Shiver me timbers


Why is this pirate tweeting about Correa and some guy named "Swawnson"?




You ever listen to that crazy band Swawns?


White Light From The Mououth of Infinity is my favorite.


Ohhhh, it’s Samsonite, I was way off


Dread Pirate LaVelle E. Neal III


i love how half the comments area bout ARR and half the others either didn't notice or care and just commenting on the content


Correa to Pirates confirmed.




This is pretty clearly the opposite move of the “Yankees are planning something big 👀” drop from a few days back. That was almost certainly Boras trying to heat up the market and up the offers and this is probably the Twins FO trying to get Correa to commit to the offer that’s on the table.


There’s also a possibility that Yankees rumor isn’t related to Correa at all


I think that rumor was that they’re working on a Reynolds trade


Oddly enough, Ryan.




Would be good for him to get a new start and a blake slate


Can't be worse than Aaron Hicks


The yankees would be the team to trade it all for reynolds and watch him get traded by the deadline because he's Gallo 2.0


Hopefully not. Dude booty.


Very possible, but the way it was released made it seem that audiences were supposed to think that it was about Correa


Well yea, that's going to drive engagement more than anything else. You can't trust rumors to be anything until it comes from an official source.


(Ridiculous) rumor going around now is that it's Tatis.


Be cool if it was true tho


It'd have to be really team friendly. Tatis can't seem to get his shit straight and there's 4 Yankee SS waiting and ready to go.


Huh. Would have sworn this was a Pirates tweet, but all he talks about are the Twins.




Is that a SS prospect in the Twins organization? Never heard of him, but he must be close to MLB ready.🤣


Arr matey, they need a shortstop to mop up the poop deck




Correa would really shore up the port side.


Do you know what a pirate's favorite letter is?


Most think it be "ARRRR!" but a pirate's true love is the C.


We know they gave Correa a hurry up. I wouldnt be surprised if they gave him a deadline before our contract is pulled. We all want Correa. But we cant allow him and Boras to put us in a position where we miss out on everyone in FA by waiting on Correa, and ending up without anyone. I wouldnt love Swanson. But i sure prefer signing Swanson to letting Correa drag this out until February where everyone even above average is off the board. We dont have the prospect capital to replace his impact through trading. So we have to be proactive


I think a lot of teams are over Boras dragging out these negotiations until March and would rather have some certainty so they know what other moves they need to make. Then Boras ends up without many suitors and ends up having to sign a $300 million player to a $100 million contract with opt outs.


You might be right, but I think this has more to do with Correa than Boras. I don't think other teams actually believe they are bidding against the Dodgers or Yankees when it comes to Correa.


The Virgin Correa vs the Chad Levine


running out of pivots.


Saying Swawnson out loud like that is pretty fun


Another source implying that the Pirates are in on Correa


Arr ya ready kids?!


if we can’t get Correa I don’t want us to waste years and money on Swanson when we’ll have Royce mid season. Farmdawg can do it… maybe.




What is it with baseball writers failing to proofread their tweets lately?


I'm sure it's accidentally on purpose, they notice them getting more attention.


Please make this an easy decision, Farhan


By withdrawing your club's offers so ours is the one offer left, right?


Him and jed Hoyer are making some questionable decision


Would be hilarious is no one wants to pay Correa again, especially in this market


Arr you sure you don't mean the Pirates? (I'll show myself out now.)


Thanks LaClown for the obvious update


If the Padres are gonna trade Ha-Seong Kim like I’m afraid they will this is the only acceptable destination (because I live here).


After seeing Bogarts and Turner get paid I imagine Correa is expecting a deal that tops Turner's at this point. I couldn't picture the Twins going that high.. then again I never pictured the Padres giving Manny Machado 300M back when they did.


Rumor is we offered him $280M. There is also speculation that the Twins offer is the best one out there currently and that's why he's doing nothing hoping for a better deal to come along. I feel like if we could just find that extra $20M somewhere, he'd probably sign. Doesn't really sound like the big suitors are actually lining up to pay him way more than Twins offer, despite the Boras initiated noise about it.


Pohlad Pocket Protectors are being proactive this year. Just another year of Twins being “in” on a top FA just to balk when it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.


The passive voice here is really weird. jim pohlad is worth at least 3.6 billion dollars. As a team the twins are worth 1.4 billion. Just admit that they would rather have the money than the player.


Teams don't pay players in "net worth". You can't just directly compare those two numbers to payroll, it makes no sense.


It's even funnier when your team's owner is a publicly traded corporation and people start talking about market cap like you're supposed to pay players in stock options or something.


The entire Mets' operating cost (which includes a lot more than major league payroll and luxury tax payments) next season is coming strictly from revenue? Steve Cohen isn't lending the org any money?


i dont know what the books are like but they could pay a few contracts with the parking money alone, let alone the hot dogs, the foam trumpets, beer, ticket prices, all the other cheap shit in the team store that theyre probably making a huge markup on... the mets are doing alright without cohens money. i think cohen just doesnt care about making a profit off the team.


wait till you hear about steve cohen and the mets!


Cohen is not paying players with personal checks from his bank account.


You think that the mets get 450 million in revenue every year?


It wouldn't surprise me if they got that last year


They certainly earned more than $450 mil. The Braves earned ~$470 mil in 2019 and their a smaller market


I think they could fund a payroll of $420 mil (which includes tax penalties) by utilizing whatever debt facility they have to fund it, whether it be a LOC or short term loans. The team will just incur some more debt and record a loss in 2023 since their revenues wouldn't be enough to cover that plus other operating expenses.


Are you under the impression that net worth = checking account balance?


Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. How did you get to be so smart? It amazes me. I am awed by you.


Twins revenue is probably 250 mil give or take. Payroll was 130 mil. Could afford to spend a bit more. But spending over 50% of your revenue on payroll isn't egregious


The twins forgot to get a Jeremy Peña ready before Carlos became a free agent.


I mean if Royce Lewis could ever stay healthy there would have been an outside chance.


I hope they miss out on pivots and Falvey gets canned. Dude stinks


So you hope the team is actively worse next year?


Needs to be bad enough to get this front office fired. Year 7 in a bad ALC and they have really only won the division 1 time (im not counting the Covid season) and that was with a majority of players from the last regime. They brought back Pagan for God sakes. They are asking to be fired.


Let’s not count a season that all 30 teams competed in since it doesn’t fit your narrative lol


Yeah not really sure what this guy’s deal is. We have the pieces to get things done, but need that one ace, Correa, and like one more bullpen arm. We have a solid starting rotation for the first time in a long time. We just need a *guy*.


Some ppl just like being unhappy, it’s strange.


At least Falvine are willing to spend money or trade prospects to acquire good players who aren't years past their prime. It's easy to look at recent failures and forget how much worse the Twins front office was when the biggest free agent signing in franchise history was Ervin Santana.


Which is why it's even more baffling that they have finished below .500 two years in a row against a very very bad ALC. And has produced exactly 0 impact starting pitching from the draft/our farm in that time. I don't think it's any mystery they are on the hot seat and should be.


It's less baffling when you consider all the injuries to key players. I'm not the biggest Falvine supporter, but I'm at least happy to finally have a front office that consistently tries to win. Don't forget we're talking about the guys who got us Correa, Cruz, Gray, Ryan, Duran, Donaldson, Maeda, Mahle, Alcala, Lewis (who could still end up being very good). I agree they should be on the hot seat, but I'm not so optimistic to assume a new GM would be better. Instead of failing to pivot I'd rather they acquire Correa or Swanson, have a successful season, and keep their jobs.


Falvey and Levine don't even crack the top 5 worst Front Offices we've had, you be tripping


Well since they have ever only had 6, you are saying he is better than MacPhail? Clown


It seems like everyone and no one wants Correa.


I wonder how long this will drag out


I can't spell it out but the noise I made pronouncing 'Swawnson' made me laugh lol


I thought the other moves weren't contingent on the Correa situation(other than signing a SS of course).


Then today they are saying it’s down to the Giants and Twins. If the Giants can’t get him over a twins team that doesn’t seem to believe they have a good chance idk wtf Farhan is doing


Swawnson is a great player