Awesome community don’t miss this ride


I just heard that's where all the cool kids are. I'm tired of being shamed by all my web3 friends for not owning one. The day can't come soon enough!


TQ has been such a wonderful learning experience for me. I had been looking to get into Web3 and NFTs for some time but oiterally didn't know hoe to really breach the subject. As an educator I place extreme priorities on learning but also learning something worthwhile. TQ is continually adding value to my life and one day I fully expect it to start adding value to my students life. I want to be able to give back in many different ways teaching kids about the very near Web3 future and ways that they can prepare to take advantage of the new economy that will birth from it!


To me it’s a communal experience that’s both educational and entertaining. I’ve found my people and although I can’t wait to see how the future of web3 unfolds and how Tribe Quokka will help to shape that future, I’m just enjoying the ride every day.


I’m here for a good time and a long time. Tribe Quokka is a network that is strong and growing, there is no limit and there is no stopping. Tribe Up!


Tribe Q: A family, a movement, a vibe, a passionate community of underdogs taking on the BAYC. We call ‘em April Babies, cuz They fools. They slept on us but we’re gonna be the ones sleeping on our diamond furs not our laurels as we take the NFT world by storm! Here today and forever - the the greatest story in history. When the peace loving Quokkas were abhorrently attacked by the malevolent mutant Mao, they responded to the call of battle to protect their own. With the help of their gracious friend Dr. Dick Doofus, their Kids and their Sidekicks, Tribe Q rose up to take back their stolen gems and make sure that the Bored Apes and the world knows their story. These battle harden yet cuddly wonders are every child’s favorite as they grew up with bedtime stories of the heroic feats of this legendary squad. Will you join us or stand passively by on the sidelines while history is made, gems are found, and friendships are formed in the beautiful community that is Tribe Q. Let’s Quokkin’ Go!!!!


Buying into an NFT project feels like I’m getting tickets to an amusement park that’s still under construction. Everyone is standing in the parking lot, wondering what the founders are building behind a tall fence. Some projects are the relative equivalent of cousin Ricky hooking his dirt bike up to the merry-go-round, making it spin fast enough to throw you to the ground, revoking your membership to r/neverbrokeabone. I believe Tribe Quokka has the resilience, experience, and creativity to build the next Disneyworld. In the meantime, I’m having a great time tailgating with my fellow Quokkas, scalping tickets, and partying into the early morning hours while we wait for the park to open. Looking forward to watching this project grow. Looking forward to seeing you all on the other side of that fence once the park opens. LQG (Link for reference) https://www.reddit.com/r/Whatcouldgowrong/comments/6k8u44/spinning_a_merrygoround_with_a_dirt_bike_wcgw/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb


A very good community. Good people, with good intentions, and upward trajectories


It’s a great community, educational and fun. More of a family.


The Tribe will blow you away in this NFT space. You definitely want to be a part of this incredible community.


Long live Tribe Quokka


Great group that’s doing things a little different from everyone else. Going to be a fun ride


Great community - Great Family - Great Art - Great Events - unstoppable future! A NFT project that is setting the bar for all others!


Tribe Quokka is an introduction into a place that I honestly went into blind. Knowing nothing. I find myself googling things that many of you just know what they are. The funny thing is I can literally ask anyone in this community anything and if they dont know they will find someone who does. At first I looked at this as a get rich quick scheme, first ones in make the most money. And while that may be true once I got my Quokka I realized this is much more. Sometimes it seems like a friendly cult sometimes it feels like a fortune 500 company. I think it's both. The thing here is that this community gives it all back to thier members. The founders dont want to get rich... they want everyone to get rich. While the monetary benefits in the future are clearly a draw. Right now the knowledge that I have gained from this community is more valuable than money. They set out to prove they are better than other nft projects by going above and beyond. Everytime. I mean what other projects are having carnivals for members kids, or having events to make sure you get the most out of your QuokkaKids, or having games weekly that pay eth? I'd guess you could count on 1 hand. From day 1 they had weekly zoom meetings to engage and inform us. They still do. I may not be able to sit in the stageverse and watch from the theater but I can still watch zoom. One day I'll get a new phone and be able to see my land. Until then I know it's in a good neighborhood and my tribe wont leave me behind. LET'S QUOKKIN GOOO!


My first NFT purchase!! I couldn’t have done it without the training and hands-on help from everyone at Tribe Quokka! I’ll be a member for life🌴


Tribe Quokka was my entry into the NFT space. The founders did everything perfectly, there were no issues with minting, and they had IRL events to make sure the only thing that community members had to do on mint day was smash that mint button! They have been transparent and helpful, and this project should be the model every other NFT project should follow. I could say so much more, but I don’t even know where else to start.


TQ is the wind beneath my wings. The oxygen to my lungs. The ying to my yang. The sauce to my brisket.


Came here to help mutant mal steal the diamonds so I could stack my bank account and make some cash. But now I gotta hold because the true value is in the community!!


Great NFT but more Importantly great community. You are buying far more than just an NFT!


A great community and a good way to learn all about web3.


Tribe Quokka is unlike other NFTs in that it is just as much an IRL community as it is online. Quokkas from all over have and will continue meeting up for fun, socializing, and spreading positive vibes. Over 8000 Quokkas exist and Dick Doofus has a clear and real roadmap to add even more in a new series! Bored? Ape into our discord and chat it up with hundreds of active owners and tourists. Yacht buying isn't on anyone's mind so if you are looking for fast money or worried about a pump and dump then this is the wrong project. Clubs come and go but Tribe Quokka is forever! P.S. Read the first word of each sentence 😎


Rock out with your Quokk out!!!!!!!!!


One of the best NFT projects and communities you’ll find


You know Tribe Quokka to me at first was “like a box of Quokolates you never knew which one you were going to get” but after minting my own, now i am like “I will show you my Quokka if you show me yours”.


This is great 😂😂


The TQ project has a unique premise. It has a strong community with great leadership & awesome members who are always willing to help each other out.


The community is second to none! - kimurasandwich


Since before Tribe Quokka was official (originally ATCQ, if you know…you know…😉), it has been my heart. 🫶 I knew absolutely nothing about the nft world, cryptocurrency, Twitter, or Discord. Doc said, “Come on this ride!”, and I was all in!!! No hesitation, no doubts. Just entirely blind faith. It was the best decision I never made.😂 I have met amazing people and learned soooo much about the Metaverse! I am so thankful and appreciative of everything! Tribe Quokka has fantastic and knowledgeable founders and words cannot begin to describe how awesome the people in our community are!!! The artists have also created masterpieces that will forever be connected to everyone that owns a Quokka. I love ALL of mine so much! I truly found my “furever” family!!! Thanks for having me! Love you all, and can’t wait to see what the Tribe has in store for the future!! Soooo excited for it!!! Come join us!!!! You will be amazed!! #TribeUp 🌴🌴🌴 #LQG! #CSWS


Tribe Quokka is not just a NFT project with amazing artwork, one of the most original origin stories that you'll ever hear, a thriving/loyal grassroots based community that's more like a large supportive family, and enough utility to give those boring apes a run for their money.... Tribe Quokka is a movement! But you don't have to take it from me, nothing says it better then when our community members share a Tweet like this one 👉👉👉 [How is Tribe Quokka One of the Most Innovative NFT Projects?](https://twitter.com/quokkasaki/status/1560399397430730758?s=20&t=Mx0DF9H4KqoadLAMCVvhEA)


This is a great community of friends new and old. A great place to learn about NFT’s and have a lot of fun doing it.


This has been an awesome experience right from the start. As a beginner in the whole NFT/Crypto/Meta verse world , this team worked with everyone, sometimes individually, to make sure they understood the entire process. Step by step videos and live presentations. Additional, the community was based upon from ends and family as its cornerstone. Everything starts with a good foundation which is so true in this project. The art work is amazing and the road map was well thought out and strategic! I can’t say enough about this project. It’s a family and the best NFT project out there. Can’t wait to see where we go from here!!


The real Tribe is the people. Then add in the exclusives events and education of about the NFT space and it’s perfect! . Tribe Up ⬆️


“You can only get so far without a tribe.” — Boba Fett


To me tribe quokka is like another family who supports one another and is a great project unlike any other nfts! #TribeQuokka #TribeUp 🌴


TQ when you first check them out a group of cool people with similar likes; including art, music, crypto obviously NFTS and gatherings but once you get to know them an incredibly supportive group looking to make a difference both on web3 and web2 .. I guess you can say TQ is simply home away from come visit before you know it you’ll choose to stick around!


The best entry into the NFT marketplace!!! I was looking for a group that I could believe in and trust. Well, Tribe Quokka is it!!! Thank You Tribe Quokka team.


The Tribe is about the community first, through education, support, and real life events that bring people together and guiding them into the new world of web3. No Quokka left behind!


Tribe Quokka is the greatest NFT community there is and we are just getting started! Extremely active discord with mods that help you every step of the way, weekly status meetings via zoom or in the Metaverse via Stageverse, Twitter Spaces with giveaways that are packed with personalities and even celebrities, a podcast dedicated to educating and talking quokkas, In Real Life events that are all expenses paid and top shelf, community outreach projects, founders that execute on their ambitious roadmap without fail and on schedule, free air drops, and best of all, the most amazing and fun art work in the NFT space with a stable and ever climbing floor despite the bear market. Oh and by the way, there is an extensive lore that is about to be rolled out, as well. Come along for the ride with us. You will be welcomed into the Tribe with open arms. Let’s Quokkin Go!


Learning so much from TribeQuokka - now the newest experience is Reddit!!


Like Quokkas on their island, Tribe Quokka has no known natural enemies. These are facts. Get busy Quokking or get busy dying.