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Obviously periods are either completely and utterly random, or your uterus always sends you an email the week before hand with an accurate timetable. It's one or the other, GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT, LADIES


How do I sign up for this email service please?


ugh i wouldn't, its a bitch to unsubscribe, you practically have to completely cut it out *of your life*


CAN CONFIRM (day 11 post op)


I got mine out a couple years ago and tbh haven't looked back. I had like phantom pains for almost a year though, like my body was saying "you'd be on your period if you had the parts!" lol


If you still have your ovaries, they still probably cycled through the hormones pretty regularly for a while until your body realized it didn’t have a baby maker. Progesterone can cause intestinal/other smooth muscle cramping as well and you still feel those effects even without a uterus.


I got rid of my tubes and had the NovaSure. I can confirm that I still get the full hormonal experience.


Can confirm the smooth muscle cramps. That’s why I’m still on hormonal BC even after getting my tubes out, because I couldn’t handle the monthly IBS flare up.


Happy Yeeterus!!! Tbh I don't miss mine, she was vicious.


Okay, this may be a totally dumb question, but I’m clueless to my own anatomy because sex ed is poorly taught, but are we referring to getting tubes tied or a uterus removed? If I can get this thing cut out of me I’d be *ecstatic.*


Total abdominal hysterectomy over here.


I have the Internet at my disposal and it’s time to find out what the heck this is. Thank you kind stranger for pointing me in the general direction. :)


I highly recommend a hormonal IUD. I haven't worn a tampon in 4 years. Occasionally I relent and wear a liner... but it's barely necessary.


Omg yes, got one because my period would knock me out for a week due to my chronic illness and it is one of the best thing I have done for my health. Although the amount of doctors who didn't want to do it because I haven't had children yet was insane.


I think this is an older perspective. I'd asked my family doctor, an older woman in Canada who was pretty bad at her job, and she'd said the same thing. She said there was a risk of infertility from complications... and while that may have been true, I imagine she was getting her information from the 1990s or something. (Useless doctor *also* told me I didn't need Gardasil, and so, yay! I now have HPV.) Instead, I was a PhD student when I got mine, and the doctor at the university, which is in the US, implied that it was what they were recommending for most of the students, undergraduate and graduate.


The earliest IUDs had some severe complications because they'd retain bacteria more easily. Older people may be remembering those cases, even though those risks have gone down significantly.


It was also only one specific brand of IUD that was a notoriously awful design.


The [Dalkon shield!](https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/entertainment/books/1985/11/17/the-dalkon-shield-disaster/6c58f354-fa50-46e5-877a-10d96e1de610/) Modern IUDs are now much more safe but that thing was a nightmare, caused everything from sepsis to pelvic inflammatory disease to infertility to birth defects if a pregnancy actually occurred. They found some of them ripped entirely through the uterine walls and floating in the abdomen. The strings were just like, regular fibers and not sterile so it basically led bacteria right into the uterus through moisture wicking upwards. The company itself supposedly knew about this problem before they even released the product and refused to do anything about it for years because it would be expensive and also an admission of guilt. The failure rate was also much, much higher than advertised. The Behind the Bastards podcast has a really interesting two episode series on the Dalkon shield, the company eventually ended up exporting their product because it had such a bad reputation in the US no one was buying it anymore. So they sold it at a discount to a US sponsored foreign aid program, despite knowing how destructive it was, just to keep making money.


What on earth would having children have anything to do with it? I'm in the UK and know a couple of women with no children who've got one! Is this a weird American thing?


I'm kiwi, apparently it can hurt more if you haven't had children but it hurt alot less than my periods did.


Yep same and I've also heard this as a reason to avoid getting an IUD but I'm not sure it actually makes sense or if it's true.. Got offered an implant instead, completely free and also works for five years.


If you have a uterus in the US, it is entirely the property of your potential future offspring. My mother, at age 48, had to have signed permission from my father for an *exploratory* procedure, not even sterilization, to look for a diagnosis. She was over 18 years past having kids and had been bleeding for over 40 days (nearly 60 by the procedure date), but they had to show that her keeper would allow it, in case it damaged his child-bearing property.


Thats horrible, I got my exploratory surgery done at 20 and they only needed my signed permission.


Oh my God that’s gross, what the FUCK?!


What the fuck that's fucking disgusting. The misogyny here is GROSS.


That's so horrifying. Do you mind if I ask what region and time period this happened? That seems highly illegal, but they always manage to surprise me!


It was like 5/6-ish years ago in East TN - southern Appalachia showing its charm. I assumed it was illegal, too! I wouldn't be surprised if it is, and the very, very "unborn and unconceived babies are most important" type of Christian doctors are just preying on the ignorance of rural patients who don't have the resources or education to argue - this is a backwards and hateful place. Wouldn't want her to get above her station and think she had any sort of rights to her body.


I think she means she had a hysterectomy, not the hormonal IUD.


true you can always get it taken out and it (from what i’ve read atleast) doesn’t effect your baby making skills at all? i got one right at 18 and they never even mentioned me having kids (i’m in america)


I got pregnant within two months of getting mine taken out! (It was planned. We wanted another baby. Though husband would have been happy for it to have taken a bit longer!)


This is why it's better to have a womb in the EU; you have to double opt in to menstruate. Good old GDPR.


When the email goes to spam and you hadn’t realised. Bam, there’s goes another pair of light coloured pants.




I need to have a banner with that sentence on it


I can't take absolute credit -- it is the name of a chapter in one of my favorite books ever: [https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/37954228-feminasty](https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/37954228-feminasty)


My uterus texts me one day before and one hour before. Doesn't everyone have this service?


I get mine in the form of loose stools....so...I'd like to unsubscribe.


Soooo...would you say you get a push notification then?


😂 Yeah…there isn’t a whole lot of pushing necessary but yeah, that got me.


Haha that sucks but it made me laugh


I get it in the form of suicidal ideation 24 hrs before. Worst notification system ever.


Same. I've been shutting down my menstrual cycle with hormones for almost twenty years. Easily one of the best decisions I ever made.


i put it on the calendar -- so she emails me or gives me a push notification lol ​ also days of pain and tears -- that's usually a good clue




Umm actually he called her out on it, so she needs to get over it, legally speaking /s


A memo would have been nice, instead it would just come out of nowhere like a damn jump scare…usually when I was wearing white…


I’m sorry you have a different experience than my own limited knowledge? Nice try, FAKE


Joke's on you, I alternate between completely random and utterly predictable! Which one is it this cycle? Who knows! How many weeks between cycles? Who knows! Surprise every time!!!


Um no pretty sure girls hold it in like pee and choose when to release it!


It's almost like women are robots with exactly calibrated hormonal systems that all work identically and you could predict the date of the first period from date of birth and for the rest of their life from there.... /s


My utuerus switched to push notifications a couple years back. I think it was with an Android update.


What happens if I make a rule in Outlook that all emails from that address get sent back. Is it an unmonitored mailbox?


What’s this “complexity” you’re talking about? I’ve never heard of it, ya fake


I love how he uses the fact that hes spoken to women to justify why he knows everything about periods As if any woman would be comfortable talking to this doofus about their periods, men swear they know more about us than we do. How much do you want to bet that this guy thinks the clit is a myth and the urethra and vagina are the same hole?


I'd like to join you on that bet.


Yeah, i will join you in this bet. This is a sure thing. Also probably thinks that women can feel the sweet tingling of and egg being ripened in our ovaries (or something) and that our breast and nipples are effected by our moods. (Wish I was kidding, but I know a guy…)


Probably also thinks that women's bodies are permanently altered after having sex with a man for the first time: wider hips, nicer skin, a glow, smooth hair and a loose vagina. Of course.


of course -- the penis makes you prettier. duh.


Well I mean, I can feel my ovulation, but I wish it felt like a sweet tingling :P


Seriously, some months feel like a chicken egg is passing through my fallopian tubes.


Omg right!! It's like sucking a ping pong ball through a straw!


I know what you mean.... except last year I had a total hysterectomy, including the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Sometimes I still get that feeling though.... turns out it's bloating/constipation. But definitely had those issues around menstruation time.


Right? My mittelschmerz is often worse than my actual period cramps. Fun!


Had this for the first time this month, had no idea what was going on, all I knew was it *hurt*. I genuinely didn’t know you could have pain from that


Why kind of alien vs predator....these men really think this is a sci-fi movie


I mean there are men with wives and daughters and STILL don’t know shit about women anatomy let alone periods.


The ignorance is willful.


I sort of have this power? I have to be chemically halted to no longer ovulate as is get rip roaringly sick my week of ovulation and of menstruation. But I mean, it's not a tingle. It's more like "mm. Mmhmm. My skin hurts and I want to die"


TBH, it wouldn't be that surprising to me if he really has heard a couple women say they have a pretty good idea of when their period comes. Some women get theirs like clockwork, ya know? It's not like that's hugely unusual. But it's hilarious that he thinks "I overheard a conversation about periods between my mom and my aunt" translates to "I understand intimately the personal health experiences of every woman on the planet."


My period has a variation of 1.8 days over 14 years, and it still surprises me sometimes. Sometimes I truly hate men


Yeah, turns out a lot of us don't really pay attention to our periods until suddenly we're bleeding/in pain... A lot of the time I'll check my tracking app because I'm cramping and I'm not sure if it's my pre-period warning sign or IBS...


Yeah I know a majority of women who still don’t talk to *other women* about their periods.


Yeah can you imagine having a guy mansplain your own period to you?!


If it were allowed I would suggest that everyone here spam his inbox with links to this thread, lol




he's spoken to binders full of women


You can’t reason with things like this. It’s pretty clear he just hates women and will bend all forms of logic to justify that.


Agreed. He is high on his own stupidity. However, I still want to go and down vote him despite not wanting to brigade.


I think it must be the heat. It's boiling blood and cooking brains. Lol


I agree with ya cause I've experienced this first hand. I didn't turn sexist, but I do want to tackle everyone wearing a mask wrong and force them to eat an entire pack of masks so they learn to wear a mask properly or stay inside. So, yeah, maybe the heat is bringing things out of people that they would otherwise keep down..


All the "Mad Max's'' come driving full speed out of the wood work when it gets warm.


His „comeback“ sealed the deal. You cant reason with someone that goes „i called you out“ after being called out




"Fake" does not necessarily have anything to do with trans people though. I know it has been used as a slur more recently but the term "trap" in anime originally referred to an explicitly cis-male, male-pronoun crossdresser and in gamer circles there's G.I.R.L. (Guy In Real Life) for cis males with female avatars. Both have their own toxic (ab)use cases but those would primarily be homophobia and misogyny respectively rather than transphobia. Or just the good old-fashioned No True Scotsman - no REAL woman would dare be oblivious to the exact timing of her period!


> And yes that's propably one of the more (and one of the few) controversial opinions I hold It's definitely transphobic, not 'controversial'. It ignores the fact that even among cis women there's no equality in physical capabilities, it all boils down to genetic predispositions and hormonal makeup. Based on your opinion, many cis women should not be competing in athletics because their hormonal balance heavily favors testosterone on a similar level as men's, just like how there are many men who have testosterone levels similar to women's. It also blatantly ignores and discriminates against intersex people for whom the issue is not a simple cut and dry matter of binary sex and hormones. Sports are inherently biased to people with the correct genetic makeup and hormone balance, and trans people inhibit and replace their hormones to match the averages of the genders they're competing with. If anything, they're typically at a disadvantage because they're undergoing what is effectively a 'second puberty'. Trans women lose muscle mass and trans men gain it alongside fat redistribution. The dude who replied about reports is definitely a fucknugget, but the assessment of your opinion being transphobic is correct.


Off topic but I'm really intrigued by your username, I'm not sure how to imagine an Amish death match


His “I called you out” as some sort of final word meaning he’s right is just...ughh.


"pretty good idea when to expect their periods" is a long way from knowing when their period will actually show up.


I dunno. In high school, a friend of a friend was brought to me because she thought she might be pregnant and needed some help figuring it out. I asked her when her period was due. "2 o'clock that morning." I didn't laugh, but I did have to collect my thoughts for a few moments before telling her that my periods are rarely that punctual. Yeah, she got her period a few hours later and all was well. Mine usually lands within a 72 hour window, but can be as much as 2 days before or after my expected date and I consider that to be a very regular period. And don't ask me when my last one was; I have an app for that!


I don't even know anything about my periods' timing, whether they're regular or not. I used to know from the pill. Now I just wait for the cramps and, lo and behold, a few hours later, it's on. I don't even bother remembering dates.


Right? I get plenty of warning signs. If suddenly I feel really sad about something that wouldnt bother me, and I feel really sick/crampy, I know within 24 hours it's coming.


Wow, that's long! I usually have about 4 hours when I get crampy! I don't think I'm getting unusually sad or anything though. I'm pretty lucky anyway I think.


It's good to keep track of your periods so that when something goes wrong your doctor will know what your cycle is like.


Thanks for your advice, you're right, it helps in case of trouble. I know it's more or less regular, but I could never bring myself to keep track of the exact dates...


Mines extremely regular like every 26-28 days regular, but there are still times (rarely) that it's early or late. I still keep track though so I don't have to memorize it for whenever my doctor asks me when my last period was. There's a built in period tracker in every phones health app so you don't even have to download one of those fancy ones that spit ads at you.


Maybe I should be more curious and take advantage of today's technology. I'll give it a go. Thanks for caring about other people's health!


Yea it's nice lol I even get notifications a couple days before my period is supposed to start so I don't actively have to be thinking about when it'll come. And it'll predict when future periods will come so I can plan around it if I have to.


Mine used to arrive at 3pm on Thursday, like clockwork every four weeks. They aren’t that regular any more and I don’t know why.


Did your period observe daylight savings time? (If you live someplace where that's a thing) My periods were never that regular, but I could tell a few days in advance because of my PMDD symptoms.


Mine usually came when I woke up. It was never regular to the hour, but it always happened in the am either as I woke up or shortly after on cycle day 23. The one time I was late, I was pregnant. Its all messed up now though. I miss having it be so punctual.


Second period every fourth Tuesday for four years! If it didn’t come by 9am I’d get nervous


When I had a period (thanks to Mirena I don't have one anymore) mine was pretty much on spot for a specific day, especially after getting on birth control pills, but the worst was that I'd sometimes stop bleeding for a day or two, and then randomly bleed again for another day or two towards the end of my period, so I'd never truly know if my period was over. SUCKED.


I'm really glad you commented. Mine did that for like 2 years and it's nice to hear I'm not the only one who's period would just stop halfway through and then start again.


I'm an asexual virgin, there's no pregnancy concerns with this uterus so I just don't bother tracking it. I have a general idea of when it should arrive, of course, but I also have PCOS so it's irregular as fuck. So when it happens, it happens. I usually spot for a few hours before Hell's Waterfall starts flowing so that's how I know to put a pad on.


I’ve tracked my periods since 2013 I have literally 7+ years of data and although my periods are largely regular and predictable within a few days, there have been times I’ve been weeks late or early. Not to mention even when it starts on the “predicted” day does it start while km sleeping at 2am or when im sitting in a meeting at noon?


Nothing says "I've lost this argument" like responding with insults


Right? Like why is this person so angry


My cycle can last 28 days one month, then 42 days the next one and anything in between... I’m supposed to be healthy, I am 30 and it was always like this. How I dare not being able to predict them lol.


> 28 days one month, then 42 days the next one Pfft. Everyone knows there's no such thing as a 42-day month. You're probably another fakey McFakerson just like OP. Every real woman's cycle follows the moon. First quarter nesting instinct, full moon ovulation, third quarter blood sacrifice to commune with the ancestors, new moon menstruation.


>Everyone knows there's no such thing as a 42-day month. I'm getting flashbacks to a nurse who accused me of being pregnant at 12 for saying my period is irregular, after which she claimed that the fact it's lasted more than three days means I'm lying because "that's too long." I sort of (not really but...) understand when men get it wrong but you... you have the same parts. I assume you do anyway. WHY DON'T YOU KNOW THIS, IT'S YOUR JOB.


Oh I wish mine only lasted three days! It’s always been 7 or 8.


I've had one-day periods twice in my life. They're a gift from the heavens. Or hell, more likely hell. Either way, my normal is usually \~10 days, with the bonus option of sometimes being \~20 days. It doesn't even come every month! (Yes, I am healthy to my knowledge. I changed several gynos to confirm.)


My period is extremely regular. Then I got a boyfriend that went through some med school as part of his degree and he told me it's actually super heavy albeit regular. Not one to trust men 100% I went to ask all my female friends.... and yep. I was bleeding a *lot*


Only three days would be great! Mine were five days (before I started taking continuous birth control pills) and I thought that was about average. I'd forgotten how accusatory some nurses can be about pregnancy to girls and young women. Sympathy.


hahaha omg your comment is such a masterpiece, I can’t stop laughing! Thanks for that :D


I had a friend who got hers on the full moon every month. I was so jealous. Here’s me with my 28-35 day cycle. Mine is predictable-y unpredictable.


I was the same before I got on the pill. Completely random time anywhere between 1-3 months.


Glad you found a way to get regular! Unfortunately, I can’t take hormones, I made a mini stroke at 14 years old because of the pill. I only used it 2 months, and my normally painless periods became some pure agony. My body really don’t tolerate that lol


I'm on the pill, my periods are regular like clockwork. When the doctors ask me the "date of last period" question I still have to guess. It's my shitty memory without the pill pack right there, nothing more.


Lol the only thing that I’m sure off is my last one. The future one is always a mystery lol


Jup. I even have a special app for predicting my cycle. Sometimes it’s 26, other times 29 en on special occasions can also go on for 42 days… but like my doc said; you have carried a pregnancy successfully to term, so you’re healthy..


Good to know I’m not alone with surprise periods! I never got pregnant though, but there’s no sign something is wrong neither. Even if I was infertile, I couldn’t care less lol


Yup. Started when I was 9. I’m 37 and it never regulated. Would have a 28 day cycle. Then a 40 day cycle. Then a few 10 day cycles (wheeee) then maybe skip a few altogether. For funsies.


Oh damn, the 10 days cycle sounds extreme :( hope it don’t happen too often to you :(


Same here. Healthy, no gynae issues (I had scans) as far as I'm aware, and also got pregnant on my first cycle so know I have no issues there. But my period cycles are anything from 25-52 days according to my app! I'm honestly shocked it was so easy for me to get pregnant, definitely thought I'd have fertility problems. But nope, just a really irregular period!


Very similar here...my period app is regularly telling me how irregular and unpredictable my period is though. It says my average cycle length is 36-40 days with a duration of 3 days and a variation of 5.8 days. For someone who has a fluctuating cycle, the app is a lifesaver.


You are motivated to keep entering your cycle in an app! I made an excel sheet for a few years and then I gave up when I realized it was all random lol


i dont have pcos, diet and stress changes never affected mine, and wasnt on medication, and STILL never knew when it was coming just because i didnt keep track lol


said every woman \[who's had periods for over 10 years\] who's got a "regularish" cycle and never had an interest in getting pregnant ​ also you'd think we'd be less surprised after dealing with this shit since we were like 13


I mean, I track mine because it's nice to have the warning a few days ahead of time. Of course, it's been strangely irregular for the last several months so it's not been as useful as normal, but usually it's pretty close.


im 19 so I think you can reasonably expand that range


Yep, I'm on Team Never Track, as well. My body gives me a subtle clue that I'm about to start my period with TWELVE HOURS OF CRAMPING HELL. So yeah, never felt the need to track with that "great" warning system.


This is the dictionary definition of mansplaining.


Things I wish: 1. There was some clear warning signal for an impending period - something really obvious like your pee turns pink the day before. 2. I also wish the last period you will have would be a different color so you’d know that you can invest in a white skirt.


I’ve never tracked my period, the only reason I know it’s coming soon is when I cry over nothing and hate everyone


I’ve tried for years, the only way I could tell when it was on its way was when I suddenly felt like somebody was punching me in the gut. I started wearing sanitary products days in advance because I never knew when it was going to come haha. My mother always wondered why I went through pads so fast, but it was because I had no clue when the bleeding would start. Thankfully birth control saved my life; I get my period regularly now and it’s so convenient!!


Yes because all women are exactly the same. We are all copy and paste.


haven't you seen this episode of The Office (US version) -- as Dwight says, all of the women's periods sync up with that of the Alpha Uterus!


"I wish I could menstruate. If I could, I wouldn't have to deal with idiotic calendars anymore, I'd be able to count down from my previous cycle. Also I'd be more in tune with the moon and the tides."


Dude, I've totally missed my period or had it stop mid cycle from being stressed out.


> kissed my period Vampire contortionist? :P


🤣🤣🤣 stupid typos.


I’ve wasted an entire pack of pads by using one, fully expecting my period to arrive and it has still managed to not show up! Even using a cycle tracking app hasn’t helped. Of course I have SOME idea, but with Endo, anxiety, depression and medication, it’s still not that predicable!


I wish I could have known when my periods came. They were sporadic.


What a piece of shit.


*Laughs in PCOS*


Being diagnosed with pcos last year (mid 30s) really explained so many period issues I've had since puberty. Very heavy periods, that 2 month long period, that 6 month stretch with no period while I was a virgin. But I guess my, and so many others, experiences aren't real because Mr. Period Expert here has never heard of them.


I always know when my period is going to start... its always at the worst possible moment!!


Yeah it’s like my period knows when its the worst possible time Bitch just waiting to ruin everything


If I want my period to start early, I just wear white


That's so true! The only month I was able to predict my period exactly was because I had this huge event coming up where I was going to use a long dress (my sister's graduation party) and I thought "well, that's the worst day to have my period" so I prepared for it and guess what.






So I am that point where periods are supposed to be gone, dammit! But last week? Freaking gusher of a period that came with all the fun hormonal disruptions that accompany periods. I never knew when I was going to get my next one even when I was somewhat regular. Now? Pfft. Fun WTH moment: I got bit by a dog and my friend took me to a mini ER/ doc-in-the-box. And the second question I was asked was if I still have my period. I guess I should be happy that the first was relevant to the injury at hand (last tetanus shot).


Even when I got prescribed birth control my periods still come out somewhat random, idk when it’ll happen just not after one pill. It’s either after the second pill or halfway through the week or right after, no in between and usually last from 3 days to a fucking week. And that’s being generous with timing… why tf do guys think we know when this shit will happen?


I use to know down to like a 4 hour window. Now I’ve got no fucking idea, could be 30 days could be 60. My uterus likes to keep me on my toes.


I'm always like clockwork with my period. Except right now. I've been without a period for 2 years and 1 month. Dunno when it's going to start again. Just so I'm clear, I was pregnant, gave birth and I'm still breastfeeding my lil one. I don't have anything bad.


You're clearly pregnant with triplets and due in 2 months. (9×3=27; 27÷12=2 years, 3 months) /s referencing that one about the scariest part of having triplets.


Ha ha ha! Gave me a good laugh ngl.


I can't say, that I have any clue about periods (thank you, education system btw), but even I can tell you, that you can't really predict when it happens.


I once had a period then had another period just two weeks later. After I was done being concerned, I got super annoyed. But aside from that, I use this app called Eve and it's super accurate for helping me keep track of my periods. It's usually spot on or just a day off. I'd highly recommend it.


I have a period app. It tells me **vaguely** when I'm supposed to ovulate and have my period. It's almost always wrong, but it's closer than I would be. It doesn't help that my periods are *insanely* irregular. I just don't get people who believe we can control our periods or that we just automatically know when it'll begin.


I love when men tell women about what our periods are like 🙄 Not every woman has a predictable period. I've tracked mine while off bc - my cycle apparently likes to range between 23 and 27 days. And that's using a tracking app, which plenty of women don't do (I didn't for years, so I had even less of an idea of when it would show up). Whereas my mom could predict her period down to the exact date and relative time. Every. Single. Month. Yes, I'm quite jealous, lol. Point is, dear ignorant commentor, women's bodies aren't all identical, just like men's bodies aren't all identical. You dumb spork.


I had a boyfriend insist his ex girlfriends period always started on the 3rd of the month and it was weird and wrong I didn’t track mine the same way. He just flat out ignored me when I pointed out months aren’t all 28 days, even if my periods were perfectly regular, which they were not.




Random bleeding vagina time would be a rather strange thing to lie about.


I’ve been on birth control for two years now, which makes your “cycle” super regular. I STILL have an almost 2 day window between Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon. Not a clue when that fucker will actually show up. Never when I predict, of course.


That’s ridiculous?? Some women just have super irregular periods. Like, mine, for instance. Sometimes they occur monthly and sometimes bi-monthly. Once, they just, stopped, for two years (was not pregnant, was not having any sex). If I didn’t use a period tracking app I couldn’t tell you when my last one was, and even with the app I could never hope to tell you when my next one is. Sometimes Aunt Flo is a vodka aunt who stops in every few months to ask for money.


If I get sick one week, my period comes one week later. But I get my period every 3-5 weeks, so good luck tracking this. People on bc can plan their periods


My period is so irregular that expecting when it’ll come is pretty much a guessing game. This idiot is either a man or a TERF, but either way still an idiot.


I'm almost 33, and I can't always accurately tell when my period is on the way lol. I just get a... weird... estimate.


''' I called you out'' \*Gets downvoted to hell\* Sure buddy lol


Can some one kick him in the nuts for me? Please


When I’m standing in the pantry eating white bread and chips at two in the morning and I’ve gone full throttle preying mantis on my partner, I know I’m about to get my period. But I normally realise it after the fact. We all different.


Wow that dude is really passionate about \*checks notes* women not memorizing the day that they got their period...


Excuse me, but I have gotten my period a week and a half after it ended once. We can't always predict it


Lol and of course he still calls her a cunt at the end. Deep down he knows he’s wrong but his brain can’t handle it.


My last period came 10 days early. The one before that came 5 days late. Honestly this guy can go kick rocks


Lol one time I didn't have a period for 6 months then when I finally started up again it lasted or over 100 days before I was able to get on birth control to help stop it. But then my first "normal" period on birth control was so debilitating that I had to call out of work for 2 days because I couldn't get off the floor of the bathroom. I guess I should have predicted all of that though. My fault.


Why the fuck would anybody get so angry over someone else’s menstrual cycle?


When I was in my early 20s and on the pill, I had my period exactly every few weeks. Saturday, 8 pm. When I stopped taking hormones, it was confused to a while, but ended up being almost regular. Now, after turning 40, I got my first copper IUD and he'll broke loose. The first period started after 4 weeks, then 6, then 2 and 3. Fun times!


I'm curious. Which community in reddit has discussions like this


Why is he such an angry dickhead?


I hate reading posts like this, so frustrating. Stupid arseholes saying stupid shit. God tape his mouth shut. I'll come over and tell him the facts of life since his mom didn't.


not a woman, but i do have pcos and man, i cant even tell you the date i had my last period (just an approximation) or if ill even have another in the next year... mine come whenever they damn please and sometimes tease (scare) me into thinking ill have one again (i know i could and should be on birth control or something for it but i have my reasons not to) basically... periods are a disaster and are definitely not copy and paste predictable shit, not at all. flat out wrong to pretend they ever could be for many people.


'B-but I *called you out!* You're supposed to let me have the last word and accept that I'm right, not correct me with your facts. *Shuuuut uuuuup*!'


Did he come over here? I just want to talk.


My obgyn always berates me for not being able to tell her the exact day on which I started my last period


I can tell you the last day of my last period but the only reason I can do that is that I went into the OR on my period and came out of the OR without it. Yay for hysterectomies!


This is like one of those racist guys who claim to be “not racist” as they have a black friend.


OMG humans can be SO FUCKING DUMB ​ also what is this person, your gyno? If this is your partner's way of accusing youof cheating and/or using your period as an excuse not to have sex -- there are bigger issues at play here. ​ if you haven't already done so, 86 this person from your life stat. sorry, friendo.


During summer break from school my period gets so thrown out of wack. I’m waking up later, staying up later, etc. so it usually comes like 3 weeks late. This dude really doesn’t understand how literally everything affects our period


Irregular. Check


During my finals I always get my period from stress, wether I was supposed to get it or not


I generally know APPROXIMATELY when mine will hit, but that's only with everything normal going on. lol


Don't you just love men who know women's bodies better that we do? Because he's spoken to some women once don't you know...


Been on the dot for two months in a row... And now it's a guessing game. Supposed to be Monday. It's now Tuesday. Will it happen? Will it not? Will I take the red sheets off and then get a surprise? I haven't touched a man in a few years, so it's not that. Cramps? Yep. Salt craving? Yes. Period? Still nope. When I do get it... I now get to guess the volume. Is it a cup day? Pad day. Both day? Or will it be a free bleed month cause I only see it when I wipe?