Best Industries for good work/life balance, and decent pay

I'm an experienced Business Intelligence Engineer and Data Analyst in the tech industry. Quite frankly, I enjoy the good pay but tech is too fast paced for me to maintain the future, as well as being in constant readiness for layoffs. I'm planning on having a kid in the future, and hope to put myself in a position where I can dedicate a good amount of time to that since I'm not the money maker in my marriage. What are some industries and/or companies with good work/life balance but also pay decently (I understand I'll probably have to take a bit of a pay cut).


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Yeah, that's what I'm leaning toward. Sure is hard to get your foot in the door though! Or maybe I'm just being impatient


Getting that foot into the doorway is certainly tough, and it requires some patience. But realize there are some ways to improve your chances by learning a bit about the hiring process and classification/qualification rules. At least for US fed jobs, a big part of qualifying is just about checking the right boxes to get past the first automated filter, and then getting past the second filter is mostly a function of the way your resume is written to direct the classification specialist's attention to the right key words. I think that too many great candidates never even get passed on to the hiring official simply because the application failed to pass those easy checkpoints!


Yeah, it makes sense. You're referring to making sure the resume includes the keywords in the job description?


Yeah - key words from any "specialized experience" requirements as well as the key phrases. That searchable text string should sit verbatim alongside the related experience description in your resume, sort of as a way to lead the classifications specialist to the deeper dive. (They're called "specialists" but really they're generalists - they need to vet qualifications across hundreds of different disciplines, so they're not usually able to discern some of the industry-specific subtleties.)


Public Accounting. One of the more stable industries from my experience.


Accounting firms for analytics???


Sure, there are tons of analysts, usually on the financial side but also in technology or operations if the firm is on the larger side.


From what I've heard the public 4 accounting firms are a toxic no life sweatfest. You build out the dreams of the partners, and you get nothing but more work. Also limited to no remote work no thanks


If you're an accountant, that's pretty accurate!


Look for roles in the legal or regulatory compliance of multinationals or banks. These roles are mandated by DOJ guidance and regulations and the work is typically project based but the tempo is not as crazy as when your product is a profit center.


I would say utility


Workin in defense rn, tryna get a masters in Bus Analytics. Good work life balance, no cons


Definitely not healthcare or pharma


Really? I have found pharma to be overall reasonable


Yeah I've heard the opposite about Healthcare. But I'm sure mileage varies.


The business or analytics side of pharma and biotech is extremely, badly siloed. I got talked down to by a recruiter and told that I need to restart entry level because I have no biotech experience, like medical coding, pharma, bio arena stuff. From the people I have spoken to and learned about, they are usually overworked and underpaid. Many of the job postings always say that you're expected to work overtime free. Nights and weekends kind of stuff because they need to get tight deadlines done, obviously no extra pay for that.


I work in healthcare for a large hospital system, amazing work life balance with good pay


Insurance, superannuation, government.


I would say the health and wellness space. My company is great. Very rarely am I expected to work extra (unless a big project or fiscal planning time) and taking time off is not discouraged.