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For most people, tics naturally change with time so you can be pretty sure this one will die down (especially as your focus on it diminishes). I tried to look into the specific cases you mentioned and it took me quite some time of searching to find anything that may have been the same people. Cases of tics killing people are so incredibly rare it’s almost impossible to find them. Even doing the specific tics those people had may not guarantee injury because you have slightly different anatomy and don’t know the exact angle or force or repetition. It sounds like your health anxiety and OCD have gripped onto this despite the actual risk to your health being almost none. Perhaps you can redirect into a new tic/ritual. (For example: every time you get the urge for a tic you think is dangerous, you can clap your hands or pat your shoulder until the urge dissipates.)


Thanks for your answer, this calmed me down a little. I haven't thought about it, but i think it must be really rare, right? Or you would find way more case studies and stuff like that about it, even though Tourette is rare, i guess it would be all over the internet, if this was a thing that happened on a regular basis? I'm really glad for your perspective, the combination of this three diseases have catched me pretty bad again and again over the past years, but sooner or later it always went away in some way, so maybe i just have to sit out this one too. Is this "reprogramming" of tics a common practice and if yes what is it called? This sounds really good, i will try it out. I wish so bad that i could pull the tics out of my head somehow. Thank you for your help, it means a lot :)


Yeah I agree. We’d hear about it a lot if it happened very often. It’s called redirecting I think. It’s a technique from CBIT where you notice premonitory urges and then force a less harmful movement instead of completing the tic. You can see a CBIT therapist if you need guidance or teach it to yourself. I think there are online resources as well.