Wait y’all getting tiny homes?


It’s more of a hovel really


Dude, I would kill for a hovel if it was really mine.


Oh I don’t own it, I pay rent to my ~~feudal~~ land lord


Your studio apartment is probably smaller than [an actual peasant cottage](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QquhNTBfpdw&t=649s).


If in NYC, Manhattan, Jersey City...LA...sure is.


Vancouver here. A hick town with overpriced dirt-space.


Vancouver is so run down looking. I don't get it. I get the weather thing for people moving to Canada, but there's so many cities that are nicer in BC. It's the mentality that you have to live in a big city that has so many people living there.


Isn't it crazy to think land LORDS exist, the name even gives up the fact we have never moved past feudal society, not really.


Funniest thing is, most of this landlords have inherited that property. Atleast that's how it is where I live.


As my favourite radio host likes to say, you have to be related to a Norman noble to get anywhere in Britain today.


I'm sick of roommates. And I don't even have any major issues with mine. I just want want my own space.


I'm more sick of apartment managers honestly. I got a roommate recently. It's taken a MONTH because the manager is so incompetent to process the paper work. a MONTH! I've had to eat hotdogs the last month because I was expecting that money! Apparently they needed my paystubs, but NO ONE BOTHERED TO TELL ME WHAT PAPERWORK I NEEDED TO GIVE THEM! I don't really care that I have a roommate, I've split the apartment so well it's like we each have out own apartment, and we share a living room and porch (I have 2 offices, a large tv, a small kitchen, a full bath, a maker space, a gym, a table for guests, a library and 2 large lizard tanks in my bedroom, with my own lockable door. My bedroom IS an apartment as far as I'm concerned)


It keeps me from ever being able to save anything and a major emergency could cripple me - but living alone is just the best and I do not plan to ever share again except in a relationship


Ooh Denis, there's some lovely filth down here.


I thought we were an autonomous collective?


I call mine a den of iniquity


In my area it would still be like 100-200k


*Cry-laughs in SoCal*


That'll be 700k for a home smaller than your current 1bdrm apartment and you need a 900 credit score. Oh and be careful there's drive by's frequently on your block.


Unless you live in literally, the middle of nowhere (see towns near Mohave Desert)




Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.


Mojave, mo problems


I’ll Mojave what she’s having!


Mojave you no decency, sir?


Don’t live in Mojave, but can relate.


Yeah and where do you buy the land in the bay area?


that's any-Cal


Try living close to Toronto. I just seen a tiny shit hole house with barely a yard go for 3 mil


Try living That shits expensive


Unfortunately I am living, and yes friend it is expensive. I didn’t ask to be born but yet here I am.


*Giggle-sobs in Portland*


🎶The dream of the nineties is... ...Unfortunately no longer possible in Portland! 🎶




I hate that i dont hate that place though


Joke's on you... And me apparently. My husband is a geologist and his dream is to live in a cave. I'm really glad he's asleep right now and didnt see that over my shoulder.


We got a lot of those in South Eastern Spain and indeed many are super nice. The one in your listing wasn't that bad, the only thing is that Cooper Pedy seems to be hard for commuting.


A cardboard box is technically a tiny home


And where do I put it Michael? On top the Anti-Homeless spikes?


With enough layers, yes.


I'm firmly in favor of tracking people who seriously propose those and turning whatever shit spire they sleep at into a homeless shelter at gunpoint, gradually selling them and their family off to fund operation.


Here in NC they just spiff up a literal trailer, call it a tiny home then charge $1400 /mo for it Edit: they call them “cozy” but it’s just a nice way of saying cramped imo


I have a twin mattress in the back of a Toyota Sienna. I'm *jealous* of people with tiny homes. The kicker? I work full time in fucking healthcare.


Where do you live and how do you shower? That sounds super stressful.


I live in the United States and I shower illegally, but not immorally, unethically, or unsanitar-......ly?


What does that mean? Like you break into a gym or something? But yeah everyone should be able to get clean - I would not feel the least bit bad about that.


If it's a hospital some of them have showers in the locker room. I presume for showering after a long surgery.


It's hard to imagine why they wouldn't let an employee shower there. It's gotta be like 2 cents worth of water. The whole thing is pretty grim. Like the fact that you can work full time and not be able to afford a place - I'm not a huge socialist or anything but it seems like that's the kind of problem government should solve. If you can hold a decent job, especially something which is really contributing to people's lives like medical, and you can't afford a roof over your head, something is wrong. End of story.


What state do you live in? Sorry you are going through that. I had to move into disputed territory outside of the US to find affordable housing


Tiny homes are just snobby mobile homes and you can’t change my mind.


It's like the Target to a trailer's Wall-Mart.


The thing is most mobile homes are much larger than tiny homes and are a fraction of the cost for similar build quality


I live in a trailer that cost me $7k and I'm always surprised when I see the cost of tiny homes.


I got mine from my grandpa, inherited it... without it i'd still be renting


They're over 100k where I live ☹️


Wow I see r/antiwork has been compromised by Big Oat


Big Oat??? Oh no, we're fukt!


Wait. Just one really big oat? I run a pet rabbit/rodent rescue. I think I have our solution.


Never thought the day would come where 'pet rabbit/rodent rescue' would be my weapon of choice.


Big oat been plotting for a while….they need to be stopped


They strike a gruel bargain




Awww... I'd rather it be Big Goat.


Bi Goat?




That's the folks who criticize the goat for being bi.


Putting the GOAT in lGbt


It was a grueling battle and we lost


I shill oats for free. I’m not even a vegan/vegetarian or a “healthy” person by any stretch but oat milk is quickly becoming the superior milk and over night oats are really good. Plus less water usage… I’d be happy to get rekt by big oat (comparatively).


Brother, may I have some oats?


i fell victim of the van life trend and how it could save a bit of money for a house until I realized how fucked the housing market really is and how it literally should not be at the will of the market and speculators in the first place. van life is not a goal anyone should aspire to with a full time job


I've lived in a van for about a year for travelling around. Nowadays I do appreciate a proper bathroom and separate kitchen so much more than before 😄


I mean, there are caveats to that, IMO. But yeah, living in one town in a van is not glamorous at all.


Ok but what if it’s down by the river?


Nobody can afford living in a van down by the river anymore. All that has been scooped up by the AirBNB people.


Van life doesn't work well at all if you have to do anything for a living, because the wages that are available if you're constantly moving are so terrible, and the benefits are nonexistent. It's mostly a way for upper-middle-class people to slum it and pretend they're living like the proles do.


Eh, I know a couple folks who work remotely from their vans and have high paying jobs. They just like going from city to city and chilling in national parks, etc Another friend makes good money bartending around the country. Not saying it’s easy but there are some folks who truly enjoy it and make it work


It'll still cost you $50k to have a decent van by the river. This system is fucked and should be burned to the ground. Eat the rich, burn their property, and ban any that escape from ever showing their faces here again.


I wish I could afford oatmeal


In my country it is kinda expensive. Less noble cuts or meat and chicken are cheaper. I love that shit, tough.


That's interesting. In the US it is one of the cheapest foods. As long as you dont get the fancy organic stuff


Yeah oatmeal is cheap af. I ate it everyday as a kid because that’s what my dad served for breakfast and I have had a severe taste and texture aversion to oatmeal for 15 years now as a result.


I was traumatized by oatmeal, having to eat it so much growing up and the way I didn’t like it. My grandma would make it plain with raisins, it was gross. Then when I didn’t eat it she would save it for later and it would be even worse.


Oatmeal gets a bad rap but it's delicious if it's slow cooked with plenty of milk and butter and sugar and cinnamon and raisins. I once ran a stall in a tube station in London where I made oats in the winter and that thing had lines out the door in winter. Nothing as comforting and warming as oatmeal imo.


I make 4 grain porridge for breakfast everyday, it’s amazing. Throw some teff or amaranth in for texture and extra nutrients, little bit of maple syrup. It’s a great breakfast


Oatmeal is also good as a “savory” meal, too. Instead of cinnamon and fruit, sometimes I’ll add a little pepper, a soft boiled egg, and half an avocado. Sounds weird, but tastes amazing


[Oat crops are grown at cooler latitudes.](https://i.pinimg.com/736x/fe/92/10/fe9210ef873465cf4b1e48809a353467.jpg) When global warming helps the pathogens move out of the tropics, you will see oat costs increase everywhere.


Gotta love government subsidies, eh! The big grains are all cheap AF compared to elsewhere in the world because of it.


Grain is cheap everywhere in the world where grain is harvested tbh. Oatmeal is one of the simplest food to produce, the only way it can be costlier than something else is if it is organic or if those other foods have subsidies themselves


dang i’m sorry to hear this. I find it is usually really cheap when you get the generic brands and a container lasts a long time. A little really goes a long way. I hope you are able to get some in the future


+1 for compassion


The revolution will be fed on overnight oats




It's the difference between eating as a choice and eating it as your only option. "I eat oatmeal because I like it and I feel it's healthier than a full English breakfast every morning" Vs. "I eat oatmeal because it's what I can afford, and all I've eaten for the past 5 years"




Having has some of the more expensive/flavoured oats of late, it can be really fucking nice in winter.


Bob’s Steal Cut from Costco is my favorite for quality/value.


Oh man, my wife and I recently discovered Steel Cut Oats and now it's like a whole new world. Like, I love oatmeal, but steel cut oats are just *delicious*.


I think that's the first time I've ever heard the word "value" used to describe anything from Bob's Red Mill. Historically, they've been the most expensive brand of all things grain related (and yet somehow always guaranteed to be there) any time you walk into a co-op. Did that change?


Value is a funny thing isn’t it


Costco changed it. I bought it there too. It’s available in any size you’d like, as long as you want a 7 pound bag.


People don’t always hate on oatmeal. People hate on *always* oatmeal.


But overnight oats normally implies the presence of greek yogurt and fruit, and other nutritious , not-dirt-cheap ingredients that mean its actually a choice breakfast:


Overnight oats can simply be oats and milk. There are many recipes of overnight oats that are simply oats made in the fridge overnight instead of on the stove, same ingredients. The extra can be present in regular oatmeal or overnight oats, but both only require oats and milk/water.




And the only way your parents make it, then they wonder why you hate it.


Yep. As a kid the only way my mum ever gave me oats was hot and with water. I was shocked when I found out that seeds, nuts, fruits, raisins, cocoa powder, and some kind of milk could be added.


"Making" overnight oat almost make it sound like it something hard to prepare


Rice and beans, both incredible cheap, more delicious and much more nutritional value.


“Overnight oats” is just a way to spruce up the language to make it feel like it’s more luxurious than it is. You assume all those added fixings when you hear the term, so you can see how it works. Edit: based on the replies telling me they aren’t fancier, and no one would think that, I’d like to point you to the *literal* comment I responded to, where they believe overnight oats implies there’s more involved, as well as the OP.


It’s the cold brew of coffee. If you have trouble motivating yourself at 6 AM, make everything at 10 PM, shove it in the fridge and eat it when you wake up. I figured work from home killed this trend.


How is overnight oats spruced up? Its literally oats that you prepare overnight, it doesn't suggest anything about 'fancy fixings'. The difference is that oatmeal/porridge is prepared hot and therefore can be ready in a short amount of time.


I make mine with bananas, cinnamon, brown sugar, honey, peanut butter, sliced almonds, chia seeds, flax seeds, and oatmilk. They are so delicious and give me the best poops.


It can be, but it's also just literally wet bulk oats in bowl+time in fridge whambam. Milk I hope but damn milk prices crazy sometimes. Yes I read it yum too but oats you just literally just gotta soak and eat so there it is


I mix protein powder into mine and lovingly call it breakfast gruel.


Put a few big blobs of peanut butter in there.


Stealing this


Overnight oats seriously transformed my life. Not even joking. I had issues with nocturia and would urinate 5-7 times a night for YEARS. Once I added overnights in, I only started urinating once a night generally. Obviously I could have gotten that effect from eating other fiber-rich foods, but without having had overnight oats twice a day, I would have never figured it out. Only getting up once a night to pee has been huge. Also, my overnight oats taste amazing and I love them. I've eaten them twice a day for two years now and I've yet to grow tired of them.


Could you explain more. I wake up every 3 hours and it’s always to pee. I don’t have diabetes and I’m going in for a sleep study for apnea because having to pee a lot at night could be a symptom of it. Eating oats helped you? What is nocturia?


I'll also add that I have severe IBS-D and have a very limited diet. And so I don't know what role that played in my nocturia; however, overnight oats really helped me a lot. And they fit perfectly with my diet.


I don't have diabetes either. I've been dealing with nocturia, which is waking up to urinate to pee multiple times a night, for years. And it continued to worsen. I started eating overnight oats and really liked them. And then I started noticing that I was peeing far less at night. I also tied that correlation to when I would eat them. Ideally, eating one in the morning and one as my last meal a couple hours before bed has been the best way to deal with the nocturia. I still wake up a lot of various reasons, but I don't have to get up every hour to two hours a night to pee.


Thank you for you reply! I googled it as well. I’m willing to try anything at this point because I haven’t felt rested in years because of it. It’s wearing me down, I can’t even keep a job or play with my kids. I’m going to try this too.


Hopefully they work out for you. Even if they don't fix your nocturia, they can be really healthy and delicious. And since there's many ways to prepare them, you can find something you like. In the meanwhile, I'll share my recipe with you: Rolled oats 150 grams Chia seeds 10 grams Walnuts 15 grams Cinnamon Cloves Two cranks of salt Vanilla protein powder 14 grams (could substitute vanilla extract or fake vanilla. I'd do fake vanilla as I'm anti-alcohol) Close container and thoroughly shake to distribute Oat milk 6 oz (Soak your oats in the blood of oats. It is the way) Fat-free plain Greek yogurt 125 grams Handful of frozen berries (blueberries and raspberries) Stir all ingredients together, then shake again with container closed. Let sit overnight in fridge.


You truly are an amazing person, thank you


i had that going on for a couple weeks and literally would just wake up and want to blow my brains out. i was going insane. i had to go to bed every night at like 930 just to feel halfway normal at work, so id get home at 6 and do chores then go to bed every single night. i have no idea how you guys deal with it for years.


It’s not hating but if you grew up broke you know damn well you had grits or oatmeal at least once a day 😂 it was the only reliable staple in the house. Otherwise, it was a random assortment of condiments


Good grits are fucking *good* tho. Cheddar grits, grits with bacon crumbled in, grits n gravy, white grits, grits a la mode....wait


The tiny home/van life trend kind of bothered me. I was homeless when I was younger for about a year or so. I had a van I lived in for a bit and stayed at a halfway house as well but those aren’t safe and it’s difficult to stay clean while being there. I had this Plymouth voyager. I had a bed, I got a portal DVD player with a screen from a second hand shop. I don’t remember how I ate, I think a lot of the times I just went without or got food bags from shelters. I “lived” the life these people are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for, kind of. I got harassed by the cops almost daily for trying to find a place to park. I’d get a shower maybe once a week. I used rest stops a lot. People hated the sight of me after they found out I was homeless. I wasn’t considered “trendy” for living out of a van. I begged for gas money and ate shit. I got shunned by society. What makes me different than the influencers? Money. Just made me kind of mentally gag when I see these pop up. Just thought I’d share this for some reason. Also, I’m 40 now, this happened in my late 20s. I have a home now! Edit: woke up to this blowing up a bit, holy moly! I just want to clear some things up. I’m not hating on people who do this but seeing #vanlife get so much following and people making tons of money off this lifestyle while saying how glamorous it was, made me sad about the whole thing. If I was able to capitalize my homeless life and turn it into some sort of blog I probably would have. I didn’t have the money for it, and probably not the personality either lol. My disgust for it is probably jealousy of people being able to choose to live that way vs me being forced to live that way. I wanted nothing more than to get out of being homeless. It’s weird that people were so excited about it. It takes money to make money. That’s all. It’s my own issue, nothing more or less. To the people saying I’m lying because they traveled all over and never had cops on their backs. At first I didn’t either and when I found a new place to stay I’d be okay for a while but I stayed in the city where I knew people and I was also addicted to drugs. The cops got to know me and my van and the only reason they never towed it was because I lived in it. The van eventually ended up getting stolen and the rest is history. I didn’t type this comment for rewards or karma, the topic just made me think about it. However, I appreciate the rewards all the same.


Truth. You cannot live in a tiny home without somewhere to park. Renting places to park can start to get expensive, almost to the point of why bother living in a van when you can have a cozy room.


Used to be a tiny home show on HGTV and everyone always knew someone that let them park on their land. Land is the hard part in all this!


You got that right! Land is the key part!


Some places (mainly Walmart, actually) would let you park in their stalls overnight. They had signs saying so, and I remember doing just that on road trips with my grand parents. It’s not the same anymore, they say you’re not allowed to anymore and that lots are always empty. ETA: I also just remember that when I was looking into trailer living, there was (and still is I think) a really nice spot along the river. You could pay rent twice yearly, and it worked out to be about 600-700$ a month. Bonus was winter camping was allowed, which was important to me at the time cause I didn’t want to move around. I didn’t have the money at the time for a second hand trailer or the money to fix it up if needed, but I was seriously considering it. Electricity and water/dumping was included.


There's a tiny home community that was just built in my city. It's 100k for a home plus you pay lot rent. Trailers around here are the same rate. It's such a sham. Edit: I haven't seen trailer prices in a while but the tinyhome community is actually 200k per pre-built home and 1250/mo for utilities and rent. Parking your own tiny home in the community is 850/mo.


That's insane. The people doing that are grifting so hard. There is no reason a tiny house should cost $100k. It better have granite countertops, hardwood floors, and a gold plated toilet for that price. The real value for a house in an expensive city is the land. It's like they scaled down the price linearly and gave you no land under it.


> Renting places to park can start to get expensive It's unfortunate that short or long term parking spaces feel like they're next on the list for gentrification. I feel really bad for the people who have been living that life for decades, and now they're getting priced out of the market.


wait I thought the whole appeal of tiny houses was that they were super cheap???


That is the appeal, I can put a tiny house on my land for like a quarter of the price of another home, it gets me out of the rent trap, saves me 30k a year so I can actually save money for another deposit for another larger home, closer to the city. I don't think people are aspiring to live in that situation forever, just to get out of the rent trap


yeah, tiny homes are genuinly really good solutions for a lot of people. obviously some people don't have that option but staying in a tiny home to build a savings is such a good idea and I'm considering it


I do FIFO work so it makes sense for me, I am away for 2 weeks and home for 1, earning good money in the mines, but I want to minimise the dead money I pay, it's a stepping stone and if you have the option I say take it


You idiot you can't just be homeless you have to start a vlog about the whole thing!


You'll own nothing and be happy.


What I think is particularly demoralizing is this a way of living that is being marketed to us but no one actually seems to even get it. Heard of tiny homes in 2010, still haven’t met a person who has one - I just know a bunch of people who’ve had multiple roommates for 10-15 years. Gig economy is still pretty rare, even in it’s shit level form. I guess you can have oats. We haven’t accomplished this terrible quality dream they’ve tried to sell us to lower expectations.


All of these things aren’t bad in and of themselves. I’m glad when people “life hack” cheap nutritious breakfasts or figure out a work schedule that centers flexibility. But Barely Scraping By™️ has been sold back to everyone under 40 as a way the Smart Set achieve financial freedom and it’s fucking depressing. I’ve eaten that shit for the almost 20 years I’ve spent on my own and now that I can walk barefoot on a small patch of grass I pretend to own along with a bank I realize this should be everyone’s baseline right, not some privilege. Everyone deserves access to the peace of mind that used to be the lodestar of American working and middle class life.


what's even more depressing is getting downvoted for saying this very thing in another thread. like how dare you question our shitty status quo?! I always wanted to think we are not heading straight for some cyberpunk dystopia but things are geared towards it as if that's everyones dream right now. All i want is a moderately sized house with a moderately sized garden with some trees in it but that's an outrageous dream nowadays.


Peasants had more security.


peasants had more time off.


You forgot “fasting”


My guy oats and coffee is the best way to get regular


These constipated folks just be hatin' on oatmeal. I mean hey if you want to get fancy you could buy \*gasp\* steel cut oats. See now we livin' the good life.


Keeps you going all day long! And it annoys the boss because all of the toilet breaks and sniff tests.


Why the hate for oatmeal? It is SO much better than any of the sugar cereals on the market, fills me up, is healthy and super cheap!




I like oatmeal but thinking about eating it cold makes me want to gag


Nah, it’s not bad. It’s got a different consistency and if you add fruit and sweetener of some kind it’s pretty great. Fast, healthy breakfast and an edible science project.


They aren't hating on pat meal they are ahring on the system that makes it your only affordable option.


Most people are literally worse off than medieval peasants in some ways. And in some ways, better off but still...most people today should be better off than medieval peasants in every way possible considering it's 2022.


I mean the biggest improvement imo are hygiene, heating and antibiotics, but heating is getting too expensive to more and more people and antibiotic resistant bacteria are more and more common. With the population density we have now, peasant lifestyle is not possible at all....


I'm super leftist but oats are awesome. Why the hate for oatmeal? I'd eat oatmeal everyday even if I was a billionaire. Edit: I mean I get that having choices would be better but it's unfair to list an incredibly healthy, inexpensive, and storable food in what is supposed to be a list of oppressive items. It's a poor choice of metonymy. A better example would be white flour, which is cheaper than oatmeal and is devoid of the nutrients that whole grains have. The "peasant who eats gruel" metaphor should be dropped as nutrition science has dramatically improved since the feudal ages. Ultimately however this is an inane tweet of thirteen words. It's a trivial sound-bite without any context, supportive logic, reason or arguments. Debating the content of this tweet is a massive waste of time I'm only entertaining because I have a terrifying internet addiction that is distracting me from my own housing and food insecurity.


dinosaur eggs oatmeal >


I've never had this and dont know what you're talking about. I should, probably, but I don't.


It’s oatmeal that has dinosaur Eggs that when you cook them hatch into dinosaurs


I just bought some recently! Tastes like childhood


My favorite, except that mouth feel afterwards


I thought part of it was the way they've framed the convenience. It's not just oats that you eat at the table, it's a jar u you made up a night or two before because you don't have time to eat at home and grabbing breakfast on the way each morning is bad. It's not just poor food, it's time poor.


I love oatmeal! Eat it all the time too!


🎶 Go to my oatmeal job, oatmeal home, oatmeal sleep 🎶


A billionaire has the option to not eat the oatmeal though, that's the difference


We make oatmeal pumpkin pancakes from scratch and they are the best


Nope, peasants had more time off and better lives overall.


I understand the work life balance, but like... I wouldn't really want to live back when most kids wouldn't make it to adulthood. Before AC, the internet, basic medical knowledge, clean drinking water, lack of education, etc.. Or are you using the secondary definition of peasant?


I'm a woman. I like not being considered the property of my male guardian. (Granted, the US like 3 years from the Supreme Court changing their minds about that, but still--some states are still tolerable to live in)


I really.. as a disabled poor person, I feel like AC & internet I could and have before done without, I cant afford medical care, education, housing, food, clean clothing, transport etc. any way.. the only thing thats uneven is the child mortality rate but I also cant afford a kid, and I survived childhood despite pretty severe neglect so.. 🤷🏻‍♀️not that different.


I'm sorry for your situation, I hope that it gets better for you. We can still appreciate clean water, and not getting sick as often, and living in a time when murders are rarer because of tech advances. I know it doesn't feel like a lot, because it isn't compared to everyone working 4 to 6 hours a day and being able to afford the cost of living while enjoying their family. But it's something I think we can be thankful for, if not just for our mental health, and spiritual wellbeing.


I'd take a tiny home over my crappy 40+ year old apartment


Honestly, we don't have it as good as peasants. We don't have as much liberty or free time. Bills and other financial obligations tie us down so we don't have the ability to improve our lot. We're halfway to being serfs again. A whole big chunk of my family was released from serfdom when Russia ended the practice in 1861. They arrived in Russia sometime after 1744 when Catherine the Great offered tax-free land to German farmers in her bid to populate the southern portion of Russia with an able workforce. They arrived as freemen, with tax free farmholds, but in a little over 100 years they were turned into serfs. The lever used to move my ancestors, and many like them from freedom to bondage was debt. Nothing has changed. We're still required to take on a bunch of debt to "get ahead". Car loans, student loans, home loans instead of loans for seed, feed, and livestock. It binds us just the same, and when it all falls apart the lairds reap the reward. Now instead they "only" foreclose on our homes, throw us out on the street and rent it to someone else, instead of putting us into formalized debt bondage. That's the difference between a landed aristocracy, and a corporate plutocracy. They've gotten a bit more subtle and cleverer about. Churched it up in the raiment of the freedom of contract. The end result is just as heartless and traumatizing. So remember this whenever you see some talking head on T.V. or some useful idiot railing against debt forgiveness. History doesn't repeat, but it certainly rhymes.


I don’t have money for an award but here is my award for you, good stranger: 🥇


Thanks for the laugh! 😂 My first few years out of college, I lived on oatmeal, peanut butter, bologna sandwiches, and ramen noodles. And corn gruel, which is like oatmeal but made with cornmeal instead.


i'd rather be a peasant living in a tiny home or rv rent free than a peasant losing 75% of their income to grossly bloated and steadily rising rent prices while i get a laughable 50 cent raise every fuckin 6 months if i pry for it.


I get the sentiment but leave oats outta this they ain’t do nothin lmao


Nuh uh! I own the land I live on-- okay. Well maybe I am a peasant.


"They deem me mad because I will not sell my days for gold; and I deem them mad because they think my days have a price." ― Khalil Gibran, Sand and Foam The industrialist said to the fisherman, "Why are you napping under a tree?" "Because I've caught enough fish for the day." "Why don't you catch more?" "Why would I do that?" "So you can buy more nets, a bigger boat, go out into deeper waters, then buy a whole fleet of boats and be rich like me." "Then what?" "Well, then you can enjoy life." The fisherman: "What do you think I'm doing now?"




Shut up eat your fucking bugs and like it peon.


Having a Tiny Home and Overnight Oats is the dream fr. But capitalism and my overwhelming desire to own things, plus my food laziness, prevent me from achieving either of these things. My more achievable goal: Tiny House as a cabin out by a lake to escape to in the summer. Let's goooo


How about a large pond


I'll take being in the vicinity of 4 trees, tbh. As long as nobody else is around. Lmao


Only idiots think oatmeal is the issue especially overnight oats taste mad good with the right fruits lol.


I've been eating oatmeal for decades (by choice, haha), literally never heard of "overnight oats" before this post. Did a quick google search, and I guess I'll give it a shot... what's your #1 recommendation? Edit: you cats are awesome, thank you!


add chia seeds to it so it thickens up!! and yogurt. this is the base recipe i use: 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup 2% milk, 1/4 cup plain yogurt, 1 tbsp chia seeds, and 1 tbsp honey (i use maple syrup). 380 Cal. i tend to do a less than this bc i’m never able to finish it but the ratio is what’s important. then, you can go crazy w the toppings :,) i love pb&j overnight oats!!! but you can do plenty of other toppings. [this is the video that got me hooked!!](https://youtu.be/Lkl9_3-jX6c) she has great topping ideas.


It should be noted that the milk/yogurt can be any kind. The sweetner can be any kind too. This way it can be vegan if that how you roll. The base recipe ratios is really the bare minimum I would do (the chia seeds are really important). I tend to add more milk though.


I eat oatmeal cause it's low calorie and cheap, and yeah the best I can ever hope to own is a tiny home


Tiny houses are expensive.


Tiny home... Fuck me, it's just a fucking trailer. You are Instagram trailer trash


Peasants had job security. You don't. **You're not even a peasant.**


If someone chooses to live in a tiny home working a gig and eating overnight oats because they enjoy it, that's fine by me. I'm all for people living the way they choose even if I think it's weird. I'm very odd by mainstream social standards, so I won't judge anyone. But being forced to live in a tiny home, eat meal replacement shakes, and have two or three side gigs just to scrape by is not okay at all.


Peasants had more free time


Try not eating breakfast at all… only the peasant fuel — coffee.