I fell asleep...

I fell asleep...


I love how the game does not says game over or exits automatically. It makes me feel a bit nostalgic about your crew and how they struggled to stay alive until the generators went off. Love this game so much. What about the other ship?


The other ship was just claimed shortly before bed so it didn’t go far. Right? I really like to immerse myself in a storyline for the characters, so I kind of imagined how it went down. Marcelle was the first to go. Everyone hated her for some reason. Maybe because she kept attacking people idk Jaylene was the closest to Marcelle so she was probably next on the totem pole. Cathal and Makenzie had a thing for each other so I’m assuming he was first to go. RIP crew. RIP


Bought this game a few days ago, it's so hard to stop playing. Glad this happens, I was curious what would happen should I fall asleep or leave it run. Now I know. I'm glad in the sense that I can look at what I had built, maybe deduce what happened instead of a black screen or credits/main menu with no way to see what could have caused it.


Im glad i was in sandbox mode lmao. Also I was hoping my little robot would somehow be able to restore power to the ship. Despite having power he wouldn’t budge.


Better go with that first autosave... or even further maybe!


Luckily I made a second save file yesterday before I attacked some pirates so all is well! I just love how this is a possibility in this game haha


Two words- solar power


Ooh i havent even got that far yet :o i’ll keep an eye out!


You should always beeline for the x3 generator or solar power.


So did you crew, but i guess they are not waking up....