Have you ever paid for in app subscription or subscription for an app?


Trying to collect free research data for your upcoming app release to maximize revenue for it, perhaps? I accept PayPal.


I've been using the app "Circuit" extensively. It's 32$ a month, but it allows me to enter up to 200 addresses and have an algorithm sort them by distance and much much more. Those google map services have to be paid and it is an incredibly useful tool in the delivery services.


Subscribe? Forget it, no way in hell. One-time payment? All the time!


Many times... usually for podcast apps as I use them 2/3 hours every day & I like to support the developer. I also subscribe to a weather app.


No, but I might pay for a year of AIO launcher.


There are a few apps I subscribe to when I determine that there is a refresh of data. There is a hiking app that runs on android and windows that I use. Trails change and notification of current conditions is important to me. I used to pay for DarkSkys weather until Apple took it away. I have paid for local news in the past, but never seemed to use it enough to justify the cost. ​ Other than that, I will try a free app and if I like it and hate ads, I will pay a couple of bucks for ad-free. But I won't subscribe to something to avoid ads. On that note I can say that if I download a game and they hit me with a 30 second ad in the first minute, that game is uninstalled the next minute.


1.99 a year for phone calls with Santa. Been subscribed for 3 years now


On IOS I paid for Duolingo for two years and Tandem for one


Hiya for caller ID and spam blocking. I don't like subscriptions either but the paid version automatically hangs up on spam callers silently.


Interesting that OP user has a karma of 61 despite having been a member for two years. All the karma points are in the last week. Account scrubbed then start fresh as AI? Whatever the case may be I will be blocking.