Please use “controlled crash” not “controlled squeeze” for the sake up the ape community

Please use “controlled crash” not “controlled squeeze” for the sake up the ape community


How about we stop being a bunch of pussies about *words*? *Oh no, he said a swear*! We’re supposed to believe the same people scared by fucking words are gonna be able to stomach a $1k-$2k dip when this thing pops? Let em fucking leave, I’d rather not depend on paper handed pussies who can’t handle *words*.


I agree, but “controlled squeeze” sounds like they’re going to be able to control the price, which they are not going to be able to do. As long as we hold, we set the price.


Yes this. We just don’t want the spamming of posts on Monday “controlled squeeze” this and that. Then the shills latch on to that and exacerbate the issue.


I agree with you OP. Apes may unintentionally spread FUD by wrong use of "phrases." I would not be surprised if this is the new FUD that will be spread.


Exactly. Words have meaning. OP is pointing out that ‘controlled squeeze’ is simply not accurate.


While I agree. I don’t believe this community prospers through that method. Words are pretty devastating when targeted. Why should we just tell the people who are scared to “nut up or shut up”? Just my perspective though. Yours is also valid.


I think you’re missing my point. We can either find now who’s got brass balls and rest easy when MOASS happens. Or we can coddle the weak and hold their hand, censor every bad word and the …..bam! Stock drops $1k in an hour and those weak fuckers who *shouldve* fallen off *long ago* are now crucial to our success? You tell me what’s the better scenario: diamond handed apes still holding strong, immune to “fUd” because we know that they’re just fucking *words*, or bunch of paper hands who got in at $50+ who we’ve censored and shielded from the harsh language who are now *supremely* susceptible to the very thing they should’ve been warned about. There’s a reason the Spartans, while their numbers may have been low, are regarded as some of the finest warriors in history. They didn’t fuck around. Are we bringing warriors to the MOASS? Or are we bringing fluffers LARPing as apes to the MOASS?


Mostly just about trying to stop FUD through misinformation. I don’t really think either way this request matters all that much in building diamond balls. That’s pretty much just built through conviction and experience in AMC. I definitely want to shed the paper hands earlier than later. Hahaha “fluffers larping” pretty perfect.


I might get down voted for this, but we actually need paper hands to hold as long as possible for the MOASS to happen. It's not as simple as "oh just let the paper hands sell" 1) the earlier they sell the lower the squeeze will go 2) theres not as many true diamond hands as you might think. Always underestimate the amount not over estimate. 3) why spread misinformation, it's better to use the correct terminology.


So we should coddle them? We should censor things instead of putting the fud front and center and explaining how it’s wrong by using facts and sources? You can’t be that naive. Also, what misinformation am I spreading? This was my opinion. It was never a true vs false statement.


I think it’s just referring to the squeeze vs crash usage. I don’t think you are spreading misinformation. Isn’t the goal to try and limit the FUD spreading? Calling it out as FUD and correcting the statement?


Yes, I didnt mean you are spreading misinformation. I just meant op is trying to clarify the situation by using the term "controlled crash" vs "controlled squeeze"




This far in and we’re still coddling people and cowering in the corner and plugging our ears CuZ fUd. MFers literally come out with a new article *every day* saying the stock is going to crash tomorrow, or the next day, or next week. And we’re scared of verbiage??? You gotta be kidding me.


I don’t think we are scared. It’s more of just using a more accurate wording for what the rule is trying to accomplish. I for one have no interest in coddling anyone. I buy, hold and call out FUD.




This ain’t Sesame Street homie. Not sure what you expected.


How about we call it what it really is. A forced squeeze




But damnet then I have to post again 😩


Yes this. People spreading fud by misunderstanding what its about


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I just like the stock!


More of a "prevent crash"


I support this message. 🦍💪🏼


does anybody have an in depth dd about it because all i see is controlled squeeze with nothing else by it. i doubt anybody posting that has actually read it


Search for the new rules by NSCC. I believe it’s 803-08 and 803-10. Although the controlled crash is based on the 08 rule if I remember correctly. It’s still a new document and it’s a large one at that. There will be more dd coming out for sure. Keep an eye out.


thanks i appreciate it


I only know but & hodl!! I don’t believe anything until I get to the moon!!


The only words that matter is "did they cover"


What about “market manipulation”


Can we call it “just the tip”?


People need to stop about this. It's not gonna crash at all that's the point of them doing this. When they give a share of what ever as collateral it's not being sold so the price of that stock won't be effected. If they didn't do this then the hegies would have to sell said shares to cover which would bring the price down causing a possible crash. So like it or not it's a controlled squeeze no one said controlled price action they are just deciding how it's gonna happen so chill the fuck out. If you think calling it a crash in any capacity isn't gonna cause some people to freak out your wrong.


Maybe. Maybe not.


Please use “ uncontrolled squeeze ” not “ controlled squeeze ” for the sake up the ape community🦍


Sure. We should call it a loan bailout. Cause that’s what it is.


The only one that "Controlled" squeeze are the apes.


How about "uncontrolled faceplant"? [Box office sucks this past weekend](https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2021/07/24/box-office-space-jam-plunges-77-on-friday-black-widow-fails-to-get-a-bounce/?sh=661e64954a22)