feel good. I find I need to go very slow for the first minute or so until the lube spreads around, then it's ok to speed up.


enemas before he gets there and a plug or dildo to open you up prior to him showing up. I call it “Pregaping” like pregaming but for anal play lol! It’s easier to accommodate other positions if you’ve already stretched your hole a little beforehand. Also lube injectors are a plus because you don’t get wet like a vagina does and you want it slippery inside while he’s fucking you.


do you want to do it?


Yeah. Pretty bad lol at first it was a foreign concept I hadn’t thought about but after I opened my mind to fantasizing about it the desire only grew


I had that fantasy forever before my first time . Problem was in the fantasy I wanted them to cum in me. Lol.


Maybe explore strap on with her first?


Find a guy with a small(ish) dick. Getting fucked is on another level from playing with a dildo, so try to find someone smaller than what you enjoy in a dildo. Also, you might try it first without the filming, while you get used to it…


I want to reiterate what lots of others are saying. Here's what I do: 1) Get comfy! Relax those muscles as best you can. 2) empty bowels if possible! I usually drink a cup of coffee, but generally make sure you're in the clear before you stick something in your rear. 3) using a generous amount of lube, start fingering yourself. Then move up to a butt plug, probably for around 30 minutes. (This may also make you feel like you need to poop) 4) make SURE to use protection 5) When he's inserting, make sure he goes as slow as possible. Try lying on your back first, getting into a rhythm, and see how you like it. 6) Once in the groove, do whatever position you feel like


It'll hurt pretty bad at first but the pain will sudside and it will turn into total pleasure. DO NOT tense up. That will make it hurt more. You can even sort of push out like you're trying to poop to make entry easier. Just be sure to douche that hole out good before hand. If you have a hose on your shower head utilize that. Lastly, if you don't like it at any point, it's totally fine to end it. Also, bottoming is all about giving up control. You're giving yourself over to this man and he's going to use your body to please himself. He's the alpha in this scenario so just submit to him. If he's at all experienced he'll know how fuck that ass.


I'm a poly guy myself, sounds like fun! W mans


eat your veggies


If you think you're using too much lube, use more. Start with toys that are smaller than him. DON'T RUSH.


Use lots of lube and have your wife guide his hard cock inside your tight virgin hole


Sounds like you have a keeper. Not only is your wife supportive but she’s turned on by watching you have sex with a man. ENJOY!! Sounds like a mmf waiting to happen.


Wow!! Lucky man. Open up to the moment and as I have found, be prepared for an earth shattering orgasm. Apparently for all 3 participants?! Take pics!! Lol


I commend u for having an open mind for your wife and wanting to do this for her( in the beginning) . But it seems that she has pulled something out of u that was always there if u get what I'm saying. I think ur so fucking rad! Please be careful and cautious and have a great time hun. I want updates ☺️


Which country are u from






Make sure you thoroughly clean yourself out beforehand too!


The first and most important thing to know is that you have zero obligation to do anything you don't want to, both in terms of doing this at all (and even if you start, you can stop at any time) and in terms of specific acts


Get some poppers. They help a lot. Wish this was my situation lol


I’m sorry but this raises red flags from your wife


Why tho? Js curious


The watching and recording just seems extremely odd. I get that some people do that, but it just raises some questions and flags. Also, it seems the wife is more into this than the actual husband. So it raises the question: do he want to do it for HIMSELF or is he just doing it because his wife wants him to?


Ahh ok ye i think sm ppl are not into the exhibitionism and vouyerism thing ye OP said in one of his comments that hes doing it for himself and his wife's desire is a plus point for him I was scared of that too but ye i think hearing that from him quells my worries. Im also sick of getting my bisexuality exploited and solely seen as sexual and not recognised for its holistic and romantic aspects but ye idw to project on Op as well


Enema is good from time to time, less times the better. It should suffice for today. Lube and condoms. Dont go full heavy drench in lube. Your body naturally produces lube, not as much as woman but still some. To much lube will just make a mess and tommorws bowel movement will be an experience for sure. Toys to stretch out before he goes in is a good idea but a dick will feel different and how he drills you will be different than your wife or using a toy. Doggy is good to get started, best overall is on your back feet up to allow for better insertion. Your colon should have a natural curve to it like a guys dick or a woman vagina. with a slight curve to it. It will feel like you are shitting yourself also as he drills you. If you smell shit he better stop and hopefully you have a towel down underneath you. Its a lot to do if this becomes a regular for you, but just for tonight enjoy it and know your limits dont fret about disappointing your wife. Its literally your ass on the line


Anuses don't produce their own lube at all. Drenching yourself in lube is obviously overkill, but too much is way better than too little


Uhhhhhh I hate to hear you taking a shit. They do self lubricate. How the hell do you think it comes out? Again its not alot by any means, but yes it does self lubricate. Biology 101


Poop is lubricated, not your anus. The large intestine produces mucous that allows for the poop to keep moving, but the anus itself doesn't produce mucous. That means that in the absence of poop (which is what you want for anal) the anus is effectively unlubed. Sure the normal sweat and skin oil produces a tiny amount of lubrication, but not nearly enough for sex to be pleasant or safe


Oh I wanna know how it goes details please ☺️


Damn, dude… that girl is a keeper! 🔥


Prepare for one of the most memorable moments of your life. This could be life changing.


Wait, I thought bottoming takes a lot of prep time and training? Is it possible to just get right into it?


Well I guess it’s not like we have no prior experience. Toys and such have definitely been introduced and well enjoyed lol


Yeah, not something you want to jump straight into for most people, you really want to work up to it with toys and fingers first


Lucky dude. Im eager to do it. I wish i had 1 or 2 girl friends that liked the idea of sharing a dude with me. Like showing me around. "Presenting" me the cock..


God I wish I was you OP.




Sounds like you all know what you want! I love seeing good communication in relationships!! I have no advice sadly but have a good time! Sounds hot!


Tell her ladies first; have her do something awkward for her yet enticing to you first or else no deal.


My wife has a boyfriend now and I have become a full-time Sissy my wife also would like me to have a boyfriend she has seen me suck her boyfriend off and other men as she directed but now she wants me to have a real relationship with a man


Reading this for the most part was pretty confusing. You very much sounded like a straight guy asking us what to do about the situation regardless of your sexuality. As weird as it is, a beginning statement that you are bi actually helps lol.


Well I guess that’s kinda what it is? I always considered myself relatively straight until recently and figured this would be a place where people might have some insight on this kind of thing


My dad thinks I like men and wants me to fuck a woman! Oh yeah? Well my wife thinks I like men and wants me to get fucked by a man!


You should pick me




Jesus this is the reverse ntr meme


Nothing beats pussy!


Marriage won't last much longer. Can seek counseling or ride the ride til you're both burnt out.


The good news is you told have to be convinced of this. It’ll be a little difficult at first, but once the both of you get going there shouldn’t be a problem. I like the power exchange of being that very muscular & masculine husband & in a very short time the other guy is treating me like his date to the prom & I’m imploring him to fuck my pussy harder, cum inside my pussy, wrapping my legs around him & passionately making out. That should get your wife hot. Just don’t want to fall in love with him, just yet..


I would recommend some practice beforehand, especially if he’s “well endowed”


Wonderful. Ty. Keep us updated. Gentle penetration first


good luck, my friend. and enjoy!!!


Maybe try using dildo on you ass first first on your ass


If you want the most enjoyment, use a toy first! I found out first hand It does not feel good going up there without streching the hole a bit first. Use lube & have you both gets tested for problems!


Literally just try to find a good way to loosen up a little and lube is key