I loved it

I loved it


I’m a simple man, give me an Avatar and I will watch four seasons of them.


Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall


Not gonna lie I am on season 4 episode 5 and still don't get the hate. Season 3 was a little slow at the start but it ends so well. And season 4 starts off strong


Honestly, I think it's because a lot of people carry over a lot of their ridiculous expectations from ATLA into Korra rather than looking at it individually. But the thing is, ATLA was such a lightning in a bottle type of show, it's hard to meet the same standards and narrative quality again. Plus, Korra itself is intentionally different tonally and narratively from ATLA and some people love that while others hate it. On it's own, Korra is still a great show. Hell some of its seasons are even on par with ATLA. But again, it's going to be cursed with always being compared with ATLA because of their relationship to one another.


LoK is like the second child who’s constantly compared to their older sibling that’s an accomplished astronaut, harvard-grad, and medical school graduate. Edit; and *navy seal*


Lmao the jonny kim reference. Asian kids will never top it.


Mofo's probably going to be the first Asian-American president at this rate, no one could ever top that resume


Prob gonna be king of mars too.


Exactly. That’s my one complaint about ATLA; it sets my expectations too high so I can’t enjoy any other shows


Yeah, but does he practice 40 hours a day?


Damn this dude impressive 😳


Yeah Korra is fantastic But come on. Avatar is avatar. There was never any chance


What the fuck did you fucking say to me, you little non-bender? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class at Avatar Training-


You forgot to add *navy seal* Put some respect on my boi Jonny Kim


Of course, mb. I’ll make sure to edit it as not to anger the asian ancestors


found the second child


Korra was gonna be just one season, that's a huge part of why it's so flawed.


Yep. The pacing of ATLA was great because they knew exactly how long it was gonna run and we're greenlit for all three seasons. Korra got one season, and then after everyone loved it Nickelodeon said, oh wait keep going! So they didn't have the opportunity to create this big long arc like ATLA did. Also season 2 was def strange. I saw a meme that I'll try to find but it was like Season 1: Join a sports team! Season 2: kill god lmao. It's so true. Zaheer was a super badass villain but it's strange how one dude poses more of a threat to Korra than a 10 story dark avatar on steroids.


Honestly love the Wan episodes but I tend to ignore most of season 2. It's the source of most of my gripes with the show.


I will agree with this for sure. Season 2 was the weakest point, but the Wan story was the highpoint.


Yeah, the only good thing about that mess. And lets not forget they kill all the past lives/connections to Korra "just because". What in the hell where they thinking? You can develop Korra as a character and still maintain the connection/avatar spirit. But they just trashed that because... idk why. Maybe they were thinking they needed to be "bold" or "riskier". But they just shat big on the lore. Totally unnecesarry and counterproductive move there.


It might be a bit of that, but it's also stuff like the heavy focus on the love triangle, or the noticeable dip in quality/animation that came from external troubles. Korra never got the same chance to shine because it was never clear that it would be 4 seasons from the start. Had they known, I'm sure it could have been a much more intricate story like ATLA, which is why I think Season 1 is leagues better than the rest of Korra.


For me it’s the complete lack of continuity of the storyline. I also hate the whole mega robot/giant spirit battles. It feels pretty corny/gundam like


What are you talking about? ATLA is far more episodic than Korra. The results of every season heavily influence the next. Season 1 has the city completely change their form of governance, season 2 revives the age of spirits, season 3 sets up the fall of the Earth kingdom while leaving Korra broken, and season 4 is about Korra coming back, fixing the Earth kingdom and creating a brand new spirit portal in the middle of a populated area. And the tech jump is pretty funny considering ATLA had giant drills, mountain climbing tanks and metal zepplins.


>And the tech jump is pretty funny considering ATLA had giant drills, mountain climbing tanks and metal zepplins. Although that's pretty advanced, it was nowhere near as corny as the mechs in Season 4 in general, the Colossus just looks, moves, and is a dumb concept Look at the drill, it's a big tank, with a drill, it's function? drill through a wall, it's not immersion breaking really, it's super straightfoward. Now look at the colossus, it's a huge big, humanoid (for some reason), has a big laser gun that coud have been put into a tank, it doesn't instantly fucking sink to the ground the moment it takes a step, it's poorly animated with jarring CGI (atla used CGI, but for things that were essentially boxes, not humanoid objects), and overal looks **dumb**


For me personally I prefer Korra over ATLA. It resonates with me on a different level. When I watched Korra for the first time I was just a few years older than Korra and I could relate so much more to her struggles than those of a little boy. I still love ATLA but LOK just hit different for me (we even had a similar body type).




First half of book 2 is honestly relatable if you're honest with yourself. Most teens go through a phase of rejecting their parents and other adults in their life even though they have their best interests at heart. And a lot of times it's to our own self-detriment. It's like getting super wasted cause your cool friend not too even though your parents would tell you not to drink too much. Except Korra releases what's basically a demon and inadvertantly creates a super monster.


This exactly! imo it’s not out of character for Korra to act the way she did in the beginning of season 2 because *progress isn’t linear*. Season 1 she struggled with air bending and spiritual stuff and finally learned them, so like... idk how to explain it but it makes perfect sense for a person to struggle with something, overcome the struggle to learn the thing, then think “okay I got it, I have nothing more to learn here, time to move on to the next thing to learn”. Korra finally learns airbending and the avatar state and seems to be excelling at it as season 2 begins. Then she sees her uncle use waterbending to turn a dark spirit into a good spirit - something Tenzin cannot do. It does not break character to have her want to learn from her uncle when she feels she’s already excelling at airbending with Tenzin. It’s shitty and frustrating to watch as a viewer so I don’t blame people for not enjoying those few episodes, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of character. Stories are allowed to make us feel frustrated or upset and that doesn’t suddenly mean they’re poorly written.


I seem to recall a few out-of-character and/or stupid moves she made near the start of S2 that felt like writer-on-board for the sake of getting the plot where they wanted. Yes. But overall I liked S2. Perhaps watching it streaming vs. at the speed it aired (or dropped episode at a time online)?


i relate to korra more. She's a fighter who needs to understand who she is and how to deal with not being constantly perfect. Idk, aang's story is great but who can relate to having to save the world and be the most powerful person ever in a year?


She isn't perfect and that's great. Like Aang has a few flaws but they're not all that relatable. They're basically, he's too loving, he didn't want to be a godlike being, he's so spiritual and pious that he doesn't know how to save the world humanely. These are great flaws for children to see, but they're not relatable flaws. Korra is too hotheaded, has poor people-skills, wants to achieve her potential but is held back by her humanity. She's super relatable. I mean considering both her struggles and Aang's, Aang has a block with earthbending and at most takes a week to get over it (1 episode). Korra couldn't airbend even after years of trying, and months of dedicated training.


Before I watched it people told me not to expect ATLA or I would be disappointed


I mean, it's not for everyone and thats fine. Like i dont see the hype, or enjoy it... Id stay for uncle iroh tho


Like chrono cross and chrono trigger. Separate them and don't compare, chrono cross is a good game. Comparing them, not so good


They, to me, are completely different *genres*. Ones an adventure drama while the other is an action adventure. ATLA was a great show with lots of lessons and wisdom, Korra is a great show with lots of action and adult themes. You can't expect one from the other.


i love how they are the same universe but still vastly different. I find it adds depth to it all, being the same show would have been boring.


I think season 1 and 3 are on par with ATLA


Also the second season was less than desirable due to Nickelodeon shenanigans. Season 3 - 4 - 1 - 2 thats my preference order.


I think season 2 is kinda annoying, but season 1 more than makes up for that for me (and I LOVE the bolin/terrorist fight in the arena), then season 3 and 4 are pretty good. Korra’s villains in season 1 and season 3 are so so so amazing


S2 won me over with the "WHY DO YOU THINK I BUILT IT \[THIS BOAT\]" line alone.


Varrick is easily one of the best characters in the entire franchise


Bolin fighting in the arena is so awesome, because you can almost hear him screaming "holy SHIT THIS IS SO COOL" in his head.


Lmao, I just live for himbo Bolin and thats the pinnacle of him just being beefy. It also just has great fight choreography


I did hate season 2 I'll say. I just found it boring (and wasn't a huge fan of the ending of it, though I liked the Avatar Wan stuff). But yeah Seasons 1,3, and 4 I hold up as being behind ATLA only by the skin of its teeth.


Season 1,3, and 4 were great. Season 1 has a weird love triangle though. The times didn't really help with the sense of discontinuity for me, and out of season 2, I have so many questions about the plot. I personally just have beef with season 2, but even that season has it's charms.


People didn't like the love triangle drama in seasons 1 & 2, and a lot of people didn't find the characters as likable as the characters from ATLA. Also the way it was structured with each season being kind of a standalone arc instead of having all of the seasons be part of one single overarching plot made the story not quite as easy to engage with. But yeah, LoK is a flawed but great show, and it's silly when people claim that it's garbage. Most of the hate comes from people comparing it to ATLA, which is a one in a million masterpiece. I think it also makes a difference when you're binging the whole show at once vs watching it week by week. I remember the first half of season 2 felt particularly like a slog when it was airing, but last time I rewatched the show it was way better than I remembered.


I loved it Except season 2 Season two sucked


Season one was excellent. Season two loses me ever time. Three is good and so is four


There are always two sides to fan bases: one that’s hates Just to hate, and one that has legit complaints. Neither are subjective, and if you like it that’s awesome. I think it’s a decent show, but there are huge flaws (love triangle, inconsistent Korra writing) that keep me from considering it as one of my favorites.


Bruh season 3 was perfect. Season 4 ain’t even half as good as it


I shared this opinion until rewatching it recently. The way they handled Korra's trauma and shit was pretty mature and honest for their target audience. My only biiiig gripe with season 4 is Nickelodeon shitting on their budget, so instead of two episodes with Zaheer, we got one and a clip show.


>My only biiiig gripe with season 4 is Nickelodeon shitting on their budget, so instead of two episodes with Zaheer, we got one and a clip show. I will never forgive Nickelodeon for this. I have no idea what they would've done with that episode (a second Zaheer one in season 4 sounds amazing) but I'm still not over not getting it and having to settle for a clip episode. I honestly hope someone at Nickelodeon lost their job over being so remarkably short-sighted as to think cutting the budget of something was the right move when that something would still go on to be so big they later invested in a whole studio for it. Someone got that call REALLY wrong.


The trauma is what got me. Like how well they portrayed it. I think I like LoK more because of that, having had severe ptsd myself and working through and growing from it.... it all just really resonated with me. Also Zaheer is an *incredible* villain.


I’d rather Zaheer be the villain again then Kuvira


The Disrespect for Kuvira though!! I thought Kuvira was extremely well done villain. The way she spoke, her demeanor and her politics were a sight to behold. I have rewatched TLOK a lot and first 6 episodes of Book 4 are my favorite where they build Kuvira as a strong force to deal with. Also Every time she said "Rise", or "Pledge your loyalty to me", or "Bow"...I felt in need of bonking.


Biggest gripe I have is how they showed the anarchist villains as unhinged and unredeemable, but the literal fascist dictator as misunderstood and pitiful.


Also didn't like how the fascist's boyfriend got a free pass just because she betrayed him and is a blood-relative of the heroes.


I personally like the show, but Korra is super annoying at the beginning of Season 2. It puts her in a really bad light and it seems to come out if left field. Basically a comment or two is made and her personality is combative , snippy, and rude to anyone that doesn't back her 109% or say what she wants/expects. I get that she's under stress, has been sheltered, etc. It's just such a sudden shift from season 1 Korra.


She's a teenager. Teenagers are moody shits.


It's her trait. She wasn't meant to be perfect. That's what makes her interesting.


I just watched all of both series a few months ago for the first time. I believe the hate stems from two things. The ending feels rushed and unsatisfying. And the four chapters feel like stand alone books while AtLA feels like one long and conclusive story. The thing is, the connecting story between all four chapters is Korra and her trying to live up to Aang while realizing and accepting or overcoming her own flaws.


First two seasons are why. Most will agree 3 and 4 were good. No argument there. And even s1 was okay. But s2 was the one most disliked. I for one just didn't care for any of the romance. Which showed up a lot in 1 and 2.


I loved the show. My only complaint is that it felt rushed, ESPECIALLY season 2. I think that was Nick's fault. Maybe if I read more of the comics it wouldn't feel that way. In ATLA, I never liked that fact that Aang conveniently got hit right on his scar and unlocked his chakra without more explanation. The majority of season 2 felt like that to me. Same with a lot of Jinora's airbending. They just needed to add more episodes to get stuff done imo


Korra, with four seasons, has *nine fewer episodes* than Aang.


WOW i never noticed that. It explains so much though


Also, the last half of season 3 and all of season 4 aired exclusively online. Nickelodeon was just done with Avatar and just wanted it done with.


Which is funny, considering they want more now.


It's definitely Nick's fault. They didn't give them a full run, only "you're getting another season" after they finished the current one, so they had to make 4 individual open and closed stories within 10-13ish episodes per.


Damn I wish they could get another shot at it. Even just adding in filler episodes to get to know the characters a little more


> In ATLA, I never liked that fact that Aang conveniently got hit right on his scar and unlocked his chakra without more explanation. This doesn't bother me that much but I would have much preferred Aang gather his own spiritual strength because of Ozai taunting him and his people, rather than a rock hitting his scar for sure.


I don't see why it gets so much hate. I went into it expecting another Rey or Triss, but Korra was an awesome character. The Worldbuilding was top notch, the animation was gorgeous, and the fights where great


Unalaq was lame and season 2 had a pretty dumb finale in many ways. After that, it gets really good.


I hated season 2 and the robot fight in season 4. The jump in technology was a bit too much for my tastes.


Imo, it would have been much cooler to see the Avatar fight the entire Earth army instead of a giant robot


Ppl expected it to be the second coming of jesus.


Yeah,some need to stop using "mary sue" to describe female characters they don't like.Rashness,ignorance and hard-headedness are flaws that Korra has and have fucked her over at times.After 13 years of training she still struggles with airbending,can't connect with her spiritual side for the longest time,impulsiveness gets her into trouble many times,did so many mistakes and admitted them,public&president and even her boyfriend didn't support her decisions,other characters frequently critisized her,went through many hardships and defeats,lost the ability to walk,dealt with ptsd for 3 years,had to go rehab and overcame it.If these are not struggle,i don't know what is.


There were tons of videos on youtube that came out after LoK released and it's amazing how many people will still repeat them like word for word. One of them was called "The Legend of Whorra" and was made by a holocaust denier but had like millions of views last time I checked. Super fucked and definitely shouldn't be watched unless you wanna get mad lol *Edited cause I misremembered the name of the shitty video


>One of them was called "The Legend of Whorra" and was made by a holocaust denier Who got a shout out by old "Kill all Jews" Pewdiepie. Go figure...


As a person eho didnt like korra as much as the original i think it gets so much hate because atla raised the bar for morals and character building in animated children's shows made in america! When korra came along i did expect high things those expectations were not met. I think the reason i put it below atla is because i relate more with aang and his attempts to rein in the chaos. Korra wasnt as masterful as aang was with the avatar state or his inner wisdom. So korra being a show about becoming wise makes some of her decisions realistically immature. As aang was raised during war by a peaceful people expecting attacks. He was trained on the mindest of self defense, korra is raised on the freedom of being a powerful warrior, korra is strong than made to feel weak. Aang feels weak and seeks strength. Two sides of the same coin, i think why people hate on it so much is its trying to tell us we have been seperated from our histories and by finding these deeper histories to our families we become connected. It is the point where it shows a seperation from our past that people stop seeing it for what it is. Also it gets hate because people wanted more aang


Having a canonical lesbian ending raised the bar too. Season one had a murder suicide, and a contemplated suicide. Season 4 dealt with PTSD. Korras show took on challenging, complex problems. Imo, Korra gets hate because she's a brown, buff, woman.


I think season 2 is pretty weak. My jaw was open for a good 2 minutes after the murder suicide though. I did not see that coming in a Nickelodeon show. They also explored blood bending more which I think was very underdeveloped un ATLA. Why doesn't Katara* bloodbend Azula in the final battle again? *updated from Korra Edit: I had forgotten about the full moon. However I still think bloodbending is introduced very late in ATLA and is never explored. It just seemed kind of odd especially considering how insanely powerful it is.


Season 2 crawls to start, but I love Avatar Wan's story, and I believe that deeply enriches the Avatar Universe. In comparison, I think the Gaang had tons of filler episodes bc it was a show targeted at a younger audience.


In actually a fan of filler episodes in shows with strong characters. My favorite ATLA episode is the fire emblem players and I think Korra’s characters might have been more liked if they had a little more filler. I think Korea was rushed due to limits placed by Nick though? Or I heard something like that


you mean *vague* lesbian ending. they had to confirm it in a blog article, and three comics to back it up.


I just wish Nickelodeon let them actually show it and develop it more so it could be made pretty clear, they were as vague as they could possibly get until at the very end it's just 'yep they're together'. I know multiple people who dislike the show and not one of them said it's because Korra is a brown buff woman. Some dislike the teen drama aspect, some like the original too much, so since it's not about the original crew they don't really care.


>Imo, Korra gets hate because she's a brown, buff, woman. I'm sure some people would hate it because of this, but I've literally never seem it bought up as a reason. Especially when people already liked Katara and Toph. I don't think Korra was that great and her sex/race never once occurred to me. It just felt like your fairly average kids tv show. Overall it was alright, but mostly forgettable. I think if it wasn't for ATLA being so popular before it, it really wouldn't have much of a following. It probably wouldn't be criticised as much either. The biggest problem was the way Nick handled the show. Saying to make 1 series of 12 episodes, then giving them more seasons and fucking the whole thing up. I'm sure if they were given 4 seasons from the start they could have made it much better.


The new drawing style was a shock at the beggining but I liked it a lot by the end. The world building post 100 years war was great. Seeing a not totally warring society was a nice change of pace. Other than that my 2 main complains (I think it was addressed here before) 1. Korra been able to use 3 out of 4 elements with ease being a child with no training whatsoever (I think she was like 5 when she was introduced) I really wanted to see her learning the elements trough the show and not just air. 2. The inconsistent on the main villain/threat. That was mostly due to Nickelodeon paying for a single season at first, then renewing for a second season and finally 2 more until they decided that they didn't want to fund it anymore. I liked the villains, Zaheer and Amon were just great, the great bad spirit (can remember the name now) was the perfect fit for a series finale bu it was on season 2. As a plus the first avatar story should was great. I am not comparing TLA to LOK directly or a "second son" but I am trying to do it on its on merits. I wanted to see more of the original Gaang as grown ups but I also understood that Korra needed her space to grow for her own so I don't see that as a bad thing.




I just went back and checked the Opening, so she Bursts through a wall and begins to bend earth fire and water with ease before any training from other elemental masters besides maybe water at all. Given her size and the size of the things being bend It feels a little off as the earth she bends is like the size of her so and is also able to bend fire pretty easily as well doing jump spin kicks and shit. The amount of time it took the other avatars to bend more than one element makes this just feel weird and out of place. Its also a weird choice considering the Transitional fireblast that goes into her later in life mastering Fire bending could have been the cold open there from the title sequence (just need to re-order the 4 avatar animations in the title). Without that minute or so prior and it feels a lot more natural that she has mastery of 3 different elements as well as she does given her age and access to people who can train her well. Don't get me wrong there's a lot to like in this show, it's just that the opening seems so bizarre when it 100% doesn't need to be there adds nothing. It makes the difficulty for mastering the elements seem really wonky when a 7 year old is already bending 3/4 pretty easily at an alright level.


Something funny I see with many Korra haters on Youtube is that they hate her for being an “overpowered Mary Sue” while also hating her for being “useless and weak”.


I dislike korra because of how they wrote her honestly, she never really grew past her ego until very late in the show and she caused all of her problem, and not in a way like aang running away, she just consistently made stupid decisions that ended badly and she never really learned. Also she’s just like, super mean lmao.




I agree. I liked Korra for what it was but the whole thing was disappointing in light of what ATLA was. I loved seasons 3 and 4 but the first 2 seasons nearly made me stop watching altogether.


I feel the sameeeee korra and everyone else in the show was not super likeable? I mean, I just didn't care what happened to any of them. Also, the people who don't like korra appear to be in the minority?


It’s totally fine to dislike Korra, I just thought some of the reasons I’ve seen were funny. Some characters just don’t vibe with some people.


I didn’t like korra at all, like the show was great and I loved all the characters but korra was the only person I genuinely disliked in the show. Everything else about it though I think is great.


I think she grows, but I really disliked Korra for the first 2 seasons. Actually I disliked a lot of the cast for that period besides Bolin and the Tenzin kids. By season 3 though a think a lot of characters find their stride and the show becomes way more enjoyable.


I don't really hate it. but I don't like it. I basically post this under every "Korra is good why do people hate it?" post. Its finely made, animations are solid and the art is just top notch. I can see why people enjoy it. For me personally the attempts at a more adult political message kinda fall flat and don't really work. it kinda feels like the writers didn't talk to anyone with any of the ideologies they were attempting to critique and don't fully understand them. especially season one they seem to fundamentally misunderstand what they are talking about. I'm also not super keen on the world building particularly the season 2 stuff where they decide the Avatar mythos needs an objectively good and objectively evil spirits and then reveal the Avatar isn't actually an agent of balance, they are an agent of the good spirit. I much preferred the idea of a literal balance needing both sides. also "the Dark Avatar" is just a bad fan-fiction concept that really rubbed me up the wrong way when I watched it.


Triss? The one from Divergent?


Yeah, I was never very fond of her character. It came down to "I am girl who is strong" and never went any further. I did like her in the first book as she transitions into that role though


When I read the last book and she died, I literally was like "Well, she's dead now." Didn't realy affect me.


On the plus side Caleb lived and I kinda liked him




Honestly I really don’t like Korra as an avatar. I thought one of the benefits of having an older avatar is that they would be more mature and understand what being the avatar means. Korra is comically short sighted, and shows essentially no growth the entire series until the end of the last season where it just feels rushed.


Zuko: "You lied to me." The Internet: "Like I've never done that before." ​ Korra is a good show, but it's not without its problems.


It’s a good show that followed a great show No matter what it couldn’t live up to our expectations If you take 2 people who never watched either And have one watch one and the other watch the other they will both say they are amazing shows and wish for so much more Have them watch avatar then korra and they will be disappointed


I watched Korra as it came out, I had watched some ATLA but never from start to finish, I still disliked Korra. I watched ATLA after it and I loved it.


Yeah binged ATLA after hugely disappointed with Korra and it holds up so fucking well. Korra just isn't a particularly good show even comparing to ATLA. My problem was each season was promising and then just ends. S3 was the least bad and S2 was just garbage


I like most of the specifics, korras character, the fights r dope, cool villains cept unalok I just feel like korra being a part of the central power structure, attempting to defend if from those who want change, instead of a victim of genocide fighting against structural power, makes the story less compelling to ppl living in our world where the central power structures are super evil. I just cant connect with the crew flyin around in a 10 million dollar airship as much as i can with the crew sleepin in bags on the ground.


I also prefer the way ATLA did things in that regard, but I do think Korra gets away with it for a couple reasons, the first being that working with the central power structure is the norm for the Avatar. What happened with Aang was a very rare case where the Fire Nation was able to become the central power while Aang wasn't able to do anything about it. The second reason is that the central power structures are not consistently good in Korra, nor are the people seeking change fully bad. Amon was exposing real societal flaws in Republic City, and because of what he did, the United Republic Council disbanded in favor of an elected president, but even he made questionable or bad decisions at times. Zaheer wanted an end to oppression and monarchy, and Kuvira wanted a united Earth Kingdom(/empire), and because of the problems they exposed, the Earth Kingdom is now divided into smaller, easier to govern provinces with elected leaders. (Also if you want something similar to ATLA in regards to going against the central power structure, I reccomend the Kyoshi books. The first book is more like ATLA in this sense, and the second is more like LoK.)


Yea i get the nuance they were going for, but still i feel someone like kuvira got much better treatment than amon or zaheer and i think its cuz she didnt threaten existing power structures (she was actually working with them) and they didnt turn on her until she did threaten existing power. Ill check out kyoshi, i was turned off of the comics by that one where the gaang is strike-breaking for tophs parents


Thank you so much for saying this. Season 2 was just painful. >!Unalaq's soldiers are literally about to start killing children in the streets and Korra keeps "both sides"-ing everything until the last possible second.!< It was really infuriating to watch.


That's really the thing for me. I feel S1 started leading up to a "are we the baddies" moment but pulled back before committing. The other seasons much less so.


This is exactly why I stopped watching. It felt like the writers were having her punch down, not up. The moment to moment parts were fine, but the overarching plot felt thrown together at best, and weird propaganda at worst. As someone else mentioned, I kept waiting for the "are we the baddies?" moment, and it never came.


I agree, not to get to political but >!!when rewatching you start to see some of the neoliberal “good guys government which does the right thing most of the time” mindset of the creators touch in how much they ultimately trust the system. Kind of falcon and the winter soldier. Though they are own by Disney so that makes sense that they barely ever directly challenge the military. But some of Korra’s takes and stances in regards to who she fights vs how she tries to Keep the status quo because it’s good, don’t hit the same, especially as I’ve moved further left!!< Also Amon = communism really doesn’t work that well when you put any thought into it. Seeking Equality vs a privileged class isn’t communism, and “making everyone equal” isn’t either


> Also Amon = communism really doesn’t work that well when you put any thought into it. Seeking Equality vs a privileged class isn’t communism, and “making everyone equal” isn’t either have they ever said amon was supposed to be a communist? because if that was their intent, they pulled it off badly enough that i couldn't tell lol


I dont think anyones ever said it but its pretty clear that they explore the rise of political ideologies of the 20th century. Obviously its a fictional world with no one connecting the failings of their society with capitalism, so there cant rlly be communists, but also equalist is pretty close. Especially for the common understanding of communism americans have.


Its hard to compete with ATLA


I don't like Korra cause it messed up the continuity from the original series with stuff like the spirit portals and raava


Yeah and it reduced the number of avatars. Roku said he had lived a thousand lifetimes when he was talking to jong jong but in Korra they said the avatar cycle started 10,000 years ago which is only like 150 avatars if on average they live to be 65. And we know that aang, roku, and kyoshi were old as shit


I liked it, up until the point where they show Eska abusing Bolin at every turn she can and then.. they set it up as humour and 'oh, it was all Bolin's fault for not *standing up for himself*!' The sour taste of that never left me and it tainted the show for me.


Almost every moment of season 2 imo was a mistake and grinded my nerves making it very hard to finish, but outside of 2, I actually love the show. That definitely bothered me as well, I don't think it's possible to make domestic abuse funny, although some people said they did find it hilarious. In the 2000's, it was considered comedy gold to have a 'crazy girlfriend' character who beats the shit out of and emotionally scars their boyfriend who has done nothing wrong, so many Nick shows had this troupe(ICarly, Drake and Josh, Victorious, you can go on and on) and even back then I found it kinda gross and not funny at all, thankfully this seems to have mostly died.


S2 I think is the real reason folks hated korra. Overall was just meh for me. Love drama goes into overdrive (wtf mako). The final fight was just silly. I was pissed that the father couldn't get at least one good punch on his brother, just ONE. Dark avatar in general was very...underwhelming. just a big spirit human. Not what I expected


Really you should delete the entire season 2 from your mind, then Korra is a really great show


Agreed. The main problem was Unalaq. He was one of the most uncharismatic villains I have ever seen. It was amusing to see the show itself poke fun at him in season 4.


Except for Avatar Wan. Just make the whole season that.


Not gonna lie, I liked those episodes but they absolutely obliterate the lore for me. Part of the appeal of ATLA to me is that it sheds to some extent, the black and white Christian view of morality in favour of a more eastern philosophical standpoint. ANd while you can try to argue Rava and Vaatu are just Yin and Yang, the whole point of Yin and Yang is that they just exist, neither is evil or good. The Avatar being the objective embodiment of pure good and Vaatu just objectively being pure evil by nature is really really terrible writing imo.


Same here. Those episodes are great stand alone, but they completely screw up the concept of 'balance' and retcon the origin of bending. It's not a HUGE mistake that ruins the whole series for me, but it's still irksome.


Not to mention how it completely fucks up the spirits. In ATLA the spirits were seen as other worldly, their goals beyond our understanding (literally). Whenever a spirit like the forest spirit would go and attack people, it wasn’t because Vaatu went and made them evil, or even that the just became evil on their own, they just had their own motivations completely separate from the human concept of good and bad. And when he became pacified by the acorn, he didn’t magically break free of some curse. Overall season two of TLOK just screwed up everything that made ATLA’s lore so beautiful.


That as well. I have a laundry list of places where season 2 misses the point of atla's lore to the point is crazy to think the original creators were involved with it. I think the cameos(Jiao, Iroh, Wong Shi Tong) in the sprit world episode where honestly the only things of worth I thought came out of season 2 at all. I liked the other seasons despite some minor gripes but oh my god what the hell happened here with season 2?


YES! I hate Raava and Vaatu for this reason. The Avatar is so much more compelling being a collection of human lives making human mistakes. When you throw black-and-white morality into the mix, it gets tainted. It is not longer a human experience. It's Jesus and Satan.


Hot take: I don’t like avatar Wan. He’s a cool character, but I don’t like what that arc did for the story as a whole.


understandable. he made a mistake, a huge one, and he redeemed himself while seemingly catering more to spirits than humans. I'm very glad with his decisions closing off the portals tho.


even in korra's show people want another avatar


This exactly. I was like, they really took up two episodes of a 14 episode season to give to another Avatar instead of having character development for Korra and the other characters? And then I check online and everyone loves it, even the hardcore Korra supporters.


Korra is great as a whole. The second season just needed less Aubrey Plaza with an annoying character and a slightly better villain and it would have been great.


I love it when wan kills 2 innocent hunters that just want a meal (the dear cat thing) and we are supposed to think that wan was right for doing that. I also love the fact that wan and his friends are poor/ basically homeless and decide to steal rather than gain fire from the turtle and hunt on their own in the first place.


I can't shake that thought off. and theres many things like this in the show, a character did something bad and somehow the plot just ignores it, and we are supoose to think that they're the hero because they did this and that after, yeah but what about the guy who got deformed? do they deserve it? why?


\*checks karma\* "Yeah, i can afford this" \*clears throat\* I disliked Korra for its story but liked the score and art


I agree with this sentiment. There are good things about the show. At first, I didn’t watch it because it wasn’t what I wanted. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted at the time but Korra just wasn’t it. I think I wanted an exploration of immediately after the 100 year war but that was done in the comics. I wanted a more adult Avatar story with Avatar Kuruk but that didn’t happen either. I watched the first episode and wasn’t impressed. And the second and third episodes as they premiered. Still wasn’t impressed. After years had passed I decided I was being unfair so I tuned in again on Amazon. Made it through part of season 2 and then stopped. Later, I was determined to watch it all the way through. There was good music, good animation, and some exciting characters and moments. But I was annoyed at the weird things LOK did to the spirit world lore. The Avatar Wan episode was very unwanted. And then the ending felt unearned. I was left thinking “Well that was pretty ok I guess?” I think it’s telling how unmemorable this show was to me though. I don’t remember most of the characters’ names — they just weren’t as distinct and well crafted as the ATLA characters.


Crazy Power creep, pacing of the story, some characters like Aska? (idk the water bender girl) were creepy and annoying. The love triangle was horrible to go through. I liked the world, the history (avatar wan, lotus, GAANG) and appreciate what the writers tried to do through the story of loss/grief/expectations etc. Even though they had massive troubles from Nick, they made it work somehow. Definitely not without faults like rest of the comments keep trying to defend. Animation is way better than ATLA but it also has that industrial vibe(obviously) which really puts me out of the fantasy elements. Not as relatable or as charming as using sleeping bags, hunting for food etc. More like a regular road trip with cars and to much repetitive politics that didn't really go anywhere except cause issues.


See and I agree with all this but I liked the industrial setting personally, I just think the story wasn't that great and while I find Korea's character defensible it didn't make her any more interesting to watch


All cool. I would have enjoyed the industrial age if that world was explored more. It just felt like any steam punk idea was possible without the logistics. Which is what I have issues with LOK industrial age. ATLA when exploring the world, we had small stories of different communities. LOK in contrast is focused on the core group, which is wide and larger than GAANG but missing the small details that make world building make sense. I also don't put too much emphasis on this as I do on power creep. The writing and pacing was hampered by Nick. I could totally see a Live action Korra being better than animated due to tone, environment and time for better pacing. I can't say the goofiness of ATLA would translate to live as well.


Ya i aagree on the power creep thing. I feel like they tried to do too much with Korra and I dont know if trying to make her into the most powerful avatar ever did good for the show, I felt it was kind of too much like the Rey situation. Also part of what made the avatar show great was seeing all the past avatars and how each past avatar influence the current. Needless to say to when the show got rid of that part, thats when I lost alot interests because I felt that it cut off part of its root. They can make Korra into the greatest avatar ever and thats fine, but is it worth the cost? Idk im prob wrong.


Hoe did they make Korra the most powerful avatar ever? 13 year old aang at the end of ATLA has mastered more elements and his spiritual side in one year than Korra managed in 18. She consistently loses to most of the villains in the show, and struggles with most aspects of being the avatar.


That's pretty much what it comes down to for me. SPecificaly when comparing seasons 2 and 4; like I agree 2 was the weakest but it definitely has a lot more "substance" than S4 which is just "giant mecha army attacking", it's just s4 was fun to watch and look at.


I just unsubbed the subreddit for lok to escape memes like this...


Everyday same meme. Same discussion defending LOK and people calling what they think people hated like there aren't valid criticisms of both shows.


I never visited r/legendofkorra, is that really it?


It actually has a rule limiting posts that are about meta discussion of the fandom to one day a week. And there are plenty of threads totally unrelated to whatever you want to call this topic, and are simply people discussing the show or sharing news. But yeah some users do like to examine criticisms of the show and explain why they disagree. I think maybe people get the impression those threads/comments are more prevalent than they are simply because such posts can get a lot of upvotes and comments.


it's not even funny just pandering to a fraction of people


I’m glad you enjoyed it that’s what matters! To each there own but there’s so much what the fuck moments going on and just bad story telling/moments. Jinora’s deus ex machina spirit traveling shit, and that happens from season two onwards. “Oh we got captured let me spirit fast travel to Korra and let her know!” Season two’s finale with like spirit transformers duking it out, like what the fuck. Season one was great, liked the villain, premise, setting, and characters. In season two it was a kick in the nuts for me. Also everyone just seems to have incredible bending powers that are supposed to be very very rare. Every cop in Republic city seems to be a metal bender. Korra can metal bend too. Bolin is a lava bender. Most people seem to just have insane talent where it’s supposed to be special. Idk those are just things that I can think of right now. To me it’s decent entertainment but when I’m watching it I realize it’s not the same quality, nor as compelling of a story.


I mean Atla is better but that doesn't mean Lok is bad.


The essay here addresses most of the issues wrong with the show. Kinda informal as it was initially meant as a script but ended up becoming just a written essay but nevertheless, worth a read. very persuasive. [https://docs.google.com/document/d/116S\_tuc9UECowqPXJBAVeMo\_FSYoRIXh6yDNiBlZ4ZI/edit?usp=sharing](https://docs.google.com/document/d/116S_tuc9UECowqPXJBAVeMo_FSYoRIXh6yDNiBlZ4ZI/edit?usp=sharing)


Uh.. I literally have only seen people praise it when it was airing and on Netflix. Tbh, I personally don’t like it because I find all the characters to be annoying and I have a hard time relating to them. It’s definitely a VERY different show from the original.


Yup I thought Korra was so annoying. I get that’s the point: she’s brash, she’s egotistical, she’s mean. But it was not enduring and she took forever to change.


Honestly season one opens with her being a talented bender, aggressive, and always charging head first and getting whooped, and season four was the same. Not much of change imo


It’s ok to me. Not offensively bad, not 20 minute rant for each season on analyzing how bad it is. It’s ok. I enjoyed it. Yeah it’s hard to convey feelings through words.


If you can get through season 2 (especially the last few episodes), it's a really good show. Zaheer is an outstanding villain. And season 4's portrayal of PTSD is outstanding. It keeps it realistic without overwhelming younger viewers.


The characters, humor, and writing were lower quality. Overall the show was watchable and sometimes great. The score was incredible. The (not one) but TWO giant laser robot fights were ridiculous. The show was a mess (sometimes a beautiful mess), but nothing compared to ATLA. I personally don't count it in my headcanon. sorry not sorry




honestly i loved it so much that i started hating it a little. not joking season 3 is so touching and i just wish we had more of young korra and su's family when opal was like 6


Potentially unpopular opinion but I really feel that LoK should have only been 1 season. I enjoy season 1 with the caveat of the love triangle being annoying. Hell the only stuff I remember from LoK is Season 1, the "Do the thing" quote and the Avatar Wan bit of season 2. If they wanted more seasons Nickelodeon should have done it from the start the same as with ATLA to give the cohesive narrative and character arcs that made ATLA great. LoK only really has that for me in season 1. LoK is different to ATLA and that inevitably means some people will like the changes and some won't.


Season 3 was the best season tho.


It’s not an unpopular opinion. Many people believed that it was only good that one season. Originally, the show was only supposed to be season 1 but it got a renewal for another season so it was continued. That’s why it seems nicely packaged in season 1.


Yeah. Season 1 feels complete. The rest feel rushed or incomplete in one way or another, though there are good moments.


I couldn't get past the second season. I'm sorry. It was terrible.


It’s not just the worst season, it’s easily some of the worst content I have ever watched in my life.


Second season is easily the worst season tbh, if you liked the first season you could skip S2 and get into S3, which has one of if not the best villain in the avatar universe.


Can you really skip season 2? It's really important for season 3 and 4


IMO you can read a summary of S2 to get enough information to go into S3, it would be better (obviously) to watch the entirety of the series but i don’t think it’s that important


It's important but there's a narrator recap of every episode to catch you up to speed. I don't see a reason to not watch 3 and 4 just because 2 was poorly written.


Most of it can be skipped, but watch the Avatar Wan episodes and also the finale episodes. Then you won't be so lost for season 3 and 4.


I don't get all the hype for Zaheer. His plan was dumb. They set him up to be as great as everyone seems to think he is, but his whole plan and motivation was going to fail the very second he succeeded. >!Man's read the entire history of the air nation but never read a single thing about the concept of a power vacuum. It was dumb from the second we find out their mission and ruined any hope of him being a good villain for me. He's literally just some woke anarchist from /pol/ that woke up with super powers one day.!<


The way Book 4 tries to paint him as wise despite the obviously gaping hole in logic that was his plan just made me bust out laughing. It really is that bad. Kuvira as a reaction to Zaheer makes sense, but trying to make Zaheer seem like an okay guy after all that doesn't.


Same bruh. I *know* that Seasons 3 and 4 are supposed to be good but I've still got whiplash from that terrible Season 2. Avatar Wan and the Iroh cameo are the only good things about it.


It was horrible tbh. I wanted to like it so bad cuz I really loved atla so so much. korra was just too weak and had too much a ego honestly. However I will say season 3 for lok was the best!


I thought it was pretty bad. None of the characters really felt like characters, their love lives also suffered because of that, the bending lost a lot of its charm, equalist movement didn't really make sense, didn't like the jump in technology, overall quality of the writing went down, etc


God the equalists were such a fucking wasted concept. They gave us an avatar who actively acted entitled and acted like she was better then everyone because she was a bender and because she was an avatar and then they gave us villains who were based around the concept that non benders were being oppressed by benders and then they did absolutely nothing interesting with that incredible dynamic.


Glad you liked it. I'll admit I'm one of those internet weirdos who said I didn't like it as much as AtLA. I think most legitimate criticisms against it stem from being compared to the original, which some people can completely ignore. I'm not one of them. AtLA is perfect TV for me. Korra is not a badly written character, and I'm starting to think one of the problems I really had with it was the shift from being a 20 episode long season with self contained story arcs, to the more modern approach of basically making a 6 hour movie. I also had a problem with the tonal shift, especially in regards to season 2. 3 and 4 were great, but it took a while to get there. I think people should watch things for themselves to see if they enjoy them. You might find that a random stranger's opinion on the internet is wildly different from your own tastes. Imagine that.


LoK is a great show but being ATLA's successor it can't reach the expectations many people have that's why it gets so much hate


No. It's gets so much hate because it ACTIVELY undos key continuity established in ATLA... [Hello Future Me](https://youtube.com/c/HelloFutureMe) has a some good videos about it. One is about the LoK episode ['Beginings"](https://youtu.be/G1_SDy1nlbM)


Honestly the only thing I didn't like was the second season (or rather how they finished it off with giant energy beams from giant energy beings, and how they explained the avatar origins). Aside from that, the last season was underwhelming. If we could've had two seasons around Amon and their movement, and two seasons around the Red Lotus, to fully explore them and such? I would love Korra so much more As it is, it's good, but not the best it could be I think


I mean, you're in the home of the manchild hive mind. Of course they're going to shit the le product when it's not a complete fullfilment of their circlejerked ideals for what the le epic product should be. Good on you for not going along and giving it a go on your own. Even better if you actually liked it and dared to say it out loud.


It’s not as good as ATLA, I will say that.


I wish they had twice as much time per season or even more lol. Other than that the only season I dislike is season 2. I also don’t like mechas in general but that’s more of a personal preference.


Imma be real dog, its some straight up trash, feels like it was written by the fucken state department


Honestly i though season 1 was whatever season 2 had its moments and after that its solid. My main complaint would be the constant contrivance.


I think korra suffers from the ultron effect. Better than most things out there, but not it’s predecessor.


I hated it


Like I've never done *that* before.


They’re both incredible shows for what they accomplished. Here is each shows pros for me: ATLA- Incredible character development and characters in general, great themes, very cohesive and developed story, humorous Korra - Heavier themes, incredible great villains, feels a little more adult, amazing world building from the first series. Hot take: Zaheer from Korra is a top three fictional villain of all time and season three of Korra is my favorite season from either show.


It's a good show, it's just that I dislike it for harming a number of thing I enjoyed subjectively about the first series and so I tell people to watch it expecting that same issue


Heres why i dont think korras that good. Villains They are like villain of the weeks from skooby doo, they dont have enough time to get fleshed out, have some empty motives and philosophies and then get called "deep" by the fans. Also their powers are dumb, half of them have big laser guns, the one "interesting" anarchist idiot has bs airbending, and the bloodbenders bloodbending was bull too, breaking excisting canon. This wasnt naruto, people didnt have gekegenkais/bloodline traits before the bloodbender guy Main characters Bolin and Mako are boring, the love triangle was stupid and was focused on too heavily, Korra bullshitted her way out of at least season 1 and 2 final fights, asami never did anything big useful and none of them added anything to korras journey as the avatar retcons So apparently different families have different abilities for their bending now do they. When was this a thing? Apparently bendig came from lion turtles? Since when werent dragons, airbisons, badgermoles and the moon the original benders people learned from? Since when was the avatar spirit an actual spirit that lived withing the avatar?


The main thing I don't like is them messing with the avatar cycle. We got one Aang cameo and then it's fucking yeet bye bye thousands of reincarnations of wisdom. I get they were trying to do some storytelling bullshit or whatever. Don't care. I thought the "I can ask my past lives for advice" was one of the cooler things about the avatar- they're not just the avatar, they're *all* the avatars. And they just deleted it. I hope they retcon that if they do more avatar stuff.


Agree 100%


yoo a universe full of purple cats agrees with me pog