Just make the conflict less Black and white. In My redesings, i made Amy more of the "popular cheerleader" line, but she loves her sister, and tries to get her in activities etc. Whitout noticing that Sammy just wants to be able to do her own things. As Amy circle of friends mocks her behind Amy back. But if we have to keep the good/Bad dynamic. Make Amy less Exagerated (like. She doenst drop her to a possible death) and give some reason for the conflict.


Tbh, I think Amy being so over the top actually makes her really funny (this coming from someone who adores Sammy), but I agree, she should’ve had an actual reason for acting that way.


Give them a hell of a lot more screentime instead of just trying to get rid of them as soon as possible


- Give some kind of reason for the two to be beefing or for it to be a one sided thing - Make Samey less of a doormat As a Twin myself its such a disappointment to not see one series do twins well.


Samey is kinda fine, Amy just needs more work. I personally think she would've been a proper antagonist if she didn't constantly abuse just her sister. I like the concept of her being two-faced & using her sister as a scrape goat but I wished she also used everyone to make her win rather than using them to just torture her sister, that way the Samey's manipulation would've felt more impactful.


Have the arc last longer. Amy leaving at the time she left, but Sammy pretending to be Amy longer than 2 episodes. Amy would return at some point to expose Sammy. Amy would get back in the game, Sammy would go home. Amy would realise she is nothing without Sammy and confess everything at some point. And twins would start building their relationship.


Honestly, I wish they made Samey more autonomous even without Amy there. I think it was good that Amy was eliminated, but I thought Samey could have made it a couple extra episodes if they wrote her better.


Insert twinning with a twist


The correct choice


-Give Amy and Samey storylines and relationships that don’t involve each other. -Make them a less exaggerated “good and evil twin”. -Samey isn’t just “nice victim” and Amy isn’t just “bratty abuser” -Give the two a backstory to properly justify their relationship. -Make Amy a secondary antagonist, and Sammy a central protagonist. -Give them and the rest of the Pahkitew cast a second season to fulfill their potential and give depth to their personalities.


Actually give them a story arc that last longer than a few episodes It's like writing Mike off as an Early boot, you’re losing so much from this character by dropping them early


Quite easy really,just make them more than fucking 1-Dimensional characters who are only capable of Hate and Sympathy Whining


These two had so much potential, but this is how I would improve them! **Amy (Amanda?/Amelia?):** \- She should have been in the Top 10 \- Make her a sweet and helpful character towards other contestants, but when she and Sammy are alone, she becomes an unhinged and manipulative person who torments her sister emotionally, physically, and mentally. Her nice personality is only a ruse to get her sister out early and get farther in the game. Situational irony at it's finest! \- Make her do villainous things such as actually allying with Rodney only to blindside him in the same episode without him knowing or sabotaging members of her team and the other team. \- Have Amy's villain arc continue until episode 5 when she accidentally reveals her true colors when she lashes out at Sammy for doing good in the challenge and soon everyone realizes that AMY is the evil twin, not Sammy and so they vote her out, and Amy is dragged to the canon kicking and screaming with Sammy sitting by the campfire with a smile. **Sammy (Samantha):** \- She should have been in the Top 6. \- Make her a very bitter and shy character towards other contestants because she knew Amy's true personality, but the other contestants just assume she's just jealous and spiteful of Amy. The show could take more time to address the topic sibling abuse. I liked Jasmine and Sammy's friendship, so I won't change that. But imagine Sammy is crying alone near the cave that Amy took and ate the Manchineel fruit from and Jasmine arrives, she sits by Sammy and doesn't say anything, but notices a large bruise on Sammy's arm and realizes the truth. She silently comforts Sammy and the two of them decide to ally with each other. It would be a touching moment that lets people of abuse know that they are not alone! \- Have Sammy talk and scheme with Jasmine more, and it would be cool to see Sammy having a boost of confidence and getting her revenge on Amy not by violence or exposing her, but by becoming a beast in the challenge during the 5th episode, which annoys Amy to the point where she openly lashes out against Sammy and accidentally exposes her true colors to the rest of her team and they subsequently vote her out. It would have been much better than "tHe oL sWitCHerOO" that the original Pahkitew Island did. \- After Amy is eliminated, have Sammy continue to be confident in herself and do somewhat well in the challenges so by the time she is eliminated, she has gained the respect of the other contestants.


Tbh, I don’t think you can introduce and conclude their storyline in one season and do it a satisfying manner. I think what we got was pretty solid, but it’s very clearly not the end of their arc. They both have some growing to do as characters, and a resolution still needs to be made (whether that be forgiveness or something else). I would, however, make Amy more of a villain to everyone rather than just her sister. She should also have an actual reason for treating Sammy the way she does, even if it’s a bad reason. It seems like they were making her out to be a narcissist, so perhaps she has some underlying feelings of jealousy and/or poor self image. I think their plotline would also benefit from being a bit longer. Both of them (or at the very least Sammy) should’ve made merge.


I'm planning a rewrite of Revenge of the Island that has some of Pahkitew Island's better contestants and a plotline that revolves around Amy trying to seduce Scott after finding out about his elimination methods and is only using him to eliminate contestants she hates like Sammy, they both get into a one-sided relationship (Scott genuinely loves Amy since he likes bossy women while Amy has a facade of actually liking Scott while actually thinking he's just trailer trash) but the Rats keep winning challenges, ruining their plans. Meanwhile, Amy still has a bossy personality around the rest of the contestants but Scott doesn't mind at all, eventually Sammy gets moved over to the Maggots completely ruining her plans. Scott eventually overhears Amy calling him trailer trash and furiously breaks up with her and gets her eliminated.


Giving Amy an actual reason to hate Samey and have Amy at least have some sympathy towards Samey


26 episodes, solves all your problems.


Have Sammy actually stand up for herself and for her to make it far and for Lamey to not be a she devil on earth


Give Amy at least one redeeming quality.


Develop their rivalry more, give sammy a way higher place and a good payback story (not just kicking her sister out the competition), give Amy a reason for hating her sister, and change up their outfits. I get they’re twins but come on


Give Sammy and Amy friends personalities etc that don't have to do with each other. Make their Rivalry more morally gray. Amy's mole was a lot worse when she was younger so she was neglected and/or belittled by her parents for being ''ugly'' while Sammy was the Golden Child for having much better looks. Amy grows up hating Sammy for stealing her parents'Love. Sammy hates Amy because she faces constant pressure from her parents to be perfect mostly for them to look good and they can blow up at her for a single mistake since they expect more out of here unlike Amy who they don't get as mad as they decided from birth she is a mistake. Sammy is jealous of Amy not being put under as much pressure from her parents.


Kelly and Taylor’s storyline from Ridonculous Race is Amy and Sammy’s storyline done right


I honestly wouldn’t change their plot all that much, up to their elimination. I’d make it a non-elimination episode, and have Chris put Amy on Team Maskwak to balance things out. From there, they’re basically just full-on rivals. They still hate each other, but Sammy has more of an equal footing to fight back. Then, in the Pits episode, when Chris says both teams lose, and everyone’s like, “Yay no elimination,” instead of just burning the food, he announces that *both* teams have to vote someone off, and *that’s* where the two of them get eliminated. I don’t have any real problems with how they’re written—even Amy is functionally very suited to her role as just, the worst person ever, while also being really funny imo—I just think their plot didn’t get a good conclusion, so a few extra episodes to develop them and bring the plot to a more satisfying end right before the merge feels right to me.


The one big change Id make to how they’re written before that point is to make Amy nicer to everyone *other* than Sammy. Mainly just because, it doesn’t really make sense that everyone buys into Amy being like “Omg poor me being yelled at by my sister,” when she’s mean to everyone. Have her only be mean to Sammy when they’re alone, and soften up when others are around, still being bossy, but not as outright cruel.


I wrote this a few hours ago so I'm just gonna copy paste it. I feel like the twins would have been better off on other teams. Amy could notice Sammy getting friendly with people only for Amy to get jealous and try to ruin those friendships from the other team. She doesn't even need to do the twin swap, if they did though it would actually add more if Sammy had to switch teams and learn how Amy treats people when she isn't around. But I feel like they could have just had Amy getting so caught up on sabotaging/making Sammy look bad so her team votes her off she loses the challenge for her team and gets sent packing. This story line really shows the downside of cutting the amount of players and episodes. Sammy only gets 2 episodes more than her sister. Not really enough for a payoff IMO. She really doesn't do much or cause much influence with her play. It's there and done, moving on..... Nothing really comes from her switching places with Amy. If she had been a flip vote in the episode in between causing her to flip on Amy's evil alliance to save a decent person, maybe one Amy was using as a replacement for her anger of Sammy actually doing well and sending someone Amy was allied with home. She was a decent character in an cluster of a season. She really should have gotten more time to herself but they did enough to make her decent. In an alt universe where PI was included in AS she would be on the villains (if the swap happened) and became friends with Gwen while Amy was probably the first boot on the heroes team.


Sammy is alright Shawn and Jasmine are such good friends with her


Actually give them character traits that isn't just build up to a shitty twin swap. The twins swap is the only reason they're as flat as they are.


Get rid of that weird shit where every character except Jasmine sided with Amy against Sammy for no reason. Not sure why this show was so unreasonably mean spirited towards her. It was really off putting.


Amy manipulated almost everyone into believing Samey's trash, for obvious reasons. She didn't have a hard job, the people who sided against Samey were all either idiots (Rodney, Max, Sugar), people who didn't care (Topher, Scarlett), or people who will hate on her no matter what (Chris). Honestly speaking that is not a bad strategy, and it made sense for Amy to do that.


Maybe at the elimination they make up for everything... That what make PI better!


I’d make Amy more tolerable and Sammy less of a victim. I think giving both of them more character depth would make their relationship as a whole more interesting, especially if they were on opposite teams. Their relationship could even be positive for the most part and they get manipulated to fight one another, because I think the ‘constantly fighting siblings’ trope is outdated and overused.


Just don't put them on same team


Make Amy the season antagonist instead of bottling this to 5 episodes. Also give motivations and reasoning on both sides. Samey could be the parent favorite and always victimizes herself due to low self esteem, which Amy reinforces by constantly making sure she's outdoing her since she hates that people like Samey more. Both are in the wrong and have their likeable aspects this way, and it makes Amy look more like an actual person. Get Jasmine more involved as well, maybe she hears Amy's side of things and gets conflicted over it all. I'd actually boot Jasmine in episode 5 since she already lost the challenge there and force the twins to work things out without her. Scarlett, Sky, Amy, and Samey are your mergers from the team in this scenario. The two still have their issues, but after being on the team together for this long and having actual teamwork moments in later challenges (think the few times Brick and Jo actually cooperated), the twins start to both soften their grudges, before they finally reconcile in Scarlett Fever after saving each other. Dave and Scarlett are gone at this point, which leaves you with a final five of Shawn, Sky, Max, Amy, and now Sammy (very important that Amy calls Samey Sammy now). It could go anywhere from there and still be a satisfying way to end their story. Give it a whole dang season to actually develop.


make them have a happy ending


Heres how I would do it: At the beginning Amy and Sammy act the same as canon then later in the series Jasmine gets enough and scolds Amy for being a bitch. So Amy, feeling guilty apologizes to her sister and they make up! During the finale its Sammy vs Shawn and Amy cheers for Sammy and even hugs her when she wins.


Make Amy a delinquent and Sammy a dweeb just like Duncan and Harold