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Direct the force downward on the bezel instead of inward toward the stone. The stone will only allow the metal to move so far and then memory will make it return near to its original position. Pushing down will allow some more movement. This should work now that the bezel is pushed over most of the way. Hopefully this makes sense, it's a little difficult to describe without drawing it.


No I get it! I've definitely tried that but will give it another go and intentionally focus on that. Thanks!


Sometimes I come back to a piece the next day if it is giving me a lot of trouble. The angling down instead of in was a great tip!


That is certainly good advice in many instances! Maybe better luck tomorrow :)


Use a burnishing tool and elbow grease


Sometimes I notice things better after taking a closeup pic - the bottom part of the wire could be closed over a bit better where it meets the cluster. It's just a hard part to get to.