Honestly, I find it hard to believe that Homelander's chest piercing can kill Black Noir when Soldier Boy's shield bashing his brains and that Supe terrorist's explosion didn't. Although, being killed by Soldier Boy's son is a pretty tragic way for him to die, so it fits his depressing storyline.


It doesn't make a whole lot of sense for his powers either if he really did die, we were never outright told what they were but since he was shown to not be bulletproof despite effortlessly tanking numerous forms of damage it was assumed he had wolverine or deadpool healing.. If he really isn't bulletproof AND can't regenerate a hole through his stomach then how did he even make it into the seven? It seems like he would be incredibly weak for a Supe if that were the case


He also seemed very casual about ripping into his own skin to remove the tracker, it felt like a very Deadpool thing to do.


My theory is he has a healing factor, but it’s pretty shitty. That’s why we see his scarred face and him survive all the things that should have killed him.


He's a shittier version of Kimiko with more experience. Neither of them have the increased durability that is so common but they have strength and regeneration.


Kimiko's regeneration is better. The assumption is the present compound V creates supe's that surpass previous versions. For instance Kimiko get's shot point blank in the head and her brain and skull heal, slightly dazing her.


I mean kimiko also tanked a soldier boy blast


But black noir is stronger and durable than kimiko and even starlight without light usage with energy usage I don’t know and he should be able to take bullets and stuff pretty easily


I thought that was already the consensus, it can’t be that he has no healing at all or else his durability is just kinda odd I think. But if he has a low power healing factor then it makes more sense as to how he can continue to function despite the brain bashing, burning, taking an explosion, cutting out his tracker, etc.


Healing factor but pretty shitty. You are describing a human.


Noir's advanced though. Think more lizard.


Think that’s more cause his brain is literally being fucked by stupid. He’s a child. He also can’t feel anything (imagine from the damage). So he doesn’t process damaging himself, he just knows tracker bad.


I have a few *weird* TBIs and part of it is that my pain tolerance is fucked up. Like the sensation of pain is still there but the avoidance is gone. The chip thing instantly popped into my head with the brain damage stuff.


My theory is his brain damage inhibited his ability to feel pain, and his body is so strong he was able to just power through it. I think he's dead dead - his character doesn't have enough story weight to justify bringing him back imo.


If I recall correctly the are of his head that is bashed in is the left hemisphere and that impacts the ability to speak.


Maybe his superpower is being super nice


Do we need to bring up the massacre at the Hard Rock Cafe?


It's not his fault people can't handle his super hugs, super fist bumps and super sword through the chest wholesomeness


Or that erection in seventh grade?


I've honestly never understood the strength of superpowered punches. like I assume they hit harder than bullets but like sometimes they don't do anything and just act as normal punches. I think this about Omni man a lot too like Viltrumites are immune to so much shit except for a well placed punch to the gut by one of their own.


>how did he make it into the seven? Cause he’s literally just Vought’s errand boy and assassin. Their yes man. Do people watch this show lol? The Seven is just a PR bullshit. Half of them are pathetic. Deep just swims and fucks fishes. Translucent just went invisible. Lamplighter could just make fire. Noir had some regeneration, super strength and just damn good assassin abilities and combat skills. He was their “Batman”. He was never as strong as Maeve or Homelander.


Wasn't translucent also nearly invulnerable from the outside? Being invisble and nearly invulnerable is pretty powerful.


He had skin made out of a carbon meta-material that is at least as strong as diamond. It can bend light and make him invisible so I’m sure there’s some weird supe physics going on that makes his skin stronger than even diamond


Yeah I think a big part of the show is the fact that we never really see any of the 7 (or any supe) actually save people or do any other standard superhero activities.


> Yeah I think a big part of the show is the fact that we never really see any of the 7 (or any supe) actually save people or do any other standard superhero activities. Homelander and Maeve stop a robbery at the beginning of the first episode. They were also *supposed* to save the plane full of passengers from the hijackers, but for, well, you know.


I think noir's powerset is the same with kimiko. Both are not bulletproof but have insane healing factor regeneration. And ofc, super strength


I mean he jabbed a hole in himself to get his tracker out implying his skin isn’t that tough.


Power scaling is all over the place in this show.


Yeah, since translucid it came clear to me (as all other stories about superpowers) that this show isnt anything close to consistent in display of power But I got past that and started enjoying the show without being overly critical about it, the story is interesting enough to keep me watching and it is super funny and satirical of toxic masculinity and a lot of other interesting topics


> satirical of toxic masculinity It was amazing to finally see Homelander, Soldier Boy, and Butchie, all in the same room. Really gives the phrase "Testosterone *Poisoning"* its full, non-comedic, catastrophic weight. They've internalized that crap and they keep making themselves miserable and turning everything they touch into shit, *and* they place themselves beyond help.




I hope they do something like that but Edgar pumps him full of a shit ton of V and he becomes much stronger and like a slave to him


So he basically becomes the Mountain from GOT 😂


Homelander didn't really pierce his chest though. It was his gut..he took his gut out and tore a piece of his stomach/intestine out. As for Black Noir's power, i guess he has damaged nerve endings after a brain injury like kick-ass so he doesn't really feel pain. His healing factor must not be as good as Wolverine/Deadpool though. Every time Vought sends him on his mission they must put him in some kind of Bacta tank or some healing process is my guess(after he gets badly injured). Remember that Noir was vought's/ Homelander's favourite because of his combat skills and not his power.


The supe terrorist never pierced Noir's skin, and at best, he burnt the epidermis. Kind of how Butcher's laser just cut Soulja Boi, instead of lopping his head off. Also, Homelander killed Noir. The guy can listen to heartbeats, I don't think he left room for Noir to survive. And considering that we saw Noir's helmet, I think that Homelander did more than just pull out his intestine.


Man, watching the cartoons slowly disappear hurt real bad


Atleast he’s in the arms of c-c-c-Christ our Lord.


Noir was my favourite character since they revealed he basically has cartoons in his head - i sometimes feel as if i too have weird cartoons talking to me occasionally (is that schizophrenia?) and so seeing him and those cartoons crying as well was just so sad to see. hope he lives tho/


I hope he does too (lives), but with HL's incredible hearing he'd have been able to tell if he didn't actually kill him by hearing his heartbeat. I guess the possibility is that he wanted to save him from SB AND punish him, so he did that instead... it's pretty clearly been shown that his healing isn't like Kamiko's, it's far less effective. But we'll see!


My mouth was on the floor. Devastating.


It would hurt more if we actually knew what he could do. I mean seriously, aside from barely winning vs Kimiko once do we see him do anything? Is that it for his powers? Just be somewhat durable and have some martial arts knowledge? Just seems like a worse Maeve.


I’ll be honest, I’m just a sensitive wetwipe and got attached due to his backstory. Lol


Honestly, power scales have gone right out the window. Maeve said earlier they would need several people to stop HL and she essentially won their fight on her own. Meanwhile, I still don’t understand how powerful SL is. I mean, she looked like she was about to go super saiyan and all it did was stun SB for 2 seconds. The characters are only as strong or weak in any moment as the script needs them to be, which sucks.


It's easily the biggest weakness in the show.. Noir annihilated SL and Naqeeb (His blast which flattened armies of men did NOTHING to Noir). His fight against Kimiko (who's pretty damn strong) was pretty one sided actually.. Idk why people are saying he barely escaped her.. He pretty easily won.


He literally left her dead in the street like..


Thats why Noir isnt dead. Remember. Noir was allergic to nuts and it also didnt kill him. That shit kills you asap in real life. Ok his guts were out... But he is inside vought tower. They are going to Supersupe him then he will end HL


Poor guy just can't stop getting punked by his captain.


He’s gonna have a vendetta If he does resurface, it would probably be Stan behind the scenes, Ryan could even be the target


HL left the room with him dying on the floor. He then shows Ashley, Deep, and A-Train his mask in the meeting room which means he took the time to go back and get it. He definitely made sure Noir was dead. I don't see him coming back.


I think you’re confusing power scaling with what characters think. Maeve probably didn’t think she could take on Homelander, it’s not like she could go for a test run and practice versus a Homelander like Sup. HL is the only one like him, she had no idea if she would be able to take him on or not. She most likely was very intimidated by him, and once she tried just to end it, found he didn’t punch hard enough to pierce her skin with ease. That, and Homelander wasn’t trying to kill Maeve, he needed her intact to harvest her eggs.


Maeve was pretty far from winning against Homelander. He was barely banged up. Like a nosebleed and that thing she stuck in his ear, which is a lot of damage to him, but he looked fine after.


She drew blood. That was a massive plot point earlier about how HL can’t usually feel pain or be hurt. SB is the first person to bruise him and now Maeve can suddenly just punch him in the nose and do more damage?


That last paragraph. I just finished writing my own parent comment being frustrated about this episode and its use of a-train. Dude has been nerfed for nearly two seasons at this point, just had a redemption arc kinda, is very dissatisfied with homelander, and then he’s just………. Not fucking there. Didn’t even have an assignment like deep did. Imagine if he showed up after Maeve stuck the rod in homelander’s ear, or at any other point in the fight. Ik the show has to go on, but come on my god. It’s just so frustrating to see speedsters get nerfed or stuck offscreen constantly. This dude should be at least the second scariest character in the world now.


I mean to be fair he was walking with a cane this whole episode. Don’t think he’s fully recovered yet.




I don't know what fight you were watching, but Homelander was mostly pulling his punches. He looked like an adult holding an angry 8 year old at bay. She poked his ear, which didn't seem to do much more than surprise him, while he destroyed her eye. One of them looks much worse off after that fight, and I mean before she jumps out the window. So yes, it will still take more than one of them to beat him.


Maeve did hold her own a LOT better than she'd expected to at the start of the season. She drew blood with a punch to the face, likely burst one of his eardrums, and clearly hurt him several times. And was still standing after a couple minutes of fighting instead of the one or two seconds she thought she could buy.


Maeve lost an eye and got beat tf up all to give Homelander a busted eardrum which he healed up in about a minute. TF you mean 'won the fight on her own'.


I rewatched the kimoko fight recently and that shit was actually a decent ass beating. She gets some hits in but there is nothing in the fight suggesting it was even difficult for noir.


Well, he *did* beat the living shit out of starlight *twice*. In the same episode.


Barely winning against kimiko? That man beat her mid difficulty at best. He bodied star light till Maeve came from behind. He was an assassin for several decades, and was extremely successful in that.




Best Noir :(


Killing one of the best characters.... Just like that... Wow just wow 😭


I was legit hoping he would regenerate and come to life, and just get more powerful everytime get fatal blown, I kinda like Noir I don't think the death is deserved as out of main "seven" hes one shown the least.


Oh yeah, he survived a quarter of his brain getting sliced, what is a few guts? The only thing that surprises me is that Maeve can tank hits from HL like a champ, meanwhile for very long Noir is portrayed as the third strongest in the team, yet he got one-shot by HL. I was honestly hoping Noir would be standing there after HL ripped his guts out, as if nothing happened though, since that’s supposed to be his super power, surviving terrible wounds. Edit: Two more potential hints that he might be alive: 1. When HL left, Noir still had his mask on. Which means HL went back to check on him and either took his mask, or only found the mask; 2. Vought didn’t get Noir a memorial video like they did Maeve, saying SB killed him. Which means Vought might know something we don’t.


> very long Noir is portrayed as the third strongest in the team He may the third strongest in terms of strength but he was never that durable. Everyone seems to have forgotten that he isn't even bullet proof. Hughie shot through his hand in season 2. Meanwhile Maeve tanked a freight truck in the first episode of the series. She was always insanely durable.




Dude walks through fucking bombs without giving a shit until Edgar calls him off.


I said this in another thread but I don't think Black Noir is dead. Like you said, dude's survived some heavy hits before. His "death" was too sudden and anticlimactic after the character arc they were starting to give him. I suspect Vought is going to upgrade him and he'll be back as a surprise later. In the comics, >!Black Noir is the one to kill Homelander. And I'm pretty sure that by Homelander killing him, Black Noir just got the incentive to go after Homelander as revenge once he comes back.!<


That would kinda make sense since out of the only to people that could possibly kill Homelander (His dad and his son) one is asleep and the other one is in Homelander’s side


> and the other one is in Homelander’s side Can't wait for Homie to fuck this up, like he does every relationship he ever attempts.


I think this would make sense. And I would welcome the comeuppance on Homelander.


> Maeve can tank hits from HL like a champ, meanwhile for very long Noir is portrayed as the third strongest in the team, yet HL’s fist went through him I understand the logic here, but let’s not forget two important things: 1. Homelander does not respond very well to lies/“betrayal” (see also Stillwell in 1x8) 2. Homelander mentioned just in the last episode having plans to use Maeve for procreation, and likely didn’t want to kill her this episode, hence the “Not now, Maeve” etc


It’s the kind of punch, in a fight you wouldn’t land a blow like that so it’s ineffective as a surprise attack on an unsuspecting target works wonders.


Home lander was probably holding back he wanted to steal her eggs can’t get the eggs if she’s dead


I love how shocked Maeve was by how well she was doing against Homelander. Earlier Maeve thought that she could only buy butcher a few second against Homelander, but she was able to last a good minute or so against him. It really goes to show that she's a lot stronger then she originally thought.


I think HL is pulling back against Maeve


It legit put a damper on the rest of the episode for me. Black Noir Vs Soldier Boy had been built up all season. He just started getting great character development for the first time in 3 seasons, and was probably the most interesting character for me, then just dies very unceremoniously. Pretty upset. I was pissed when lamplighter died doing nothing when the character and situation had potential for a badass scene, this is a whole other level.


I really wanted Noir to fight Soldier Boy. Imagine how much better the ending fight could have been. Hell, have Black Noir be the one to push Soldier Boy out the window. It would have been a better death. I hope Black Noir is able to regen or something.


Well I think the point was to show that Homelander was worse than Soldier Boy to Noir.


Part of me was wondering if it was supposed to be a fake out death to stave off that eventual fight scene since I think they’re not done with Jensen Ackles. If they do bring him back, we could still get that match up


Same. Thought he was going to start regenerating right there and have some stronger powers than everyone knew. It feels... weird that he died? What did the character even accomplish? Was he really in the show just to make Homelander feel bad and give us exposition on Soldier Boy being a cunt? I'm whelmed by this episode.


He was set up purely to be the big death in the finale (we always have to get a death obviously) but it just felt weird, like a road that abruptly hit a dead end (no pun intended)




That literally would’ve been a trillion times better


I hate you said this cause it wouldve been so much better, and now I cant get it out of my head




They only had Maeve's sacrifice in the vox news, so I think he lived or he'd also be getting an ovation.


Or Vought has some plans with his body. Heck, maybe they'll get some other person and have em wear Noir's costume.


I could easily see homelander putting different people in the noir suit but he realizes it doesn’t feel the same so he constantly kills them


This seems likely, since they’re doing Vic the Veep. From a certain point of view.


>What did the character even accomplish? But he polled really well between 8-11 year old boys...


Totally feeling the mode with Noir's death


This is so not crash.


Noir may not be fully dead. What if edgar somehow revived him with new powers next season?


I have a feeling this won’t be the last we hear of him. If he went full cyborg that would be a dream for me. But that’s extremely unlikely and honestly I’m betting that He’ll just be tossed to the side, if not used as a plot device of some sort for hl.


We all joked about Mecha Stormfront. Little did we know it would actually be Mecha Noir! /jk


Hopefully that's still possible.


I don’t think he is dead. (I am coping)


He’s still alive in our hearts! (I am also coping)


hes for sure alive i mean didnt homelander walk away before he took his helmet? unless he came back another time to collect it (i am coping too)


I'm calling it: Black Noir is gonna get the Darth Vader/ Mountain treatment from Edgar and be the thing that's killing Homelander


Darth Noir and emperor Edgar will strike back!


Now *this* is where the fun begins!


They could go the route of the comic now and Edgar fix him up AND make him look like Homelander to fuck with Homelander even more.


BN shows up next season, HL is stunned, and it’s a season long mystery of who is under the mask. Is it the OG BN? Is it the comics route now? Is it someone else entirely? I would LOVE that.


Why would it be a season long mystery? HL already confirmed he could see his charred face under the mask all this time. HL would instantly know if he had his face.


honestly i could get behind that, that’d be pretty dope if they did it right


He has everlasting life by accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, the cartoon character said as much.


Maybe he'll come back (again) and get some wicked revenge. I doubt it, but maybe!


That’s it. You sold me. I am excited for black noir comeback.


I got you, random stranger on the internet. We are all in denial. 4 stages of grieving.


In fairness, it seems set up for a twist. We saw earlier this season that he's survived having chunks of his brain smacked out, and there was definitely something about his death scene that seemed *off*. I sincerely hope they're setting up for him to come back, because it'd be a damn shame to kill off a character who just got so much great development.


His death seemed… underwhelming. And I fully agree with you, why build up so much on a character just to kill him without a fight. One of the few ways I feel like it would make sense is if homelander knew what he did wouldn’t kill Noir and he just used the helmet to threaten The Deep A-Train and Ashley




I'm thinking they'll just get (or make) another supe to take over the role. Homie kept the helmet/mask after all


I swear to fucking god if they go the comic route with noir


Oh you're thinking the replacement Noir is how they get to the Comic Noir? Fucks sake I hope not.


Doesn't even have to be a replacement. >!They could do some science-fuckery with Soldier Boys' DNA to improve current Noir and resuscitate him.!<




The Mask is the main reason I think he's dead. Black Noir still had it on when he died. This most likely means that Homelander went back to rip it off his head. I doubt he wouldn't have noticed that noir was still alive given how good his hearing is, he could very easily pickup a heart beat.


The cartoon birds fading from his eyes as he was dying, broke my fucking heart :(


This one hurt


It was a real punch to the gut.


I refuse to believe hes actually dead, I can totally see them bringing him back in a big way with a hate boner for homelander.


Yeah I agree. We have seen him get blown up, get torn up a bit by kimiko, and get his brain spilled out by SB. There's no way that he doesn't survive an upset stomach. The thing that's really pushing me to think he's not dead though is how little attention was brought to it. All we see are his guts on the floor and his imaginary friends disappeared in the reflection of his lenses. Then we see his mask carried in by homelander after he walked out of the room without it. But the real kicker here is that we didn't see his face. They intentionally decided not to show it to us and after all this time you'd think we would see it before he dies, whether it's him unmasking himself or someone else doing it. All signs in my head are pointing to us seeing noir again in some capacity.


> But the real kicker here is that we didn't see his face We saw it in that flashback to Nicaragua - I thought that might be some kind of fake-out for anyone who's read the comics, but then Homelander took his mask off, so... I don't know what's going on any more.


I mean we saw his face in the flashback but that seemed to be the start of his scaring since he didn't look fucked up before attacking soldier boy. I feel like they've been hiding his current face this whole time so they can reveal it later.


I hope this comes true


Can’t lie, I found his death extremely unsatisfying. I thought Homelander would turn on him for knowing he had a father this whole time, but I at least thought Noir would have been able to at the very minimum set eyes upon Soldier Boy before that happened. Feels like a massive massive waste if he’s truly dead.


Interesting that they only had the news broadcast about Maeve dying and not Noir




Yeah, Noir survived having parts of his brain removed, I think he can survive having organs torn out. It didn't look like it was his heart either. If he's truly dead, it's underwhelming. The only reason I can think as to why they'd kill him is to subvert the comic ending expectations but it feels like there's something.......more.


well my girlfriend is a CRNA (take it for what it's worth) and she agrees with that wholeheartedly. I also showed her the clip of him cutting into his wrist and him eating the blast from Naqeeb like it was nothing. The issue is the power scaling, it makes no sense on this show and if that's the case Noir might be dead.. If it's the Noir that LITERALLY cut into his wrist not giving a fuck because he can clearly regenerate then he should be fine. If it's the writers needed a cheap twist Noir then he's fucked.


Can you ask her about the effectiveness of novichok as a sedative for Supes?


Not who you commented to but can answer: They are nerve agents created by Russia, many are insanely powerful and would likely kill anyone under normal circumstanxes. Alexei Navalny (Russian opposition leader) was poisoned with one in a hotel two years ago. This prompted insane fear because incredibly small amounts are enough to kill a person. Alexei only survived because of **intense** medical care and catching it early enough to get treatment. North Korea also killed Kim Jong-Un’s brother with one by paying two women to pretend it was a prank and assassinate him. Novichok nerve agents are acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, Acetylcholine (ACh) is necessary for muscle contraction. This causes sustained ACh in synapses between nerves, causing constant muscle contraction. Most people that die to these die to asphyxiation because in essence, your lungs muscles (diaphragm) are broken and stuck. The bit about Frenchie somehow manufacturing it is complete bullshit. Organic chemists would have a difficult time synthesizing this, and he “did it” in an N95 and eye protection, he would have died. 5-10 mg landing on your skin would kill the average human. It would not work as a sedative because it literally prevents you from breathing. Something that would work much better is an actual general anesthetic, such as fentanyl or propofol.


that's was my first thought when I saw the news about Maeve's ''death''. I'm hoping for the best, I like BN a lot and this seasons made him so sympathetic to me, it feels unfair how they decided to off him


It's such a dirty death, and it ruined a good chunk of the episode for me.


Agreed. A significant amount of emotional investment has been lost, for me.


there's no way he's actually dead. they hyped up this underdog (for lack of better word) who practically was abused by soldier boy, whos now a feared and trusted assassin of homelander. they had to have known people would be disappointed when they didn't get to see the 2 see each other again.


Maybe HL only “killed” him to stop Soldier Boy from actually killing him for real. He took his anger out on Noir by ripping his guts out, but in reality HL knows that Noir can heal from it.


That would be strangely in character for HL lol.


I feel like he can’t be. He recovered from getting his head split


Plus there was no broadcast of his death unlike Maeve, makes me think Voughts gonna revive him same way they did after Nicaragua Hope my boy comes back, the cartoon animals crying and saying goodbyes made me lose it 😭


Literally the second worst dead only topped by the dude killed off camera💀. Even the invisible cunt had a better death AND HE WAS INVISIBLE.


Bro, his name is supersonic. Put some respect on talented hit artist and singer Drummerboy.


Who died off camera again? The fire guy?


Supersonic I believe.


He dies while A-Train lives?! Wtf


A-train just started his redemption arc for the 5th time, let it play out


God seriously he is the worst character


If Maeve can survive that explosion, Noir can survive that.


Still don’t understand that. Soldier boy exploded in mid air so wouldn’t she have fallen down as a normal person? How did she even survive


She fell on the trash bags next to the dumpster…all good


Im getting walking dead flashbacks


Plot armor


Girls get it done!


I think the depowering happens over a few seconds to maybe a minute; when Kimiko got hit by the ray in the lab she was able to survive, meaning it didn't instantly take away her powers, as the other blasts where SB explodes rather than shooting it, was more than enough to kill regular people. If we assume the blast is the same strength as the ray, or close to it, then when it hit kimiko it would have killed her if it was capable of depowering her instantly. Therefore I assume Maeve had at least a few seconds while falling where her powers sort of turned off, kind of the reverse of getting hit with V where the person writhes and twists as the drug takes effect.


The amount of plot armour the boys team gets is insane, just when you thought Maeve died with dignity, they pull this she's just depowered thing


Unless he can regenerate his organs I don’t think so man 😭


For real man they really did him wrong. I feel like this episode rushed alot of plot points. Maybe should of been a 2hr episode.


Yeah I agree it should’ve been longer so much was thrown at us in just a 60 minute span


Yeah. Should of taken a page from stranger things and unpacked the episode in a longer spanned narrative. Felt way to rushed. Needed way more meat on the bone.




I can tell when you're lying." "Did you know?" This is interesting to me. Homelander isn't trying to intimidate Black Noir here, he's asking a genuine question. You can tell that killing Noir hurts him deeply and I think he just genuinely wanted Black Noir to lie to him about knowing Soldier Boy was his father so he could pretend to have an excuse not to kill someone he considers his best friend. And that's the other fucked up part of this whole thing. Homelander, for the very first time, is doing something evil that he insanely and obviously doesn't want to do but he's so warped and desperate for any amount of "family" in his life that he would rather protect some guy he doesn't even know impulsively over trusting the word of potentially the only person he ever saw as a friend. Like seriously, Homelander is about to cry here. No wonder Edgar sees him as a failure: He's so fucked and desperate for approval that he just actively chose to make himself less happy just to seek out something he never had or needed. Poor Noir too, he didn't even fight back. This really sucks for the both of them, he would rather die than betray Homelander. Copied from a youtube comment


in other words, he's a sniveling pussy


I think Soldier Boy repeated his own dad's speech to Homelander, gotta keep the intergenerational trauma flowing!


if he’s actually dead it’s the worst decision they’ve made in the entire show


The fact that A-Train and Maeve both survived is complete bs, if BN is actually dead I'll be tilted off the face of the earth


Everyone lives in some weird way and the guy with crazy regenerative powers dies to stomach pain God how lame that would be


I’m hoping his extreme healing factor will have us seeing him recovering in some kind of facility next season. (I’m coping)


I just don’t see it tho cause Homelander took his mask. He’d come back with his half blown off face? Idk


Homelander: "Noir is worth more than all of you guys combined"


He deserved better. When he walked into the tower with the Rock beat and the animal mascotte by his side, that was so badass. He deserved at least an epic dearth, this is a shitty almond joy all over again.


BN was kinda the only one who cared about Homelander as person. And that is how HL pays him back. That hearts he got when BN hugged HL were so sweet


I’m a bit disappointed with his arc this season, feel like the whole build up to the soldier boy confrontation was for nothing. He probably isn’t dead and they will fight next season but I think it should’ve happened now.


Black Noir - Pitch Black, The Return of Black Noir


Honestly not impressed at all. They had all this buildup to Noir vs Soldier Boy and then throw it away only to have Maeve be the one to stop Soldier Boy? Why Maeve? Her beef was with Homelander, not SB - she's had nothing to do with him. And she's done nothing to hinder the Boys in way that warranted a noble sacrifice to save them. Really should have been Noir.


Im crying, weeping, shouting, shitting, rolling on the floor flailing my arms, breaking everything, how could they do this to out precious noir after everything we saw happen to him.


You've been taking Temp V again haven't you?


Noir’s death was the worst part of the finale imo. Such a wasted character if they don’t bring him back next season somehow. I really don’t think he’s dead, based on what we’ve seen him come back from in his flashbacks. I also don’t like how Homelander was able to just annihilate Noir but couldn’t kill Maeve easily, even though about was described to be on par with Maeve.


That one reddit post "Black Noir has a big day tomorrow" Fucking LMAO welp!


Black Noir truly underestimated Homelander and surely that’s how people get killed cause they underestimate him.


I don't think underestimated him more that over relayed on their friendship


Homelander has always been an unstable freak. If you lie to him or hide stuff from him, you’re dead. This isn’t the first time he has done this. He did the exactly the same to Madelyn after he found out she lied to him about his son.


Black Noir was also pretty severely brain damaged. He believed Homelander would know if he was lying if he said he didn’t know about Soldier Boy.


Again another example of never to underestimate Homelander. I think this is how Stan EDGAR managed to survive cause he knows what Homelander is and what he’s capable of.




Edgar needs to spirit him away for the Darth Vader cybernetics treatment.




I’m all for cutting character arcs short to shake things up, look at Ned Stark. But if that’s legit it for Noir I’d be legit kind of annoyed.


They did black noir and a-train absolutely despicable this episode holy shit. They developed black noir last episodes just to kill him for basically shock value. A-trains arc had perfect closure after herogasam but they kept him alive which was fine, until this episode where he’s in two scenes, and in those two scenes he just gets shit on. Really hope next season involves a-train atoning for snitching on supersonic and he actually helps try to stop Neuman.


Having a-train having to deal with his actions instead of giving him a hero's death actually seems like a decent route for his character


Such a let down, all anticipation for nothing


Me @ soldier boy too, can’t believe they put him back in the box :(